The 9 Best Rear Cameras for Cars of 2022

Rear camera for car – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

A car rear camera can give us control of blind spots when parking, which provides us with greater security. However, there is a wide variety of models on the market today, so we will only mention the most outstanding ones, such as the Thly WS 7AHD 2CAM set, which includes 2 cameras to capture different angles of the car and has an innovative function that Allows loop recording. Another interesting option is the 3T6B 165° circular camera, which incorporates a 4.3-inch monitor to comfortably view the video in real time. Also, it offers night vision to use at night.

The 9 Best Rear Cameras for Cars – Opinions 2022

Although we know perfectly the dimensions of our car, there is always the possibility of hitting another vehicle when parking. As a solution, there are the rear view cameras, advanced devices that give us a more complete field of vision of the back of the car. For this reason, we have made a selection with 9 of the best car rear cameras of 2022.

wireless car rear view camera

1. Thly Wireless Car Rear Camera AHD Digital DVR Kit

It is a wireless car rear camera, which has 2 recording devices, capable of transmitting images at a distance of 500 m in open areas. In addition, it integrates a DVR that allows you to record video files.

On the other hand, this set includes a 7-inch LCD monitor with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, thus providing a bright and sharp image. Also, it offers Night Vision technology, with 18 IR LED lights that turn on automatically when the environment is dark, which increases versatility.

They are a pair of cameras that are easy to install, since they only require connecting the power cable to the car’s electronic system to turn on. As if that were not enough, they have IP67 resistance, which offers protection against water and different weather conditions.

If you are looking for the best car rear camera of the moment, which gives you greater safety when driving, then this kit may be a good option. Let’s see its pros and cons.


Image: They offer a viewing angle of 120 ° and can capture images with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels.

Infrared: They have infrared technology to offer night vision, in this way, they provide clear images in places with low lighting.

Connectivity: This set allows you to connect up to 4 cameras for greater functionality.


Storage: They do not have the necessary SD card to store the contents, which could require an additional expense.

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2. Auto Vox M1W Wireless Rearview Camera TFT LCD Monitor

It is a wireless car rear camera that is easy to install, since it can be placed anywhere in the car in a simple way, it also includes a monitor for greater practicality. On the other hand, it offers IP67 resistance, capable of protecting against water and the most difficult climates.

It has a night vision function with 6 integrated LED lights that provide up to 26 lumens of light intensity. In this sense, the bulbs automatically turn up the brightness when they perceive dimly lit images, which allows you to easily visualize dark places.

The camera device integrates a lens with a viewing angle of 170° and the structure can be tilted up to 45°, in this way, you can position it in the most appropriate direction. It is important to note that it offers IP68 protection, thus providing resistance to prolonged immersion in water.

The best rear camera for a car is the one that offers you practicality and a high-tech system, like this model from the Auto-Vox brand. Let’s know its pros and cons.


LED: It has a set of 6 LEDs, which turn on automatically in poorly lit areas.

Installation: Includes all necessary cables and brackets to promote a quick and easy installation.

Protection: It has IP68 protection against water and dirt, which provides greater resistance to weathering.


Suction cup: The suction cup of the monitor could lose effectiveness over time, so it may be necessary to replace it.

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car rear view camera kit

3. 3T6B Reversing Camera and Monitoring Kit

This car rear camera kit has all the necessary materials for installation, in addition to the monitor. The camera has an improved vision system with a 165° lens, so it can provide a wider image.

For added functionality, it offers night vision with anti-fog protection, so you can send crisp, clear images to the monitor, even at night or in harsh weather. In this sense, the camera has IP67 resistance, which protects it against water and weather for greater durability.

Regarding the monitor, it has a size of 4.3 inches and has a suction cup made of silicone, indicated to fix the screen to the windshield glass. Therefore, you can place the monitor in the most comfortable area according to your field of vision.

If you need a kit that does not cost too much money, it is recommended that you learn more about this model, considered by many to be the best value for money rear view camera for cars.


Power: The monitor is powered by a 12V cable, which you can connect to the car’s cigarette lighter for greater convenience.

