The 9 Best Motocross Helmets of 2022

Motocross Helmet – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


If there is a motor sport in which the helmet is key, it is motocross. This modality implies added risks derived both from the speed at which it is circulated and the complicated terrain that is covered. That is why it is key to resort to quality products such as the Airoh Twist Great Azure helmet. This helmet has an anatomical design and a high-quality construction, which makes protection more effective when riding on any terrain. Something similar to what the Leopard LEO-X17 model offers, approved and designed especially for the little ones.

The 9 Best Motocross Helmets – Opinions 2022

Deciding which is the best motocross helmet with which to protect yourself during your routes is essential for your safety. A low-quality, cheap motocross helmet can cost you dearly, so being able to find the best motocross helmet of the moment is essential. A search for which you can rely on the list of the best motocross helmets of 2022 that we offer you below. Very useful so that equipping yourself properly does not cause you a headache.

Airoh motocross helmet 

1. Airoh Helmet Twist Great Azure Matt M

The Airoh motocross helmet is one of those products that are never lacking when looking for the best motocross helmet. Something that is understood by looking at products like the Airoh Twist Great Azure model. 

This helmet has a high-quality shell and a design that is considerably effective in protecting your head against all kinds of risks and problems. Something that is obtained by anatomical molding, so the helmet fits the head with great precision and leaves no room for injuries to appear in the event of an accident. 

It also has high-level materials that are capable of maintaining good protection without sacrificing the necessary flexibility when protecting your head or the adjusted weight that every good helmet should have.

So that you have more clarity about which motocross helmet to buy, we give you some more information about what this model offers you.


Anatomical design: The anatomical design generates a better contact of the helmet with the head when riding.

Materials : The materials are able to withstand stress while giving greater flexibility to the product.

Deformation : Its resistance to deformation absorbs more energy in the event of an impact, reducing the risk of injury.

Inner zone: The inner zone facilitates a better fit of the helmet as well as enjoying better comfort.

Sizes : The product is presented in a good variety of sizes, so you can bet on the one you like best.


High speed : The hull can lose efficiency at high speeds, above 100 kilometers per hour.

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Motocross helmet for children

2. Leopard LEO-X17 Kids Motocross Helmet and Gloves

So that the little ones are also protected when riding, we have products such as the Leopard LEO-X17 motocross helmet for children. This model is presented in the most common sizes for the little ones, so it is suitable for different ages.

In its design, we find a light external shell made of ABS, which gives good protection and shape to the helmet. Inside we have a breathable padding, easy to remove from the inside of the piece and that generates a pleasant padding when wearing the helmet. A quality protection endorsed with the homologation of the ECE. 

A model that is finished off with use of gift gloves. So if you are looking for the best value for money motocross helmet, with this model you will be very close to it.

Designed for the little ones, this children’s motocross helmet will give your little rider efficient protection during their routes.


Protection : The helmet has a quality interior and efficient padding with which to generate great protection.

Approved : Despite being a cheap motocross helmet, we are dealing with a product approved by the ECE.

Sizes : The sizes are specially designed to protect the heads of the little ones.

Gloves : In addition to the helmet, you have matching gloves for better protection.


Fit: Some reviews recommend ordering one size larger than necessary for optimal fit.

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bell motocross helmet

3. Bell Mx-9 Adventure Helmet Blockade Black L

Having a Bell motocross helmet is the best protection for many riders. Users who trust products like the Bell Mx-9 Adventure Blockade helmet. A helmet with all the quality of the brand and with which to have calm sensations when riding. 

Something that helps an anatomical design of the inner part of the helmet, so that the helmet fits better to the head when it comes to protecting and giving you high comfort. An interior that is also removable, so that the cleaning process of the helmet is even easier. 

For its part, the included front part gives you all the necessary protection against the projections of objects or dust, in an approach that does not affect the comfort and breathability of the device.

Let’s know more about this product, coming from what is for many riders the best brand of motocross helmets currently on sale.


Ergonomic design: Thanks to its anatomical approach, this product offers you considerable ergonomics when shooting.

Padded interior: The padded interior gives you a pleasant comfort when rolling, adjusting to your head.

Washable : The inside of the helmet can be removed for washing, and it is also easy to sanitize the outside of the piece.


Unitary format: Since the product includes the outer lens, this model is not to the liking of those who prefer to resort to their own glasses.

