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Clutch – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

The clutch is a fundamental piece to transfer the movement of the engine to the wheels of your vehicle, so keeping it always in good condition is essential. If your vehicle’s clutch is not as good as it should be, you can always change it for models like the Sachs 10710272. A high-quality dual-mass clutch to replace the original in many of the VAG group models, which generates fluid and vibration-free performance. Something similar to what the LUK 600 0017 00 model offers, which has a very good image among users due to its resistance and performance, being ideal for high-performance vehicles.

The best clutches on the market

The clutch is one of the fundamental parts for the safety and good condition of our vehicle. For this reason, it is worth spending some time to find out what is the best clutch that we can find to replace the one in our vehicle. A complex task in which it is not always convenient to search among the cheapest options, but must be guided by the quality of the product. This approach is present in our list of the best clutches of 2022, with products of different types and compatibility but always of high quality of operation.

dual-mass clutch

Sachs 10710272

If you have a vehicle from the VAG group, such as an Audi, a Volkswagen, a Seat or a Skoda, and you are looking for a dual-mass clutch, the Sachs 10710272 model is an interesting proposal. We are talking about an original car clutch from this manufacturer, which is the creator of series equipment for many automobile companies, so this clutch is a guarantee when driving safely. We are talking about a 240-millimeter diagonal clutch that can directly replace the one installed in those vehicles that mount brand clutches.

The kit includes all the necessary elements for assembly, such as the dual-mass flywheel, the central release device, the fixing screws for the pressure disc and the screws for the flywheel, so you will only need the corresponding tools to leave the clutch ready to ride.

Manufactured by what is, for many users, the best current clutch brand, let’s know more about this model.


Original: Since we are talking about an original product, its quality is more than proven.

Dual- mass system: The dual-mass system reduces vibrations and discomfort during filming.

Accepted vehicles: This clutch is compatible with most of the models manufactured by the VAG group.

Design : The clutch design allows smooth operation and high performance, even in vehicles of certain horsepower.

Complete : The kit includes all the necessary elements for the installation of the clutch.


Replacement: Can only be fitted to vehicles that already had an original Sachs clutch fitted.

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Sachs 2290 602 004

The Sachs 2290 602 004 dual-mass clutch is a traditional cut product, from a high quality brand and compatible with a wide variety of VAG group vehicles. 

Among its technical parameters, we find a plate with a diameter of 228 millimeters, with 28 teeth for adjustment and the classic two-disc system typical of dual-mass clutches, to achieve adequate displacement. A very complete approach and with the high durability that you can expect from Sachs products, so you won’t have to worry about changing this clutch for a long time. 

The kit includes all the necessary elements for the assembly, so you will not need more than the tools to carry out the process. In fact, the kit is shipped pre-centered, so all you have to worry about is removing the old clutch and fitting the new device.

We leave you some more details about this clutch and everything it offers you when it comes to driving.


Durability : The product has a construction that offers you high durability.

Complete kit : This kit includes all the necessary elements for the assembly, which saves you complications in the process.

Pre-Centered : The clutch is shipped already centered, further simplifying the installation process.


Compatibility : The clutch is compatible with a large number of VAG group vehicles, but not so much outside these brands.

Start & Stop : If your vehicle has this function, it is possible that this clutch is not the right one.

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Clutch kit

LUK 600 0017 00

When looking for the best clutch of the moment, the LUK 600 0017 00 clutch kit has many congratulations from users. A complete kit, based on this dual-mass system and that includes all the necessary elements for its assembly, without forgetting the corresponding screws to hold the clutch assembly and adjust it correctly. Something fundamental considering that this clutch is designed for high-end vehicles of the VAG group, such as the Seat León, the Audi A3 Sportback or the Volkswagen Golf V, to name a few.

A demand in which the clutch maintains the level of demand that is required of it, offering good power transfer and improved performance compared to older clutches. Something that is perceived in the sensations during the running, more pleasant and fluid than in these conventional clutches.

If you are looking for the best clutch for your car, find out if this model may be what you need.


High Performance: This clutch meets the high performance demand of the vehicles on which it is fitted.

Stability : The efficiency of the dual-mass clutch system prevents vibrations while driving.

Fluidity : The operation of the clutch is highly fluid, according to users.


Adjustment: It is necessary to make the adjustment with high precision, to prevent the clutch from slipping during driving.

Compatibility : The compatibility of the product, in terms of models in which it can be mounted, is somewhat scarce.

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Hydraulic clutch

Qiilu M10 x 1.25mm

If you need a hydraulic clutch to replace the one on your motorcycle, you can turn to models such as the Qiilu M10 x 1.25 mm. This cylinder has everything you need to circulate with peace of mind, thanks to details such as high-strength aluminum alloy construction. A material with which it is possible to prevent inconveniences, such as corrosion or deterioration caused by heat, which is generated during running-in. 

