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Car GPS – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

The time of fighting with the maps and looking for the way has passed to history. Nowadays, we do not need more than a car GPS to know which way to go and even other important aspects of the route, such as gas stations and rest areas. The most modern models even give us real-time traffic information, so that we save time and hassle on the route. Models like the Garmin DriveSmart 61 Full EU, which includes the brand’s latest technology to guide us in the best way and keep us connected even with traffic, while controlling our mobile calls. If you prefer something simpler, the TomTom Start 52 modelIt offers you fluid navigation, a compact design and an adjusted price in a car GPS that is very easy to control and with all the technology you need.

The best car GPS on the market

Moving safely on your trips is becoming easier thanks to modern car GPS. These devices are our best co-pilot to reach our destination safely, although we have spent some time deciding which is the best car GPS that we can find. Luckily, we have thought of you and we offer you our selection of the best car GPS for 2022, in which we have all kinds of models, suitable for different vehicles and prices, including cheap GPS for those looking for this type of product and not They want to compromise on quality.


Garmin DriveSmart 61 Full EU

Among our candidates for the best car GPS of the moment we find the Garmin DriveSmart 61 Full EU model. A product with wide recognition among users, which has been able to adapt to the new times and add the latest technological functions.

On the outside, this Garmin GPS has a 6-inch screen and the usual quality of the brand’s interface, to make it easier to see everything more clearly on the road. Inside, its technology incorporates the new mobile connectivity, to access even more data about your route, so that now you have information about sharp curves, speed limit or even parking assistance and lane departure warning, if we include the camera Garmin BC30.

A comprehensive model that also guides you better, with clearer voice instructions than other models, also incorporating real-time traffic information.

Considered by many users as the best car GPS brand of the moment, let’s know some more details about this model.


Screen: The 6-inch screen and its careful interface make it easy to see everything much more clearly.

Alerts : Among its alerts, it includes information about radars, sharp curves or school zones, among others.

Connectivity : Its mobile connectivity adds live traffic data and a hands-free function, among others.

Camera compatibility: If you have a Garmin camera, you will have access to many additional features such as parking control or lane departure control.

Voice control: You can control a good part of the functions with your voice, for greater security.


Update process: The update process can be complex, according to some users.

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Garmin Drive 51 Full EU

For those who prefer quality but at a lower price, the Garmin Drive 51 Full EU LMT-S GPS is a good alternative, enough to compete for the throne of the best car GPS currently on sale. This model maintains many functions of its older brother, the DriveSmart 61, although it is among the cheapest in the range.

In part, due to its smaller screen, 5 inches diagonal, although with the usual display quality. It also maintains the intelligent functions that, through your mobile, allow you to know the dangers of your route or manage your calls. A very complete model with which to have at a glance all the necessary information about your trip, beyond the path you must follow.

It is also compatible with the rear camera function, as long as it is from Garmin, as well as with the brand’s real instructions system, which guides you in a clearer and more intuitive way.

If you are not sure which car GPS to buy, take a look at what this model offers you below.


Smart functions: The Smart functions add more data about your route in a comfortable and non-invasive way.

Maps : Includes Europe maps for 45 countries, with free updates forever.

Hands-free: Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to manage your calls directly from the GPS.

Recommendations : TripAdvisor recommendations are included in the information on points of interest, so you know where you should stop.


Battery: The battery life is just one hour, in case it is used without being plugged in.

Update : It is almost essential to update the device before using it to get the most out of it.

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TomTom GPS

TomTom Start 52

Tomtom is another of the usual manufacturers when looking for the best car GPS. And its TomTom Start 52 model is one of the best candidates. This entry-level GPS navigator has a 5-inch screen and a minimalist interface, to see everything more clearly. A simple model in which there is no lack of maps of all of Europe and the corresponding updates, to always have up-to-date information.

It also has an easy system for configuring routes, in which we can choose its parameters (tolls, by distance, by time, etc.) and assess between different alternative routes. The product includes the dashboard mount, which makes it easy to position the GPS in the way that suits us best, for a safer trip and a better view of the screen.

Get to know this model in detail with the results of our analysis, where we will see its most outstanding functions.


Maps : Includes maps for all of Europe, with free updates forever.

Lane indicator: The lane indicator tells you where to drive at all times, for greater safety on the road.

Alternative routes: In addition to choosing the route you prefer (without tolls, shorter, etc.), it also offers you different alternative routes to make your trip easier.


Speed ​​camera warning: The speed camera warning function is not free, but you must pay for it after a 3-month trial.

Smart features: Does not include smart features or traffic data, like other models.

