The 9 Best Reversing Cameras of 2022

Reversing Camera – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Driving can be challenging because there are so many movements and actions involved. One of the most complex is usually the reverse gear. Therefore, nothing like being equipped with technology that helps facilitate it. Among the models of reversing cameras, there are two very prominent. First of all, we find the Uzone UK-305, a prototype installation that does not need an internet connection, works with night vision and has IP68 protection. Next comes the Car Rover CA009M, a ruggedly built, shockproof and waterproof functional camera with night vision and high definition capabilities.

The 9 Best Reversing Cameras – Opinions 2022

To increase safety at the wheel and reduce risks during reversal, a reversing camera can be used to facilitate the action. This technology is available in several models and brands, which makes it difficult to choose a prototype. For this reason, we invite you to learn about the 9 models that lead the preferences and that are positioned among the best reversing cameras. 

Wi-Fi reversing camera

1. Uzone Wireless Car Rear View Camera 

With properties such as wide angle view, night vision and waterproof, this model is usually considered as the best reversing camera on the market, because it has a favorable operation that increases safety, with an angle of 120º. 

This model has a robust construction, weighing 558 grams. Likewise, it has been equipped with state-of-the-art technological developments, which allow it to stand out as a WiFi reversing camera, so that it can be used anywhere, as long as you have a mobile phone or other source of Internet connection. Its fastening system is firm, thanks to its magnetic base. 

It is compatible with the Android and iOS platforms, in terminals such as iPhone, iPad, mobile phones and tablets, with which it will be linked without delay. It has HD night vision and, regardless of the weather conditions, it will work properly, due to its IP68 waterproofing.

This model is a possible representative of the title of the best reversing camera of the moment, and then we will review its pros and cons. 


Waterproofing: It is resistant and suitable for different climates, because it has IP68 waterproofing.

Vision: It has a wide viewing angle of 120 degrees, with night function and high definition.

Compatibility: It has WiFi and can be linked with operating systems such as iOS and Android.

Battery: It is wireless and works with a battery, which can be recharged using the included USB cable.


Consumption: If the Internet connection source is the mobile phone, it must be taken into account that the battery consumption of the mobile phone will increase.

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2. Mhcabsr WiFi Wireless Reversing Camera 

It is a WiFi reversing camera that offers wireless transmission between the camera and the monitor, providing a more stable and lag-free image. In this way, you can see what is happening in your car’s blind spot without interference.

It also offers a signal range of approximately 22m, making it a suitable camera for both small and large cars. On the other hand, it has a 3.5-inch monitor that allows you to see the image clearly. Thanks to this, it is considered one of the best reversing cameras of 2022.

It is important to note that it incorporates 6 infrared lights to guarantee optimal viewing of the environment, even at night. To facilitate installation, it has a magnetic mount that allows you to fix the camera on any metal surface.

MHCABSR may be the best reversing camera brand out there today, so if you’re interested in a high-tech model, you should check out this wireless camera.


Protection: It offers IP68 protection to withstand rain and temperatures between -20 and 65 °C, so it can be used in difficult weather conditions.

Vision: The viewing angle can be adjusted diagonally by 120° and offers a night mode.

Installation: The camera has a magnetic mount that provides easier installation.


Cable: The monitor connection cable may be shorter than expected, which is important to consider at the time of purchase.

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reversing camera for car

3. Car Rover Universal Car Reversing Assistance

Before making the purchase, you may want to know which is the best reversing camera on the market and, among the most sought-after options, is this model from the manufacturer Car Rover, convenient to avoid collisions.

It’s made from strong, sturdy materials, making it durable and shockproof, while it’s equipped with IP67 protection, so it’s waterproof and can be used outdoors, whatever the weather. 

This car reversing camera has an extended viewing angle of 170º and features a color CCD image sensor, which reduces the blind spot, for greater safety when reversing. 

Similarly, it has night vision and high definition mode, as well as sensitivity, with low power consumption. Its design is compact, facilitating the use in general. For its installation, it comes with a video and power cable.

If you do not know which reversing camera to buy, we can suggest that you review the pros and cons that we have identified in this model, as they could help you with the choice.


Construction: It has a robust construction, with IP67 waterproofing, which makes it a model suitable for external spaces.

Angle: It has an extended viewing angle of 170 degrees, which extends the detection range to reduce the blind spot.

Definition: It can display the rear image day or night, in high definition, with a resolution of 420 TV lines and 492 pixels.

Design: Its design is discreet and fits all cars, providing good adaptability.


