The 9 Best Winches of 2022

Winch – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The winch is a mechanical or electrical tool, used to lift and move heavy objects, by means of a metal cable wound on a rotating reel, arranged in the structure of said device. It is a very popular equipment in the world of mechanics and construction. For example, with the Ribimex 1101 winch you can quickly and safely lift a motorcycle or any component of a car, as long as it does not weigh more than 540 kilograms. For its part, a winch provided with a high-end motor and remote controls is the Rhino Winch Co 20000, whose operation is simple and intuitive. 

The 9 Best Winches – Opinions 2022

The winch selection process could become a bit confusing, due to the wide variety of models on the market, so having a selection of positively evaluated products on the web would be convenient. Below, you will be able to know nine winches considered among the best of 2022.

hand winch

1. Ribimex 1101 manual operation winch

This product, belonging to the Ribimex catalogue, is considered the best winch. Stainless steel was used for its manufacture, which is a material with high resistance to corrosion and non-deformable. Likewise, this type of metal is characterized by being light and having a pleasant touch, which is flattering when maneuvering the structure.

It is important to mention that this manual winch incorporates a 10 meter long rope with a steel body, which is wound on the reel. For its part, the small side lever has a smooth turning mechanism and a mobile cover, designed to improve grip ergonomics.

Likewise, the device has a compact format and light weight of only 3.1 kilograms. In addition, it offers a maximum load of 540 kilograms, so its use is suitable for lifting different components of the car, which do not exceed this weight.

Rated as the best winch of the moment, this model stands out, whose advantages and disadvantages we comment on immediately.


Load: The stainless steel used for the structure offers a load of up to 540 kilograms.

Storage: The structure has a compact format, so it can be stored in any space when not in use.

Lever: Its lever offers a comfortable grip, thanks to the integrated mobile cover.

Cable: You will not have to make extra investments acquiring the metallic cable, since it is attached with the purchase.


No brake: Care must be taken while releasing the load, since the winch does not incorporate a brake.

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2. Fervi 0070/C Manual Argano with Cable

This Fervi manual winch is one of the cheapest, and it is considered as a tool aimed at those who are looking for a compact body structure, light weight and with a maximum load capacity corresponding to 500 kilograms.

These features have managed to capture the attention of buyers, because the winch not only allows lifting and moving heavy loads, but it is also a device that is easy to handle and place anywhere.

On the other hand, we have the durability of the equipment, which is due to the high quality of the raw material used for its construction. It is stainless steel, a robust and non-deformable material incorporated into the structure, lever, rope and grappling hook. Additionally, a movable plastic cover is attached to the grip area, for greater ergonomics when holding said piece to rotate the shaft.

Learn the details of a hook and cable winch that you can start using from day one.


Use: Being a winch for manual use, you can control the lifting of objects, as you wish.

Cable: Thanks to the 4.5 millimeter thickness of the cable, you won’t have to worry about it breaking while holding the load.

Structure: Its completely stainless steel structure is resistant to corrosion and non-deformable due to the action of weight.

Lever: You will enjoy an ergonomic grip when turning the lever, since it has a plastic coating.


Shaft: The built-in shaft could be a little loose, so there may be some instability in the rotation.

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electric winch

3. Rhino Electric Winch Wireless System

With this loading system it is possible to mobilize 7,940 kilograms in an automated manner, since it incorporates a pair of remote controls that are intuitive to use. Thus, by simply pressing a button, it is possible to wind or unwind the 26-meter-long, 9.5-millimeter-thick metal cable. 

It is an electric winch controlled by an easy-to-handle mechanism, which improves the user experience. For all these characteristics, this equipment has been commented among the best winches of 2022.

In addition, we must highlight the 5.1 kilowatt power motor, whose copper winding helps the correct diffusion of heat, allowing it to extend its useful life. Similarly, there is the brake with automatic action, integrated with the purpose of stopping the cable at any time, without causing damage to the load due to pulls.

Rhino Winch Co is recognized as the best brand of winches and this model could certify it. Here, its main details.


Brake: Thanks to the automatic brake it is possible to block the descent of the cable without pulling that could damage the load.

Unroll: You will enjoy a fast descent, due to the unrolling of 6.8 meters for each minute of work.

Remote controls: A couple of remote controls are attached that improve the experience of using the device.

