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Motorcycle gloves – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022


Driving a motorcycle efficiently involves the use of safety equipment consisting mainly of a helmet and gloves. These pieces help protect the head, face and hands from injuries, inclement sun, as well as wind, cold and abrasion, allowing a proper grip on the handlebar. For proper protection, there are many models available that provide greater security. Such is the case of the Issyzone Rock Biker, gloves with full protection and anti-slip properties, available in black. Likewise, the Savior Electronic Heaters model is recommended for winter activities, since it includes three adjustment levels to control the temperature.

The best motorcycle gloves on the market

Gloves are part of the equipment that motorcyclists require to have a safe and comfortable riding experience. Different brands have patented prototypes that have successfully caught on among users. However, the options are innumerable and each one offers different features and quality, so selecting one is not an easy task. Within the range of alternatives, below we will review the characteristics of the models that are at the top of the preferences, as they are considered the best motorcycle gloves on the market.

Motorcycle gloves for summer

Issyzone Rock Biker

Recommended for those who are looking for the best price-quality motorcycle gloves, this model is one of the favorites, as it is one of the cheapest, with high-end features. This model is versatile, it is available in black and, although it has a unisex design, they are more recommended as motorcycle gloves for women because they are small. 

Its construction has been made with wear-resistant materials, so they have a long life. Its manufacturer has included microfiber in its structure, with a hole design that allows proper perspiration, so that they are motorcycle gloves for summer because they are cool. 

Among its features, this product has a layer in the area of ​​the fingers that allows the manipulation of touch screens and provides non-slip support. The model is adjustable with velcro closure and includes PVC injected knuckle protection.

Learn more about the positive and negative attributes of this model, which is one of the cheapest on the market.


Design: The gloves have a classic black design, suitable for men and women as it is unisex.

Closure: They have an adjustment system through a velcro closure that allows you to control the looseness.

Construction: They are made of a fresh and breathable material such as microfiber.

Protection: They have a medium level of protection, with a PVC reinforcement in the knuckle area.


Seams: It has been found that it includes internal seams that can become annoying in the palm.

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Motorcycle gloves for winter

Heatable Savior

This model has been equipped with high-end attributes that make it stand out among the best motorcycle gloves on the market, since they have a dual purpose and superior performance. 

These are winter motorcycle gloves that have three adjustment levels to control the internal temperature. In this way, they are efficient at keeping your hands warm, because they also have an inner layer of soft cotton insulation that improves the feeling in your hands. These heated motorcycle gloves include two rechargeable batteries in a maximum of three hours. 

On the other hand, its design is classic black and covers from the fingers to the wrist. They are made with level 4 waterproof fabric, as well as lambskin in the palm area and telescopic closure. They are also recommended for outdoor activities, because they improve circulation and prevent cold joints. 

If you are looking for the best motorcycle gloves of the moment, you should not ignore the attributes offered by this Savior model.


Effect: They are electronically heated gloves, equipped with three levels of temperature control.

Battery: To fulfill the heat function, they have two rechargeable batteries whose charge is completed in between 2 and 3 hours.

Design: Its black design covers the entire hand, from the fingers to the wrist.

Construction: They are made of waterproof fabric, lambskin and cotton interior.


Size: They are tight, so it is necessary to check the dimensions of the hands.

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Alpinestar motorcycle gloves

Alpinestars GP Pro

If you are looking to make your choice between the best motorcycle gloves of 2022, you cannot leave this model out of the list, which stands out for its adequate performance, durability and hand protection. 

Alpinestar motorcycle gloves are made from durable and strong materials that perform well outdoors as they are made from full grade leather making them long lasting. Their interior is comfortable because the manufacturer has equipped them with soft padding, with additional protection at the fingertips in TPU. 

Similarly, its design is available in various sizes in black, with a double closure system and an elastic insert that improves ergonomics in the hands and thumb, for adequate mobility. In addition, they have a reinforced area on the knuckles, with perforations that allow greater ventilation and perspiration. 