Instructions: Your instructions are only available in English, which may limit your understanding.

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Bluetooth reversing camera

4. Awesafe 7 Inch Car GPS with Bluetooth 

Within the extensive catalog that the manufacturer Awesafe has, is this reversing camera with Bluetooth, which is equipped with a touch screen and good sensitivity, with a size of 7 inches, so that it is easy to use and allows quick access.

This camera has a 120º viewing angle, with a low incidence of the blind spot, which makes it easier to detect obstacles, so tasks such as parking the car and other movement actions are no longer complex.

In addition, this model has a robust construction, with IP67 protection, so it is waterproof and, regardless of the weather conditions, its operation will be optimized. Its synchronization with Bluetooth is immediate and it has a GPS, which includes preloaded all the maps of Europe, for quick navigation. Its weight is light, with a compact and discreet design.

To learn more about this model, we invite you to review the main favorable and negative aspects that we have identified in it.


Design: It has a compact design, with a 7-inch touch screen that facilitates its use.

Construction: It has a robust construction, with IP67 waterproofing to tolerate water.

Use: It can be used for different purposes, as a rear camera or as a GPS, and includes Bluetooth to link with the mobile.

Angle: It has a wide viewing angle of 120º, with a lower risk of blind spot.


Installation: Although it includes all the wiring, its installation can be complex for those who are not used to these connections.

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reversing camera kit

5. 3T6B Reversing Camera and Monitoring Kit

This 3T6B alternative is one of the cheapest that can be found on the market, while maintaining optimized performance. This reversing camera kit has a simple installation system, since the camera and the screen are linked by a cable, and it is charged from the car’s cigarette lighter adapter input.

Likewise, its screen can be placed in different parts of the vehicle, because it has a silicone support, which facilitates attachment to the windshield or dashboard, by means of a suction cup with strong properties that, if it loses adherence capacity, can be washed and will remain as new.

In addition, its camera guarantees an enlarged rear view, because it has an angle of 160 degrees. The image it collects is sharp and can be seen in high resolution on its 4.3-inch screen.

On this model, we have identified other properties that might interest you and help you make a choice. Here are its pros and cons. 


Angle: For better viewing, this camera has an extended angle of 165 degrees. 

Resolution: It has night vision, 800 TVL resolution, with precise distance scales.

Design: It has a discreet design of 381 grams in black, which includes a 4.3-inch screen and only consumes 3 W.

Construction: It has a strong ABS plastic construction, with IP68 waterproofing against water.


Fixation: In some cases, the fixation mode of the camera can be complex for some users.

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Rear view mirror with reversing camera

6. Goforjump Car Backup Camera 

With an extra slim monitor design and strong construction, this model can be suitable for those who want to buy the best value for money reversing camera, because it allows to improve the rear view through a 4.3-inch LCD screen. 

This model is a rearview mirror with a reversing camera, which works as a backup system, to achieve actions such as parking safely. In addition, this device is equipped with IP68 grade protection, making it waterproof.

Likewise, the proposal has a sensor to improve the color and details of the image, through reference guide lines, which vary according to distance. For a better view, the rearview mirror reversing camera has a wide angle, which favors viewing at night and in foggy conditions. It is a versatile camera and can be installed in a large number of cars, as it only requires a 12-volt connection. 

This is considered as one of the cheapest reversing cameras. If you want to delve into its features, we present them below.


Screen: It has a 4.3-inch TFT color LCD screen, which allows an improved vision.

Design: Its design is practical, available in black, equipped with a clip that facilitates its installation.

Compatibility: It is adaptable for closed circuit cameras and can be installed in different cars.

Image: It has a 3030 CCD image sensor, which provides a wide and defined angle.


Software: The system of use and software of this model can be a bit complex for interaction.

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Android reversing camera

7. PolarLander 12V WiFi Reversing Camera 


Among the proposals presented by the manufacturer PolarLander is this reversing camera with Android, which is equipped with a WiFi connection, to facilitate recording modes for shared video, since it has a powerful module that increases signal quality, for stable transmission.

In addition, due to its properties, it is a wireless reversing camera, because through the connection with the mobile and an application it is possible to view it from the smart device. Likewise, software can be accessed that allows real-time monitoring. Likewise, it is compatible with different models and types of cars such as sedans, trucks, buses and more.

Its installation mechanism is simple and does not take much time, because it includes all the elements to complete it, such as screws, cables and adhesive. According to preferences, it is possible to place the equipment in the rear, front, left or right, in order to make driving less risky.

