The 9 Best Motorcycle Cases of 2022

Motorcycle Cover – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

For motor lovers, maintaining the appearance of their motorcycles is essential. Even if they are sheltered in a garage or parking lot, it is best to keep them covered to prevent dust and dirt from settling on the most sensitive parts such as the engine, causing wear and tear that, over time, can lead to more serious mechanical problems. serious. In this article we will compare and analyze the best motorcycle covers, such as the Tucano Urbano Termoscud R153 in nylon for Piaggio and Vespa type motors or the Favoto 210T, a cover with a reflective band and UV protection factor.

The 9 Best Motorcycle Cases – Opinions 2022

Rain, dust, city pollution and the sun’s harmful UV rays can affect the look and feel of motorcycles, especially those that “sleep” on the street. Motorcycle covers are the best solution to protect them, if you are thinking of buying a motorcycle cover, these are some of the best options. 

Vespa motorcycle cover

1. Tucano Urbano Blanket Termoscud R153 Piaggio Vespa

This Vespa motorcycle cover is available in sizes LX, LXV and S, and is also suitable for all Piaggio Vespa brand vehicles manufactured from 2007 onwards. It is made of very resistant nylon, with heat-sealed seams to prevent wind and cold air from filtering, it is waterproof and has protection against UV rays.

This could be the best motorcycle cover of the moment, since it can also be used as a blanket. For this, it has a lined interior to offer warmth to the driver, a large pocket and a patented system that prevents flapping, that is, it prevents the formation of air bags that could cause accidents.

It also has a metal security ring to prevent theft and a built-in seat cover, which has a patented system that regulates hot air, taking advantage of the radiator outlet.


Blanket: In addition to being a good motorcycle cover, it is possible to use it as a blanket to avoid the cold when driving during the coldest days of winter.

Heat retention system: The patented heat retention system, combined with heat-sealed seams, ensures maximum comfort for the driver and prevents heat loss.

Anti-theft system: Thanks to a discreet metal ring, the cover can be secured to the motorcycle to prevent theft. 


Installation: It is a bit difficult to install the first time, which can cause some problems if the installation is not done correctly.

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motorcycle protective cover

2. Favorite 210T motorcycle cover protective cover 

The Favoto 210T motorcycle protective cover is made of the highest quality polyester fabric, which protects your motorcycle from all external agents that can damage it, such as rain, dust, UV rays, high temperatures and other pollutants. such as the carbon that is formed by the smoke from the exhaust pipes and that adheres to the mechanical parts of the motorcycles, as well as the possible bumps and scratches of other cars when parking.

Favoto’s could be the best price-quality motorcycle cover, as it offers some very good features, such as its anti-theft and windproof design, with a security eyelet on the front that will allow you to lock the motorcycle through the wheel and prevent the wind from ripping off the cover. In addition, it has a universal size, suitable for most models of all brands.


Size: It can reach 245 cm wide, which makes it a suitable cover for most motorcycles, from the largest Harley Davidson to a bicycle.

Locking system: The anti-theft system with a lock on the front wheel allows the cover to be secured so that it does not fly away with the air and it is not stolen.

Quality: The fabric is of high quality, with double wind stitching. It offers a high protection factor, being light and soft.


Thickness: Many users have pointed out that the fabric is much thinner than it should be, which may cause the waterproof effect to not be as good.

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waterproof motorcycle cover

3. Zacro 190T motorcycle cover waterproof cover

The Zacro 190T waterproof motorcycle cover offers a high degree of protection against water and a factor of more than 50 for UV rays.

The polyester fabric has an inner lining, with double wind seams, which makes it the best motorcycle cover for those looking to leave their motorcycle outside and have it protected from the rain. 

The cover is designed to fit any bike, with laces to secure and secure the fabric. It includes portable storage bags, so you can store anything in it and a security lock system with a lock on the rear wheel that will prevent it from being stolen or blown away in the wind. 

The fabric is breathable and washable, so you can always have it clean and ensure good air circulation.


Fabric: The fabric is of the highest quality, breathable and washable. In addition, it protects against inclement weather, UV rays, dust, pollution and wind.

Waterproof: The inner lining is waterproof, which protects your motorcycle from the rain and morning dew, which can end up damaging the engine or the paint.