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Tom Tom GO 620

If you prefer a high-end Tomtom GPS, you can take a look at the TomTom GO 620 model. A car GPS that includes WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, in order to get the most out of your mobile and offer you everything you need on your trips. Both to allow you to answer your calls or interact with Siri and the Google assistant, to give you greater security on your trip.

In the most traditional aspects, this TomTom GPS has a 6-inch diagonal and a quality screen, where you can see everything comfortably. It also includes traffic data and radars through Cloud technology, to reach your destination more safely. A technology that also serves to find the best route in real time, by assessing traffic conditions. All this without forgetting already common aspects of these models, such as the quality of their interface or the comfort of use that they offer us.

Enjoy safe driving with everything this model has ready to offer you during your trip.


Screen: The 6-inch screen simplifies the process of seeing everything clearly when driving.

Predictive system: The product has learning functions, which give you clearer guidance the more you drive.

Traffic information: GPS includes free traffic data and speed cameras, with updates forever.


Hands-free sound: Some user comments that the hands-free sound has some background noise.

Slow : Under certain circumstances, such as low network signal, the operation of the computer may slow down.

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GPS for trucks


When driving heavy vehicles, it is essential to resort to a GPS for trucks, such as the AWESAFE Nuvi model. This product includes several improvements for these users, such as a 7-inch screen, which allows them to see everything more clearly. The GPS can also be configured according to the type of vehicle, which adapts the route to the specific needs of these large vehicles.

On the other hand, the product does not lose any of the most modern functions, such as warnings of danger zones, speed limits or points of interest. It is finished off with details such as an integrated sun visor, which reduces glare during the route, or a complete system of programs that turn the GPS into a multimedia player, for when you want to stop along the way. As if that were not enough, it is one of the cheapest models in our selection, so it could well be the best value for money car GPS we have found.

Because truck drivers also have models designed for them, let’s see what this GPS offers us.


Size : It is one of the largest GPS on the market, with a 7-inch screen.

Calls: Since it includes Bluetooth, you can also use it as a hands-free for your mobile.

Multimedia functions: The GPS includes a multimedia player, to watch videos or play your favorite music.


Update: The update process can be more cumbersome than is desirable.

Battery : As usual in these products, the autonomy of the battery is low, so it is recommended to always have it plugged in.

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Garmin 780LMT

The Garmin 780 LMT Truck GPS is a good alternative for those who prefer a well-known brand truck GPS. This model has a 6.95-inch screen, also increasing the resolution, to make it easier to see all the details of the route from anywhere. We are talking about a specific GPS, with which to obtain routes and points of interest specially adjusted to the load and characteristics of the vehicle that we are driving, thus giving us extra security during those trips.

Apart from these particularities, the GPS includes what is usual in these devices, with functions such as voice control, points of interest specially designed for truck drivers or easy-to-manage menus. In this last option, we will have the possibility to create personalized routes, choose a destination or keep the maintenance record of the truck directly on the GPS, among other options.

Keep all your trips under control with this modern GPS from Garmin, which we review below.


Screen : The almost 7-inch screen improves its resolution, to see everything even more clearly.

Measurements : You can define the measurements and weight of the vehicle to obtain even more efficient routes.

Connectivity : By having Bluetooth, you can access your mobile and Garmin’s live services.


Route adjustment: Even with the adjustment options it has, we must always pay attention to the signs and indications of the road we are traveling on.

Updates: It is essential to keep the GPS up to date, to avoid problems with cut roads or outdated information.

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Radio with GPS for car


The KKXXX KX011 car radio with GPS is a good proposal for those who want to change their car radio for a more complete one, although without a GPS locator. This model has a 7-inch diagonal screen on which it is easy to see the GPS maps, but also answer your calls, view the rear view camera, if you have one, or enjoy your favorite content through the player media included.

A complete functionality that does not lack compatibility with the steering wheel control, which makes it safer to manage the device without having to touch it. As if that weren’t enough, it also includes WiFi, so updates and device management are even easier. Something that is helped by its compatibility with Android, so that it is easy to install those apps that you like the most.

Turn your old radio into a complete multimedia center with GPS with the functions offered by this model.


GPS : The GPS includes maps of Europe, as well as their updates, being very easy to use.

Connectivity : It has Bluetooth and WiFi, making it easier to update the device.

Entertainment : Includes apps to transform your screen into a complete multimedia center.


RAM : The radio includes only 1 GB of RAM, which is somewhat scarce for a product of these characteristics.

Camera : Although it is compatible with the use of a rear camera, it is not included in the product.

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Reakosound 7157G

The Reakosound 7157G model is another good idea for those looking for a complete and functional car radio with GPS. This model has the usual 7-inch screen, which facilitates its installation in all types of vehicles compatible with this size. On the navigation side, the model offers a clean interface, with indications such as the current speed or the limits of the road, among others. In addition, it includes an external antenna for greater efficiency.