Design: The camera has a compact structure so as not to attract attention in the car.

Angulation: The lens offers a 165° angle of view to provide a wider image.


Assembly: It may be necessary to seek advice from a specialized technician, since during assembly it is essential to make some modifications to the cables.

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Bluetooth car rear view camera

4. Honboom 2 DIN Radio Car Bluetooth Car Stereo

It is a rear camera for car with Bluetooth that includes a monitor, suitable for receiving data wirelessly. Also, it can be used as an FM radio and a hands-free device, which can provide a safer and more comfortable ride.

The monitor integrates a 7-inch touch screen with 1080p HD resolution, making it more practical, durable and functional than traditional car monitors. Also, it is important to mention its compatibility with the most popular audio and video formats, such as MP3, WAV, WMA, MP4, AVI, among others.

Also, it is possible to connect other devices to the monitor, since it has a USB port and AUX, TF and SD inputs, which allows you to expand its functionality. As if that were not enough, the camera has 4 LED lights that favor better viewing in low-light environments.

Among the variety of existing equipment, it is normal to wonder which is the best rear camera for a car. For this reason, we invite you to review the main characteristics of this model.


Resolution: The camera and monitor can offer HD images, allowing you to view sharp and colorful content.

Bluetooth: Integrates Bluetooth technology to use the equipment as hands-free and transfer data from other devices.

Radio: It has a 2 DIN radio, to play your favorite stations from the comfort of your car.


Frame: The monitor requires a metal frame for its correct installation, which can mean an additional expense if your car does not have one.

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Wi-Fi car rear view camera

5. BGoodVision 12V 24V Digital WiFi Car Camera IP69K

This WiFi car rear view camera allows you to view and manage the recordings through your mobile phone, which increases convenience. It is only necessary to download the camera application on your smart device and access all its functions, such as viewing the live signal, accessing video clips, taking screenshots, among others.

Likewise, it can work in frequencies of 50 and 60 Hz to favor the stability of the signal. On the other hand, the camera incorporates an upper metal cover, capable of protecting it from the rain, in addition, it has an IP69K degree for greater resistance.

The camera has 28 infrared LED lights that allow you to activate a night function. In this way, it can provide a clearer and brighter image at night or in dimly lit spaces.

BGoodVision is considered by many as the best brand of rear camera for cars, so if you are looking for a resistant and versatile equipment, then you should know the WiFi-970CAM model.


Protection: Offers IP69K protection, which favors resistance in difficult climatic conditions.

Aperture: The 120° lens has a brightness aperture of f 2.8, which translates to a clearer image.

Night: It has 28 night vision IR LEDs for greater versatility.


Design: This camera incorporates an external antenna, so it could draw too much attention in the rear area, especially in small cars.

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Other products

6. Car Rover Universal Car Backup Assistance

It is a rear camera for car that is mainly used to park in a safer and easier way, since it incorporates a wide lens with a field of vision of 170 °, which allows you to reduce blind spots and view in more detail. obstacles around the car.

Also, it has a night vision function, which allows you to see more clearly at night or in dark places. On the other hand, it has a rigid design and IP67 protection, capable of withstanding shocks and direct contact with water.

For added versatility, it is a suitable camera for installation in any type of car and offers support for NTSC videos, which have less interference than the PAL system. As if that were not enough, the lens offers an aperture of f 1.2, which can deliver bright and sharp images.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the cheapest rear view cameras for cars, it is recommended that you take into account the positive and negative characteristics of this product.


Angulation: Offers a 170° viewing angle, which helps to effectively reduce the car’s blind spots.

Video: You can record videos in NTSC format, which improves image quality.

Design: It is a discreet camera with a circular design, which you can easily adapt to the structure of your car.


Visibility: The lens may easily fog up when it rains, which could reduce your visibility.

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7. Xinyida HD LCD TFT Display for Car 7 inch

It is a car camera with a 120° viewing angle, which can provide a wide field of view for safer driving. In addition, this kit includes a 7-inch monitor that makes it easy to view video.

On the other hand, it offers 18 LEDs with infrared technology, which allow the environment to be viewed in dimly lit spaces. For added functionality, the monitor automatically turns on when the car is reversing, making it more convenient when parking.

