The 9 Best Ramps for Cars of 2022

Ramp for cars – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

At some point, we all need to lift the front or rear of the car, whether it’s for a visual inspection of the condition of the underbody or tires, cleaning and maintenance, or an oil or fluid change. brakes. These tools are very strong and hard as they are designed to lift the car and support it for as long as necessary. Whether you are a professional or an individual, in this article you will find ramps such as the Autostyle A45R90, which is capable of supporting 3 tons, or the Cartrend 50156 with a lightweight but extremely solid design.

The 9 Best Ramps for Cars – Opinions 2022

Car ramps are capable of holding a vehicle up so you can check and work on the underside of the vehicle. However, remember that you should always do it with some secondary support, which allows you to secure the car and be completely safe.

Ramp for cars with slope

1. Autostyle Set 2 Ramps for cars up to 3 tons

The Autostyle slope car ramp is one of the best car ramps of 2022, especially if you are a professional and have a workshop, as it is capable of supporting up to 3 tons of weight (1.5 tons per ramp), so you can work freely with most vehicles. 

This ramp is very safe and easy to use, since it is enough to put it under the car itself. It is non-slip and being so strong it can be used to level or secure a mobile home or motorhome. They are also a good choice for show cars and events, where it is important to show off the car well or to keep the car elevated in winter so that the cold does not affect the tyres.

The dimensions of the ramp are 91 x 30 x 17 cm and they only weigh 5 kg, so you can take them anywhere comfortably.


Size: These ramps are small in size and weight, which allows you to take them with you in the trunk of the car anywhere, as well as to put them on and take them off with ease.

Non- slip: The non-slip surface makes it safer to get on and off the car and ensures that, once on top, it will stay in place.

Capacity: With the capacity to support up to 3 tons, they are ideal ramps for caravans and motorhomes.


Price: The price is somewhat higher than other ramps with similar characteristics, which may be a problem for some buyers.

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2. Maypole MP4061 2000kg Level Ramp Kit

The Maypole MP4061 incline car ramp is very safe and easy to use as you just have to put it on the ground and raise your car. In addition, it is one of the cheapest you will find, since for a reduced price you get a set of two ramps, capable of supporting up to 2 tons of weight.

These are double-level ramps, the highest part is 8 cm high and the hole measures 16 x 45 cm. They are a great solution for leveling camper-type vehicles, such as caravans and motorhomes to be able to eat and sleep in the best way. They are also very useful for workshop professionals, who need to lift vehicles to carry out revisions or repairs.

If you are wondering which car ramp to buy, without leaving the entire budget, these could be the best option, since they are cheap and also light, so you can take them with you or store them without taking up too much space.


Weight: It is a set of two very light ramps, which allows you to carry them in the trunk or move them without problems or inconvenience.

Materials: Despite being so light, they are very resistant and can support up to 2 tons of weight each, thanks to the plastic materials with which they are made.

Price: They are very cheap ramps, so they are a great option for all those users who are looking for something simple and cheap.


Height: They are not very high ramps, so you will need to use other elements, such as a lifting jack, to work under the car.

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car ramp

3. Cartrend 50156 Extra Solid Wide 2 Ton Ramp Set

The Cartrend 50156 car-climbing ramp offers adequate stability and height for professional mechanics, who require a product that allows them to raise the car enough to work underneath. Being an extra wide product and with overflow protection, they are very safe, since the wheels will fit well inside regardless of their width.

This could be the best car ramp of the moment, since each of them is capable of resisting up to 2 tons of weight, thanks to its solid, stable and solid metal design. It has a width of 33.5 cm at the front and 31.5 cm at the back, with a height of 20.5 cm and a total length of 93.5 cm, as well as an anti-slip design.

The ramp has an angle of ascent of 17º, perfect for working comfortably and an entrance width that allows lifting tires up to 225 mm wide.


Size: These are large ramps, with a width greater than usual, so they are capable of holding tires up to 225 mm.

Endurance: These are ramps capable of supporting up to 2 tons each, which, together with their width, makes them ideal for almost any type of vehicle.

Materials: They are made of top quality metal, so they are really resistant and stable.


Weight: Because they are made of metal, they are somewhat heavier than other ramps on this list, which makes them less portable.

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4. Sealey CAR3000C 3 Ton Car Ramps

The Sealey CAR3000 C car ramp has the capacity to support up to 3 tons on each of the two included. This means that they are indicated to work with most vehicles, from a utility vehicle to a motorhome. In addition, they are compact ramps, so you can take them with you camping to level your caravan without taking up too much space.