Weight : The weight of the product is somewhat higher than that of other similar products, although its comfortable fit partially compensates for it.

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Oneal motocross helmet

4. Oneal 2SRS R Helmet Slick Helmet

For those who need to resort to cheap products, the Oneal 2SRS R Helmet Slick Casco motocross helmet has everything you need to ride safely. A product that does not envy the most expensive models, with an ABS plastic outer shell with an aerodynamic design and great resistance. As much as the inside of the helmet, which not only offers you good comfort and protection but is also removable and washable. Perfect for keeping your helmet in good condition without a lot of work. 

The product is finished off with details such as a rubber nose with a high protection capacity or an adjustable ventilation system, so that cold or heat are never a problem when driving. Proof that an adjusted price does not have to correspond to a poor quality helmet.

Located among the cheapest helmets in our selection, we analyze this model and everything it puts at your fingertips.


Interior: The interior of the product is adjustable, removable and easy to wash, so that your helmet is always perfect.

Adjustable : The helmet features vents and an adjustable top cover to further customize the experience.

Weight : The helmet has an approximate weight of about 1,450 grams, being one of the lightest at the moment.


Sizes: Although the range of colors is very wide, the sizes are somewhat tighter.

Fixation of the adjustment: It is key that you fix the elements that you adjust in the boot well to prevent them from moving during the route.

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Hebo motocross helmet

5. Hebo MX Polycarbonate Stage Helmet

The Hebo motocross helmet is another of those quality products with which you can ride comfortably on any terrain without risk. For our selection, we have chosen the Hebo MX model, which is easy to distinguish due to its black decoration and its resistant construction. Something that has a lot to do with its manufacture in high-quality polycarbonate, which protects you from shocks. 

Something to which a high-level padded interior also contributes, completely removable and formed with foams of different densities, which provides greater protection and absorption of bumps and potholes. Finally, the helmet includes two front and two side air intakes, with which to maintain an optimal air flow inside the piece, which prevent heat and humidity from accumulating inside.

We analyze in detail everything that this product puts at your fingertips when riding your cross bike.


Exterior : The polypropylene exterior adds greater resistance to the product, while reducing its weight.

Padding : Its padding of various densities add extra comfort and safety to the product.

Ventilation : Its four ventilation intakes maintain a flow of fresh air inside.


Colour : The black color is very elegant, although it is not the most suitable when it comes to being seen on the road.

Chinrest : The chinrest is fixed so you will not be able to adjust it if necessary.

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Red Bull motocross helmet

6. Fhgh Motocross Helmets

One of the brands that has been most committed to the world of motocross and extreme sports is Red Bull. So it is not strange that we can find a Red Bull motocross helmet, such as the Fhgh Shell model. A product that stands out for its exterior design, adorned with the bull and the rest of the brand’s classic elements. Apart from the decorative, we are talking about a safe helmet for the route, as evidenced by its DOT and CE certification, among others. 

The product is presented with a traditional cut design, a high-resistance plastic exterior and a removable interior with a velvet lining and the necessary foams to give you the comfort you need when rolling quietly. Something to which its quick closure contributes, with which to put on the helmet safely and quickly.

Look stylish while riding with everything this interesting helmet dedicated to Red Bull has to offer.


Design: Its design dedicated to Red Bull is everything you need to look stylish when shooting.

Interior : The interior has a very pleasant padding that you can easily remove for cleaning.

Quick Release: This quick release system helps you put on the helmet efficiently and securely.


Measurements : As always, it is key to verify the sizes well before opting for a specific product.

Decoration : It is advisable to clean the product frequently, to prevent the decoration from deteriorating.

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fox motocross helmet

7. Fox Racing V1 Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet for Men

Fox is another of the classic manufacturers within the market segment that we are analyzing. The proof is found in products such as the Fox V1 Motif Red motocross helmet. A helmet that draws attention on the outside thanks to its red and white design, ideal for looking stylish and being seen. 

But since we are talking about a top-tier manufacturer, we also have a high-quality body on the outside, to properly protect you. The same goes for the high-quality, removable interior, which gives you all the comfort you deserve when driving. An aspect that is also influenced by its large air intakes and an approach with which to cool the entire piece without problems. All this in a product with an adjusted weight, so that your neck does not suffer too much during the route.

