The 9 Best Motorcycle Boots of 2022

Motorcycle Boots – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Motorcycle boots are part of the equipment that motorcyclists must wear, since they fulfill the safety function, in addition to making the user look aesthetically appropriate. Within the number of available models, two are positioned among the favorites. First of all, the Shima RSX appear as feminine boots, with vintage and sporty touches, which are available in black. Then, we find the A-pro Biker Custom Cruiser alternative, a prototype with a high level of protection, with a medium shaft and reinforced heels and toecaps, waterproof and available in black.

The 9 Best Motorcycle Boots – Opinions 2022

Motorcycles are fast vehicles in which the person is more exposed during use, so the use of protective equipment such as gloves, helmets and boots is recommended. In relation to the latter, they serve to protect from the weather and scratches, in case of possible skidding on the pavement, so it is convenient that they are suitable and off-road. So that you have an idea of ​​which model to buy, we will now review the properties of the 9 best motorcycle boots on the market.

Motorcycle boots for women

1. 5 Lady’s Shima RSX, Women’s Vintage Retro Road Sport 

If you are looking for the best motorcycle boots on the market, then you should pay attention to the characteristics of this model, as it has been made with strong and robust materials that protect both the feet and part of the legs. The model has been designed as motorcycle boots for women, because its style is delicate and it is available in black. 

They are mid-cut boots and have been equipped with a microporous membrane that allows adequate breathability and include NextDry technology, so they are resistant to water. 

In addition, these road motorcycle boots incorporate a synthetic plate in the front part, which allows the gear lever to be actuated with precision. For greater safety, they have shock absorbers at the ankle level, so that the impacts are reduced and do not hurt the body. They are convenient for the road because they have reflective areas that improve safety at night. 

Representing the best motorcycle boots of the moment, these pieces have interesting properties, which we will list here.


Design: They have a modern and feminine mid-cut design that is available in black.

Protection: They are equipped with a cushioning system that works as a force field against shocks.

Plate: They have been equipped with a synthetic plate that makes it easy to make changes.

Impermeability: They have a robust construction, with waterproof materials, but allow regular perspiration.


Size: Because they are a small last, it is recommended to consider the size and dimensions of the foot.

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custom motorcycle boots

2. A-pro Biker Custom Cruiser Motorcycle Leather Boots

Designed with a classic black color and mid-cut style, this model usually appears frequently in all the lists of the best motorcycle boots of 2022 because it has a robust construction that serves to protect the feet and part of the legs, in case of possible falls. 

The boots are made of resistant materials suitable for adjusting to the shape of the foot, providing a feeling of comfort, with convenient breathability. Unlike other models, these are cheap motorcycle boots, especially if you analyze their reinforcement areas that protect the heel and shin. 

These Custom motorcycle boots are suitable both for driving in the city and for trips, since they have a leather lining that makes them waterproof. In addition, they are equipped with a velcro adjustment system and a soft and comfortable interior, as well as a non-slip traction sole.

Renowned manufacturers are a benchmark and A-pro is usually listed as the best brand of motorcycle boots on the market. Here details of your model.


Design: It has a classic design that is available in black and is medium cane.

Interior: For greater user comfort, it has a soft, comfortable and breathable interior.

Protection: Protection is guaranteed by several reinforcement zones on the heel and ankles.

Adjustment: Although it comes under pressure, it has an adjustment system using a resistant velcro.


Size: It is necessary to check the size of the boots before buying because they can be tight.

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Alpinestar motorcycle boots

3. Alpinestars SMX-1 R Motorcycle Boots

If after knowing some alternatives you have still not been able to answer the question about which are the best motorcycle boots on the market, this model may give you a correct answer, since it has optimized performance. These Alpinestar motorcycle boots are designed in black, with a mid-cut cut, so they are fresh. 

Likewise, they are made with materials suitable for driving such as microfiber, so they appear as a model of motorcycle boots for summer and for racing sports.  

