The 9 Best Motorcycle Oils of 2022

Motorcycle Oil – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

To keep motorcycles in good condition, it is necessary that the operation of their engine is frictionless. So it’s wise for all your parts to be lubricated and some of this is provided by the oil. According to the bike, its strength and use, there is a favorable oil for it. For example, for high performance, Motul 104092 is a synthetic and versatile oil, suitable for 4-stroke engines due to its low viscosity and recommended for Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki. No less effective for lubrication is Motorex 82.405010, a Swiss-made oil for 4-stroke engines, available in a 1 liter size. 

The 9 Best Motorcycle Oils – Opinions 2022

Motorcycles are made up of a mechanism similar to that of cars, which allows them to walk. In order for them to keep moving, there must be regular maintenance and constant lubrication of their parts so that their performance does not decline. So oil changes are required from time to time to keep it running productively. Selecting a type among the wide range of options is a challenge, which you can overcome by learning about 9 of the best motorcycle oils. Next, its characteristics. 

10w40 motorcycle oil 

1.Motul 7100 10W40 4T 4L

According to the type of engine and brand, there is a recommended lubricant, but Motul’s 10W40 motorcycle oil leads the bets in quality because it is 100% synthetic and its properties are versatile, so it is favorable for protecting the parts of different motorcycles. 

According to its specifications, this Ester technology lubricant is versatile and suitable for applications in four-stroke motorcycles, whether they are enduro, trail, road or all-terrain equipment, with or without integrated gearbox and with clutches that could or not be bathed in oil. 

In addition, it has been designed for motorcycles that require a low-viscosity component, through manufacturing that complies with anti-pollution standards and, in addition, it has been treated to be ecological. Due to its high performance, this option appears as the best motorcycle oil on the market, so if you have a Suzuki, Kawasaki or Yamaha, it could be the indicated alternative. 

The best motorcycle oil of the moment is a title that this Motul model can hold, so you should be aware of its pros and cons. 


Viscosity: This lubricant has a low viscosity grade, with the designation 10W40, suitable for different motorcycles.

Presentation: It is available in a plastic container with a lid and 4 liters of content.

Technology: It is a 100% synthetic oil, with Ester technology, which combines quality with special additives.

Uses: Being a 4-stroke engine oil, its use is recommended for some Kawasaki, Yamaha and Suzuki models.


Lid: Some presentations may have problems fitting the lid, although this does not limit its operation at all.

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4t motorcycle oil

2. Motorex Oil Formula 4T 15 W50

Some manufacturers offer quality 4-stroke motorcycle oils, but if you are looking for performance that stands out from the rest, then the recommended thing would be to try this Motorex lubricant, which has a Swiss formula designed for 4-stroke engines. 

In addition, this model is suitable for protecting the engine and its parts against high temperature peaks, therefore it provides stability and complies with the oil regulations and specifications of the European Community and has API certification.

Likewise, its viscosity is low, with components in its semi-synthetic formula that make it effective in improving the useful life of the motorcycle, so that there are no breakdowns. For this reason, it is positioned among the first places, as one of the best motorcycle oils of 2022. It is available in a plastic bottle presentation, with a content of one liter and a lid with a dosing piece that allows the liquid to be poured without spilling.

There are those who say that Motorex is the best brand of motorcycle oil. Knowing more about this formula could tell you why. 


Presentation: It is available in a plastic bottle presentation, with a content of one liter. 

Viscosity: According to its specifications, it has a low viscosity grade of 15W50 for cold climates.

Dispenser: Your bottle is equipped with a kind of hose that helps pour the liquid without spilling. 

Regulation: This oil meets manufacturing standards and regulations that certify adequate performance.


Compatibility: Before using it, it is best to check that it is compatible with your motorcycle model.

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motorcycle chain oil

3. Mountain Motul C4 Factory Line Chain Oil

If the question about which is the best motorcycle oil on the market is on your mind, you can review the specifications of this alternative from the manufacturer Motul, since it meets high standards and, due to its properties, is one of the most recommended in its category. 