Although it is not one of the cheapest products you will find, it may be one of the most stable and comfortable to use. The ramp is made of strong polypropylene with a non-slip surface, so it offers a wide and safe space to support and raise the car, while you work or when you are on vacation.

With dimensions of 90 x 30 x 21.5 cm, they could be the answer for users who are wondering which is the best car ramp for professional mechanics, since in addition to being robust, they have a suitable width for tires. up to 260mm.


Size: The two ramps that make up the set have a compact size and low weight, so they could be a good solution for home mechanics, as well as amateurs and to carry in your camper.

Capacity : Each ramp is capable of holding up to 2 tons of weight and has a width for tires of up to 260 mm, making them very versatile.

Non- slip : They are covered with a non-slip material to improve safety.


Price: They have a somewhat higher price than other ramps for cars with similar characteristics and size, so it can be a problem.

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car lift ramp

5. WilTec Ramp easy access hydraulic lift 2000 kg adjustable height

The WilTec car lift ramp might be the best car ramp for a DIYer, but it’s also suitable for professional mechanics. It is a combination of a lifting ramp and a hydraulic jack, which makes it an excellent tool for mechanical workshops and workplaces, where vehicle cleaning and maintenance tasks are carried out.

Regarding its size, it offers a height of 21 cm, which can be extended to 30 cm (from the ground) thanks to the integrated hydraulic jack. It can be adjusted in height without bumps and without sudden changes in elevation, allowing you to work comfortably in most positions. 

In addition, it is a very safe tool, since it has protection against running over, anti-overflow for the wheels and safe positions. It is perfect for utility vehicles and also for small vans. 


Jack: The hydraulic jack allows the vehicle to be raised another 9 cm, making it a great ramp for mechanical workshops and professional mechanics.

Materials : It is very solid and stable, with a good width and is made of stainless steel, very easy to clean.

Safety : With the anti-overflow edge, the safe positions and the anti-impact protection system, it is a very safe ramp.


Ramp: Unlike other products on the list, it only includes one of the ramps, so it will be necessary to buy another to be able to raise the car in the best conditions.

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6. Hengmei Vehicle Lift Ramps Loading Ramps

The Hengmei car lift ramp could be the best value for money car ramp, thanks to the fact that it is a complete set, with two ramps with a hydraulic lift and with the capacity to hold up to 1 ton in each of them. 

They are very robust ramps, made of stainless steel and with safety welding, and covered with a special blue paint that protects them from corrosion and oxidation. They are very wide, suitable for vehicles with tires up to 225 mm wide and can be used both as driving ramps, and for repairs and assembly. 

The upper part of the ramps has a hydraulic jack, which allows you to adjust the total height between 27.5 and 42 cm, so you can work on all types of cars, vans and even trailers. 


Hydraulic jack: Both ramps have a hydraulic jack at the top, which allows you to raise the vehicle a few centimeters more.

Materials: They are made of high quality steel, with safety welds to support the weight and painted with a special blue paint to protect them from corrosion.

Width: They have an ideal width for vehicles with tires up to 225 mm. 


Fixing: The ramps do not include a fixing system, so you must have one before raising the car, since the ramp can move if it does not have it.

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Other products

7. Katsu 161914 Heavy Duty Shop Ramps

The Katsu 161914 car ramps, due to their manufacturing and resistance, are specially designed for professional mechanics, workshops or car exhibitions. They are also the right size and strength to use in your caravan or motorhome, allowing you to level and enjoy your home on wheels. 

On the other hand, they are compact and weigh little, so they are perfect to take wherever you want. They are made of a special plastic polymer, which makes them very resistant and light. As for their inclination, they have an entry angle of 17 degrees and a total height of up to 17 cm, they are also covered with a non-slip layer that improves safety during work.

Finally, it should be added that each of the ramps is capable of holding up to 1.2 tons, so together they can hold a vehicle of up to 5 tons, without problems.


Resistance: They are very resistant ramps, since if they work together they can lift a vehicle of up to 5 tons without problems.

Foldable: They are foldable, which, together with their low weight, makes them an excellent option to take with you everywhere.

Non- slip: They include a rubber pad on the lower front part, so that they do not move when you get in the car.


Price: These are somewhat more expensive ramps than others with similar characteristics.

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8. Draper 23302 ramps for vehicles with a maximum load of 2.5 T

Draper 23302 car ramps have a maximum load capacity of 2.5T making this set of two ramps one of the best options for garages and DIYers alike as they are perfect for repairs and maintenance. In addition, they have a very affordable price.

