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Breathalyzer – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

When it comes to measuring your blood alcohol level, you have two options: let the police do it, with the consequences that this has if you’re too drunk, or do it yourself, with a high-quality and accurate breathalyzer. A product like the Drivaid LCD breathalyzer, which offers us precise measurements and also includes an alarm if you exceed 0.25 milligrams of alcohol per liter of air, the current legal limit. Another interesting model is the Innomark Gamma, with which efficient measurements are available in a few seconds and with a high level of precision, easy to see on its digital screen.

The best breathalyzers on the market

Driving after having a couple of drinks is a considerable risk. Not only because of the fine, but also because this can be the cause of accidents. Something that we can avoid if we find the best breathalyzer according to our needs and budget. The good news is that, as you can see in our selection of the best breathalyzers of 2022, there are both cheap models and slightly higher priced models, but always with adequate quality and reliability. Let us know what options we have when choosing.

approved breathalyzer

Drivaid LCD

When we look for the best breathalyzer of the moment, it is necessary that this product gives us security. A task in which the Drivaid LCD model deserves our trust.

We are talking about an approved breathalyzer with a good-sized LCD screen, despite its compact design, so that we can take it with us and know our alcohol level easily. All this does not affect its professional nature, which adds more precision and safety to the measurements, provided they are done in accordance with what the product instructions indicate.

In any case, the process is as easy as placing the mouthpiece, blowing for a few seconds and seeing the measurement in the unit you want. In addition, it has an audible indicator in case of a positive, above 0.25 milligrams per liter of air, so that there are no doubts as to whether or not we are drunk or not when driving.

Let’s see the full features of this model, ranked as the best current breathalyzer by many users.


Process: We only have to press the button and blow to obtain the measure of alcohol in air at the moment.

Screen: The backlit LCD screen makes it easy to see the results of the process in any circumstance.

Alarm : The model includes an alarm, which is activated in case of exceeding 0.25 milligrams of alcohol in the blood.

Units : Shows the results in different units like BAC or milligrams per liter.

Nozzles : It is accompanied by 24 nozzles, and can also use universal nozzles of your size.


Times: It is necessary to wait 3 minutes between test and test, as well as 20 minutes from when we had the last drink.

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Kollea ACT618

The approved Kollea ACT618 breathalyser is a very easy-to-use tool with which high-precision measurements are available in a few seconds. Thanks to its high-quality measurement driver, you hardly have to wait for the result, which is displayed on its large, backlit display. 

Best of all, this lighting already tells you, after the measurement, what the blood alcohol level is. If it exceeds the generally accepted legal limits, the screen turns red and an audible alarm is activated, so you have no doubts that you have overdone the drinks. 

The product is finished off with details such as its 20 memories, where to store the measurement data, or the 15 nozzles that are accompanied to carry out the tests. All this without forgetting the velvet bag, where to store the breathalyzer when you do not use it comfortably.

Circulate safely thanks to this quality breathalyzer with high precision in its measurements.


Cleaning system: This system removes impurities from the air, for better results.

Memories: The device has 20 memories, in which to store previous measurements.

Alarm : In case of exceeding the legal limits, an audible alarm is activated and the screen turns red.

Accessories: The breathalyzer is accompanied by 15 mouthpieces and a velvet carrying bag.


Finishes: The finish of the product can be improved, although it is not something that affects its efficiency or its measurements.

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digital breathalyzer

Innomark Gamma 

If you are one of those who do not settle for little, then the Innomark Gamma digital breathalyzer is very interesting. This product offers you a system based on a high quality electrochemical sensor, with which to obtain measurements with a precision of just 0.05 ‰ accuracy. Some results that practically equal those of police breathalyzers.  

In addition, the results are conveniently presented on its large digital screen, equipped with an acoustic and visual alarm that is activated when the concentration exceeds legal levels. The device is topped with tight dimensions, about 114 millimeters high by 49 wide and 18 deep, completed with a weight of about 82 grams. 

Ideal for carrying it in the glove compartment of your car, without taking up space. By the way, if you are worried about batteries, this product is charged via USB cable.

