The best motorcycle alarms

Motorcycle alarms – Buying and Comparison Guide in 2022

If you have recently heard comments from people who have had their motorcycle stolen and you are worried about yours, it is time you think about purchasing a security system for your vehicle. Whatever your means of transportation, it is highly recommended to install an alarm system to help keep it protected. Among the most used models offered by the market is the XCSOURCE AH207, an ideal GPS locator system for bicycles, motorcycles and cars. In addition, you will be able to obtain all the information about the location through SMS messages. If instead you are looking for a padlock with a 110 dB anti-theft alarm system that is completely waterproof, we recommend the AGPTEK S2G-EU.

Opinions on the best motorcycle alarms

If you want to know which is the best motorcycle alarm, it is important that you ask a series of questions before making your choice. It is necessary to know what type of vehicle you use and to have looked at the different alarm systems that the market offers.

Motorcycle alarm with GPS 


Considered the best motorcycle alarm, this device works as a very efficient real-time tracker that will allow you to know the location of your motorcycle at any time thanks to its mobile application for Android or iOS. In addition, you can receive alerts and location information by text message directly to your phone.

This motorcycle alarm with GPS, in addition, is a suitable device to connect to any vehicle, be it a motorcycle, a car or a truck, thanks to its switching power supply with a wide input voltage range.

To keep your security high, you’ll need to enter a password whenever you want to adjust any settings, plus you’ll be able to get the precise location even when the signal is weak. For all its features, this alternative is considered one of the best motorcycle alarms of 2022.

If you don’t know much about vehicle alarms and protection systems and you don’t know which motorcycle alarm to buy, it is important that you take into account each of the positive and negative characteristics of each model on this list.


Dimensions : You will be able to install this device comfortably thanks to its compact dimensions of 12.8 x 8.8 x 6 centimeters.

SIM card : This locator works with a SIM card with 2G, 3G and 4G technology.

Screen : This device incorporates a three-color LED screen that allows you to know the operating status of the GPS.

Maps : Know the location of your vehicle in real time at all times thanks to its compatibility with the maps of mobile phones with Android or iOS operating systems.


Battery : It is important that you take into account the battery charge, even when the motorcycle spends several days without movement, since the device continues to consume energy.

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Hangang CS-905

This motorcycle alarm with GPS stands out for providing a precise and real-time location of your vehicle at all times through SMS messaging. In addition, it has a GEO-Fence system that allows you to create a virtual security zone that will send you an alarm as soon as your vehicle enters or leaves this zone, which is why many users think that it is the best motorcycle alarm of the moment.

The positioning works in GPS / AGPS / LBS mode with an accuracy of up to 5 meters and will send you a link with the location on google maps. On the other hand, it has an alarm system that informs you if you have a low battery, increase speed or feel a vibration.

Don’t worry about using this motorcycle alarm in the rain as it is waterproof. In addition, thanks to its dimensions of 9 x 7.2 x 2.2 cm and weight of 168 grams, you can easily carry this device in your pocket.

To choose the best motorcycle alarm, it is very important that you look at every aspect of this model, so that you make sure that it has the functionality you need.


Battery: Thanks to its 3.7V and 5,000 mAh rechargeable battery, you can make sure you are protected all the time.

Accuracy : In the event of a loss of your vehicle, you will be able to know its location thanks to the 5-meter accuracy of this device.

Duration : Being in standby time, this device can be kept on for a period of 90 days.


Coverage : As soon as the device leaves the coverage area of ​​the installed SIM card, it stops showing the location of the vehicle.

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Motorcycle lock with alarm


Considered the best brand of motorcycle alarms, AGPTEK stands out for offering effective and quality solutions to the needs of users and, with the S2G-EU motorcycle lock with alarm, it demonstrates that it continues to provide quality items to its customers.

It has a very sensitive alarm with a high sound level of 110 dB that is activated by feeling any type of vibration or shock, thus effectively scaring thieves away from your vehicle. In addition, it is a very strong and durable padlock that is made of aluminum and is completely resistant to water, cutting, sawing, high temperatures and corrosion.