They are not waterproof, but they are made with textile innovations, with heel support and fastening strap that provide greater ergonomics, fit and durability. Similarly, they are equipped with a strong sole made of rubber with non-slip traction, which provides a better grip on the motorcycle, with flexible areas to provide control while driving.

If you don’t know which motorcycle boots to buy, you should take a look at the pros and cons of this model.


Design: The boots have a simple low cut design that is available in black.

Sole: For better support while driving, they have a rubber sole with a traction pattern with flexible areas.

Innovations: They have a heel support system to provide greater security and mobility to the ankle.

Adjustment: They have an aerodynamic and curved adjustment strap that adapts to the shape of the instep.


Waterproof: Although they are of quality, they are not equipped with waterproof materials.

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Trail motorcycle boots

4. Forma WP Motorcycle Boots with CE Type Approval

If you want to buy motorcycle trail boots, you should pay attention to the attributes of this model from the manufacturer Forma, which stands out for its adequate performance and protection while riding. 

These motorcycle boots for men are designed with a sporty and retro style that is available in brown, with a mid-cut design, so that it protects much more than the ankle from abrasion, since it covers part of the calf. 

They are made with a leather surface, with a vintage-style finish. In addition, they have a Drytex tubular lining with breathable and waterproof properties, making them a suitable option for road trips. 

For greater ergonomics, they have a removable and antibacterial insole, which includes channels that provide ventilation inside. Safety is an essential requirement, which is why they have a non-slip rubber sole and a midsole with a steel shank.

Improvisations lead to bad purchases, so you should know this model in detail.


Design: It has a masculine design, with a medium shaft and vintage style, available in brown.

Sole: To ensure grip, these boots include a rubber sole with anti-slip properties.

Performance: They have a strong structure, with a leather lining that protects from abrasion.

Interior: Its interior is made up of a tubular lining that prevents the passage of water inside.


Price: Its price may be a bit high, when compared to the cost of other similar models.

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Touring motorcycle boots

5. Seventy Degreese SD-BT2 Touring Boot

When it comes to taking long trips in a relaxed way, then you need quality Touring motorcycle boots. Among them, we have the Seventy Degreese SD-BT2 model, which thanks to its high-top design offers good safety and comfort when driving. 

To do this, the product offers details such as high-quality leather construction, finished with PU and nylon, among other elements. Boots equipped with the waterproof Wintertex membrane, as well as a soft mesh lining, which provide adequate protection against moisture but also good comfort. 

The boots are finished off with details such as the double closure, velcro and zipper, which help you put on your shoes and achieve a better fit of the piece. All this without forgetting its reflective inserts, to make you more visible when riding.

We know these boots in detail, ideal for your routes to have the comfort and safety you deserve.


Adjustable: The velcro and zipper system facilitates the adjustment and the process of putting on your shoes.

Sizes: The wide variety of existing sizes allows to have a product for any user.

Sole: The non-slip rubber sole generates better grip when maneuvering.


Comfort: If you have thick legs, the boots may be a bit snug.

Color: The boots are almost completely black, with no option to choose colors other than this.

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Goretex motorcycle boots

6. Dainese Centauri Gore-Tex Motorcycle Boots 

With a modern mid-cut design, these Goretex motorcycle boots are the right alternative for those looking for quality, as they are made with high-end materials that provide adequate performance for riding and, also, protection. 

They are made as racing motorcycle boots with certification of the CE-CAT standard. II. They have an estimated weight of just under 1 kilo and are comfortable during use, since they incorporate a top layer of leather, as well as nylon reinforcements and an adjustment system through metal buckles. 

They are soft to the touch and have an ergonomic and padded interior, as well as breathable properties, to prevent the concentration of bad odours. Its structure mixes flexibility for mobility, with rigidity for an unequivocal protection of the feet, with insertion of protective material in the ankle area. 

Before making a hasty purchase, you should review both the positive and negative details of this model.