Cover: With the purchase a cover is included to keep the winch protected.


Cable: Some people comment that the cable can be very long for some tasks.

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4. Ridgeyard Electric Hoist with Control For Shops

If you are looking for an electric winch capable of lifting objects between 250 and 125 kilograms, you will be interested to know that this weight range is precisely the load levels supported by this equipment. This is because the structure has been provided with a mid-high range motor, whose working power corresponds to 550 watts. Likewise, it incorporates a cable with a maximum length of 12 meters, made of stainless steel four millimeters thick.

The design of this winch is intended to be placed on a beam that is not very high, so it attaches a total of four stainless steel screws, for the secure fixing of the device. 

In addition, in the purchase package the person will be able to find a metal hook with a robust body, used to support the load. Likewise, there is the remote control, which allows the rapid collection of the rope.

This is a winch that will help you relieve back pain caused by carrying some heavy objects. Next, its pros and cons. 


Assembly: Thanks to the built-in screws, you can fix the winch on any beam.

Motor: The 550-watt motor power is adequate to move 125 to 250 kilograms.

Hook: You won’t have to worry about the hook breaking unexpectedly, because it was made of stainless steel

Handling: It is a structure no larger than 12 kilograms, which can be handled without complication.


Controller Radius: The controller range level might seem short to some people.

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4×4 winch

5. WinchPro Synthetic Dyneema Rope Electric Winch

This model could be the answer to the question of which is the best winch, since it has a magnet motor with a power of 1.5 kilowatts, whose power is made from a 12-watt alternating current source. In this way, the equipment not only provides a good level of traction when moving the load, due to the work force, but also has low energy consumption after its start-up.

In addition, this 4×4 winch has a design whose electrical parts have been treated with IP67 protection against submersion and dust, providing greater durability against deterioration. 

Similarly, its compact and lightweight format allows quick handling from one place to another, while its operation is considered safe and intuitive. This is because, once the load is attached, all that remains is to press one of the buttons on the selected remote control to start winding the cable.

If you have not yet defined which winch to buy, you should review the advantages and disadvantages of this electric model.


Safety: As a safety measure, the winch has an automatic brake, in case of power cuts.

Weight: You can easily handle this tool thanks to its low weight, which does not exceed 11.5 kilograms.

IP67 protection: The equipment has been treated against dust and humidity, and can be submerged to one meter without deteriorating.

Remote controls: You will have a couple of controls to always have practical operation.


Instruction manual: The instructions may seem a bit confusing, so it is necessary to study them carefully.

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12v winch

6. Vevor Electric Rope Winch Controlled Electric Hoists

Those looking for a 12v winch could get a good purchase option in this Vevor model, because it is an equipment built with resistant and non-deformable materials, which safely withstand high loads.

The equipment has a metal casing in which a motor with a power of 4.85 kilowatts is housed. This structure has been treated against corrosion and the impact caused by ultraviolet rays, so it is a device that can be used outdoors without fear of external agents damaging it.

On the other hand, there is the 27-meter-long stainless steel rope provided with a robust hook that, together, support a maximum weight of 6,123 kilograms, suitable for towing cars or moving their components. In addition, it is important to comment on the automatic brake system, with which it is possible to avoid a spectacular fall of the load.

Learn the positives and negatives of this winch designed to move heavy loads efficiently.


Cable: Its stainless steel cable offers a high level of resistance to support heavy loads of 6123 kilograms.

Remote control: You will be able to control the winding of the cable remotely, which is safe for the person.

Screws: The necessary screws are included to assemble the winch.

Structure: The structure was treated against corrosion and the impact of ultraviolet rays, for greater durability.


Assembly: The assembly of the equipment could be a bit messy for some people.

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forestry winch

7. 550kg manual winch with strap Hoist Wire rope winch

There are many users who agree when commenting on this model as the best value for money winch. The reason is that in addition to being affordable, it is made of robust, non-deformable and corrosion-resistant metal. In addition, it is a structure that is easy to transport and store, thanks to its compact format of 16.5 x 13 x 21.49 centimeters and light weight of only 2.8 kilograms.

Also, this forestry winch has been provided with a strap seven meters long and five centimeters wide, made of high quality nylon and capable of supporting a maximum load of 550 kilograms. 