It is a very versatile device, as it is fully compatible with most bicycles and motorcycles on the market. It has a size of 9 x 6 x 3.5 centimeters and weighs approximately 350 grams.

If you want to buy the best motorcycle alarm, you can also consider alarm locks, without forgetting to look at the highlights of each model.


Volume : Thanks to its sound level of 110 dB, it will effectively scare away thieves who are stalking the vehicle.

Material : Its hardness and resistance stand out thanks to the fact that it is made of aluminum alloy.

Bag : This product incorporates a practical cloth bag with which you can comfortably carry the padlock anywhere.


On/Off : This lock does not have an on or off switch, so the only way to silence the alarm is to not move it once it is set.

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Urban Security UR6

This motorcycle lock with alarm will allow you to know when they are trying to move your motorcycle thanks to its 120 dB alarm, in addition, it has a 6-millimeter axis that will allow you to place the lock in the holes of the wheel disc of a motorcycle, scooter and even a bicycle.

It has a replaceable alarm module that you can replace in case it gets damaged and thanks to its manufacturing material, it is a waterproof padlock. This model is made with a metallic internal body and ABS exterior, making it a lightweight device.

It incorporates a practical LED button that is very useful in case you need to use it in dark places, it also works as a light and sound alarm. On the other hand, we mention that it uses a long-lasting CR2 lithium battery that allows you to be protected for longer.

There are many interesting options offered by motorcycle alarm locks, so we recommend you look at the positive and negative characteristics of this model.


Keys : This model has two keys, which will allow you to have a spare in case of loss.

Dual : You can use this device with the audible alarm activated or deactivated indifferently.

Quality : This device is made in Europe with very high quality materials, making it completely waterproof and highly durable.

Noise : It has a high noise level with up to 120 dB, so it can easily alarm if your vehicle is threatened.


Batteries : Replacing batteries can be a bit difficult for some users.

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Motorcycle alarm without installation

Invoxia Tracker GPS 

It is an alarm that can not only protect motorcycles and bicycles, but also the elderly or children, since it fits in a trouser pocket, briefcase or shoulder bag. Likewise, it has a compact and light design similar to a flash drive, being quite discreet and reliable. 

If you need a motorcycle alarm without installation, perhaps this is the indicated device. As it does not use a SIM card, you only need to set it up on the phone to start monitoring your motorcycle. This is because it works with the SigFox Europe Network, which offers a wide coverage in the territory of Spain, Portugal, France and many more countries. 

Another important aspect of this motorcycle alarm is that it sends alarms to your phone, so that you are informed at all times about where your motorcycle is. Also, if you leave the motorcycle alone and the alarm detects movement, you will receive a message on your phone. 

Next, we present a brief explanation about its most outstanding pros and cons; maybe it’s the alarm you’re looking for. 


Functionality: It is not only suitable for motorcycles and bicycles, but you can also carry it in bags or briefcases, to monitor people and various objects. 

Practicality: When you are near this small alarm you can activate the sound to find it faster. 

Application: This device can be controlled from the Invoxia GPS application, which is available free for Android and iOS.


Coverage: Sometimes you may not have coverage in some mountainous areas far from the city.

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Mengshen MS-Z07

This motorcycle alarm without installation emits a high level of sound to scare away any thief thanks to its 105 dB of sound with a duration of approximately 40 continuous seconds. In addition, it incorporates a remote control with infrared technology that can be easily carried thanks to its key ring shape.

This is an excellent wireless motion detection system and easy to install thanks to its very useful adhesive tape. The consumption of this device is very low, so it allows you to maintain its operation for a longer period of time, lasting between 8 and 12 months in standby time.

We also mentioned that it has compact dimensions of 8.5 x 4.2 x 1.7 cm, so it can easily go unnoticed. In addition, the allowable distance to control the alarm is about 20 meters.

If you are interested in acquiring the best value for money motorcycle alarm, we recommend you look at the characteristics of this practical and effective model, which is among the cheapest alarms on this list.


Autonomy : It is a wireless vibration alarm system that uses 2 3v AAA batteries for its operation.