Forget about the risks of drinking at the wheel thanks to the high quality of this interesting Innomark model.


Quality : The high quality of this device is similar to that of a professional or police breathalyzer.

Sensor : This sensor improves the measurement results and increases their accuracy up to 0.05‰.

Charging : The battery of the device is charged via USB cable, so you don’t have to worry about the batteries.


Breaks : If used for continuous testing without rest, slight variations in results may occur.

Warm -up: The device needs a warm-up time ranging from 15 to 30 seconds.

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Luwu Store LUWU17HD0151

As surprising as it is, among the cheapest models in our selection we find the Luwu Store LUWU17HD0151 digital breathalyzer. An extremely small model but with adequate measurement parameters, so much so as to be the best price-quality breathalyzer that we have seen in our selection.

This model does not need nozzles, which is already a saving and one less problem when taking measurements. In exchange, it has a simple activation system, as well as adjusted waiting times when it comes to heating up or taking measurements.  

All this in a product powered by two simple AA batteries and that gives a performance similar to that of other larger and more expensive models.

If you are not sure which is the best current breathalyzer but you are looking for a compact and economical model, this is a good option.


No nozzles: This model does not require nozzles to use, saving you money and hassle.

Compact: It is one of the smallest and lightest models we have seen.

Precision : The level of precision is considerable, taking into account its price and measurements.


Screen: Due to its size, it does not have a particularly large screen, although it does not look bad either.

Alarms : The alarm levels are activated at 0.2 milligrams per liter, somewhat lower than other models.

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Reliable Breathalyzer

Ace X 

The Ace X model is everything you need to enjoy high quality and precision measurements, similar to those offered by police devices. In particular, this reliable breathalyzer reaches an accuracy of 99.1%, so you do not have to worry about the accuracy of the measured values. 

Something that its calibration system helps, which generates a maximum deviation of only 0.05 grams per liter of expired air. The data is conveniently displayed on its large screen, where you can also navigate between the 100 memories that the device incorporates. Perfect to save previous measurements and take a look at them whenever you want. 

To top it off, the product barely needs 10 seconds of heating to perform the measurement, so you don’t have to wait long to get the data you need.

Enjoy the same level of security that high-level breathalyzers have with everything that this model offers you.


Precision : With this device you will have almost the same precision as police breathalyzers.

Memories : The device is capable of storing the last 100 measurements made, with date and time.

Visualization : The visualization system makes it easier to see clearly the details of the measurements made.


Calibration : Although it depends on the use, it is necessary to calibrate the product every year. Luckily, an alarm is included to remind you.

Wait : As it happens, it is necessary to wait a bit between measurements, in order to avoid inadequate results.

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Drivaid Professional

To drive safely after having a few drinks, it does not hurt to have a reliable and quality breathalyzer. Among these products, we find this Drivaid model, with which to have fast readings and in a short time. These readings offer an adequate level of precision, so the results can be trusted. 

They are conveniently displayed on its backlit digital screen, so that at night it is not a problem when it comes to measuring your alcohol levels. In fact, if the measured value exceeds the established limits, this screen lights up red. Thanks to its versatility, it is easy to choose the unit that best suits you when making the measurement. 

On the other hand, the device is powered by conventional batteries, offering adequate battery life and the possibility of carrying out numerous tests before you change them.

Keep your alcohol levels in check with this quality meter and equipped with a simple measurement system.


Precision : The product offers you an adequate level of precision, so that you do not have problems with your measurements.

Alarm : The device’s screen lights up red if it tests positive.

Nozzles : The product is accompanied by 20 measuring nozzles, small in size and easy to carry.


Wait : It is necessary to wait 3 minutes between tests, so that the product restarts properly.

Memory : This model lacks memories, so you will not be able to store the readings you make.

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Other products

Dräger Alcotest 3820

The Dräger Alcotest 3820 breathalyzer is a professional cut model and would even be suitable for use by the police, thanks to its approval and its level of demand.

