The 9 Best Modular Helmets of 2022

Modular Helmet – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

When it comes to taking your motorcycle and wanting to move with it, the only essential requirement, and mandatory by law, is the use of a helmet. However, there is no legal regulation that indicates the minimum characteristics that one must have, but we know that the modular ones offer a good level of security as well as comfort. Among the most popular of the moment, the LS2 FF325 is a modular helmet made with high-pressure thermoplastic technology, with a high level of protection and with a removable inner lining. On the other hand, with an integrated sun visor and quick release system, the Shark Openline size M is a good alternative.

The 9 Best Modular Helmets – Opinions 2022

If you are interested in acquiring the best modular helmet, but you do not know how to choose one, we have selected for you some of the most popular models with the best relationship between quality and price.

Modular LS2 Helmet

1.LS2 FF325 Modular

The helmet is surely the most important accessory that we must have with us when riding a motorcycle. However, if you don’t have a big budget, but are looking for a quality modular motorcycle helmet, this model could be the one for you.

The LS2 modular helmet is a product that, among other qualities, stands out for its good performance and the comfort it offers. It is a helmet made with high pressure thermoplastic technology or HPTT, which gives it good resistance to shocks. In addition, you can remove its hypoallergenic inner lining and wash it to keep it clean at all times.

On the other hand, with the aim of taking care of your vision on the road, this model has a clear screen made of an anti-scratch material, with a UV protection filter and easy to remove. Thanks to all its features, this model is considered the best price-quality modular helmet of the moment.

When starting to investigate which modular helmet to buy, the best thing to do is to carefully review all the positive and negative aspects of each model on the list, starting with this one.


Visor : This model has an integrated double sun visor system, which allows for better visibility.

Pinlock : This helmet is prepared for the placement of a Pinlock, so you can effectively prevent fogging.

Ventilation : It incorporates a ventilation system for air flow, which allows you to obtain greater comfort inside the helmet.

HPTT : It is made with a high pressure thermoplastic technology that provides a higher level of durability.


Condensation : It is important to note that at low speeds it is sometimes necessary to keep the visor open, due to condensation from your breath.

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Shark Modular Helmet

2. Shark Openline Modular Helmet

If you are looking for a helmet that allows you to choose between several colors to perfectly match your suit, this Shark modular helmet could be the right one for you, as it can be chosen in several shades.

Among its most relevant characteristics is the material with which it has been manufactured, as it offers great resistance to bumps and scratches. It is made of injected thermoplastic resin, so it tolerates its intended use well. Regarding visibility, this model incorporates a sun visor with 2.2 mm UV380 protection in anti-scratch material, so you can maintain better visibility throughout the journey.

On the other hand, to preserve greater comfort and freshness inside, this modular helmet has a ventilation system located on the chin, crown and back of the head, which provides greater air flow.

Considered the best modular helmet of the moment, it is advisable to investigate a little more about the most important technical characteristics of this model.


Lining : You will be able to keep the inner lining of this helmet clean thanks to the fact that you will be able to disassemble it and wash it completely.

Glasses : If you are one of those who wear glasses, with this helmet you will not have to take them off, since it is designed to fit people with and without glasses.

Certification: This helmet complies with all European ECE 22.05 quality and legality certification.


Visor : You must bear in mind that even if you close the visor, it is possible that the air passes into the interior of the helmet.

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Givi modular helmet

3. Givi Modular Helmet Mod X20 Expedition

Safety comes first, and when we talk about a motorcycle ride, this aspect becomes more relevant, so we always recommend using the best modular helmet when you go for a ride.

This Givi modular helmet is one of the best alternatives you will have available, especially if you are looking for a resistant and lightweight model, since it is made of technopolymer. On the other hand, because it allows you to remove and wash the lining, you will be able to keep the inside of the helmet clean.

As for its quality of vision, this model has a scratch-resistant visor and sun visor, in addition to being prepared to place a Pinlock for fogging. On the other hand, you will be able to have greater freshness inside the helmet, thanks to its ventilation located in the upper part of the helmet, at the level of the chin and exhaust at the rear.

Givi is listed as the best brand of modular helmets, thanks to all the features offered by its products. Therefore, we invite you to learn more about this proposal.


Material : This helmet achieves greater durability and resistance, due to its manufacture in technopolymer.

Protection : It has a protector for the chin and nose that can be easily removed in case you need to do so.

Material : The inner lining of the helmet is made of a hypoallergenic material, making it suitable for allergy sufferers.


Weight : This helmet may seem a bit heavy to you, since it weighs approximately 1.60 kg.

