The 9 Best Motocross Boots of 2022

Motocross Boots – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis 

Motocross boots are an important accessory for professional or amateur bikers, since their function as footwear is to protect the legs, ankles and feet from possible fractures or scratches that they could suffer while riding. A good example of a kid’s model is the O’neal Rider MX boot, which comes with molded plastic plates and a metal shank for better shock absorption. For its part, the Fox Instinct Boot are motocross boots with a sporty style and offer safety elements that provide effective protection and comfort.  

The 9 Best Motocross Boots – Opinions 2022

In the world of bikers there are motocross boots designed for all tastes. But choosing the best ones can be a difficult decision, since you have to take into account aspects such as quality, the protection they offer, the design, among other qualities. Here we present 9 models that could meet your expectations.

Kids Motocross Boots 

1. O’Neal Rider MX Kids Motocross Supermoto Motorcycle Boots

If you are looking for motocross boots for children, we would like to recommend the Rider MX from the O’Neal brand, which come in a nice white color with black and orange details, which make them eye-catching for the little bikers in the house. In addition, these boots are quite affordable, being considered by many users as the best value for money motocross boots.

In terms of protection, these boots stand out for having plastic plates molded through the injection process, for greater shock absorption, incorporating a metal stem to reinforce the shape and add support to the boot.

On the other hand, this model has four adjustable Snap-Lock buckles, which facilitate the handling of the boot to put on and take off. But in addition to that, the welt sole is from the Goodyear brand, which provides greater durability, balance and equilibrium. 

In short, they are motocross boots designed to provide comfort and style to little bikers. Here are its pros and cons.


Toecap: It incorporates a metal toecap, which serves to protect the boots from the delamination process of wear and tear.

Interior: The internal area has an air mesh, padded insole and a special support for the heel, providing greater comfort.

Shield: They also include a thermal shield made of synthetic leather, suitable to protect the feet from damage caused by heat.


Buckles: The tongues and buckles, being made of plastic, could deteriorate quickly, but the brand offers spare parts separately for replacement.

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Fox motocross boots 

2. Fox Instinct Motocross Boots 2015

For those who prefer this shoe with a sporty style, the Fox motocross boots could be the model you are looking for. In addition, many professional riders prefer the Instinct boots, as they are very comfortable and provide good support on high-impact rides.

These have a Duratec brand outsole, which is a rubber composition patented by Fox, which provides high durability and maximum grip. Additionally, its intermediate design is slim enough to keep you closer to the bike, thanks to the built-in burn guard.

On the other hand, the Instinct Boot includes a closure system patented by Fox, which consists of a hinge-type closure that stops movement before hyperextension, providing greater support and adherence. 

The Fox Instinct Boot is considered by many riders to be the best motocross boots around right now. For this reason, we invite you to learn a little more about its characteristics and benefits.


Closure: Its hinge-type closure system provides good lateral support and precise locking against hyperextension.

Outsole: Duratec composite rubber outsoles provide enhanced grip and durability to these boots.

Buckles: They have a set of buckles that allow the boots to be opened and closed easily, which flex as they move.


Cost: These boots have a high cost in the market, but they are synonymous with quality and durability, so they would be a good investment.

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Alpinestars motocross boots 

3. Alpinestars Tech 3 Motocross Boots S

These Alpinestars motocross boots are designed to be worn by young riders with small feet, especially women, although they can also be for men, as long as they are both fans of motocross or off-road. 

They have an advanced closure system, inspired by Tech 10 technology, and are reinforced with strong technopolymer buckles, which facilitates precise and secure adjustment, providing high aerodynamics.

On the other hand, the external/internal structure of this model incorporates an integral support that provides greater security to the boots, minimizing the lateral flexion produced by sudden movements and the risk of hyperextension. While the sole provides maximum grip and rigidity to its structure.

Alpinestars has been in the action sports market for over 50 years, being considered by many to be the best brand of motocross boots. Here we leave you the pros and cons of one of its most famous models. 


Polyurethane: They are made of high-performance injected polyurethane, providing a high level of resistance against impacts and abrasion.

Protection: They incorporate an advanced and high-tech closure system, with technopolymer buckles that facilitate adjustment, making them safer and more aerodynamic.

Interior: The inner sole has an antibacterial layer that provides better support and great comfort for your feet.


Basic: This technical model is designed for entry-level cyclists, mainly with small feet, so if you are a professional it would not suit you.

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Sidi motocross boots

4. Sidi Boots Adventure 2 

Searching among the best motocross boots of 2022 we find this high-design model from the Sidi brand. They are classic cut boots in black, made of 100% leather and lined with a special membrane, being highly effective against moisture and perspiration.

The Sidi motocross boots have a velcro strap closure and two buckels, which in addition to giving the model an original design, help make it easier and more tailored to fit.

They also offer a maximum level of comfort, thanks to the fact that they incorporate the Flex system, stretching as much as necessary so that your feet can fit without problems. In addition, they have a grain microfiber fabric, which improves the quality and support of these boots. 