A model that generates fast measurements without more than changing the nozzle, with the necessary resistance to withstand intensive use. In fact, the product is capable of performing up to 1,500 tests on a single battery charge. Regarding the readings, they are reflected directly on its large backlit screen.

A model that does not require complex learning either, since it is enough to press a simple button to start the test and obtain the results. Without forgetting that the screen can be configured in Spanish, for a more intuitive use. It comes with a storage cover to protect the product when not in use.

If what you need is a professional breathalyzer, this product is just what you need.


Precision: A product of high precision and considerable quality, when it comes to measuring alcohol levels.

Easy to use: It has simple operation, with a single button for all operations.

Professional : There is no waiting, it has a high precision and a charge lasts up to 1,500 measurements.


Price: As a high-level product, it has a higher cost than the rest of the models that we have analyzed.

Caped : Some users have received “caped” versions, in which the language or the unit of measurement cannot be changed.

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ACE+ DA-7100

The ACE+ DA-7100 model is another interesting product for those looking for professional breathalyzers. Specifically, this model has a high-quality electrochemical sensor, as well as a simple measurement system, with a high level of precision.

However, the measurement process is as easy as pressing a button and starting to blow into the side nozzle. Mouthpieces that are universal in nature, so this is not a problem either in terms of increasing the operating costs of the device. In any case, the breathalyzer is accompanied by 10 mouthpieces, to start measuring immediately. When the process is finished, the results are obtained directly on the screen, which is also backlit, for greater clarity in viewing.

The breathalyzer is accompanied by a protective cover, so you can take the breathalyzer with you wherever you want without complications.

Measuring breathalyzers like a professional is easy with this ACE+ model, which we discuss below.


Screen: The large screen makes it easier to see everything clearly when measuring breathalyzers.

Simple use: Just press a button to start the measurement process and obtain the corresponding reading.

Cover : It is accompanied by a matching cover, to avoid the deterioration of the racking that you give to the product.


Calibrated : The product needs to be calibrated every 500 readings, which is not exactly cheap.

Instructions: The product instructions are brief and also not very clear, according to users.

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Guide to buying breathalyzers

Although we have not yet reached the level of France, where it is mandatory to carry a breathalyzer in the car, the truth is that carrying one of these devices in our vehicle is not a bad idea. Not only because of the fine, which depends on whether we find controls or not, but because a high level of alcohol at the wheel is a serious risk of an accident. Something that you can avoid if you follow the advice in our guide to buying the best breathalyzer and get one of these devices.

Shopping guide

Professional or “domestic”

The first question that always arises when buying a breathalyzer is whether to opt for a professional model or a home one. There are many comments that indicate the “reduced precision” of these second models, although the truth is that in our market analysis we have found viable options at reasonable prices.

Anyway, the answer depends on our use and specific need. If what we need is to measure our blood alcohol level in a timely manner after a night of drinking, any model will surely serve us, even a disposable one. But if these measurements must be made very frequently and require high precision, then the idea of ​​getting a higher quality model seems viable.

An issue that is also influenced by cost, since professional models rarely go below 100 euros, while we can find simple breathalyzers from approximately 15 or 20 euros.

Homologation and precision

In line with what we have stated above, there are two elements that can be useful when reviewing any comparison of breathalyzers that we have at hand. We talk about the homologation and the precision of the device. Starting with the homologation, this certifies us that the product has gone through a verification process, which adds an extra quality to the device. However, there is always the question of whether the homologation is real or simply an invention of the manufacturer.

Where there is less deception, although there is also it, is in the precision. This precision indicates the margin of error that the device has in each measurement. The smaller this margin of error, the greater the accuracy of the device. So it is convenient to look for products with reduced margins that are not greater than 0.02 milligrams per liter or 5% of the measurement. Higher levels can end up being a source of problems when interpreting the results.


The process of measuring alcohol in blood requires energy. An energy that, depending on whether we are talking about a cheap breathalyzer or a somewhat more expensive model, will have a different origin.

In the case of cheap breathalyzers, it is common for that energy to come from two or three AAA batteries, which we will have to change as they run out. The other, somewhat more advanced, option is for the breathalyzer to have a USB-type battery, which requires only one such cable to charge it.