Adjustment: It can be adjusted to the foot through a system made up of a pair of metal buckles.

Design: It has a sporty and modern design, with a high cane, which is available in black.

Protection: It has a certified protection system. In addition, it has inserts to provide greater firmness.

Additions: Includes non-slip rubber sole, as well as reflective patches and interior with padded collar.


Size: The last of this model may be narrow for some users, so it is necessary to check the sizes and their dimensions.

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TCX motorcycle boots

7. TCX X Blend Waterproof Moto Boots

These TCX motorcycle boots are the alternative for those looking for quality at a good price, because they are made with suitable materials to provide optimized performance, for a long useful life. 

Due to their low/medium cane design, they are considered motorcycle boots for summer, since they are fresh and allow adequate perspiration and air to enter, to prevent bad odors from concentrating inside the shoe. They fit properly to the user’s feet, as they are equipped with a lace-up closure system. 

Its design is complemented by a retro style with worn touches in brown and, for greater protection of the feet, they have reinforcement in different areas, which is why they are suitable for their balance between rigidity and flexibility. The internal part is made of padded materials that provide greater aerodynamics to the foot and its sole has non-slip traction.

This TCX alternative has a classic design that stands out for its adequate performance and durability. Read their pros and cons.


Adjustment: The boots have an adjustment system through laces, so that the user can control the pressure.

Design: They have a mid-cut design that looks worn and is available in brown.

Protection: For additional security, the model incorporates inserts in specific areas that improve protection.

Sole: The manufacturer has included a strong sole, made with a traction surface and with anti-slip properties.


Last: The last of this model may be large, so it is convenient to check the sizes.

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Sidi motorcycle boots

8. Sidi Gas Motorcycle Boots

Although they are not cheap motorcycle boots for women, this model has a design that could be considered unisex and at a competitive price. Their casual style makes them practical boots as dress shoes or for riding motorcycles. They are available in an elegant black color, with suede and velvet details mixed with leather and nylon, for less surface wear. 

These Sidi motorcycle boots are suitable for foot protection, as they include a reinforcement in the ankle area, to provide greater stability. In the same way, they have a reinforcement in the rubber sole that allows to activate the change gears more easily. 

In addition, they have been equipped with a velcro and lace closure system, as well as an internal insole with breathable properties, which allows air to enter and ventilate the foot.

Sidi is a manufacturer that presents quality models and this is one that you cannot ignore. Know its pros and cons.


Design: The design is versatile, unisex and timeless, low-cut and available in black.

Manufacturing: The boots are made of strong and resistant materials, with the possibility of perspiration.

Sole: They have a sole with non-slip traction and reinforcement that allows you to activate the changes on the motorcycle.

Closure: It has a double closure system, for greater protection, with laces and velcro.


Size: The last of this model may correspond to a larger size in other brands, so it is necessary to check the dimensions in the size table. 

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Dainese motorcycle boots

9. Dainese Dyno Pro D1 Shoes Motorcycle Shoes

Protecting your feet with style is easy if you turn to quality models like the Dainese Dyno Pro D1 motorcycle boots. A product that combines design and good quality when rolling. 

Its low cane format is everything you need to forget about the risks when riding, thanks to a flexible joint system. An approach that makes it easy to move comfortably and maneuver properly on your motorcycle. It also includes a rubber sole, with which to achieve greater grip on the supports of your motorcycle or when handling gears. 

As for its materials, the piece has high-quality cowhide leather inserts, as well as a microfiber upper part and resistant magnesium inserts on the outside and heel. Elements that improve both the comfort of the product and its durability during your trips.

Riding comfortably and gaining safety is not difficult if you have high-quality boots like these.


Safety : The piece incorporates a reinforcement in the heel, for greater safety in case of bumps or accidents.

Materials : It has quality materials such as cowhide, fabric or magnesium inserts, among other elements.

Design : The design combines comfort with a high ability to maneuver your bike.


Closure : The closure does not include laces or zippers, so it is not adjustable.