Chest: The measures of the cover are designed for motorcycles without a trunk, so to use it the chests must be disassembled or it will not fit.

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universal motorcycle seat cover

4. Lampa 91432 Air-Grip Saddle Cover

The Lampa 91432 Air-Grip universal motorcycle seat cover is designed to offer maximum comfort to the driver. Thanks to its top quality materials, it is the best option for those who are wondering which motorcycle cover to buy. The open-cell fabric allows better air circulation, which favors perspiration in summer and improves thermal insulation in winter, thereby achieving a better temperature throughout the year.

The cover is easy to fix, so you will not waste hours installing it, as its practical Velcro straps can be cordoned off in a few minutes. Due to this fastening system and the elasticity of the material, the seat cover adapts to different motorcycle sizes, being almost universal.

In addition, it is non-slip, so it creates a uniform grip on the entire contact surface with the saddle, improving comfort while riding. 


Size: It has a universal size, thanks to its elastic fabric that stretches and adapts to most saddles on the market.

Fabric: The open cell fabric improves air circulation. It is perfect for summer as it prevents the seat from overheating while protecting it from UV rays.

Fixing system: The velcro fixing system allows the cover to be installed and removed quickly.


Waterproof: The seat cover is not waterproof, if it rains it will get wet, which could rot the saddle.

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motorcycle helmet cover

5. MotoGP Messenger helmet bag

The MotoGP motorcycle helmet cover will allow you to protect and carry this much-needed safety item with you everywhere. It is an official product of MotoGP, the main motorcycle competition in the world, so you can also wear its logo wherever you go, to show that you are passionate about motoring. 

It has an integral strap so you can hang the bag over your shoulder and carry it with you in the most comfortable way. The bag has plenty of space, allowing you to store your helmet, gloves, and other accessories.

The interior is padded and has a protective lining, as well as a two-way front zipper for greater security.

MotoGP is the best motorcycle cover brand, as it offers high-quality materials and an extensive guarantee, something that you will not find in cheaper options.


Brand: The helmet bag is official MotoGP, which ensures the quality and resistance of the materials.

Materials : The fabric is of high quality, resistant and durable. In addition, the inner lining will protect your helmet by preventing it from scratching.


Size: The size of the bag is somewhat fair for XL and XXL size helmets, so it may be a problem for some users who will have a very tight fit.

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Other products

6. Neverland Motorcycle cover size XXXL

If you are wondering which is the best motorcycle cover for Scooters, the Neverland one may be what you are looking for. Thanks to its large size and drawstrings, it is perfect for all types of Scooters, but also for motorcycles of all sizes. 

It is made of the highest quality 190T polyester, which makes it resistant to UV rays, dust and scratches. It is waterproof, but it only protects from light rain.

Thanks to the adjustment strap design and the two lower eyelets, it also protects from the wind and prevents the cover from swelling and tipping over the bike, which is common in cheaper products.

The design is attractive and includes a storage bag, which will allow you to store the cover under the saddle of the motorcycle when you are using it.


Eyelet system: The lower double eyelet system allows you to better fix the cover and secure it so that it is not stolen or lost due to the wind.

Design : The design, made of high-quality polyester, is resistant and very attractive.


Waterproof: Although it protects from dew and light rain, in heavy rains, the water will penetrate to the motorcycle and the fabric will be soaked.

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7. LIHAO Motorcycle cover 190T Waterproof cover

LIHAO engine cover is made of 190T polyester fabric that protects your vehicle from rain, sun and dust. It is a universal size, at 245cm wide, making it ideal for motorcycles of all sizes, from a Scooter to a large displacement motorcycle or a bicycle. 

This could be one of the best motorcycle covers of 2022 thanks to its complete system of buckles that allow the cover to be fixed to the wheel and prevent it from flying off. This system, together with the 4 cm diameter security rings, allows you to lock the cover with the motorcycle chain and prevent it from being stolen. 

It is a cover for motorcycles suitable for both outdoors and indoors. It has an inside pocket and a bag to store it when you are not using it.


Buckle system: The internal buckle fastening system allows the cover to be adjusted to the size of the motorcycle and prevent it from flying off or swelling when it is very windy, thus avoiding possible accidents.