Sound : Thanks to its high noise level of approximately 110 dB, this alarm can scare away any onlooker.

Versatility : This is an ideal device for various uses, protecting any type of vehicle and even your home.


Adhesives : It is important that you keep in mind that the adhesives of this device could be a bit weak, so you will need to place more adherent ones.

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Scorpio motorcycle alarm 

Scorpio SRX-800

If you are looking for a Scorpio motorcycle alarm, check out the SRX-800 model, which can be installed on various motorcycle models, as long as they have a 12 V battery. 

This alarm is very easy to install and has good shock sensitivity, so if an intruder tries to steal your motorcycle, it will be activated quickly. 

The siren of this alarm has a loud sound of 120 dB, so you can hear it from afar without any problem. Thanks to it you can go out on your motorcycle to eat and leave the motorcycle alone for a few minutes. If you want even more protection, you can buy a Ride Core S and install it on this alarm, for GPS tracking. 

In the following section we present the positive and negative aspects of the Scorpio SRX-800, perhaps they will help you choose the most suitable alarm for you. 


Detection: This alarm detects shocks and tilts, so it will be activated when a suspicious action is taking place. 

Siren: This motorcycle alarm has a level of 120 dB, which allows you to hear it from afar without any problem. 

Compatibility: It is compatible with any motorcycle that has a 12V electrical system. 


GPS: It is missing that it includes GPS technology, so that your motorcycle is better protected.

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Motorcycle anti-theft alarm

ShinePick QK008-1

If you are looking for a motorcycle anti-theft alarm that allows you to install it on any motorcycle model with 12-volt batteries and that incorporates two remote controls, we recommend this model that stands out for its powerful sound level of up to 125 dB that will immediately scare away any thief.

This device has a backup power system that keeps the alarm working even if the general power cable has been cut. Moreover, it offers four adjustable warning levels.

We should also mention that it includes an adjustable shock sensor with 4 sensitivity levels, a high-power siren, two remote controls, a set of connection cables and foam glue to fix the siren.

If you are still not very convinced of which model you could choose, do not forget to take into account your budget, as well as the positive and negative characteristics of each model.


Noise : This device includes a very powerful speaker that generates up to 125 dB of noise.

Compatibility : It is fully compatible with any motorcycle that uses 12-volt batteries.

Sensitive : You can adjust the sensitivity level of this device in four different levels.


Installation : It is important that you keep in mind that the installation of this motorcycle alarm system must be carried out by a professional who can ensure its proper functioning.

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Guide to buying a motorcycle alarm

If you live in an area where motorcycle theft has been on the rise lately, it’s time for you to get a new motorcycle alarm system. Luckily, there are not many points that you should take into account, since the operation of all systems is very similar, however it is important that you look in detail at the most relevant features, so we have prepared a guide to buy the best motorcycle alarm, with which we seek to help you make your choice.

Shopping guide

alarm type

Due to the wide variety of motorcycles that can be found on the market, in any comparison of motorcycle alarms one of the most important aspects that you must take into account is the type of alarm system that each model offers, so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Among the most common types, alarm systems with bidirectional control stand out, which incorporate a control with which you can activate and deactivate the alarm, in addition to allowing you to know the status of your motorcycle in case it has been moved or hit, basically depending on the sensors that your alarm has.

On the other hand, there are anchoring systems, which do not allow the motorcycle to move from the place where you parked it thanks to the fact that they have security screws, which you will not be able to disassemble, since they are made of very resistant steel. There are also padlocks for the brake disc that are one of the most common models to see, since they are quite compact and light, so they do not attract much attention, in addition, there are some of these models that include a very audible alarm. sensitive to movements.

However, the market offers simpler protection systems, such as the chain that helps you immobilize the motorcycle thanks to its resistant and heavy cemented steel links, so they are ideal for anchoring the motorcycle to a place or between them. However, you can also choose very advanced tracking and alarm systems thanks to the most advanced GPS systems. With these geopositioning devices you will be able to know the real-time location of your motorcycle, as well as receive warning reports on your mobile phone.

sound level

The thunderous noise generated by an alarm can be the most efficient way to get rid of any threat that your vehicle may suffer, which is why many users keep a close eye on this aspect when buying a protection system for their means of transport. Currently, many devices used to secure vehicles have added the siren function as an extra function, so that, in addition to protecting your motorcycle or car with a padlock or chain, the device will emit a noise that will scare away any thief.