In this way, it is possible to use the device to mobilize or simply lift some components of a car, small machinery, garden equipment, as well as tow boats, among other objects that do not exceed the stipulated weight. On the other hand, we have the lateral lever covered with soft-touch plastic, to offer an ergonomic grip.

Among the cheapest winches, this manual type model has managed to stand out, used to move small loads. Next, its pros and cons.


Non-corrosive: You should not worry about deterioration caused by moisture, because the metal used for its manufacture resists corrosion.

Versatility: This is a suitable device to move and support small machinery, car components, among others.

Lever: The lever grip area offers great ergonomics, due to its synthetic cover.

Strap: You will be able to move loads of 550 kilograms, thanks to its robust and resistant nylon strap.


Speed: Because it is a manual device, you will have a single operating speed.

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Winch Warn

8. Warn Axon Powersport Synthetic Rope Winch

When dragging a bicycle or objects with a moderate weight, you can rely on the efficient operation of this Warn winch, whose structure is resistant and durable, thanks to the fact that it has been provided with an IP68 waterproof treatment, ideal to protect the motor and the components. components inside the casing. For its part, the exterior has a black powder coating, which prevents the appearance of corrosion on the metal.

This model has a gray falcon cable and a black synthetic type rope, adjustable to a hook with a robust body to hold the load securely. Likewise, there is the brake system with mechanical activation that allows stopping the descent of the cable without pulling. In addition, it is worth mentioning the easy assembly, intuitive operation and high level of performance of this winch, whether for tasks at home or outdoors.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of a waterproof and corrosion resistant winch, which offers a safe load, thanks to its high quality materials.


Brake: Its mechanical type brake allows quick control of the load.

Finish: The structure has a black powder coating to prevent metal corrosion.

Waterproof: The winch has an IP68 treatment, which protects the electrical part from water.

Rope: A high-strength synthetic rope is incorporated to mobilize bicycles or other objects.


Format: This equipment could seem more robust for those who want to carry it in the car as part of their tools.

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220v electric winch

9. Paneltech Electric Winch Hoist Winche

Paneltech presents this 220v electric winch, equipped with a 1450-watt motor and a cable with a carbon steel braided body that, together, provide a rapid lifting of objects weighing no more than 800 kilograms. In this sense, the device is suitable for holding and holding transmissions, some car components, electrical wire, medium-sized tools, among other elements.

In addition, this winch has a lifting capacity of between 6 and 12 meters and intuitive operation, carried out by means of a practical wired control from which the equipment can be turned on, turned off and the brake system activated. This, in case an emergency stop is needed.

Also, it should be noted that the winch casing is made of type A3 steel, which is a very strong, non-deformable and durable metal, whose surface has been provided with IP40 waterproof protection.

This is a winch commented positively on the web. However, it is worth checking its advantages and disadvantages.


Remote control: Through the remote control you can control the brake, on and off of the device.

Brake: An emergency stop is possible, due to the automatic brake system.

Load: You can lift a load of up to 800 kilograms, thanks to the strength of the integrated steel cable.

Screws: The purchase package includes the necessary screws to fix the equipment on a beam.


Instruction manual: The incorporation of a manual with instructions in Spanish is missing.

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Shopping guide

Winches are tools designed to hold and move heavy objects, making it easier for people to perform such tasks manually. Thus, it is possible to avoid injuries due to lifting elements that exceed the strength limits of the body. Therefore, having this type of equipment at hand is a good option. Next, we present a guide to buying the best winch, which details the main quality indicators to take into consideration.

Operating mode

When reviewing a comparison of winches, the method of operation of the equipment is a characteristic that is usually evaluated frequently, because the practicality and safety in handling the device while performing a task will depend on it.

In view of this, the important thing is that the winch offers intuitive operation, that is, if it is an electric model, it must integrate the on and off button in a visible and easily accessible area. 

In addition, it is convenient to incorporate a remote control, either wireless or wired, whose control panel is duly identified and allows not only to start or stop the equipment, but also to control the brake system, in the event of a stop. of emergency.

On the other hand, manual type winches must have a lever with a controlled turn, which allows the rope arranged on the reel to be lowered or raised gradually, according to the force applied by the person through the lever. In addition, this last mentioned piece will have to have an ergonomic format, so that it can provide a comfortable grip in any type of hand.