On the other hand, the GPS also includes the usual multimedia functions in these models, with adequate compatibility in terms of video and audio formats. And of course, there’s also Bluetooth connectivity, steering wheel control connectivity and rear camera support, so you have everything you need in one device.

Enjoy clearer routes and a complete entertainment center with everything this device offers you.


Navigation : The navigation interface is very nice and has nothing to envy to that of well-known brands.

Control : You can control the unit from its keypad, from the steering wheel or even using the included remote control.

Compatibility : It has a high file compatibility, as far as its multimedia functions are concerned.


Call quality: The sound quality of calls is somewhat improvable, according to some users.

Installation : The installation is somewhat complex, and it is advisable to entrust it to a professional.

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Car GPS Accessories

Car GPS support

Zoore HUD

HUD systems are the latest in safe driving. With the Zoore HUD GPS car mount it will be easy for you to use your GPS or even your mobile to see it in this way.

To do this, this product offers you a clamp design, simple in its approach and extremely easy to use. In addition, it is compatible with devices up to 6.5 inches diagonal.

The product is mounted on the dashboard, above the speedometer area, remaining fixed and in a position where it will be easy for you to see it while driving, to give you greater safety. And if you want, you can also use it at home, on a table or any other flat surface.

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GPS antenna for car


As its name suggests, the SUMEX GPSFMAM car GPS antenna is a complete and comprehensive solution to unify all the antennas in your vehicle.

Specifically, this antenna is used to receive GPS signals on your navigator, but also to receive AM and FM signals for your radio. All this in a single device, with an elegant fin-shaped design that is easy to install on the roof of any vehicle.

In addition, thanks to the resistance and manufacturing quality of the rubber, it has a long useful life compared to other models of poorer quality.

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Guide to buy GPS for car

The GPS has today become an essential piece for our trips by car. Not only because it helps us reach our destination, but also because it gives us greater security on that route, by anticipating risks such as sharp curves, dangerous areas or traffic jams. However, a good part of these functions depend on the GPS model that we have chosen, since not all the models that we see in a car GPS comparison have the same capacity. For this reason, we are going to leave you with some ideas about what you should take into account so that finding an affordable and quality GPS is as easy as reaching your destination.

Shopping guide


The first point of interest in our guide to buying the best car GPS is the screen. After all, this is where we are going to see the data of our route and this is also the element that helps us to maintain control of the device. So a good size and quality screen is key when it comes to finding the perfect GPS.

Regarding the size, this ranges from 4.3 to 7 inches, in general terms. This first measure, 4.3 inches, is not entirely recommended since the device is small for a car, so it is best to bet on models of at least 5 inches. In addition, the difference in how much one model or another costs does not make it practical to reduce the size of said screen so much.

Regarding the largest ones, those of 5 and 6 inches are usually used for cars, offering a good combination of a screen with a size that is not excessively cumbersome. However, if you want to see everything big, you can also jump to 7 inches. Some models that are generally designed for trucks, although they are also used for passenger cars. By the way, car GPS radios also have this 7-inch measurement that we have mentioned, so it is easy to see everything big in them.

Driving services

The main objective of a GPS is to indicate the route to our destination. But there are many ways to do it and with many other elements that can help us on our way. We are talking about additional services to driving, a field in which manufacturers have worked in a remarkable way to offer us safer and more peaceful trips.

Among these services, perhaps the most prominent is live traffic. A function that requires a Bluetooth or WiFi connection on the GPS and a mobile phone with data to access the network. The advantage it offers us is knowing, at the moment, when a traffic jam occurs and obtaining an alternative route that saves us time.

We also have other informative services on the route, such as the presence of dangerous curves, school zones, speed limits or the presence of radars. Small aids with which to drive more safely. And in case you want to find restaurants, gas stations and other points of interest, there are many car GPS that already include this information, even integrated into the route itself. A host of extra features worth the extra cost for better travel.

other functions

Leaving driving aids aside, a car GPS also has other very interesting additional functions and features. As an example, in the case of models with Bluetooth, these can be used to answer our calls in hands-free mode or to play music. This function can also be useful to control the mobile with your voice, in the same way that it is possible to control some of the car GPS that we have on the market.

Another interesting feature is the multimedia player that some of these GPS for cars incorporate. This function allows us to take advantage of this screen to play video or audio, coming from the mobile or SD cards. It is a function that, for example, is always present in GPS car radios, which become an interesting multimedia center to give our trips a more fun touch.