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Shoei Modular Helmet

4. Shoei Candy NEOTEC 2 Modular Helmet

Among the best modular helmets of 2022, this model presented by the Shoei trademark is one of the most popular, thanks to its performance and reference in terms of quality. Therefore, if you are looking for a model with European safety certification approved EN 22/05 Certified, this could be your ideal model.

It is a suitable helmet both for driving on long trips and for short walks within the city, thanks to its design with upper air outlet and raised rear shape, which allows touring and sports driving.

Regarding its visibility, it has a CNS-3 screen with sealed edges that improves the field of vision, while guaranteeing maximum tightness against wind and water. In addition, the visor is prepared for the placement of a Pinlock EVO anti-fog sheet.

If you are interested in acquiring a new Shoei modular helmet to use on your motorcycle rides, do not forget to carefully review all the positive and negative characteristics of this model.


Sun visor : This model integrates a practical sun visor that allows you to have the best visibility in the face of any change in weather.

Communication : You will be able to easily install any of your favorite communication systems, since this helmet comes prepared for it.

Noise : Thanks to its padded interior and solar activation system mechanism, this helmet keeps the noise level low and without disturbing you.


Colour : If you are interested in acquiring a colored helmet that you can combine with your suit, you should choose another model, since it is only presented in matte black.

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Modular Trail Helmet

5. EDW Bluetooth Flip Up Motorcycle Full Face Helmet

Among bikers who usually travel in a group, communication is one of the main factors. It is for this reason that some of the most popular modular helmets on the market incorporate a Bluetooth system that allows direct communication between users.

This EDW modular Trail helmet is presented as a great purchase option and one of the cheapest models, since it incorporates a high-quality L1 MINUS 4.2 stereo headset system with Bluetooth connection, which allows you to assign an automatic response to incoming calls, listen to music and FM radio.

The shell of this helmet is made of TPR polycarbonate, which gives it a robust appearance and long durability. In addition, it incorporates an adjustment strap with an easy release system for the chin, with which you will feel the helmet well secured at all times.

Some experts place it as the best quality and price modular helmet. Therefore, we recommend you consider this cheap modular helmet as an alternative purchase.


Visor : It incorporates a double visor system with anti-fog technology and UV protection, which protects your eyes at all times and is easy to remove.

Autonomy : Allows you to have a communication with your mobile phone of up to 8 hours in conversation and 110 hours in standby.

Price : Compared to the prices that other models present, this is one of the cheapest alternatives.


Design : This is a modular helmet with a suitable design for Trail, so if you are looking for a more classic model, you should look at another of the alternatives that we have chosen for you.

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HJC Modular Helmet

6. HJC Helmets 15753110 SYMAX III Modular Helmet

If you still don’t know which is the best modular helmet on this list, we recommend you review the features that this proposal from the HJC brand presents. It is a modular helmet with a shell made of fiberglass, which gives it a high level of durability and lightness.

Likewise, this model has a chin protector, made of polycarbonate and with an opening system that is easy to use, by means of a central button, which allows you to use one hand to open it.

As for its visor, this model offers a sun protection screen with a 95% UV filter, with 3 quick adjustment positions and a tool-free screen change system. In addition, it includes a system of channels for ventilation, which allows the interior of the helmet to be kept cool and dry.

If you are looking for a HJC modular helmet with good features, do not hesitate to review the positive and negative aspects of this product.


Goggles : This is a modular helmet with a suitable design for those users who use glasses for vision.

Protection : With the intention of protecting your eyes from harmful light rays, its screen has a 95% UV protection filter.

Ventilation : Thanks to its system of channels for ventilation, you will be able to keep the inside of the helmet cool and dry at all times.


Modular : Keep in mind that this helmet has a modular design, so if you are looking for an integral one, you should choose another model.

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AGV Modular Helmet

7. AGV 1021A4HY_003_XS Compact ST Solid

Among the brands dedicated to the manufacture of modular helmets, AGV is one of the most popular, due to the positive characteristics and quality of its products. In this product, the step-by-step opening mechanism that incorporates the visor stands out, so you can raise or lower it according to your needs.

Likewise, the opening system for the chin guard allows you to release the helmet with a single button. On the other hand, it has the possibility of adapting an anti-fog Pinlock screen, which is included with the purchase.

You can also enjoy a good level of comfort with this AGV modular helmet, thanks to its neck protection fabric made of Shalimar, which is a material resistant to water and sweat. In addition, the inner padding has antibacterial protection and moisture absorption, which will keep the skin protected.

Faced with so many alternatives on the market, to choose a good modular helmet, you should check the positive and negative factors of both this model and the others.


Visor : It incorporates an opening mechanism for the visor in steps, which allows you to easily set the desired height.

