The 9 Best Paints for Cars of 2022

Car Paint – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

A high-quality car paint can give you the performance needed to touch up some of the more visible parts, like wheels and lower parts. However, due to the variety of models, it can be a bit difficult to choose, so we will mention some of the most outstanding. This is the case of the Full Dip Liquid Vinyl paint, which creates an elastic film that is resistant to moisture and shock, and is also easy to remove if you want to change the color. On the other hand, Dupli Duplicolor 736582 can withstand the elements and is a quick-drying product for added convenience.

The 9 Best Paints for Cars – Opinions 2022

If you want to give your car a more modern and elegant touch, then it is recommended that you have a resistant, striking and easy to apply paint. Therefore, we have prepared a list of the 9 best car paints of 2022.

1.Full Dip Spray Paint

It is a paint made from liquid vinyl, which creates a resistant elastic film once it dries. Therefore, it is appropriate to cover different types of surfaces, such as car parts, furniture, wheels, appliances, among others.

It comes in a spray paint presentation with 400 ml content, which allows you to paint several surfaces with a single bottle. For this reason, many consider it to be the best car paint today. On the other hand, it is a black product that can be combined with different decorations.

This paint can be easily removed when you want to change it and it is also able to resist pressurized water, dirt and contact with soaps, so it does not crack over time for greater durability.

The best car paint of the moment should offer you practicality and resistance, as is the case with this Full Dip product. Let’s learn more about its characteristics.


Composition: This paint is liquid vinyl, so it provides a highly durable plastic layer.

Cleaning: It can be cleaned with most soaps and resists contact with water for easy cleaning.

Removal: When removing it, it is only necessary to slightly scrape one of its edges and peel off the plastic film.


Nozzle: The nozzle could get clogged when the paint dries, so it is recommended to clean it after use.

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2. Duplicolor 736582 Tuning and Universal Paint Spray

This spray allows to cover the scratches and bumps made on the car’s brake calipers, since it is weather resistant and does not yellow over time, thus offering a long useful life. On the other hand, it has good coverage and gives a long-term shiny effect for a more professional look.

It is important to mention that it is a silver-colored spray with a sporty finish. In addition, this paint has been made without lead, so it is less toxic when applied. Likewise, it presents a high hardness but at the same time it is elastic for greater durability.

In terms of practicality, it provides good adhesion and is a quick-drying product, so you don’t have to wait too long to touch the painted surface. In addition, it provides a smooth surface to reduce the accumulation of dirt.

In case you are wondering which is the best car paint, this product could interest you, since it is a very resistant and durable spray.


Presentation: It comes in a 150 ml presentation, enough to cover the brake calipers of any car.

Drying: It offers quick drying, which gives you greater practicality of use.

Color: It is a silver paint with a sporty finish, so it can give the car a renewed look.


Application: The finish of this paint depends on the user’s technique, so it is recommended to practice beforehand on another surface to obtain a uniform result.

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3. Montana Colors MTN Pro R-9011 Spray

It is a paint formulated with a high content of pearlescent pigments, which provide a metallic finish with a glitter effect; In this way, a brighter and more attractive appearance can be obtained on different surfaces of different parts.

Similarly, it is important to mention that this spray is metallic black, so it can be applied to cars and any type of metal, whether they are indoors or outdoors. Also, it is a product that offers elasticity and high covering power, which favors good performance.

In this sense, it can be applied easily and dries quickly for greater practicality. Offering 400ml of paint and good adhesion, it is possible to apply more than one coat to increase resistance, you just have to constantly shake the pot for best results.

Currently, Montana Colors is considered by many to be the best brand of car paint, so it is recommended that you get to know one of its most outstanding models in greater depth.


Color: It is a black paint with a glitter effect and a metallic finish, which provides greater realism and attractiveness.

Performance: Offers optimal elasticity and good adhesion for better performance.

Resistance: Resists weather and humidity, which increases the durability of the paint.


Safety: It could cause dryness and other skin reactions, therefore, it is recommended to wear protective gloves during use.

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4. Ambro Sol V400CAR.1 Paint finishes aluminum bodywork rims

It is a silver paint, appropriate to give more elegant finishes to some bodywork surfaces. In this sense, it can be used to paint or renew the side panels, bumpers, wheels or other external accessories of the car.

Importantly, the product can resist contact with alcohol and gasoline for added durability. In addition, it is not necessary to apply a subsequent lacquer to ensure its resistance, although it is advisable to prime or sand the surface beforehand to increase its adhesion capacity.

Regarding the presentation, it comes in a 400 ml container of spray paint, so it offers you enough to paint various surfaces. As if that were not enough, it is a paint capable of drying quickly to favor easier and more direct use.