Finally, we would have to talk about camera support. This feature allows us to view the rear of the vehicle, after installing a compatible camera, so that we can use the GPS screen to look behind our vehicle. Something that is of great help in maneuvers such as parking, for example.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: Is it essential to use an external car GPS antenna?

In principle, it is not essential, as long as the GPS is located in an area that is not too hidden inside the car, such as the dashboard or the windshield. But it is true that in certain larger vehicles or those with integrated GPS it may be necessary to have an external antenna. In any case, it will be the device itself with its behavior that tells us if it is really necessary to have that antenna or not.

Q2: Can a GPS be used for car and mountain?

Unless we use this GPS to move along mountain roads, opting for a car GPS for this use is not recommended. Mountain GPS have specific maps, which include roads, routes and trails, as well as other useful details in the middle of nature, where car GPS would get lost a few meters away from the road.

Q3: Can I use a car GPS for motorcycle?

The use of a car GPS on a motorcycle has no more problem than finding a support that we can mount properly and safely on the handlebar. It would also be convenient if this support allows us to achieve a suitable orientation to avoid glare. However, we must also be careful to protect the GPS with a cover or similar, to avoid the effects of moisture in case the rain surprises us in the middle of the route.

Q4: Can a car GPS be used as a locator?

Although the technology used by both devices is the same, it is not possible to use a car GPS as a locator. The reasons are several, although the main one has to do with the inability of the GPS to send its position, accompanied by problems related to the size and battery of the device, which would also rule it out for this type of use, even when modified correctly..

Q5: How to update integrated car GPS?

Well, it all depends on the car manufacturer, since the system changes. At a technical level, when the GPS is integrated, it is usually enough to have the updates to execute said update. However, to get those files, it is usually necessary to checkout at the dealership to obtain them and to proceed with said update. Some brands offer a system that uses subscriptions and vehicle connectivity to “push” these updates, although they are the fewest. In any case, checking out is already a classic to keep your GPS up to date.

Q6: How does a car GPS locator work?

The GPS locator works in the same way as the GPS itself but in reverse. The GPS tells us where our destination is based on where we are, while the GPS locator guides us to where the car is based on our position. So what the device does is mark the position of the device, send it to a server and from there, via the app or web, inform us of where the vehicle is and even how we can get to it.

Q7: Is a GPS car radio reliable?

It all depends on the quality of your antenna, but in general this is not usually a problem. In fact, the results that these products give us are usually as good as those of an external browser. The reason is that many of the car radios with GPS have an external antenna, which helps us to further improve the quality of the signal perceived by the device. In any case, it doesn’t hurt to take a look at user comments to see how it works, as well as keep the device up-to-date with the corresponding updates, so that the product maintains its performance at all times.

Q8: What improvement does a Bluetooth car GPS provide?

The main advantage that Bluetooth has in these devices is that of having additional help when interacting with our mobile. These models have functions such as hands-free, so we can manage our phone calls with great comfort. They also serve as a connection for models that include live traffic functions and other intelligent functions, which use these connections to give us that information in real time.

How to use a car GPS

A car GPS is the best solution not only to find a quick route to your destination, but also to drive safely. But for this to be possible, it is necessary to know how to handle the product properly and optimize its performance before starting to use it. Something that will be easy with the instructions and clues that we give you below.

Always update the product

The first thing we have to do with our new GPS, once out of the box, is to connect it and update it. This update will allow the device to be able to have the latest versions of both the navigation maps and the software that allows the device to work. So it is the best way to start browsing safely.

Placing the GPS

Another key aspect is GPS placement. This should always be done away from airbags and ventilation grilles, in order to avoid risks in the event of an accident or that cold and heat affect the product. Obviously, the assembly must be done in a place where we have good visibility of the device and, if possible, free of reflections. Also check that the product is properly fixed, to prevent accidental fall.

choosing the route

When choosing the route, the GPS offers us several options: the fastest, the shortest, without tolls… Leaving aside the specific parameters, such as tolls, in general the fastest route is usually also the most safe, given that it preferentially uses highways and motorways. There are many cases in which choosing the shortest route involves using secondary roads, which are not exactly the safest. That is why it is convenient to verify the route before leaving, to verify that it does not send us through any inappropriate or dangerous route.

GPS does not touch

Once we are on the road, we must activate all the options that allow us to forget about it, unless it is strictly essential. If we have had the good idea of ​​choosing a voice-controlled model, it will be convenient to activate this mode of use, to handle it without using your hands. It is also highly recommended to use the text-to-speech system, so that we don’t have to read instructions, but the GPS is the one that “sings” them as necessary.

Take advantage of connectivity

As a last piece of advice, it is essential that we take advantage of

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