In terms of durability, it has a rigid case made of metal, a sun visor and offers IP67 protection, so it is resistant to dirt and water, and can also withstand different weather conditions.

If you are wondering which rear view camera to buy, take into account the most outstanding aspects of this model, since it is compatible with trucks and large cars.


Monitor: The TFT LCD monitor has a 7-inch wide screen for better viewing.

Convenience: The set includes a remote control to more easily adjust the camera.

Resolution: It offers a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, which favors the sharpness of the images.


Cables: The cables included for installation may be a bit thinner than expected, so please treat them with care.

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8. Outbit Reversing Rear View Camera

It is a CCD camera for use in different types of cars, capable of providing high image quality. In this sense, it provides a good sensitivity of the lens to light, offering sharper and more realistic images. Similarly, it has a resolution of 720 x 580 pixels with HD quality.

It is important to note that the lens has a viewing angle of 170°, in this way, it can offer a greater view of the obstacles around the car. On the other hand, it is a waterproof IP67 protection device, so it can be in direct contact with water to increase resistance and thus provide a long service life.

For added functionality, around the lens are 8 LED lights that allow for night vision. In this way, you can visualize the environment in low light spaces.

If you are looking for a device to park safely and comfortably, then you should learn more about this model, since it is one of the cheapest cameras to place in the rear area of ​​​​the car.


LED: It incorporates 8 LEDs around the lens to capture images in the dark.

Image: It is a CCD camera that provides good resolution and high image quality.

Waterproof: It has IP67 protection, which favors a long useful life.


Manual: The installation manual may only be available in English, which can be a problem if you don’t know the language.

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9. Jansite Reversing Camera and Monitoring Kit

It is a rear camera for car with monitoring kit for greater functionality. In the same way, it has all the necessary accessories to guarantee a quick installation. 

The set features a 4.3-inch monitor with a suction cup mount for easy mounting on the windshield. In addition, it is possible to connect it to the cigarette lighter of the car for more practicality. Regarding the camera lens, it offers 120° angle, which allows you to easily see the objects on the sides of your car.

On the other hand, it can be used both during the day and at night, since it has a night vision function for greater versatility. As if that were not enough, it offers IP68 protection, so it is weather resistant and has an ultra-low power consumption system to prevent overheating.

A good quality car rear view camera should provide practicality when installing it, like this model. Let’s take a closer look at its main features.


Suction cup: The monitor has a gel suction cup that when it loses elasticity can be washed and reused to stick the monitor to the windshield.

Consumption: This model does not consume too much energy, which prevents it from overheating for greater durability.

Night vision: Offers a night vision function, to use the camera in the dark, day or night.


Resolution: The resolution of the camera is 480 x 272 pixels, so it may not be enough to clearly see the details in the image.

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Shopping guide

The rear camera allows you to park the car more easily and safely using reverse gear. However, there are many models on the market today, so we have made this guide to buy the best rear view camera for cars. In this way, you can know the most important features and make a wise decision.

camera and monitor

Before buying a reversing camera, it is good to define the real need that we have. Most of this equipment comes in a kit that includes the monitor, that is, the device where we are going to view the image sent by the camera from the back of the car. However, if your vehicle already comes with a 2 DIN radio as standard, then you just have to purchase the camera separately.

In case the car does not have a screen or camera, you must take into account certain characteristics of both elements, in order to enjoy a quality image. In this sense, the angle of the camera lens is essential to know the amplitude of the image displayed by the monitor. In general, these teams bring wide-angle lenses, in a range of 120 ° to 170 °, so that they offer a wide enough image to visualize cars and other objects that are around. Resolution-wise, 720 x 580 pixels is more than enough for a sharp picture on a standard 2-DIN radio. 

As for the monitor, it is important to check the size, which is usually between 4.3 and 7 inches. In this sense, the resolution can vary from 480 x 272 pixels on small screens to 1080p on larger and more modern ones, which allows you to see an image that is closer to reality. 