It is a motorcycle chain oil that has been manufactured with a special formula for road motorcycles, with which it provides adequate performance because, before reaching the market, its efficiency and resistance have been verified.

This oil adheres to the chain, does not splash or dissolve at high speeds. Rather, it penetrates the chain because it contains anti-wear and extreme pressure additives that increase drivetrain utility by reducing rolling resistance, without weather affecting its properties. It is waterproof and rustproof.

We can suggest which motorcycle oil to buy, but by reading the pros and cons of this model, you will make the final decision. 


Formula: It is a chain oil with additives that improve anti-wear extreme pressure, to increase transmission performance.

Resistance: With the application of this lubricant a better performance is obtained, because it is resistant to water and rust.

Application: It is viscous and white in color, which facilitates its application over the entire piece.

Durability: According to its manufacturer, its durability is estimated between 600 and 800 kilometers. 


Cleaning: Being sticky and white in color, cleaning can be cumbersome in some cases. 

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2t motorcycle oil

4. Mannol of 2 of Universal API TC motor oil

Mannol is a manufacturer recognized for creating different types of lubricants, including 2t motorcycle oil, with high standards for better performance, without breakdowns and with suitable components to obtain a formula whose performance protects against wear. 

According to its manufacturer, this lubricant is a mineral oil, so its origin is based on refined crude oil, so its quality stands out among the best, since it is suitable for air-cooled engines. Likewise, it is a component that can be used in engines with a separate lubrication mechanism or mixed with fuel.

In addition, due to its API, TC, ISO, L-Egb, JASO and FB specifications, it protects against wear and is an efficient mixture that must be applied in the proportion indicated by the motorcycle manufacturer. In relation to its presentation, it is available in a plastic bottle with a sufficient content of 4 liters with a lid.

This oil is of recommended quality, hence it is convenient to know its positive and negative aspects.


Presentation: It is presented by its manufacturer Mannol in a plastic bottle with a lid, for better conservation.

Content: It is available in several presentations, but the one with four liters of content is the most commercial.

Formula: Its formula meets high standards and specifications that protect against wear.

Engines: It is recommended for two-stroke air-cooled motorcycle engines. 


Packaging: Instructions for use may be missing, although these will vary according to the needs of each consumer.

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Motorcycle fork oil

5. Repsol RP172X51 Moto Fork Oil 10W Motor Oil

Under the premise of avant-garde technology, the manufacturer Repsol ensures that, when selecting its lubricants, quality and innovation are obtained in each of its lines, as in the present model of motorcycle fork oil.

In the case of this hydraulic lubricant, it is manufactured for motorcycle forks and shock absorbers. By using it, anticorrosive and antioxidant properties are obtained, which prevent wear due to its high quality.

According to its specifications, this oil is resistant to shearing and can be used in both sports and urban motorcycles.

In addition, it is convenient for releasing air bubbles that form in the damping system, since its properties are smooth, homogeneous and viscous, so that it is not altered by changes in temperature. It also has anti-friction characteristics and is resistant to aging. It is available in a one liter orange plastic bottle with a lid. 

This model meets many of the expectations of users. By knowing its pros and cons, you will be able to certify it. 


Type: It is a hydraulic oil that works for motorcycle forks and shock absorbers, so it is versatile. 

Technology: It has avant-garde developments and innovations from Repsol applied to achieve better motorcycle performance.  

Benefits: It is convenient to be used on both racing and touring and urban motorcycles, due to its viscosity. 

Formula: Its formula extends the useful life of the oil and protects metal surfaces, as it is homogeneous and smooth. 


Quantity: There are those who miss that this product has a presentation with a greater amount of content. 

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20W50 motorcycle oil

6. Liqui Moly 1500 Moto 4T 20W-50 Street

Available in a gray plastic bottle presentation, containing one liter of lubricant, this 20W50 motorcycle oil is one of the most recommended within the supply line of the manufacturer Liqui Moly.