In both cases, it is essential that we always have a clear idea of ​​the battery level that the device has left, which is usually shown on the screen. Especially if we take into account that most breathalyzers on the market have a bad habit of losing accuracy as they run out of battery.


As a last aspect, it is essential to talk about the maintenance of the product we have chosen. An aspect that we must consider in all cases, but especially if we plan to use the product intensively.

This leads us to evaluate the nozzles used by the product. The ideal would be to use a nozzle in each test and discard it, but if it is for domestic use, the truth is that we can wash them with soap and water and discard them only when they are very damaged. However, be sure to check if the product can use universal nozzles, as well as their price.

The other maintenance cost has to do with calibration. A process that is usually quite expensive and that must be executed every certain number of measurements. In the case of cheaper models, it is usually cheaper to buy a new device than to send it to be calibrated, but if we have opted for an expensive model, it is something that we must consider, regarding how much it costs to update that breathalyzer.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to calibrate breathalyzer?

The calibration process of a breathalyzer is carried out in a specialized laboratory, in which the device is connected to a system that generates air samples with a certain level of alcohol in them. During this calibration process, it is verified that the breathalyzer is capable of accurately measuring the given samples. If the calibration process is positive, the product can be returned to service, while if it is not, it will need to be repaired by a specialized professional.

Q2: How to make homemade breathalyzer?

To make this homemade breathalyzer, we will use an MQ sensor, the one used to measure the level of alcohol in blood, together with a circuit board with 10 sockets for LEDs and the rest of the corresponding circuitry elements, as well as the corresponding LEDs that will measure the blood level and they will inform us more clearly. All this without forgetting the source, as well as the corresponding power supply. All these elements must be connected correctly to execute the aforementioned blood alcohol measurements. In any case, there are more detailed processes of this assembly on the net.

Q3: Which is better, a breathalyzer or breathalyzer?

Although technically the same, there are differences between a breathalyzer and a breathalyser. Generally, the breathalyzer is a portable device that we can take anywhere and use it comfortably to measure the breathalyzer. On the other hand, the breathalyzer is usually fixed, mounted on a police van, is much more expensive and, at least, much more accurate than the breathalyzer. In addition, the breathalyzer usually includes memory and a printer, to give legal character to the tests carried out. That yes, it is obvious that except for the police forces, nobody will buy one of these models given the high price and the “little operational” for specific measurements.

Q4: How is an approved breathalyzer different?

As with other products, the approved breathalyzer is one that has gone through a laboratory procedure in which the product has been tested with samples whose concentration is already known. In the event that the breathalyzer is capable of accurately measuring such samples, it receives the corresponding homologation, which ultimately assures us that we have a product whose measurements are precise or, at least, correct.

Q5: Is it mandatory to have a breathalyzer in the car?

In Spain it is not yet mandatory to carry one of these devices in the car. But if you drive through France, you must carry a disposable breathalyzer in your vehicle, just as you wear the reflective vest. A measure that comes and goes in the neighboring country and that the DGT has been studying for years for Spain, although without making a decision on the matter. Anyway, the arrival of vehicles with built-in breathalyzers seems to be close, so you don’t have to think too much about it anyway.

Q6: Is it safe to use a throwaway breathalyzer?

Like everything, it depends on the manufacturing quality of the device. However, throwaway products do not contain electronics, but instead contain a chemical compound that reacts to alcohol in the air, in an approach similar to the drug tests we see on customs TV shows. In any case, it is advisable to verify if the product is approved and has a reduced margin of error, since these two elements are evidence of a more efficient system when it comes to measuring our alcohol level.

Q7: How to make a breathalyzer with arduino?

The process of making a breathalyzer with arduino is quite simple, since it follows the same process as the creation of other similar devices. In this case, the secret is in the sensor, which must be able to read these concentrations of alcohol in the air. The rest of the scheme does not require more than a battery, which powers the device, as well as an LCD screen, in which to see the results of the measurements that we carry out.

Q8: How do you read a BAC breathalyzer?