Enjoy a branded helmet of high quality like this model that Fox puts at your fingertips.


Design : This product has an aggressive design but it is also clearly committed to safety.

Interior : The interior offers you great comfort and everything you need to protect your head.

Air : The model has high-level ventilation, which prevents heat from accumulating inside the helmet.


Visor: The visor is not adjustable so you will not be able to customize the behavior of this part of the helmet.

Paint : Some comment comments on certain bubbles in the paint, which are a sign of an improvable finish.

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Scorpion motocross helmet

8. Scorpion 35-158-24-04 Motorcycle Helmet

The Scorpion motocross helmet is another quality product when it comes to protecting your head. We have the proof in models such as the Scorpion 35-158-24-04 helmet, which comes in a wide variety of exterior designs and sizes, although always within the brand’s own sporty style. 

This helmet maintains the traditional exterior appearance of this type of product, with an aggressive but efficient approach when it comes to protecting your head. It also includes a very comfortable and pleasant to the touch interior, easy to maintain as it is removable. On the other hand, the helmet also includes the classic and adjustable visor, to give you extra comfort when riding. Comfort to which its air intakes also contribute, with which to have a fresh interior flow at all times.

Show off your best style and protect your head thanks to the wide range of helmets that Scorpion puts at your fingertips.


Ventilation: The design of the helmet includes various ventilation intakes, to keep you cool during filming.

Weight: The helmet weighs 1,350 grams, making it one of the lightest on the market.

Variety: The product comes in a wide variety of both sizes and designs.


Visor: Some comments indicate that the visor is more fragile than would be desirable, so it should be treated with care.

Design : The approach can be somewhat more aggressive than desirable for certain user profiles.

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Shiro motocross helmet

9. Shiro 001211-0007-S/449 MX-917 Enduro Offroad Motocross Helmet

The Shiro MX-917 motocross helmet is our favorite of this brand. A classic cut helmet with the usual characteristics of the brand in these designs. The product comes in an aggressive format that incorporates a rim in the nape area, thus increasing protection and comfort. 

The same happens with the inner padding of the helmet, which adds extra comfort to the product when moving and adjusting the helmet on the head. Quality details typical of the brand and with which to enjoy greater comfort and safety when riding. 

The design is finished off with an adjustable upper visor as well as some air intakes with which to prevent heat from concentrating on the helmet during filming. Something that generates efficient circulation and properly evacuates moisture.

We leave you some more details of this helmet and everything it offers you when it comes to driving.


Neck protector: The model incorporates a protector in the neck area, for greater safety.

Vents : The device includes different air intakes to cool the inside of the helmet.

Comfort : The inner lining and padding of the product give you extra comfort when it comes to riding.


Visor: The visor is something big compared to other models on the market, its correct fit being key.

Chin guard : The chin guard is fixed, so you must be careful when putting on the helmet.

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Shopping guide

The use of the motorcycle must always be accompanied by a helmet. But when it comes to motocross then this need is even greater. We are talking about a practice in which it is common to face stones and other risks, so high-quality protection for the head is essential. So that you have the necessary protection at all times, all you have to do is take a look at the advice that we offer you below and with which you know what to look for specifically in one of these products.

Sizing and design

The first aspect that we are going to deal with in this guide to buying the best motocross helmet is the size and design of the helmet. A fundamental issue for the product to be safe and give you the comfort you need.

To find the perfect size for your helmet you will have to have a textile tape measure and measure your head. This measurement is made taking as reference the thickest part of the head, which goes from the forehead to the nape of the neck, above the ears. This is the area where the helmet will be placed once placed and it is also the area whose measurement serves as a reference, so that once it is measured, all you have to do is look for the size that corresponds to you in the corresponding table.

Regarding the design, the products that we see in any comparison of motocross helmets on the market usually have a classic design, with a more or less aggressive shape, a chin guard and an open space for the glasses. It is true that some models add a screen, with which it is not necessary to use those glasses. But it is also true that many riders prefer the traditional open design. There are options for everyone, really.

product safety

For a helmet to fulfill its purpose, it must be safe. It doesn’t matter how much the helmet costs or how beautiful its design is. If it doesn’t protect your head it’s useless. So let’s summarize what aspects a safe helmet should have.