When making a comparison of rear cameras for cars, it is necessary to thoroughly review what functions it offers, since this is important to have a clear idea of ​​​​the use that we can give to the equipment. Among the main functions is night vision, which allows you to park easily in dimly lit environments, thanks to small infrared LED bulbs, capable of sending a fairly clear image to the monitor. 

If you’re worried about how much a reversing camera costs, you’ve probably noticed that prices can vary a lot. There are rear cameras that come in a kit when you buy a 2 DIN radio, therefore they are more expensive, but they also offer many functions, such as viewing audiovisual content, tuning into stations and even playing video games from your mobile. Still, it is possible to find a good and cheap option at the same time. 

If the monitor of your rear camera allows you to play files, it is important that you check the compatibility in terms of formats. The most popular in audio are MP3, WMA and WAV, while in video MP4, AVI, VOB and 3GP files are common, so it is good that the equipment supports these extensions.

Some monitors support more than one camera at the same time, so it is possible to split the screen into up to 4 parts to view different angles of the road, which is especially useful in large vehicles such as heavy trucks and city buses. 

On the other hand, the included accessories may affect the installation and therefore the functionality of the camera. In this sense, it is good that the product includes the necessary cables, as well as the support for the monitor and other elements to facilitate assembly.


The connection between the reversing camera and the monitor can be through a cable or wirelessly. In the latter case, we can find cameras with WiFi technology and others with an integrated Bluetooth system. In both cases the installation is very simple, since there is no need to disassemble the plastic edges and the rubber supports of the car to hide the cable. However, it is worth noting that wireless rear cameras are usually a bit more expensive.

If you need to record videos, you should check that the monitor has a TF memory card slot. Generally, these devices support cards with a maximum capacity of 128 GB, so you should see the product specifications before making the purchase. Also, it should be noted that the card is generally not included in the camera-monitor kit.

For their part, the 2 DIN radios that have a reversing camera usually include a USB port, to play content from a flash drive or duplicate the screen of an Android device, in addition, most of these equipment have a 3.5 jack auxiliary input mm to play music from the mobile.

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How to install a car rear view camera?

Most modern cars come standard with both the 2 DIN radio and the rear camera installed, however, it is possible that over time it will stop working properly. On the other hand, some vehicles come with the radio but not the camera, so it is important to know how to install it. You may need a drill and some basic hand tools.

The first thing is to remove the radio with a torx, star or flat screwdriver, depending on the model of the car. To install the camera, it will be necessary to remove some plastic on the edge of the car, in order to place the yellow connector cable that goes from the back of the 2 DIN radio to the camera on the rear bumper. The idea is that the video cable is well protected and at the same time does not harm the aesthetics of the car.

Q2: Where to install a car rear view camera?

The back of the car is quite wide, so it can be difficult to decide where to place the reversing camera. One of the options is to install it on the car body, since it is generally safer and more discreet, and some cars have holes that serve this purpose.

Another good idea is to place the camera in the license plate area, in this case, it is possible to integrate it into one of the license plate lights or open a hole with the help of a drill right in the center of the two lights. But it is also possible to install it on the tailgate, on the third brake light or in a strategic place on the bumper.

Q3: How to connect a car rear view camera?

When removing the sound equipment, we must look at the back for the cable with a yellow connector, which must be loose and generally has a label that says Cam. Also, it is necessary to identify a pink or brown cable marked with the word Reverse, which must be connected to the gear lever.

The connection is as simple as joining the camera connector with the radio connector, so you can do it with your own hands even if you don’t have any experience in this type of installation. In addition, the rear view cameras for cars have plug & play technology, so there is no need to install drivers.

Q4: How does a car rear view camera work?

The reversing camera works in a similar way to a closed circuit television, because all its components are linked. In this case, it is not a surveillance camera, nor is it used to transmit the image to another place, as is the case with webcams, but rather it is installed in the lower rear part of the car, with the aim of seeing the real-time image, for which a 2-DIN radio in the car’s dashboard is necessary.

The operation is very simple, the camera is automatically activated when reversing, so the image appears on the screen, so that it allows parking more comfortably, safely and quickly, since this image is usually more accurate and wide than that of the rear view mirrors.

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