If you want to know more about this model, we recommend you take a look at the following pros and cons that we have found in this proposal. 


WiFi: To ensure connectivity with the mobile, it has a powerful module for a stable signal.

Resistance: This model is made of ABS plastic and is waterproof, which gives it good resistance.

Compatibility: It can be placed in different parts of the vehicle, according to convenience, and is suitable for different car models.

Design: It has an optimized and practical design, due to its small size.


Distance: After reaching a distance of 7 meters, the image may freeze on the receiving device.

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reversing camera for motorhome

8. Auto-Vox M1W Wireless Rear View Camera 

Parking safely and reversing efficiently is possible if the car is equipped with a specialized kit like this one, which reduces the risk of accidents, due to its proper resolution. 

This reversing camera for motorhome has an optimized and discreet design, weighing only 635 grams. It is easy to install and does not require complex cables, because it works through a wireless transmitter, which makes it easy to view content through an LCD monitor. In addition, it ensures a stable and high-resolution connection, with an action range of up to 100 meters for open areas. 

Also, for a clearer display, it has 6 LED lights that turn on automatically, according to the intensity of the lighting, so it is favorable for day or night. The camera has a robust construction, with IP68 protection, so it is waterproof and has a 360º support.

To learn more about the specifications of this model, you can read the following pros and cons.


Design: It has a favorable design due to its low weight and compact size, with 360º support, to position the structure in the most favorable way.

Screen: It has a 4.3-inch high-resolution color LCD screen that allows you to see the image clearly.

Lighting: To improve lighting, it has 6 LED lights that are activated automatically.

Construction: Its construction is robust and durable, made of plastic, with IP68 waterproofing, to withstand external conditions.


Instructions: There is no complete instruction manual in Spanish to guide the user, although the process is intuitive. 

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wireless reversing camera for cars

9. Tuo3eu Wireless Reversing Camera 

Equipped with a 7-inch TFT LCD screen, this wireless car reversing camera is a favorite among users, because it has adequate performance and is versatile, thus facilitating and improving the conditions for safe driving. 

This model is made up of two devices, one for the front of the car and one for the rear. In this way, with the push of a button, either of the two areas can be displayed. 

Thanks to its screen and capture quality, the content displayed is high resolution, with low power consumption. It also has a wide angle, with an expanded vision of 120º.

For greater illumination, the camera has been equipped with 18 infrared that favor night vision. It has IP67 protection, so it is suitable for rain. The received image is stable, with a range of up to 100 meters in open environments and is compatible with different cars.

This model has other specifications that we recommend knowing and that we have summarized in the form of pros and cons.


Kit: It is made up of a kit with a screen and two cameras that improve safety while driving.

Impermeability: It has IP67 protection and is waterproof, which makes it suitable for rain.

Infrared: Regardless of low light, the display will be maintained because it has 18 infrared built into the structure.

Design: It has a compact and lightweight wireless design, which favors a stable and high-resolution image.


Instructions: Your instructions may not be entirely accurate for those who are not used to these devices. 

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Shopping guide

For greater security when parking, it is necessary to equip the car with a camera, which facilitates visibility adequately. Thus, we invite you to read the following guide to buy the best reversing camera on the market, with the most notable features of these devices. 

Type and Wi-Fi

There is a wide variety of models on the market, so that, in the comparison of reversing cameras, it is possible to find from wireless type cameras, to those that require a wiring installation to the car, in order to function optimally..

In the first case, use is made easier by not having cables, but there is a small possibility of signal interruptions, which is less likely with models with cables, but which can be more complicated to install.

Likewise, there are other classifications according to the position in which the camera is installed. You can find the mirror or mixed position. Also, it can be a camera that only connects to a mobile device or that incorporates a screen where the image will be displayed, whose position should be the frontal area.

Most wireless proposals are usually equipped with the WiFi option, which allows the link between the camera and the mobile device, both to view in real time from the phone and to record. In these cases, it is important to define the way this Wi-Fi works, since it may require an internet connection through a chip or simply be enabled in the camera and be recognized by the devices, like a kind of Bluetooth.

In addition, it is necessary that the stability between both devices be constant and secure, to guarantee a better link, without interference in the transmission. Therefore, it is recommended that the WiFi module of the camera be powerful, for a strong signal and long distance in content transmission. Some proposals reach from 3 to 8 meters, while others can reach 100 meters in open areas. 

Image and performance

If you want to have an estimate that will help you determine how much a reversing camera costs, then you will need to be able to evaluate some of the components that make up this technology. These include image quality, capture options, and how you display them on screen in relation to resolution, color, and guide lines.