This is because it is a viscous liquid designed for high engine performance, since its formula is based on selected mineral oils that, according to its manufacturer, optimize engine power while protecting it in different conditions. because it guarantees the lubrication of all the parts and the reduction of sounds, so that it means less wear of the components in the clutch and gear change processes. 

In addition, this oil has been tested and certified, even tested on catalysts. After the results, it was concluded that it ensures a stable film that behaves well in wet clutches, by avoiding black sludge, even though it is mineral.

If you want quality, you can opt for this model, whose positive and negative characteristics we summarize here.


Presentation: This motorcycle oil is available in a 1 liter presentation in a plastic bottle, a safe container.

Type: Due to its manufacture, it is a mineral lubricant with adequate performance.

Properties: It has viscous properties, so that the lubrication maintains the parts and reduces wear.

Tests: Its performance has been tested and certified, by providing a stable film on the clutches.


Holding: The plastic bottle does not have a handle that facilitates its holding and allows the oil to be carried easily.

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125cc 4-stroke motorcycle oil

7. Motul 5000 10W40 4t 1L

The manufacturer Motul offers motorcycle users an extensive line of consumables and lubricants that improve engine performance, because they are usually made with high quality standards and technological innovations that reduce the impact of wear. 

Within its production line, we find the 125cc 4-stroke motorcycle oil, indicated as the possible best value for money motorcycle oil, as it is convenient to apply on all-terrain motorcycles, from road bikes to trail bikes and any other that it is equipped with a four-cycle engine, as well as with an integrated gearbox or not. 

Likewise, it works if the clutch is one of those bathed in oils or dry, so it is both an efficient and versatile lubricant. Its viscous properties are the result of a base known as Technosynthese or semi-synthetic with additives, which has an impact on improved motorcycle performance. It is available in a plastic bottle and a lid that protects the liter of content inside. 

Motul 5000 is one of the cheapest models that offers improved performance to the motorcycle engine. Therefore, we invite you to analyze its positive and negative aspects. 


Properties: It is an oil with semi-synthetic properties that has Motul’s developments in terms of additives, to provide efficiency. 

Versatility: This lubricant can be used on off-road motorcycles, from a Yamaha to a Vespa. 

Quality: It is a viscous oil and suitable for four-stroke engines, due to its quality. 

Presentation: It can be found in a one liter presentation, contained in a black plastic bottle for proper storage.


Price: Despite being efficient, it has a high price when compared to other alternatives with similar properties.

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Castrol 10W40 Motorcycle Oil

8. Castrol Power 1 4T 10W-40 Motor Oil

Castrol 10W40 motorcycle oil is one of the most convenient in our selection of products because, in addition to being among the cheapest in its category, it is a lubricant that optimizes friction in the clutch, thus reducing engine losses. 

It has been tested and certified in order to guarantee an immediate response from the two-wheeler during acceleration. Its low cost should not worry because, contrary to what some might believe, it meets the requirements of engines and the high standards of catalytic mechanisms. 

Being a Castrol 10W40 motorcycle oil, its formula is based on avant-garde technological development, which uses the knowledge of more than 100 years combined with innovations to lubricate current motorcycles, with JASO MA-2, API and SN specifications.

This model is another of the recommended ones. You can analyze its quality by reading its pros and cons.


Quantity: This model is available in a convenient presentation of one liter of lubricant content. 

Presentation: Its plastic bottle is green and has a lid that prevents spills.

Grade: It is an oil with a gradual denomination of viscosity 10W40 with adequate performance.

Function: Serves to improve motorcycle response during acceleration by optimizing friction. 


Liters: A presentation with a higher content in liters could be incorporated to carry out various maintenance.

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10W30 motorcycle oil

9. Liqui Moly 2526 4T 10W-30 Engine Oil

Once again, the manufacturer Liqui Moly appears in our selection, this time with the 10W30 motorcycle oil, which closes this list of the best lubricants on the market.

This German-made component has been designed for motorcycles with four-stroke engines, designed to provide protection against wear, through innovative technology that optimizes resistance to aging. 