The total height of the platform is 20 cm and they have a very solid construction, since it is made of high quality resistant steel, with safety welds and coated with paint, to protect them from rust and corrosion. The maximum width of the ramps is 20.5 cm, so it is compatible with most vehicles.

Thanks to details such as compatibility with extensions for low ground clearance vehicles, such as sports or custom cars, we could say that Draper is the best brand of car ramps.


Extensions: Draper 23302 ramps are compatible with extensions for low clearance cars, making them suitable for custom shops.

Resistance: Both ramps are capable of supporting a maximum load of 2.5 tons, so they are very resistant, suitable for most vehicles.

Height: They offer a total elevation of 20 cm, more than enough to work with any car.


Weight: These ramps do not have a ground fixing system, so they can be moved when the car is raised.

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9. Emergency ramp for cars

This emergency ramp for cars is made of top quality materials and is very robust, thanks to the stainless steel and its coating that protects it from rust and corrosion. In addition, this paint is a very striking red color, so the ramp will be visible even at night or in low visibility conditions, which is perfect for roadside assistance professionals.

The ramp weighs 3.5 kg and measures 100 x 45 x 30 cm, making it compatible with most vehicles, be they cars, vans or caravans. It is capable of supporting up to a ton of weight and has an anti-overflow and anti-impact system, making it very stable and offering great safety when working under it.


Stability: It is a very stable ramp, so the vehicle will not move once you have climbed it.

Color: The paint protects the structure of the ramp from corrosion and rust, in addition, having a bright color makes it perfect for road emergencies.

Capacity: The ramp, by itself, is capable of supporting up to a ton of weight.


Sliding: The ramp does not have rubber studs at the bottom, so it can move when the car is raised and it needs some kind of extra stop.

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Shopping guide

Once our comparison of ramps for cars is finished, we offer you a detailed buying guide in which we will explain what are the main characteristics that you should pay attention to when buying one of these elements, and that will make the difference between a ramp safe and another that can be dangerous and of low quality.

wheel width

We start with this guide to buying the best car ramp on the market by talking about the width of the ramp. This feature will mark the type of vehicles that can use it. For example, sports cars or vans often have wider wheels than utility cars. In fact, in recent years, cars have wider wheels, so it is very important that you look at this feature before choosing a ramp.

A good, cheap car ramp will be compatible with most car, van, and even motorhome tires. However, cheaper ones may be narrower or lack things like overflow protection. Our advice is to choose a ramp slightly wider than the tires of your car, this way you make sure it is compatible.


When buying a car ramp you should also look at the weight it is capable of supporting. This feature is very important and will have an impact on how much the ramp costs, however you should not skimp on this feature as a ramp that is not supporting the weight of your car could break and if you are working at the time you could have a very serious accident.

The weight-bearing capacity of the ramps is determined by the gross weight that they can support as a whole. That is, when the ramps are sold in a set of two and are stated to support up to 3 tons, it means that each of them is capable of supporting 1.5 tons separately. It may seem obvious, but sometimes this feature leads to confusion, especially when the manufacturer does not clearly state whether the weight supported is for each ramp or for the set. In case you have doubts about a product, you must assume that the weight expressed in the description is for the total number of pieces and that you must divide it by two.

In this aspect, in the market you will find all kinds of ramps, the simplest ones that are capable of supporting a ton and others that, together, can support up to 5 tons.

This factor will also be influenced by the material the ramp is made of. Polymer or plastic ramps are usually more compact and lighter and, although they are also very resistant, they do not support weights as high as metal ones. Those made of metal, on the other hand, have the problem of welding, since if they are not safe, they can break, splitting the metal and causing accidents.

ramp surface

The ramps usually have two types of finishes. The metal ones usually have perforated or open surfaces, these ramps offer greater traction, which helps the vehicle to move down the ramp, and get off and on more safely. Those made of plastic or polymers usually have a closed surface, although they always have some type of non-slip coating.

In general, both are excellent options and offer good traction, but metal ones are usually better than plastic ones, since they have “steps” that fix the wheel and improve traction. 

lock systems

Car ramps are tools that require certain precautions when used. We have already told you about the importance of endurance, since if the ramp does not support the weight, working under it exposes you to great danger. But you must also be careful that the car is well secured and does not move or slide down the ramp. 

On the other hand, the best ramps for cars will have locking systems. Most of them have a slot located at the top of the ramp, designed to block the wheel of the car once it reaches the maximum height. In this way, the car is “braked” and you make sure that it will not accidentally move down the ramp.

In this sense, it is also advisable to buy a ramp for cars that has some kind of safety “shim” or rubber band that keeps it in place and prevents it from sliding when you raise and lower the car.

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