Size: It is a universal size cover and, thanks to the buckle system, it offers an excellent fit to all types of vehicles, from large displacement motorcycles to bicycles.

Price: In addition, it is a very affordable case, which makes it an excellent option.


Hoops : The hoops at the bottom are a bit narrow, so passing the chain through them becomes a bit heavy. 

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8. DS Covers 73160621 Alfa Motorcycle Cover

The DS Covers motorcycle cover offers one of the most effective protections against heat on the list, reaching temperatures of up to 300 degrees in exhaust positions. These tests, carried out in the laboratory, assure the user that his motorcycle will be completely protected from heat and UV rays.

It is made of 300D polyester, with double wind seams to ensure the longest possible useful life, as well as 100% resistance to rain, inclement weather and all kinds of contaminating agents such as dust and carbon.

The cover fits to the millimeter, thanks to its elastic hem and an adjustable strap with a snap closure that always keeps it fixed to the chassis.

The interior of the case is soft, with a cotton lining that prevents scratches and has a comfortable bag to store it when you are not using it.


Material: 300 D polyester is a very resistant and high-quality material that will protect the motorcycle from the highest temperatures, from the sun, from the rain and from the polluting agents that float in the environment.

Adjustment: The adjustment straps, together with the lower elastic hem, allow the cover to adapt perfectly to your motorcycle, improving protection.


Price: It is a case of the highest quality, which is reflected in its price, which is much higher than other cases on the list.

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9. Smarcy motorcycle protective cover resistant cover

The Smarcy motorcycle cover is one of the largest you can find, with 295 cm width, it is a universal cover that will be optimal for all types of vehicles, from large displacement motorcycles such as Harleys Davidson, to mountain bikes or of road. 

It is a high-quality cover, made of high-resistance nylon, which protects the motorcycle from rainwater and damage caused by the sun’s rays, as well as from dust and other polluting agents in the city.

The fabric is light, so you can fold and unfold it easily and it has a resistant fastening buckle, with a perfect diameter to insert the motorcycle chain and thus prevent it from being stolen or blown away by the wind. It also includes a comfortable cloth bag to store it.


Size: The Smarcy motorcycle cover is one of the largest on the list, at 290 cm wide it is perfect for almost any vehicle on the market.

Bag : Includes a comfortable cloth bag to store the cover when not in use, which allows you to leave it under the seat and always carry it with you.


Adjustment: The adjustment system, together with the lightness of the fabric, makes it easily deform and does not fit well, which can cause problems on windy days.

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Shopping guide

After our comparison of motorcycle covers in which we have offered you a detailed opinion of the best models, we offer you a complete buying guide in which we will explain the main factors that you should look at when buying a cover for your motorcycle.


We could not start this guide to buy the best motorcycle cover in any other way. Protection is the most important feature of these products, after all, we buy them to cover motorcycles and protect them from external agents such as weather and pollution. This feature will be especially important if your motorcycle sleeps on the street, because if it is always in the garage, the cover protecting it from dust and humidity will be enough. 

However, for those users who leave the motorcycle in the street, it is important that the covers protect it, first of all from the rain. For this, you should look for a cover with a high degree of impermeability and that has heat-sealed or double-wind sewn seams, since otherwise the water filters through the seams and ends up reaching the motorcycle. Be wary of covers that have a “waterproof lining”, since this lining tends to loosen due to humidity, losing its insulating factor. It is best to buy a case with a high waterproof factor, even if it is a little more expensive.

On the other hand, you should choose a cover that protects your motorcycle from high temperatures and also from UV and UVA rays. Most covers are made with materials that offer a protection factor greater than 40. This type of cover will keep the paint intact for longer, preventing it from being degraded by the sun. 

It is also worth looking for covers that protect the motorcycle from dust and other polluting agents, such as carbon from the exhaust, which accumulates on the engine and mechanical parts and which, over time, can cause breakdowns and mechanical problems. To avoid this, you should look for a cover that fits the motorcycle as best as possible, preventing the passage of these harmful elements.


These covers are manufactured in a wide variety of breathable materials such as polyester, nylon or polyurethane. The material not only affects the protection and fit of the case, it will have an impact on how much the product costs. 