Comfort : Thanks to its padded interior lining and Shalimar fabric protection, this helmet is very comfortable and convenient to use.

Pinlock : It incorporates a Pinlock mechanism for an anti-fog screen, which is included with the purchase of this helmet.


Noisy : Like most modular helmets on the market, this model has a considerable noise level.

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Nolan modular helmet

8. Nolan N44 Evo Special Lexan Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Combining the comfort features of full-face helmets, this modular helmet stands out for its innovative easy-to-remove protection system, as well as for its other features. In addition, it is a product that complies with the ECE 22-05 quality and safety regulations.

This modular Nolan helmet has an outer shell made of Lexam TM polycarbonate, standing out for its quality and durability. In addition, this product is presented in two sizes XXS/L and XL/XXXL, so you can choose the one that best fits.

On the other hand, this model presents ultra-panoramic visibility thanks to its wide visor with anti-scratch technology and UV400 protection, which is prepared for the placement of Pinlock screens with adjustable pins. In addition, you could enjoy your rides with greater comfort, thanks to the ventilation system with upper and rear air outlet, which will keep the inside of the helmet dry and fresh.

To choose one of the best modular helmets on the market today, you need to take into account the most outstanding aspects of each model. Therefore, do not hesitate to analyze the most important features of this helmet.


Deflectors : It has a series of air deflectors that prevent the entry of gusts of wind through the chin.

Retention : It incorporates a double lever retention system that prevents the accidental opening of the helmet.

Communication : This helmet is specially designed to easily fit a hands-free communication system.


Intercom: Before making the purchase, keep in mind that this helmet does not include any N-Com communication system, so you will have to buy it separately.

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Caberg modular helmet

9. Caberg Buildable Duke

With 100% Italian origin, the Caberg modular helmet has a series of outstanding features and a modern design, which make it a quality product worthy of consideration, especially if you are looking for a lightweight model that provides comfort on your trips.

Thanks to its double homologation, you will be able to drive with the chin guard in the upper position and without the risk of it accidentally closing with the use of the small lever located on the left side of the product. In addition, to maintain communication with your travel companion, this helmet is prepared with a Caberg Just Speak system.

As for its visor, it is important to highlight that it is made with an anti-scratch material and protection against fogging, which allows you to keep the best visibility while you move. On the other hand, you will be able to keep its interior cooler, by using the 2 ventilation grilles located on the chin guard and upper part.

Finally, before choosing your next modular helmet, it is important to remember that you have to review each outstanding aspect of the products that you are going to acquire. So we expose the pros and cons of this alternative.


Approval : It has an ECER 22.05 P/J quality approval, which gives you the guarantee that it is a model that meets the necessary protection and quality requirements.

Visor : This model has a double visor system, which has an anti-scratch treatment to preserve better visibility during your rides.

Ventilation : The design includes a ventilation system that keeps the inside of the helmet cool at all times.


Size : It is recommended that you buy a size larger than yours, as it could be too tight.

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Shopping guide

Helmets are perhaps the most important accessory that you should use whenever you ride a motorcycle. Whether it is a long trip or a short walk within the city, this is a requirement that you must meet both to safeguard yourself from an unwanted accident and to avoid any type of fine.

If you don’t know how to choose one, we present the following guide to buying the best modular helmet in which we expose the most relevant characteristics when choosing a good and economical model.


One of the main factors that many users usually take into account whenever they are about to choose a new motorcycle helmet is their budget. However, whenever we talk about personal safety, the quality of the product is often more important than its value.

It is highly recommended that you look carefully at other aspects such as the construction materials, the type of helmet and its field of vision, before worrying about how much it costs.

However, there are models on the market that offer an excellent relationship between quality and price, it is a matter of looking properly.

Modular or integral

In any comparison of modular motorcycle helmets, the type is one of the first characteristics to consider.

In the specialized market there are basically two types of helmets: modular and integral.

While the integral models are made up of a single piece, which makes them safer, the modular models allow the chin guard to be raised to reveal the face, making them cooler and more comfortable, although with the drawback that they can be disassembled in a drop.

Therefore, consider your personal needs and tastes before making a choice.


Another of the most important technical aspects that you should review before making a decision is the material with which the helmet is made.

There are a wide variety of alternatives, but most of today’s helmets are made of materials such as ABS, TPR polycarbonate, injected thermoplastic and technopolymer, so they are usually light and resistant.

As for the viewfinder, it is advisable to look, in addition to its quality, if it is made with a UV filter and anti-scratch material. This will give you more visibility.

On the other hand, the material of the pads determines the comfort you will feel with the helmet on, so it is suggested that it be breathable, hypoallergenic and removable so that it can be washed from time to time.