In truth, the BAC breathalyzer is no different than any other that we have at our fingertips. The difference lies in the measurement. BAC stands for Breath Alcohol Content or breath alcohol content, once translated. In practice, this measure is equivalent to the milligrams per liter that we have as a reference in Spain, with the exception that the BAC uses the liter of air as a base. So, a concentration of 0.05% BAC would be equivalent to 0.05 milligrams of alcohol per liter. In any case, almost all breathalyzers allow you to switch between units, so as not to get involved.

How to use a breathalyzer

Surely if you travel at night through areas with nightclubs and other entertainment venues, you will have already passed the occasional breathalyzer test. But if this has not been your case or you simply want to know how to use a breathalyzer, we give you a small guide on how to proceed and travel more safely when you drink a little, as long as you have one in the glove compartment.

Initializing the product

Practically all the breathalyzers that we have on the market need a short warm-up time, so that the measuring system reaches the necessary temperature to carry out said measurement. Depending on the model, this time usually ranges from about 5 to about 30 seconds. Once ready to start, the product will let us know directly on its screen and, depending on its approach, with an audible warning.


Since it is an air measurement process, it will be necessary to blow through the breathalyzer’s mouthpiece or air intake. It is important to maintain the airflow for as long as the device requires, which is usually 5 to 10 seconds. In general, the breathalyzer will notify us with a beep or alarm when it is no longer necessary to blow more. Some models keep a continuous beep while we blow, as proof that we are doing it correctly.

reading the result

While you catch your breath, it’s time to wait for the result to appear on the screen. Once the process is complete, you may get an alert if that measurement is above the level determined by the manufacturer or by ourselves, depending on the model. In any case, the alcohol level will be shown on the screen in the unit that we have chosen in a clear and visible way.

Interpreting the result

Leaving aside the alarms, with the result already seen, it is time to decide if we are in a position to drive or not. In general, the maximum limit of alcohol in the air in Spain is 0.25 milligrams for all drivers, although with some exceptions. One of them is that of novice drivers, with less than two years of license, which reduces the limit to 0.15 milligrams per liter of air. This rate also applies to professional drivers. If your alcohol level is higher than indicated, you should not drive. Although our advice is that, behind the wheel, 0 alcohol is always the best.


As a final point, we take a look at product maintenance, which should focus on two main elements. One of them is the battery. If you have a product that works with conventional batteries, you should change them when you see that the energy level on the screen is reduced. If it is a battery model, you will only have to connect the product to any USB charger, to recover the lost energy. It is important to remember that these models can lose efficiency with low power.

Regarding the nozzles, the other important aspect, it should be remembered that they can be washed with soap and water, discarding them only when they are very damaged. What is important is that, if you plan to do several tests at the same time, use different mouthpieces, to avoid cross-contamination of the tests.

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El alcoholímetro de OMORC es otro modelo interesante para controlar nuestro nivel de alcoholemia en cualquier parte. Un alcoholímetro homologado por la FDA y la Unión Europea, contando con un margen de error de solo 0,01 Mg por litro de aire.

Perfecto pues para quienes quieren tener la tranquilidad de obtener resultados eficientes en cualquier parte. Una tarea que también es sencilla de ejecutar, para lo que basta con pulsar un botón y soplar unos segundos para obtener la medición correspondiente. Además, es un modelo de tamaño compacto y de un peso de apenas 64 gramos, así que podrás llevarlo contigo a donde quieras sin que sea una molestia.

Tampoco lo son las pilas AAA que incluye, con las que realizar hasta 200 mediciones sin que estas pierdan precisión. Como complemento, cuentas con 20 boquillas de reemplazo, para cuando sea necesario ir cambiándolas.

Para quien no sepa qué alcoholímetro comprar, resumimos a continuación todo lo que este modelo de Omorc tiene para ti.


Homologado: El producto dispone de homologación de la FDA y de la UE, para una mayor seguridad.

Precisión: Este dispositivo tiene una precisión de 0.01 miligramos por litro de aire en las mediciones.

Esperas: El producto está listo para medir en apenas 20 segundos y realiza la medición en

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