Format and materials

The design of the winch can vary depending on the format of the structure and its manufacture, which will directly influence the handling and durability of the equipment. Similarly, these characteristics will determine how much the device costs. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully study these aspects before deciding on a specific model.

Regarding the width, length, height of the winch, it is recommended that it be of compact dimensions, not exceeding 70 centimeters, so that the structure can be easily placed in any space, either to be assembled or stored.. For its part, the weight of the equipment may vary from 1 to 60 kilograms or more. Everything will depend on the robustness of the manufacturing material used.

Now, about the raw material, we have that stainless steel and aluminum are the two favorite metals of the brands responsible for the construction of winches. This is because they are resistant to abrasion caused by impacts and constant handling. Of course, it is important to keep in mind that steel is characterized by having greater hardness and weight in relation to aluminum, which is a lighter alloy.


There are many winches that have been provided by accessories, since in this way the manufacturers provide users with a better user experience when mounting, handling and storing the device. In addition, through these elements it is possible to save money and time, because it will not be necessary to purchase them separately via the web or by going to a physical store.

Among the objects usually attached is the necessary hardware to fix the winch on the floor beam or rail. This is a set of four or more stainless steel screws. Also, there are the remote controls, which are usually considered as functional accessories, because they can be used when it is convenient, since the electric winches have control buttons on the housing. Finally, there is the storage cover, whose purpose is to keep the equipment and its components safe while not in use.

rope or strap

When purchasing a winch, it is important to take into consideration the quality of the rope or strap integrated into the reel, since it will be useless to carry an inexpensive device with you if these components are flimsy and deteriorate quickly.

There are models provided with stainless steel or carbon strings, which are highly resistant materials capable of withstanding large loads without breaking. Likewise, there are ropes or straps made of robust nylon synthetic fabric, whose holding capacity is less. In addition, it is necessary to verify the length of the rope and the exact weight that it is capable of lifting or pulling, since these aspects tend to vary.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How does a manual winch work?

Manual winches are metallic pieces of compact format, which incorporate a roller, in which there is a steel or synthetic rope. In addition, the equipment has a side lever, used to rotate the cylinder.

To start the operation of the manual winch, the person will need to fix the device on a beam or a rail on the ground, depending on the use that is going to be given to it. Then, you must take the hook at the end of the rope and place it in the object’s holding area. In this way, it only remains to start turning the lever so that the rope is collected and, thus, lift the load to a certain height and move it.

Q2: How to make a homemade winch?

To make a homemade winch, you must start with the realization of the reel, for which you will need a tube with a length of approximately 15 centimeters. Next, take a couple of metal disks and weld one to each end of the tube.

It will be necessary to use the welder again to fix on one of the sides of the reel a reduction shaft, belonging to a blind motor, whose purpose is to act as a brake, preventing the cable from unwinding on its own.

The third step is to weld the starter motor to the structure, but it must be adjusted so that it turns to both sides. In this sense, the negative cable of the motor must be isolated and only the positive cable must be active.

To continue with the construction of the winch, it is necessary to fix a metal plate under the newly built structure, and then wind the cable on the reel and fix a metal hook on the remaining end.

Q3: How to assemble a hydraulic winch?

To mount a hydraulic winch it is necessary to have a special kit on hand, made up of valves, connectors, a control box, some plugs and, depending on the model, a couple of remote controls could be incorporated.

The first thing to do is to connect the hydraulic control with the winch through the regulation valve, arranged in the lateral area. Afterwards, the pair of front outlets must be connected to the engine hoses, while, in the rear outlet, it is necessary to place a “T”, to join the return hose to it.

In addition, it is important to read the instruction manual of the winch, to clarify any doubts and, in this way, avoid inconveniences during the development of the task.

Q4: Where can I use a winch?

The winch is a very versatile tool, since it can be used to lift or move heavy objects: engines, garden equipment, electrical wires, motorcycles, cars, small boats, among others. Therefore, it can be used indoors or outdoors.

Depending on the model of the winch, the person will be able to place the structure on a beam and thus use the device to lift the load from the ground to a certain height. Similarly, there is the option of using the winch at ground level, mounted on rails, for the purpose of moving or towing a bicycle, for example.

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