According to its properties, it is a recommended lubricant for wet clutches and provides favorable lubrication, regardless of the service conditions, so it can be used to replace the original oil, because it guarantees good operation and adequate cleanliness of the engine. 

Its gradual viscosity denomination is 10W30, with synthetic technology that increases friction values, but reduces wear to a minimum, with smooth processes for clutching, disengaging and gearbox changes. 

If you don’t want to make a random purchase, then you should take some time to review the pros and cons of this model. 


Presentation: Your marketing is available in a bottle with 1 liter content, securely covered. 

Grade: The viscosity grade of this equipment is 10W30, so that it protects and reduces friction. 

Processes: Its application ensures that the main processes of clutching, disengaging and changes will be smooth on the motorcycle.

Technology: It is developed with the latest synthetic German technology that optimizes resistance. 


Dispenser: The lid it has is simple and does not include a dispenser to avoid spills. 

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Motorcycle oil accessories

motorcycle oil filter

Hiflo Filter HF204

Almost as important as the lubricant is the motorcycle oil filter and, among the wide range of alternatives currently available, this HifloFiltro model is one of the most suitable.

It is a convenient model to prevent impurities from reaching the engine mechanics and is usually recommended as the preferred substitute when changing the original filter, because it fits correctly with most models and includes a plastic protector that prevents dust enters the filter.

Its assembly is simple and uncomplicated, with a high degree of quality. 

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Shopping guide

Those who have cars and motorcycles know how important it is to keep the lubrication up to date and ensure the proper functioning of the mechanical part, as this will prevent breakdowns from occurring and larger investments will have to be made. After a while of using the car, it is necessary to do the proper oil change but, before buying the first one that comes forward, you could take a look at this guide to buy the best motorcycle oil on the market, since each brand is different in relation to viscosity, presentation, type and benefit for the two-wheeler. 

Presentation and pot

Lubricants usually reach the consumer in different presentations and, depending on the quantity, it could be clarified how much a motorcycle oil costs. Each brand has its presentation, which it has brought to the market as a result of research on the consumption style of its users. 

Therefore, you can find presentations with varying amounts of content. In this way, we will find some motorcycle oils that are available in a 0.5 liter presentation (they are usually chain oils), while the most commercial ones are those that include 1 liter of lubricant. However, some manufacturers incorporate options between 3 and 5 liters of oil content on the market, in order to be valid for several changes. 

Depending on the amount of motorcycle oil, the price of the product tends to be higher, but this does not necessarily indicate that it is more expensive. On the contrary, it would be necessary to evaluate whether an option with a higher content is cheaper than acquiring the lubricant in a one-liter presentation. Although, in the case of 4 or 5 liter cans, a greater investment must be made, it must be remembered that a greater quantity of lubricant is supplied, which, in the long term, could be a saving of a few euros.

On the other hand, in the presentation it is also necessary to analyze the bottle in which the motorcycle oil is contained. Most brands incorporate it in a kind of plastic bottle with a lid. The differences between the packaging alternatives are in the information provided by the manufacturer on the label, as well as in the handles that facilitate portability and in the shape of the lid, since some brands provide their oils with dispensers that prevent spillage. the liquid and that allow to pour it with more precision. 

Type or modality

Motorcycle owners know that mechanical maintenance is important for these two-wheelers to have adequate performance, but many are unaware that there are different types of lubricants and often leave the job to professionals. So, before making a random purchase, the most reasonable thing to do would be to review the comparison of motorcycle oils, in which you will notice that there are different types of this component. 

There are three basic types of lubricants: synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral. While they are all good, they differ from each other in performance. Synthetics tend to be the most stable for different temperatures, because their properties are optimized with chemical reactions and with additives that provide greater durability, as well as protection for the engine. 

Semi-synthetics and minerals are often in the same category, because the former are the result of a mineral-based lubricant, which has been refined using synthetic methods. On the other hand, minerals are liquids with an organic base resulting from the distillation and refining of petroleum, so they are suitable for classic engines. In addition, they are a cheap type of oil, but it is not recommended for high temperatures.