If you are looking for one of the cheapest products for painting cars, then this can of spray paint can be a good alternative.


Resistance: Offers resistance to scratches and some toxic substances, which increases durability.

Versatility: It is mainly indicated for cars, but it can also be used to renew the finish of handicrafts or other metal objects in the home.

Drying: Dries quickly without reducing its adhesion power, which provides greater performance.


Finish: Although it is a silver paint, it dries to a matte finish that may be too stark on some surfaces.

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5. Motip M04001 Aerosol Paint Spray

This is a fast drying acrylic paint that can deliver good results in a short time. In this sense, it provides good coverage and adherence capacity, whether in applications on treated or untreated surfaces. Plus, it comes in a 500ml presentation for added performance.

In this sense, it is suitable for use on metal, glass, wood and various types of plastic, which increases versatility. On the other hand, this paint does not lose its color intensity over time and offers a good level of resistance to impacts and scratches for greater durability.

Also, it is important to note that it does not deteriorate when in contact with gasoline or other chemical products. It is also resistant to climatic changes and UV rays. To top it off, it offers a high gloss finish for added appeal.

If you need the best value for money car paint, then it is recommended that you pay attention to the pros and cons of this product before deciding.


Quantity: It offers 500 ml of paint, which is useful for covering large surfaces.

Presentations: It is available in 4 different presentations, high gloss black, matt white, semi-gloss black and high gloss white.

Application: It can be applied on surfaces that have not been previously sanded or primed.


Thin: The paint creates a layer that could be too thin, so in some cases it will be necessary to apply a second coat.

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6. VerniciSpray Kit Spray Paint Car Aerosol S74

It is a spray kit that includes 2 cans, one with 400 ml of paint and the other with 400 ml of gloss varnish. The latter must be applied over the paint to obtain a more resistant finish. In addition, this presentation has a coverage capacity of approximately 1 m² if we apply 2 layers.

On the other hand, it is important to know that the paint is champagne sudan beige in color and offers a matte finish, while the varnish is transparent and provides a shiny and showy layer. In this sense, it has a clear and delicate tone, suitable for combining with different surfaces.

When it comes to application, it is recommended to lightly sand the surface before painting, which helps to ensure a longer lifespan. Either way, this paint has good adhesion for durability.

If you’re wondering which car paint to buy, then this 2-pack can be a good choice. 


Coverage: It has a coverage capacity for 2 layers of approximately 1 m².

Varnish: Includes a bottle of spray varnish to reinforce the paint and achieve a glossier finish on any surface of the car.

Adhesion: Offers good adhesion to favor the durability of the paint.


Use: To apply this paint it is necessary to have a little previous experience, since it is necessary to apply very uniform layers if we want to obtain a professional finish.

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7. Vallejo Acrylics Spray Primer

It is a spray paint suitable for plastic, metal or resin surfaces. At the same time, it offers a self-leveling matte finish, suitable for obtaining a uniform surface from the first coat of paint.

As for the presentation, it is a bottle with 400 ml of black paint, in this way, it can be combined with different objects and structures. On the other hand, the bottle has a plastic ring painted with the same spray around the nozzle. In this way, you can easily identify the shade of the product in a more precise way.

For greater practicality, it has two diffuser nozzles, a reduced valve that creates finer lines to paint details and another for thicker and longer surfaces. As if that were not enough, it provides a matte finish that is elegant and attractive.

If you are looking for a product at an affordable price, then you should learn more about this Vallejo brand paint, since it is one of the cheapest.


Adhesion: The paint has a self-leveling effect that helps to obtain a more uniform and professional finish.

Accessories: It has 2 nozzles, one to paint details and another to spray larger surfaces.

Finish: The final finish is matte, which can be an advantage if you are looking for sobriety.


Opacity: The first coat might be too translucent, so you need to apply 2-3 coats of paint to get a solid color.

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8. Liqui Moly 6119 Bass Protection Product

This paint has a thixotropic composition, which means that it is a highly viscous substance, capable of acquiring a more liquid consistency when shaken. In addition, it is possible to apply it without dripping, favoring good coverage from the first layer.

It is important to mention that it is a 2 kg can, so it offers enough product to paint large surfaces. Also, it can be applied with a brush for greater practicality, creating a very thick viscoplastic film.

On the other hand, it is made with a combination of synthetic resins, bitumen and special inhibitors, which provide better adhesion and favor the resistance of the paint over time. In this sense, it can protect against corrosion and aggressive environmental agents, be it rain, UV rays, dirt, among others.

If you are looking for a product for the underside of the car, then this paint from the Liquid Moly brand may interest you. Let’s see its most outstanding positive and negative aspects.