This security starts from the outside. A resident shell that has a good ability to absorb shocks and impacts is essential to enjoy good protection. As for its material, it is usual that we find products made of ABS plastic, polycarbonate or similar. The latter give better performance than conventional ABS, although this material also passes the most complex impact tests.

As for the interior, the protection and settlement area of ​​the head must have high-quality manufacturing and resistance when moving. This area, called the shell, is the one that sits on the head and the one that absorbs the most possible blows. For this reason, it must have high-quality and resistant materials, mainly foams and high-level absorption elements that do not cause problems when it comes to protecting the entire head.

helmet comfort

A helmet must be safe, but it is also essential that it be comfortable. If you don’t have adequate comfort when putting the product on your head, surely you don’t feel like wearing it and you are more concerned about putting it on properly or how it bothers you than enjoying your route.

The first thing that defines a comfortable helmet is the sizing and the design, which we have already commented on and which we are not going to insist on any further. What we can talk about is the inside of the helmet, which is another key element to protect ourselves. This interior must have quality padding, with materials that are pleasant to the touch and that do not cause friction to the head when rolling. An aspect in which sometimes the economically priced helmet does not comply.

On the other hand, this interior must also be removable, which facilitates its cleaning and the process of leaving it as new with comfort. We close this section talking about the helmet straps, whose adjustment must be pleasant and comfortable. Customizing that support and the size of the straps is always an extra to enjoy good safety but also better comfort when wearing the helmet.

Frequently asked questions 


Q1: How to use a motocross helmet?

To use the motocross helmet, all you have to do is place it on your head, leaving the upper part well placed on the upper ring of your head. Once placed, we must fit it properly, proceeding to hook the straps at the bottom and leaving the helmet properly placed according to our comfort, adjusting them to our preference.


Q2: How to make a motocross helmet?

The manufacturing process of a motocross helmet is a complex task that must be carried out professionally, so it is not something accessible to everyone. In fact, the helmet manufacturing process involves the molding of materials, the creation of a specific foam and other complex processes, so it is not recommended to try it at home.


Q3: How should a motocross helmet fit?

The motocross helmet fit over your head should sit on top of your head, fully and comfortably. It is important that we also adjust the strap to the necessary tension, in order to prevent the helmet from being thrown or moved in the event of an accident. In all these situations we must opt ​​for a comfortable fit of the helmet on the head, which does not limit our mobility and does not cause friction or other discomfort during use.

Q4: How to clean a motocross helmet?

To clean the motocross helmet we will start by removing the inside of it, which is usually removable in most products. Next we will clean the entire casing, blowing the inside of it and removing the dust, mud and dirt that it may have.

The sooner you clean it, the better. As for the interior padding and the rest of its elements, these are washed with hot water, no more than 30 degrees, and a mild soap. Once clean and well rinsed, they are left to dry, but not in the sun, so that these elements do not deteriorate. Once all the elements are dry, all we have to do is reassemble the helmet as it was originally.

Q5: How to know the size of a motocross helmet?

To know the size of the helmet we must have a tape measure, with which we will measure the head by the widest part of it, from the forehead to the back located above the ears. It is essential that the measurement is carried out correctly since this area is where the helmet will rest once it is on. Once we have the measurement, we must see the size table corresponding to the manufacturer that interests us, in order to see what size we must look for.

Q6: Why is the motocross helmet different from the conventional one?

The main difference has to do with the front area, where the plastic shell of the conventional helmet is replaced by an open area. This is due to the greater need for protection when doing cross, which implies having large and resistant glasses, which are the ones that add this extra protection.

Additionally, motocross helmets have greater resistance in their approach and materials, due to the risks posed by a blow against a sharp stone or any other threat typical of off-road shooting.

Q7: How to paint a motocross helmet?

To paint a helmet correctly we will start by sanding the entire surface of the helmet and protecting the areas that are not the shell itself, such as the air intakes. Once sanded, we will apply the paint, preferably in spray because it is the most comfortable to use. This paint must be well distributed and cover the entire surface of the hull. Once we have finished the process, all we have to do is cover the helmet with a two-component varnish spray, with which we will give the helmet a shiny finish while protecting its surface.

Q8: Which motocross helmet is more comfortable: LS2 or Thor?

Since we are talking about two high-quality and demanding products, the truth is that the comfort level of both products has been similar. So as long as you choose a model of the correct size you will not have to worry about the comfort or safety of the helmet.

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