Hardness : The boots are somewhat hard, although it is something that softens over time.

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Shopping guide

Motorcycle boots are part of the equipment that a motorcyclist must have if he wants to avoid injuries in the event of a fall, so when making a choice it is necessary to look for models that stand out for their quality, comfort and performance. However, as there are those who do not know what to look for, we have prepared a guide to buy the best motorcycle boots on the market, with everything you need to know about this equipment for motorcycle drivers.


Before making a purchase, which should not be rushed, it is recommended to make a comparison of motorcycle boots, considering the materials that the manufacturer incorporated in the shoe making. In this way, you can have an estimate of performance, durability, quality and life time. 

In this sense, there are different models of motorcycle boots, but it is important to select alternatives that are made of robust materials and that have been treated to provide better aerodynamics to the foot, without reducing comfort. 

Within the materials, it is common to find microporous textiles that allow air to enter the interior of the boot and provide adequate perspiration, to prevent bad odors from concentrating and bacteria from proliferating. In addition, an additional recommendation is to select models that include reinforcement areas for greater security. These inserts tend to be built into the ankle, heel, and toe area. 

On the other hand, within the manufacturing materials, motorcycle boots that have a leather lining, either natural or synthetic, stand out. In both cases, this material serves to prevent abrasion and increase durability. 

Fit and closure 

A good and cheap option of motorcycle boots will be attractive due to its competitive cost but, although these are important characteristics, the price should not be the only thing that determines a purchase decision. If, for example, it is a model that is not comfortable and does not fit the shape of the foot, then it will be wasted money, since, in this case, it will be an unsuitable investment. 

Therefore, it is convenient that these boots are comfortable and equipped with a practical adjustment and closure system, which serves to regulate the looseness or pressure of the boots, either at the instep, calf or ankle level. 

Some boots incorporate a velcro closure system, while other models have a lace-up system. There are alternatives that, for greater security and protection, include both velcro and laces. However, the most popular models in this segment are usually equipped with buckles (metal or plastic) for adjustment.  


The cane or height of the boot is a feature that could well be considered within the design. However, it is an attribute that goes far beyond the aesthetic part and can be an important indicator if you want to know how much motorcycle boots cost. This height is presented in three categories: low cane, medium cane and high cane.

Low-cut boots are the conventional ones, their height does not exceed the ankle much, they have a medium level of protection and, in general, they are versatile and suitable for summer. In the case of mid-cut motorcycle boots, they are the most popular among motorcyclists, since their height goes up a little more than the ankle (up to the middle of the leg), their level of protection against abrasion is higher and they can be considered off-road. As well as protecting, these boots tend to be comfortable. 

Finally, high-top motorcycle boots reach just below the knee and their level of leg protection is higher but, depending on the materials, they can be uncomfortable and also hot, so their use is recommended for trips and for the winter.


When considering the design, it is important that the boots fit the personal style. Hence, there are different models, from modern to sporty and many others with retro touches or a worn look. Similarly, in the design it is possible to select between neutral tones such as brown, green and black. 

In addition, it is important that the boots have a design with a high degree of protection in the most sensitive areas and that allow gear changes to be made without rapid wear of the footwear. In addition, boots must include a non-slip traction sole and be equipped with waterproof protection. 

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use motorcycle boots?

Using a pair of motorcycle boots is a simple process, since they must be put on like any other footwear. In the case of this equipment, socks must be used to prevent friction between the material and the feet from generating skin lacerations. Socks should be thin and comfortable; no creases should be left for the boot to fit properly.

These boots are usually put on with a bit of pressure. Once they are on, it is time to make adjustments to the closure, either by lacing, Velcro or buckles, so that discomfort is not generated.

Q2: How to dry motorcycle boots?

There are different ways to dry motorcycle boots. However, the method will depend on the material. For example, if they have only gotten wet on the outside and it is made of synthetic or natural leather, it will suffice to wipe the surface with a dry cloth.