The high performance of the device makes it easier to change gears, saving you time when it comes to getting the most out of your bike. For the rest, the device offers conventional measurements of 1.25 millimeters, universal in nature and suitable for installation on all types of motorcycles, regardless of whether they are field or road. 

To top it off, you have five different colors for the clutch, in order to better adjust the exterior design to what you need.

After analyzing this product, we leave you its main characteristics, so that you have an even clearer idea of ​​what to expect from it.


Materials : The clutch is made of a high-quality aluminum alloy, which withstands heat and the most demanding use.

Universal : Thanks to the universal nature of this product, it is very easy to mount this clutch on all types of vehicles.

Colors : This model comes in five different colors to better fit your motorcycle style.


Adjustment : It is important to make a proper adjustment of the clutch, in order to better squeeze its performance.

Compatibility : As always, it is important to evaluate that the piston has the necessary diameter to what your motorcycle requires.

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motorcycle clutch

Goofit A012-623

The Goofit A012-623 clutch is an interesting proposition for anyone who needs a high performance motorcycle clutch. This product has a 62-millimeter long rod, as well as the usual 120-centimeter extension cable, so the process of connecting it will not be a problem.

The resistance of this device is not a problem either, since the clutch has been made of high quality metal, therefore capable of withstanding the most demanding efforts and the harshest climatic conditions, without being a victim of corrosion or deterioration. It is finished off with a touch of color, since we have three different finishes to choose the one that best suits our motorcycle. Ideal to fit it into the image and design of our motorcycle without the lever being out of tune.

Give your motorcycle the renewal it needs with this clutch, which we analyze below.


Rod: The 62-millimeter rod makes clutch activation more comfortable while driving.

Resistance : The product has been manufactured with high quality materials and a high resistance to deterioration.

Adjustment : The clutch is easy to install and adjust on any motorcycle handlebar, within the supported parameters.


Cubicaje : The clutch is only suitable for engines from 125 to 250 cubic centimeters.

Purging : You may need to purge the product once you install it, to ensure its usefulness and proper control.

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motorcycle hydraulic clutch

JFG RACING U141100042

The JFG RACING U141100042 model is a hydraulic motorcycle clutch that can be used to equip any vehicle that has 125 to 250 cubic centimeters, with the capacity to be installed on both conventional motorcycles and dirt bikes, to name a few. A model that has the usual characteristics of these models, with a length of 120 centimeters in the cable area and a smooth and soft handle, so that its activation is not annoying.

As for the cylinder, it has 13 millimeters of travel, so it is easy to move it comfortably and adjust it accordingly. And as if that were not enough, we are talking about an efficient and cheap product, so it could well be the best quality-price ratio clutch that we have selected within its segment.

If you don’t want to spend too much on your new clutch, this model combines quality and an attractive price.


Adjustment : The master cylinder has a travel of 13 millimeters, to achieve a better adjustment.

Handle : The machined handle offers high resistance and good comfort during use.

Hose : The hose is 120 centimeters long, to facilitate its installation.


Cubicaje: As with other models, this clutch is only suitable for motorcycles from 125 to 250 cc.

Tensioner : Some users comment on problems with the factory tensioning, although manual adjustment is always recommended.

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Clutch Accessories

Clutch disc

Sachs 1878 002 736

The Sachs 1878 002 736 clutch disc is a model from a top-level manufacturer and with high quality in terms of transferring the power of your engine.

This specific disc has been designed to be compatible with a good part of the models in the Ford range belonging to the Focus line, although, as always, it is advisable to verify its specific compatibility.

A disc that has a diameter of 22 centimeters, 17 teeth distributed on its surface and a hub parameter of 17 x 20 – 17 N, thus meeting the specific requirements of the brand for this purpose.

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clutch pump

Vimoter Moving Energy MC19.51M

The importance of the clutch pump is key when it comes to keeping this system in good condition. If you need to change the pump of your vehicle, you can use this model from Vimoret Moving Energy. 

This pump is designed to work with mineral oil through the classic hydraulic system, which offers efficient results and good precision when using the pump.

The pump body is made of high-quality materials and comes from Italy, which is another guarantee when driving.

So you won’t have to worry about anything once you have it mounted on your vehicle.

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clutch collar

TOYOTA 31230-16061

If you have a Toyota vehicle, this Clutch Release Bearing may be just what you need.

An original spare part manufactured by the brand, with which to avoid the noise and inconvenience that a worn or damaged clutch collar can cause.

In addition, as an original component, you will not have to worry about compatibility with the rest of the clutch system, as long as this model is suitable for your vehicle.

So you will only have to change the element necessary to return your clutch to its usual health.

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clutch cylinder

Ridex 620S0022 

The Ridex 620S0022 clutch cylinder is an interesting part to change the old cylinder of the clutch system of your vehicle.