When you buy a protection system for your car or motorcycle that includes the alarm option, it is important that you consider choosing one with a high volume level, it being recommended that it exceeds approximately 100 dB. However, the noise level notably affects the price of the device, so if you are looking for a good and cheap motorcycle alarm, keep in mind that this factor is decisive for the price of the system, so it is advisable to know how much cost the alarm before making the purchase.

device size

Above all, if you drive a motorcycle, the size of the device is a feature that you should take care of when choosing your next motorcycle alarm due to different important aspects. First of all, consider that the smaller the device, the better it goes unnoticed, so thieves will get a scare when the alarm is activated. Motorcycle alarm systems usually have very compact dimensions that allow you to install them easily.



One of the aspects that users take care of the most when choosing their next alarm system for motorcycles, cars or any vehicle in general is the complexity of its installation, since, while some users have knowledge in mechanics and have no problem Instead of doing an installation on their own, many others prefer to choose devices that are easy to install or even portable and allow them to carry in a pocket when traveling by motorcycle.

Control and remote control

Last, but also very important, is to look at the control system that the motorcycle alarm has. Traditionally, alarms use a small remote control with which you can activate or deactivate the system by pressing a single button. However, there are more advanced models that incorporate technologies such as RFID that works automatically when you approach the vehicle.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a motorcycle alarm?

Motorcycle alarms are used practically in the same way as vehicle alarms, since they work with a series of sensors connected to a processor and are activated as soon as they detect a slight movement that may represent an attempt to steal the motorcycle or car, activating instantly a siren and other alerts such as lighting, which will help deter thieves. In the event that the alarm is activated, these devices usually have a remote control that allows you to silence the sound by pressing a button in the event of a false alarm.  

Q2: How to install a motorcycle alarm?

After recognizing all the components that make up your alarm system, look for a place where you can place the alarm and all the elements, being a recommended place to place it under the seat, so you must first remove the seat. To get started, remove the battery so you can locate the speaker and sensor, after we’ve done the installation, we’ll put everything back the way it was. Keep in mind that the sensor must have the proper inclination to detect any improper movement of the bike. Finally, connect the cables and make sure to fix the central unit well according to its installation mode.

Q3: Where to install a motorcycle alarm?

Motorcycle alarms are usually installed in hidden places that are out of sight of thieves, so many users usually place the alarm sensor under the seat, so that the cables can reach to carry out the installation correctly.

Q4: What alarm to mount on a motorcycle?

The market offers a wide variety of motorcycle alarm models to choose from, among which the alarm that has a double remote control is the ideal option for many bikers. In addition to the fact that its installation is very simple, it offers high compatibility, so you can install it in a wide variety of vehicles. On the other hand, there are motorcycle alarms with security vibration, which stand out for their moderate sensitivity that reduces false alarms.

Q5: How to make a motorcycle alarm?

Installing a motorcycle alarm system can be quite expensive, so there is the possibility of creating your own homemade motorcycle alarm, which will cost you approximately 5 euros. This type of alarm is compatible with almost any motorcycle, regardless of model or displacement.

This model is assembled incorporating a tilt switch that when moved is detected by the circuit that is integrated and that works as a logic gate, which is activated and deactivated according to your convenience. First of all, you will need to acquire the necessary components, as well as a board on which you will solder these components firmly. After fixing it, you will need to make a box where you can insert the circuit and not enter the water.

Q6: How does a BMW motorcycle alarm work?

First of all, to make sure that the memory of the device is ready to work, you will have to put the alarm in programming mode and to do this you must first put the start position of the bike on, but without starting the bike. Next, press the first button 3 times in a row and the alarm will sound once, then turn the motorcycle’s ignition back to off. Press the second button 3 times again and the alarm will sound once. Before 10 seconds have elapsed, once again put the motorcycle starter on and the motorcycle will proceed to beep 3 times.