If you want classic leather boots, but with a high level of quality, performance and safety, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of this Sidi model.


Leather: The Sidi Adventure Gore Tex 2 are made of 100% premium leather, making them highly resistant and durable.

Pilots: They are specially developed for touring pilots, who only seek safety and comfort to drive their motorcycles.

Buckles: The model incorporates velcro buckles designed with a memory function, suitable for maintaining the adjustment position of the straps.


Spare parts: Although the buckles and straps are easy to replace, you should know that the spare parts are not included in the purchase, and must be purchased separately.

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Acerbis Motocross Boots

5. Acerbis Motocross X Move 2.0 Boots

The Acerbis X-Move 2.0 could be considered the best motocross boots on the market, thanks to their comfort, high quality and performance, incorporating outstanding technical innovations in their design, such as the aluminum buckle with a quick opening/closing system or rubber inserts in the inner area of ​​the calf, increasing resistance to abrasion.

In addition to this, we must point out that this collection was made, in its upper part, in leather of good quality and durability, with a design in attractive colors that will surprise its users, since it comes in several different shades.

On the other hand, Acerbis motocross boots feature a reinforced steel toe cap and a double-stitched Vibram sole, which combined provide better stability and rigidity to the wearer.

For those off-road professionals who are looking for comfort and good support in their boots, we invite you to discover the benefits of the Acerbis X-Move 2.0.


Hinge: Its hinge-type closure, in the ankle area, provides good support and security to the foot.

Toe cap: The boots have been reinforced with a steel toe cap to facilitate the fit between the body of the boot and the sole.

Structure: The upper structure is made of leather, including rubber inserts in the calf area, for better resistance to abrasion.


Off-Road: They are mainly designed for off-road practice, both by professionals and amateurs, so if you do not practice this discipline, you should look for other models.

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Articulated motocross boots

6. Sidi Crossfire 3 Motocross Boots 

Speaking of articulated motocross boots, we present the Sidi Crossfire 3 that are made with Technomicro microfiber on the upper part and lined with Cambrelle, a synthetic fabric that is highly effective in absorbing perspiration, combined with an air Teflon mesh, to Provide better waterproofing and moisture resistance.

For shin protection, these boots feature a replaceable plate that protects the upper leg, calf and shin, adding up to 3cm in width to the boot’s circumference, allowing for a better fit on even the widest calves..

As for the closure system, it includes a set of easy-to-replace micro-adjustable buckles. On the other hand, the foot area has a plastic reinforcement cover for greater protection. 

If you still have doubts about which motocross boots to buy, we recommend you take a look at the positive features of these striking Sidi boots.


Interior: They have an inner sole made of nylon with a removable arch support pad, which provides great comfort when walking.

Breathable: The outer shell of these boots is made of Techno-micro microfiber, which makes them more breathable and resistant to abrasion.

Style: The sporty design of these boots gives them a modern and futuristic style, with a versatile and comfortable fit for better performance while riding. 


Stiffness: These boots are a bit stiff and need to be worn constantly to break them in, but afterward they mold properly to your feet and calves. 

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Children’s motocross boots 

7. TCX 9103 Comp Kids Motocross Boots 36 

Among the cheap options for children’s motocross boots we find the TCX 9103 Comp Kids, which come with a very attractive black and yellow design. Specially developed to provide comfort and safety to the youngest motorcyclists who are just starting out on off-roads.

These boots are made of good quality leather, with a polyurethane malleolus protector and a specially developed shin plate. In addition, its closure system combines 3 buckles, also made with polyurethane, designed for a comfortable fit of the boots.

Similarly, we must point out that these boots have been equipped with Air Tech fabric, a material with a high level of ventilation and that provides good waterproofing. In addition, the support rod has a perforated fabric ripstop coating, combined with Gore-Tex; so they are boots with a high degree of breathability.

If you are looking for quality and a good price, you have to review the special features of the TCX 9103 Comp Kids boots, one of the cheapest in this selection.


Leather: They have a good quality leather lining for the entire upper external cover.

Safety: These boots include special protectors made of polyurethane for the shins and ankles, providing greater safety.

Sole: Its injected sole gives this shoe a high resistance to wear. In addition, it has a great anti-slip effect.


Toe cap: A metal toe cap could be missing to better reinforce the support; however, this does not detract from the stability of the boots.

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Gaerne Motocross Boots

8. Gaerne Youth SG-J Boots

Those who practice off-roads or motocross know that it is very important to have the right equipment; and the boots are part of this complement, because they must offer high standards of safety and protection to the competitors. In this context, we highlight the Gaerne motocross boots, designed for young bikers looking for efficiency during their rides.

The SG-J Youth from Gaerne feature a main construction of top grain Italian leather in its external structure; and on their front they have a soft microfiber, an aspect that gives them a pleasant aesthetic.