On the other hand, if they have gotten wet inside, then they need to be placed in the sun so that the heat and air can dry out this area. Some recommend placing newspaper inside, as it speeds up the drying process. Some alternatives that have been made of textile material can even be put in the dryer on a delicate level and preferably inside a cover.

Q3: How to get used to motorcycle boots?

Getting used to wearing motorcycle boots may not be an easy task. In general, this equipment can give heat and generate itching in those who are not used to its use. However, the constant use of the boots is what will take the user to get used to them. In any case, the best recommendation is to acquire models that are appropriate, that do not cause discomfort and have an adjustment system that allows pressure to be released on the foot in areas such as the instep.


Q4: How to make motorcycle boots work?

Sometimes motorcycle boots may not fit as expected due to sizing, which ends up causing discomfort. However, there are some tricks with which it is possible to enlarge or expand them so that the material gives way. Some recommend that you take airtight bags and fill them with water, then put them in the boots and then put them in the freezer for about 12 hours, so that the water expands when it turns into ice and presses the boots from the inside. Then, you have to wait for the liquid to thaw before removing the bags. Another method is to make use of dilator liquids or boot formers.


Q5: Why wear boots when riding a motorcycle?

Motorcycle boots have been designed as part of the equipment that motorcyclists must wear to provide them with greater comfort, safety and protection while riding. While it is true that any type of shoe works, it is also true that boots give a greater degree of protection to the feet and legs, for better aerodynamics and with areas that have been added to be able to execute gear changes strategically., without wearing out the sole.

In addition, unlike conventional footwear, these boots have a non-slip sole that adjusts to the motorcycle and provides stability between rigidity and flexibility. Likewise, these boots are waterproof and, as most of them are high, they prevent mud from reaching the inside of the foot.

Q6: How to clean motorcycle boots for road?

Cleaning road motorcycle boots will depend on the material of the boots, as well as the type of dirt they have. In any case, the first thing is to take a damp cloth with warm water and pass it over the surface of the boot to remove excess mud. Next, it is prudent to apply a special cleaning product, especially if the surface is made of natural leather. It is recommended to cure (hydrate) the leather so that its useful life is maintained. 


Q7: How to store motorcycle boots?

To store them, they must first be clean and dry. Afterwards, it is recommended that they be stored in their factory box and covered with the textile material that they include. They should be left in a cool area without humidity, although it is also convenient that the sun’s rays do not reach this area directly.

» Review information from previous years

Akito Stealth Touring Urban Botas

Si estás en busca de un modelo de coste atractivo, entonces no puedes dejar de lado esta alternativa de Akito, que figura como las mejores botas de moto de relación calidad precio, siendo de las más baratas del mercado. 

Este modelo ha sido diseñado con un estilo moderno y vanguardista de caña media/alta, que protege hasta un poco más abajo de la rodilla. Su confección está hecha en cuero en la parte superior, mientras que el interior es aislado para evitar el ingreso de agua, por lo cual es impermeable. 

Por su precio, son consideradas como unas botas de moto para carretera baratas, ya que tienen un refuerzo en memoria añadido a la zona del tobillo y detalles en material reflectante, que permite al usuario ser visto cuando conduce en las noches. Además, estas botas de moto Touring tienen una suela con sistema antideslizante y un panel de goma para el cambio de marcha.

Este modelo de Akito tiene un buen desempeño, con precio asequible, siendo de las botas más baratas.


Diseño: Tienen un diseño moderno en color negro, con sistema de cierre mediante velcro.

Interior: Cuentan con interior protegido y aislado, de propiedades impermeables, con refuerzo en memoria.

Reflectante: Para mayor seguridad, incluye áreas de la superficie con material reflectante.

Suela: La suela está fabricada en goma, con tracción antideslizante y un panel que facilita el cambio de marcha.


Talla: Es preciso que se revise la tabla de tallas y se corrobore que las medidas coincidan con las de los pies.

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