Polyester is the most common material and also the cheapest, a good and cheap cover of this material can cost just over twenty euros and offers good protection against water and UV rays, it is a slightly thicker material, so what will happen more

Nylon is much stronger than polyester, but also somewhat more expensive. It better withstands abrasion and offers reflective designs, which help the bike to be visible in the dark. Nylon is more resistant to water and wind, so it may be the best choice for motorcycles that sleep on the street.

Polyurethane is a material rarely used in this type of product, since it suffers greater degradation by UV rays. Despite this, it can be a good choice for motorcycles kept in garages, as it is cheaper and also has a good waterproof factor.

trim and bottom cover

It is important to choose a cover that has a good bottom fit. Most of the models have an elastic rubber system and straps, which allow you to adjust the cover to the motorcycle in a simple way. These systems have the downside of leaving “bags”, which can cause them to swell in the wind and create a “parachute” effect that can overturn the motorcycle or drag it and cause damage and scratches to the paint.

The most popular models have a reinforced lower skirt and strap and buckle systems that allow a greater fixation. These covers usually have eyelets at the bottom, so you can pass the chain or the python of the motorcycle and improve security, securing the cover and the motorcycle, to prevent theft.


We can’t talk about fit without commenting on sizing. Most covers are universal in size, however some models are available in two sizes: XL and XXL. This is an important factor, since you have to take into account if your motorcycle has a hood, when choosing a cover, you must do it thinking about the luggage and the pannier rack, so you must choose the largest possible configuration.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a motorcycle cover?

Motorcycle covers have a very similar use, regardless of their size or brand. They are very simple products that, from a domestic point of view, can be bought for the bottom sheets of a bed. However, it is necessary to ensure that the cover is placed correctly, to prevent the entry of water, sun or contaminating elements.

The first thing you should do is fully unfold the cover. All covers are sold folded, so you should take them out of the package, open them and stretch them completely, to familiarize yourself with their shape. Next, choose the most suitable side to place the cover stretched on the motorcycle, always trying to cover it completely.

Once stretched, locate the straps or adjustment mechanism that your cover has and make sure it seals well. When putting on the cover, this step is very important, because if it does not fit and seal well, it can come loose, fly away and may not fulfill its protective function. Once adjusted and sealed, check that it does not fall out and that it fits correctly.

Q2: How to make a motorcycle seat cover?

To make a motorcycle seat cover, you will need a good fabric that is waterproof and antiperspirant, as well as having a protection factor against UV rays. 

First, measure your saddle and buy twice as much fabric as you measure. That is, if your saddle measures 100 cm, buy 200 cm of fabric. You will also need some gel or foam plate, to make the saddle more comfortable. 

To make the cover, you will have to remove the saddle from the motorcycle to take the measurements. Cut the foam or gel to the size of the saddle and cut the fabric a little longer, since you will have to “wrap” not only the saddle, but the gel. Secure the gel or foam by sewing it to the fabric or, if you prefer, with staples. On the leftover fabric, you can attach some kind of elastic cord or Velcro to make it fit the saddle.

Put the saddle back on and adjust the cover. If it’s too big, you can make some adjustments until it’s just right.

Q3: How to clean the motorcycle cover?

Some covers are made with fabrics that can be cleaned, in this case, you just have to put them in the washing machine, as if it were another piece of clothing. Of course, do not choose long or aggressive washing cycles and always try to use some type of neutral soap. If in doubt, it is best to wash it by hand. 

Q4: Which is better, plastic or fabric motorcycle cover?

Plastic motorcycle covers can be a little cheaper, however, the problem with these materials, such as polyurethane, is that they degrade very easily due to sun and rain. Fabric covers, on the other hand, offer better resistance and greater protection against rain and UV rays, although they can be slightly more expensive. 

Choosing between one or the other will depend on the needs of each user. For example, for motorcycles that are always in the garage, a plastic cover may be better. But, for a motorcycle that is always on the street, a nylon or polyester fabric will be better.

Q5: How to prevent the motorcycle cover from moving?

To prevent the bike from moving, the most important thing is to choose the correct size. Second, the cover must be tightened to the maximum each time it is put on, making sure that the straps and all the fastening systems of the cover are configured correctly. 

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