Q7: How to reset a motorcycle alarm?

To reset all the alarm values ​​and reset your system you have several options. First of all, you can try unlocking the bike, as some alarms are disabled if you lock and unlock the system manually. However, there is another effective method which is to remove the negative cable from the battery terminal and after a minute reconnect this cable. This process is responsible for restarting all electrical systems, including the one that is responsible for the alarm.

Q8: Which motorcycle alarm is safer?

Actually, the question you should ask yourself is: what is the motorcycle alarm that best suits my needs? One of the most common systems are padlocks and anchors, which are becoming more advanced and include a siren that adds an extra security feature.

You can also choose the models with bidirectional control, which allow you to disarm, start and program extra functions of the motorcycle from a distance. And, finally, there are the practical GPS positioning systems, which allow you to know the real-time location of your vehicle on your mobile phone.

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Rupse 123456

Esta es una alarma para moto sin instalación que tiene una sensibilidad moderada, lo que te ayuda a evitar las falsas alarmas. Además, tiene un rango de funcionamiento con el control remoto de 20 metros en interiores y de aproximadamente 60 metros en exteriores, por lo que puedes encender y apagar la alarma desde la distancia.

Este modelo también te permite brindar una mayor protección a tu hogar, instalándolo en las ventanas y puertas. Por otra parte, mencionamos que se activa cuando detecta una vibración, encendiendo una alarma de 120 dB y una vibración de aviso en el mando.

Su instalación resulta muy fácil gracias a su pegatina magnética que se adhiere fácilmente y sin problema. Además, es un dispositivo portátil gracias a sus dimensiones de 14,2 x 12,2, x 6 centímetros.

Si buscas uno de los modelos más baratos de esta lista, te sugerimos mirar con atención las funciones y características más importantes de este.


Instalación: La colocación de este dispositivo resulta muy sencilla gracias a su sistema de pegatina magnética que no requiere de ninguna instalación.

Accesorios: Con la compra de este producto recibirás dos controles remotos que te permitirán conservar uno para casos de emergencia.

Versatilidad: Podrás utilizar este sistema de alarma inalámbrica en todo tipo de vehículos e, incluso, para brindar seguridad al hogar.


Fijación: Al instalar este dispositivo deberás asegurarte de seguir las instrucciones al pie de la letra para evitar que se caiga.

Pelacrash Scorpio Sr 950

El novedoso funcionamiento de manos libres y alarma inteligente es lo que hace destacar este sistema de alarma Scorpio para moto, ya que tan solo deberás acercarte a la moto con tu mando a distancia o manos libres y conducir sin tener que pulsar ningún botón.

Este dispositivo y el mando cuentan con una fabricación resistente a los impactos, por lo que se garantiza una larga vida útil. Por otra parte, incorpora un mando a distancia con pantalla LCD retroiluminada que muestra unos iconos fáciles de comprender y funciona con la tecnología RFID, por lo que desbloquea automáticamente la alarma al acercarse al dispositivo.

Este dispositivo tiene unas dimensiones de 9,35 x 7,1 x 2,3 centímetros y tiene un peso aproximado de 159 gramos, por lo que se instala fácilmente en cualquier lugar de tu vehículo. Su instalación es muy simple con su conexión universal de tres cables.

Si estás buscando un sistema de alarma que te ayude a mantener protegido tu vehículo, es necesario que mires varios aspectos importantes antes de hacer tu compra. A continuación resaltamos las funciones positivas y negativas de cada modelo.



Sonido: Podrás alejar a cualquier amenaza de tu vehículo gracias a su alarma de sirena con 125 dB de nivel de sonido.

Automático: Te permitirá activar y desactivar la alarma de forma manual o automática gracias a su tecnología RFID.

Pantalla: El mando a distancia incorpora una práctica pantalla LCD que te permite mirar rápidamente los iconos de información.


Precio: Esta es una de las alarmas para moto más caras de esta lista, por lo que si tienes un presupuesto reducido, te recomendamos otros modelos de la comparativa.

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