Type: It is a thixotropic paint, which has a viscous consistency, which favors better coverage.

Presentation: It is a 2 kg can with black paint, so it offers enough quantity to paint large surfaces.

Application: It is possible to apply it without dissolving previously for greater practicality.


Texture: When the paint dries it has a rough finish, so it does not offer a smooth texture to the touch.

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9. Omp OMPPC02001000051 Painting Pliers

This paint can be used on a large number of surfaces, but it is especially suitable for applying to cars, more precisely on exhaust systems, engines and brake calipers.

In this sense, it is capable of withstanding high temperatures, which increases its versatility and favors a long useful life, whether you use it on areas that are constantly heated or on other types of materials, such as wood or plastic. On the other hand, it is important to mention that it is yellow, in this way, you can give a brighter and more attractive touch to some surfaces.

As for the presentation, it is a spray paint with a quantity of 400 ml, which is enough to apply several layers of paint in some areas. As if that were not enough, it has a self-cleaning valve for greater practicality.

If you need a paint that will help you paint the lower parts of your car, it is recommended that you learn more about the main characteristics of this product.


Use: This paint is mainly indicated for brake calipers, but it can be used on exhaust systems, engines, among others.

Color: Offers a yellow color with a gloss finish, which can add to the appeal of any surface.

Mouthpiece: It has an automatic cleaning valve to facilitate its use.


Coverage: On some surfaces it may provide less coverage, so it is advisable to previously clean and prime the area to be painted for greater effectiveness.

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Shopping guide

When buying a car paint, we must not only take into account the color, but also the number of accessories that they include, the composition of the formula and the resistance to different climatic agents. For this reason, it is recommended that you carefully analyze this guide to buy the best car paint, as it can provide you with the pertinent information that you should know before purchasing a product of this type.

Presentation and colors

It is true that when making a comparison of car paints one of the most important aspects is the presentation of the paint. By this we mean the amount of liquid included in the product, its color and the final finish it gives you.

The quantity can define how much the paint costs, so we can find cheaply priced products with 150 ml content, while more expensive ones can have up to 500 ml. The latter is usually enough to apply 2-3 coats of paint to specific areas of the car. However, for industrial work, there are 2 kg cans, which can even be dissolved to offer greater performance.

It is important to mention that the number of colors available is unlimited, since we can find everything from paintings with sober tones, such as black or silver, to more striking ones, such as beige and yellow. However, black is the most popular colour, as it is the easiest to match with the car bodywork, and it tends to give a classy look.

Another of the most important characteristics that a painting can offer is the finish, so we can find some that offer metallic surfaces. This type of finish is the most sought after among users, as it usually provides a more realistic layer, similar to the original bodywork of the car. Also, there are paints with a matte finish, which do not reflect much light and can provide a more discreet and refined look. But if we want the opposite effect, there are gloss paints, which usually have a greater covering capacity, are waterproof and can be adhered more easily.


When it comes to application, there are products that are more practical than others. In this sense, it is possible to find paints for direct use, which do not require previous treatments or any type of dilution. Therefore, it is only necessary to shake and spray on the desired surfaces. However, these types of models must be used continuously to provide a more uniform finish.

On the other hand, there are paints that require priming the surfaces before applying; in this way, they provide better results. Likewise, they usually provide greater durability, since when applied to areas in optimal condition, they can obtain a firmer adhesion. Also, it is necessary for the paint to have good coverage and elasticity, since this translates into good performance. Thus, it is possible to paint larger surfaces with fewer layers of paint.

On the other hand, the way of dispersing the paint may depend on the type of nozzle, so we can find a presentation with diffusers among its accessories and that is both good and economical. Between the nozzles there may be a reduced outlet valve for painting fine, delicate lines and another medium outlet valve, capable of dispensing thicker lines that can cover a greater amount of surface area.

Composition and resistance

To promote resistance, some models include a bottle of varnish or are compatible with it. Thus, they allow to create a more rigid finish for a longer useful life. Similarly, we can find models that are naturally weather resistant, in general, these are models made from plastics, synthetic resins, special inhibitors or acrylics.

This type of paint usually creates a plastic film that is very easy to remove whenever we want, but at the same time can withstand bumps and dirt. In addition, they are quick drying, which favors practicality. On the other hand, if we want to apply the paint in areas of continuous contact, it is recommended that the chosen product be waterproof. In this way, it can be used in different climatic environments without decreasing the service life.

Despite the elements that could strengthen the composition of the paint, it is necessary to avoid products that have lead or additives, since it has been proven that these have an impact on health after prolonged use, causing hypertension and immunotoxicity. In addition, lead in paint is one of the most frequent causes of lead poisoning, so it is advisable to avoid contact.

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