Viscosity and grade 

A cheap motorcycle oil is an attractive option for many users, but it may not be suitable for the demands of the engine. Lubricants are multigrade and have a viscosity. For this reason, the denomination W (winter) is usually seen. The number that accompanies the letter represents the viscosity and behavior that the lubricant will have when cold. For example, a 10W30 oil assumes a viscosity of 30, which when cold behaves as 10. 

So, the lower the index, the lower its viscosity and the faster it will reach all the pieces. The second number usually represents the original viscosity, which implies the operating temperature. So, when choosing, you should follow the motorcycle manufacturer’s recommendations and not vary the oil so that the engine’s performance is optimized. 

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: What oil does my motorcycle use?

This will depend on the make and model of the motorcycle as well as the demands of the engine it has been fitted with. Therefore, the most convenient way to avoid future problems is to review the specifications of the motorcycle user manual, since the oils to be used and even the brands are recommended there. The best ones are usually the synthetic ones, but the viscosity grade varies, just like if it’s for a 2t or 4t engine. 

Q2: What oil to use for a 4-stroke motorcycle?

In general, 4-stroke motorcycles use special and synthetic lubricants that do not have direct interaction with the fuel during the thermal cycle. These lubricants must be efficient for the gearbox and the clutch, in order to provide better performance, while reducing noise and fuel consumption. Among the most recognized and favorable brands are Motul, Repsol, Castrol, among others. 

Q3: How many liters of oil does a motorcycle carry?

There is no single estimate of how much oil a motorcycle takes, because this varies according to the cylinder capacity, as well as the type of engine, whether it is 2 or 4 stroke. Motorcycles that have a larger cylinder capacity can use between 2 and 3.5 liters, while those of 100 or 250 cc carry between 750 ml and 1.2 liters. The exact amount is usually specified in the first pages of the motorcycle’s user manual. 

Q4: How to check the oil of a motorcycle?

In most of the alternatives there is a side glass viewer that allows you to see the amount of liquid inside the container. This usually includes two gauges that show where the lubricant level should be. If the level is between these two, there is nothing to worry about. 

Also, some models have caps on the tank with a built-in rod, similar to that of cars, but shorter. So all you have to do is open the lid and remove the dipstick to check the oil level. 

Q5: How often should the motorcycle oil be changed?

There are several parameters that affect the period that should be expected for the oil change. When it comes to a quality lubricant, it can take longer, since it is a product designed to reduce engine oxidation. Similarly, there are those who suggest that it be changed every 2,000 kilometers. This mileage may vary in relation to the frequency of use. However, it is best to follow the recommendations, either in terms of use (distance traveled) or the time indicated by the manufacturer of the motorcycle brand. 

Q6: What type of oil are used in the bars of a motorcycle?

Suspension or rod hydraulic oil should be used for the rods. They tend to be low viscosity lubricants, 5, 10, 15 and 20W, that are designed to work at high pressures and prevent failure. Some experts recommend that it be an SAE W10 oil or, failing that, an 80-90 transmission lubricant or 20W40, in order to cushion the blows on the bar. 

Q7: Where to dispose of used motorcycle oil?

The lubricant that is discarded from the motorcycle engine must be disposed of and processed correctly, so that its deposition does not contaminate the environment. If the change has been made at home, it can be taken to recycling centers where they will take care of disposing of this lubricant using the least polluting procedures for the planet. 

Q8: How to change the oil in a motorcycle?

According to the recommendations, before making the change, the motorcycle must be turned on so that the lubricant slides off more easily once the cap has been opened. Afterwards, it will have to be turned off, braked and stabilized. To continue, you must locate the oil plug in the lower part of the motorcycle and place a container for the oil to fall into. The next thing will be to open the tank that is at the top and then the outlet plug, so that the oil begins to drain.

When all the lubricant has come out, the container should be removed and the bottom

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