In this sense, the most recommended is that the model provides an image of improved quality, with high definition and clarity in details, so that there is less possibility of risk during reversing. For this reason, some models incorporate guide lines that help the user.

Similarly, it is important that it has a suitable image sensor, as well as a favorable resolution, which is usually between 480 and 540 TV lines. Meanwhile, regarding the system, it can be PAL/NTSC, with variable pixels, depending on the model and brand. 

These technical specifications, which give an idea of ​​performance, are usually detailed on the back of the package. In addition, some proposals can be equipped with GPS, Bluetooth, among other developments.

Construction and resistance 

If you want to buy a good and cheap reversing camera, then it is wise for you to consider the construction, general design and the strength of the device. 

The vast majority of proposals have discreet designs that are easy to install in the back of the vehicle. In addition, they have a strong construction, but at the same time discreet, making them compact and lightweight cameras. Also, their structures can be made of ABS plastic. 

Similarly, as they must be installed outside the car, it is recommended that they have IP67 or IP68 protection or waterproofing, which will ensure that they remain in proper working order, even in rainy conditions.

kit and lighting

Some models come in kit form, so they are easier to install, since they include wiring (if required), brackets, screws, and even tape, as well as other items that make installation and maintenance easier. use. 

Similarly, some cameras are equipped with screens, as well as infrared lighting systems or LED lights, which improve viewing at night or in foggy situations. Some of these lights are automatic, turning on and off based on lighting conditions.

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How to use a reversing camera?

To use a reversing camera, it must first be installed in the vehicle. As each model is different, the mounting method may change. You may have to adjust the main stand, install the screen, pair the camera with the receiving device, which could be your mobile, or make a cable connection to the screen, which should be in the front area.

Once the camera is installed, it is only necessary to turn it on and, when there is a transmission signal in reverse gear, it is recommended to follow the guide lines and carefully observe the screen. It is important to remember the use of rearview mirrors, as a support to increase safety.

Q2: Why doesn’t my reversing camera turn on automatically?

It is necessary to verify if the selected model turns on automatically, when applying the reverse on the vehicle, since the prototype may not be equipped with this function.

Now, if the model has this property, then it will be necessary to verify the connections between the camera and the car’s wiring, since this may be the place where the fault occurs. In addition, it is necessary that the instructions for the connection of the corresponding cables are carefully followed. 

Q3: How to install a reversing camera?

This process usually varies depending on the model and type of camera. Some alternatives have a simple and fast system, as well as all the elements and a user manual, which helps to complete it in a short time. One of the installations that causes the most problems for users is the one that involves the connection of cables, so it is the one that we will explain below.

First of all, it is necessary to remove the camera from the box along with all its components and locate and identify the power cables. To continue, the positive connection line of the camera must be found, (depending on the brand, the color may change), and this cable must be connected with the positive reversing line. In the case of the AG cable, it must be linked in place of the ACC. Finally, the negative ground connection needs to be connected to the negative cable of the car. 

To continue, it will be necessary to place the camera in the selected place in the car. This camera must be linked to the power lines. The next thing will be to turn on the vehicle and verify the angle that best favors the driver. Once found, then the definitive fixation of the device must be made. 

Q4: Where is the best place to put a reversing camera?

This will depend on each user and the type of car available. According to general recommendations, the best place to place one of these devices is on the license plate of the vehicle, since it is a midpoint that provides adequate visibility. However, before fixing the equipment, it is recommended to verify that there is adequate observation on all sides.

Q5: How to connect the reversing camera?

This depends on the camera model. Therefore, the type of video connector must be determined. To make the connection, you need to have a video cable and a power cable. In the case of the former, it can be connected from the radio and, depending on the power supply system, it can also be removed from the radio or from the vehicle’s reverse light.

On the back of the radio, you can find several cables, including one called a camera, which is the one to which the device must be connected. In the case of the signal cable, it is loose and may be identified by the word “reverse”. 

Q6: Which is better, a wired or wireless reversing camera?

Many people prefer wireless models, because they have a simpler installation, but there are those who opt for wired reversing cameras, because the signal receptivity is permanent, constant and stable, since, in wireless ones, this could depend of the distance, as well as the quality of the WiFi receiver. 

Q7: Is it necessary to homologate the reversing camera in ITV?

The technical inspection of vehicles is exhaustive. That said, the homologation will depend on the rear camera model and the installation, that is, on whether or not there have been modifications to the original parts of the vehicle. So, in some cases, it is necessary to do so.

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