They also incorporate a highly resistant front plate, a leather-based thermal protector and four light buckles, which create a comfortable fastening to the feet, providing greater security in the fit, since they are easily put on and taken off.

Are you interested in knowing which are the best motocross boots? Well, there are good models that could meet your expectations, as is the case with the Gaerne Youth SG-J. Here are its pros and cons.


Leather: Its outer cover made from Italian leather and the soft microfiber on its upper part allow it to fit comfortably to the size of your foot.  

Toe: They have a molded toe and heel that provide greater comfort to the user. 

Sole: Its sole is injection molded, which provides maximum grip and abrasion resistance.


Sturdy: These boots have a certain degree of sturdiness and rigidity that makes them heavy, so getting used to them can take time.

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Axo motocross boots

9. Axo MX2R0019 K0035 Drone Jr Cross Boots

Another interesting model of youth motocross boots are the Axo MX2 R0019, which are made with reinforced polyurethane on the instep and an ergonomic TPU shin guard, being a highly resistant and durable material.

Axo motocross boots have a high top design; and to prevent the penetration of dirt they have a foam-coated fabric end. In addition, they have a lever closure and strategically placed micrometric adjustment to offer greater reinforcement and protection. It also incorporates a velcro closure bellows for the calves. 

Inside we can see a removable and ergonomic template, which has an effective antibacterial effect to repel bad odors. For its part, the sole is made of non-slip rubber that is special for practicing motocross.

To learn a little more about the outstanding features of this model, we invite you to review its advantages and disadvantages below.


Design: This model has a classic black design, being suitable to combine with any motocross outfit.

Cover: It incorporates a breathable and anti-allergic cover, which provides greater comfort to the feet inside.

Grip: They provide a good grip and support to the calves, giving drivers greater safety to avoid any injury typical of motocross.


Buckles: Because the buckles of these boots are made of plastic, they need to be replaced from time to time, and these must be purchased separately.

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Shopping guide 

Finding a good pair of motocross boots can be a difficult task if we don’t know the important qualities and characteristics to identify. So, to save you time in the search, we have made a guide to buy the best motocross boots for you, where we consider aspects such as quality, durability and resistance as key elements in any selection.

What are motocross boots used for?

Given the great diversity of boots and shoes for different uses, we believe it is important to know the main function of the boots used in this sports discipline. So that you can be clear about the main characteristics that you should look for in any comparison of motocross boots, considering that they are part of the equipment of two-wheel riders.

In this sense, it is opportune to point out that off-road boots are the appropriate footwear for extreme mud trails or for those who practice motocross, which have the quality of offering good protection that could reach the knees, as well such as bands or snaps that serve to better adjust the boot.

In this way, we affirm that the purpose of motocross boots is to protect your feet from dangers such as bumps, falls, mud and cold, to which you may be exposed when you practice this high-impact sports discipline.

In general, boots of this type are very resistant and are specially designed for the terrain where they will be used, which is why they incorporate several reinforcements on the outer shell, as well as high-quality protectors on the inside.

Structure and support

Choosing a good and cheap motocross boot seems difficult, but you should know that there are cheaply priced models on the market that are of very high quality, with a flexible structure for the ankle area. 

Now, speaking of the structure of these shoes, we can highlight that most of them have a metallic reinforcement that offers security to the heel and provides good mobility to the foot during the tours, all with the aim of avoiding serious injuries to the legs. lower extremities, derived from inappropriate or sudden movements. 

For this reason, it is best to look for those boots that have a good protective structure for the entire foot. In general, these models are designed with a high-top format, full of protections and are quite rigid, so they are probably not very comfortable, but you must be aware that they offer good flexibility and mobility while riding your motorcycle.

Non-slip soles and fit

An important aspect that probably influences how much a pair of motocross boots costs has to do with the quality of their sole. Most of the boots of this style have thick soles, made of rubber and with a non-slip effect to offer a better grip on the ground. The advantage of these soles is their high level of absorption of shocks and impacts and vibrations typical of handling the motorcycle at high speeds.

On the other hand, it is important to check the closure system of this type of motocross boots. Some models incorporate plastic buckles at various levels with side or front hooks, which allow a better fit for the foot, adapting to its size. Also, it is important to check the size of the boots you plan to buy, so that they fit correctly on your foot and fit properly.

crafting materials

This type of footwear must be made of materials that are highly resistant to abrasion, impacts and ground conditions. The best quality boots are made with genuine leather on the outer shell, reinforced with some synthetic material. Remember that the advantage of leather is that it is a flexible material that lasts a long time.

In the case of synthetic materials, these are suitable for withstanding inclement weather during tours and offer adequate breathability. For this reason, for extreme competitions in muddy terrain, it is recommended to use boots made of plastic, because it is a material with high impact absorption, which offers adequate cushioning to falls and bumps. 

In addition to all of the above, it is also good to verify that the chosen boots offer a good level of impermeability to withstand rainy climates and that they prevent the transfer of water inside.

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