A spare part that meets the technical and quality specifications to perform as well as the original part.

To do this, it has a high quality cast iron construction and a displacement system that will give you all the comfort you need when clutching your vehicle. 

This specific model is suitable for different vehicles manufactured by Seat and Volkswagen, so if you have a car of this brand, it is likely that the bowler is what you need.

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clutch centering

jbm 53001

The Jbm 53001 Clutch Centering Kit is all you need to change your vehicle’s old clutch without a hassle.

This complete kit incorporates both the main part for said change and a wide set of sockets and keys that cover practically all current options in terms of clutch sizes and designs, thus providing a high versatility of work.

In total, we are talking about 40 high-quality metal manufacturing parts, presented in a resistant plastic case, where you can keep them all properly organized and accessible when you need them.

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Guide to buying clutches

The clutch is a fundamental part of our vehicle, since it is the one that transmits the power from the engine to the transmission shaft. For this reason, it is key to be clear about everything we need to know when buying one of these parts, for which you can use our guide to buying the best clutch, in which we give you some clues so as not to make a mistake. And also so that you do not spend more in the process, if it is not necessary.

Shopping guide

Monomass or bimass

One of the main aspects that drivers are unaware of is the type of clutch that our vehicle mounts. Currently, when it comes to passenger cars and the like, the clutch it mounts can be of two main types: single-mass and dual-mass. These are the ones that we find in any comparison of clutches that we have at hand and they are the ones that we are going to analyze next.

The single-mass clutch is one that has a single clutch disc, together with a connection disc, which are the ones that separate when driving. It is the model that is still used in the cheapest vehicles and also the one that has been used until about 15 years ago in the higher-end models, which is the estimated date on which the new dual-mass models began to be introduced.

These dual-mass models, as their name suggests, add a second disc to the clutch, so we have two weight plates and an adjusting flywheel, so to speak. These two mobile masses roll in synchronization and reduce the workload on the crankshaft and transmission, by absorbing both engine vibrations and overexertion, which are not transferred to these two elements. For this reason, these models are usually mounted on vehicles with higher power and cost.

There is a big difference in how much a single-mass clutch and a dual-mass clutch cost, and it is advisable to keep the clutch originally installed depending on the type. However, there are kits to convert the expensive dual-mass clutches into cheaper single-mass ones, although this means increasing the discomfort and vibrations that we have previously mentioned.

what clutch do i need

Once the most important mention has been made about the clutch that we need to buy, doubts will surely arise as to how to order it or how to identify it. It is not a minor question, since determining which clutch our car uses is not easy. Luckily, we have to help us with a very valuable document such as the technical data sheet of the vehicle.

This document contains all the data of our vehicle, which is what we will need to choose the most appropriate product. Because when searching, it is not enough to think that we need a clutch for a Seat Ibiza or a Volkswagen Golf, but we will have to think about other details of the vehicle.

Among these details we have the power of the engine, the fuel it uses, the specific version of the vehicle or even the year of manufacture. All these details are what we need to determine the exact part for our vehicle. In general, when it comes to seeing these clutches, we are usually told as a reference for which models of a certain vehicle they are recommended for, although verifying them specifically never hurts, so as not to have problems later.

original or brand

The last aspect that we are going to refer to has to do with the manufacturer of the clutch. Many times we are recommended, especially from the dealer, to use only original spare parts. But seeing the economic price of other products of well-known brands and with the same utility, the truth is that it is reasonable to think if we are so interested in resorting to the brand.

In general, the compatible models made by major brands such as Valeo, Sachs or LKD have as good quality as the original parts made by the brand. In fact, there are many vehicles in which these parts come directly from some of these major brands. So the choice between one and the other hardly makes a difference in terms of quality, but it does make a difference in the price of the clutch that we are considering buying.

What we should not do is buy spare parts from little-known brands or those that, even though they are branded, have suspiciously cheap prices. Although brands make great efforts to fight imitations, it is still possible to fall into the traps of one of these scammers and end up giving us a pig in a poke when buying a clutch.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Why does a clutch wear out?

The main reason has to do with the friction between the different mechanical parts that are part of the clutch. Let us remember that the purpose of the clutch is precisely to facilitate the connection between the engine and the transmission shaft, so that wear is reasonable. However, it may vary depending on factors such as the pace of driving or the way you step on it when driving. So a reasonable use of the clutch increases its useful life and reduces said wear.

Q2: When to release clutch?

While driving, the clutch should be released once the gear is fully engaged. If we do it before, it is possible that this gear enters “scratching” the gearbox, which affects both the integrity of the clutch itself and the discs that are part of said gearbox.

Q3: How to bleed hydraulic clutch?