This component will determine the visibility you will have behind the wheel, so it is recommended to pay special attention. Modular helmet visors usually have a double screen, one for normal vision and the second solar, which allows driving with clear vision both day and night.

In addition, the width of vision can change from one helmet model to another, so you should consider how panoramic you want the visor and even if you use vision glasses, so that you can place them next to the helmet.


Another feature of the visors is the Pinlock, so if you are interested in purchasing a helmet that can be fitted with an anti-fog screen, it is essential that it has this feature.

This screen is very useful, since it prevents the helmet visor from fogging up, forming an air chamber between the visor and the screen that prevents condensation. If you want to move more freely, do not hesitate to purchase a Pinlock compatible helmet.


When making a choice, this is one of the aspects that determines how cool the helmet is. Therefore, before making a hasty purchase, check the ventilation system and the number of air inlets the product has.

These inlets are usually located in the area of ​​the chin and top of the head, finding another opening in the back of the helmet, but this one has the utility of working as an air outlet, which allows adequate circulation in the part of the helmet. internal. This allows the helmet to be cool and dry at all times.

However, keep in mind that having many or large air intakes may make the inside of the helmet too cold, which may not be entirely pleasant in winter. For this reason, we recommend that you check carefully that there is no inadequate air intake.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a modular helmet?

To use a modular helmet, you must consider all the recommendations and suggestions to avoid accidental opening of the product. In addition, it is advisable to know the traffic laws, before giving it an incorrect use.

Modular helmets must be opened to introduce the head through its lower part, and then we will adjust the chin strap until it is snug. Make sure you feel the helmet on properly and that it doesn’t move.

Remember to lower the visor before starting to move, especially since the improper use of a modular helmet is considered serious, obtaining fines of up to 200 euros, depending on the seriousness of the matter.

Q2: Which is better, a modular helmet or a full face?

To find out which type of helmet is better between modular and integral, it is mainly necessary to consider some aspects, such as the use you are going to give it and your comfort.

While full-face helmets have certain technical characteristics that make these models meet higher safety standards, modular models have the possibility of opening the chin guard and raising the visor to have the face uncovered while driving, which favors comfortable movement. in summer.

However, integral ones usually provide better protection, since, if they suffer a fall, there is no possibility that the parts of the helmet will come off.  

Q3: How do you open a modular helmet?

Due to the great variety of models available on the market, to correctly open a modular helmet it is necessary to observe the opening system that it incorporates.

On the one hand, some models include a release system at the bottom of the chin guard, which allows one hand to be used to raise the visor.

On the other hand, there are models with a double release lever system that allow a higher level of security, locking the visor to prevent accidental opening.

Q4: How to disassemble a modular helmet?

Each helmet model has its own way of dismounting, although they are very similar to each other.

While some models feature a snap-on release system, you may need to use a suitable Allen key for the screws on the chin guard. 

Start by removing the screen, which usually has a mechanism for easy removal. Flip the helmet over and remove the top padding, collar, and cheek pads, depending on what can be removed.

Q5: How to clean a modular helmet?

The first step you must take to clean a modular helmet properly is to separate each element to clean it independently. These components are: foam, cheek pads, chin guard, interior padding, screen and helmet. In this way you will be able to access the most difficult areas.

You can put the plastic parts directly into the stream of water and rub with your hands to remove all the accumulated dirt. On the other hand, to access the most difficult corners, you can help yourself with an old brush, lathering and thoroughly removing any remaining soap to later leave it to air dry or gently wipe with a microfiber cloth.

For the entire inner part of the fabric and padding of the helmet, depending on your model, you may be able to put it in a washing machine to achieve the best washing results.

Q6: How to adjust the modular helmet?

Helmets are the most important elements that must be carried when traveling on a motorcycle, so the correct adjustment of it is something of vital importance, to achieve greater safety and avoid fines or sanctions that may affect you.

To fit a helmet, the most important thing is to choose one with a suitable size for your morphology. Keep in mind that it should not be loose when you turn your head.

Use the adjustment strap so that the helmet fits correctly on your head at the chin, tightening it until it feels very firm. Finally, make sure you wear the clasp or closure well closed before starting your tour.

Q7: How to choose the size of a modular helmet?

To choose the correct size for your next modular helmet, it is necessary to measure the size of the diameter of your head, placing one end of the string or tape measure at the back of your head, raising the measurement to a centimeter above the eyebrows.

In addition, you have to be very careful about the shape of the shell and the thickness of the interior padding, which takes up a bit of space from the helmet. However, it is important to remember that, with use, the padding gives way considerably, making way for more internal space.

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