The clutch bleeding process allows us to eliminate the air present in the circuit, which gives a strange or spongy sensation when pressing the pedal. To remove the air, it is necessary to completely empty the circuit and look for the leak causing the air to penetrate, since a hydraulic clutch is a closed circuit. Once it is covered, it is time to fill the clutch circuit with liquid again, appropriate to the type of clutch that we use, and verify that everything works as it should.

Q4: Why does the clutch vibrate?

Vibrations in the clutch have two main causes. The first is a shallow footprint. If instead of fully depressing the pedal we let our foot fall on the clutch, it does not fully activate, which causes these vibrations. However, vibrations of increasing intensity when the clutch is fully depressed may be caused by part wear problems or improper adjustment. That is why it is recommended that the part be analyzed by a professional, to solve the problem correctly.

Q5: When to change the clutch?

It is one of the answers that has a complex answer. If you take a look at the maintenance manual of your vehicle, it is possible that it marks a certain interval or mileage, around 120,000 or 150,000 kilometers. But what makes the most difference regarding the useful life of the clutch and its durability is the driving style and the area where it is done. If we use low gears, we always press the clutch or drive a lot in the city, surely the time will be less than that of a vehicle that drives mainly on the highway, with high gears and more reasonable use. In any case, at the first signs of wear, such as noise or vibration, it will be time to change the clutch for a new one.

Q6: What to do when the clutch burnt smell?

It depends on the cause that motivates the clutch to have that smell. On very hot days or during considerable efforts, such as climbing steep hills at high speeds, the clutch may have this smell as an effect of said overheating, although it should disappear once the clutch cools down. The same thing happens when the clutch gets covered with dust and dirt and it gets hot. However, if the smell is continuous and is accompanied by other symptoms such as noise, vibrations or clutch skidding, then it is necessary to consider changing it.

Q7: How to regulate hydraulic clutch?

Unlike the cable clutch, whose regulation is as easy as adjusting the corresponding cable, to regulate a hydraulic clutch we must follow a somewhat more complex process. To begin with, we must access the clutch and remove the spring that serves as a counterpart to the clutch cylinder, inside which is the liquid. Needless to say, we must previously verify that the circuit has the clutch fluid it needs and that there is no air inside. Once the spring is released, we measure the maximum stroke or travel and adjust it with the spring and the safety nut, which allows to optimize said travel. Once assembled, we verify the assembly and make any necessary adjustments.

Q8: How to act when the clutch starts to slip?

When a clutch slips, it is because its state of deterioration is more than considerable. This “slip” is due to the fact that the springs that hold it in place, as well as the rest of the parts, have worn considerably and are already out of their useful life, being unable to withstand the stress of the motor. So the only solution left to us is to change the clutch for a new one as soon as possible, to avoid being stuck on the road.

How to care for a clutch

The clutch is one of the most important mechanical parts of the vehicle, since it is responsible for transferring power from the engine to the axles. In addition, it is not exactly a cheap piece. That is why we want to give you some tips on how to take care of the clutch and make the most of its useful life.

Don’t put your foot on it

As we were taught in driving school, the clutch should only be depressed when changing gear. The bad habit of having the clutch depressed during our usual journey harms its useful life and ends up causing clearances, which deteriorate its resistance and reduce its durability. To support yourself, it is always better to use the footrest.

treat it with care

In order for the clutch to continue to function as it should, it is essential that we treat the clutch with care. This translates into a smooth and never violent use, having to release the accelerator whenever we are going to engage the clutch to avoid loading it with more effort than it needs. Nor should we disengage at high speed levels, unless circumstances so require, as occurs when going up a slope.

On the other hand, the way of stepping on the clutch must be progressive and never suddenly, so that the stomping on the clutch is unnecessary. What we must always do is change gear with the clutch fully depressed, to prevent the “gears” from scratching during the process. Something that is a serious problem and that can end up damaging both the gearbox and the vehicle’s clutch system itself.

Keep liquids at their level

One of the great forgotten is the hydraulic fluid that allows our clutch to work. This liquid requires periodic maintenance, which mainly consists of verifying that the liquid level in the center of the circuit is the level necessary for it to function correctly. To carry out this verification, we only have to open the hood of the car, look for the clutch fluid reservoir and check that the level is between the recommended marks. It is worth remembering that, unless there is a breakdown, this fluid should not be changed periodically.

When you stop, always in neutral

Every time you have to stop the vehicle in a traffic jam, it is advisable to put the gear in neutral, which is what it is for. The fact of having a gear engaged at a traffic light implies an additional effort for the clutch, which affects its useful life. Also, modern cars with Start and Stop technology do not stop the engine as long as they are in gear.

The lever is not an armrest

As with the pedal, the simple gesture of leaning on the gear shift lever also affects both the clutch and the gearbox. A gesture that some people tend to do almost without realizing it and that can shorten the useful life of all the elements included in the transmission system. Always use the armrest to avoid this problem.

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