Renowned manufacturers mean quality. Among them, Alpinestars is positioned as the best brand of motorcycle gloves. Learn more about this model.


Design: Its design is available in black, with striking colors in the details.

Closure: They have a double closure and adjustment system that allows greater ergonomics.

Manufacturing: They have a robust manufacturing made of leather, with a padded interior that absorbs shocks.

Protection: They have a comprehensive protection system that covers the entire hand, with reinforcement on the knuckles.


Stiffness: Apparently, while these gloves mold to the hands, they can be a bit stiff.

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Gore Tex winter motorcycle gloves

Richa Motorcycle Cold Protect Gt

This model is one of those recommended to those who are wondering which are the best motorcycle gloves on the market, since they are carefully made and have adequate performance for driving and good grip on the handlebars. 

These Gore Tex winter motorcycle gloves are waterproof, so they are suitable for use in the rain, with proper insulation of the skin and are suitable for use in the cold with inclement weather without causing discomfort. 

So, if you are looking for the best motorcycle gloves for winter, you should know that in addition to the waterproof ring, these are equipped with a mix of leather and textile, as well as a Gore-Tex membrane for better breathability. 

Similarly, they include an internal fleece lining, with soft properties. In addition, for greater resistance, they have reinforcement in the upper layer and a closure system that adjusts both the wrist and the cuff, by means of Velcro.

If you don’t know which motorcycle gloves to buy, check the properties that stand out in this model.


Adjustment: The gloves have an adjustment system through a velcro closure at the cuff and wrist.

Design: Their design is classic and they are available in black, with details alluding to the brand.

Protection: They include additional protection in the area of ​​the knuckles and folds of the fingers.

Construction: Its construction is robust, made from textile material and leather, for greater ergonomics.


Flexibility: These gloves can be a little flexible, but over time they adjust to the hands.

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Children’s motorcycle gloves

Leopard 337MXKGLVBUM

Considered efficient performance motorcycle gloves for children, this model from the manufacturer Leopard is suitable for protecting the hands of the little ones in the house while they practice sports such as motocross. 

In addition, it has a striking, colorful design and it is possible to select between different colors that go from the classic black, through yellow, orange, green, to blue and pink. 

Due to its construction with breathable mesh, with a reinforced thumb and palm area, this alternative is also recognized as thermal motorcycle gloves, which protect from the cold during the winter and autumn seasons and allow adequate ventilation inside on sunny days. 

Similarly, they have a strong velcro closure system, which incorporates a wrist strap for convenient adjustment according to the person. Depending on the dimensions of the hand, you can select between size S, M, L or XL. 

Before choosing quickly, it is important to know the specifications of the model that catches your attention. Read the ones corresponding to this model.


Design: Its design is low cut and, being for children, the gloves are available in a wide variety of colors.

Adjustment: They have a strong velcro adjustment closure system.

Construction: They have a strong breathable mesh construction, with reinforcement in some areas.

Use: Its use is recommended for children who practice motocross and wish to reinforce the protection of their hands.


Size: It is convenient to check the size and dimensions of the hand for a convenient fit.

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Dainese motorcycle gloves

Dainese Carbon D1 Long

Dainese motorcycle gloves are currently one of the most recommended for having a practical and functional design that protects the hands from injuries and makes it easier to grip the motorcycle handlebars. They have a sporty and aggressive design with a long cut, so they protect much more than just the hands. 

The gloves are available in predominantly black, with contrasting details in red and white tones, incorporating the brand’s name in the area of ​​the knuckles. Due to their construction and ergonomics, they adapt to the shape of the hand, granting flexibility, mobility and are suitable as road motorcycle gloves, since they are made with a combination of robust materials that includes sheepskin and goatskin. 

Similarly, they are equipped with carbon fiber elements and reinforcement in some areas for better absorption of possible shocks and include a non-slip grip for a secure hold.

Dainese Carbon D1 Long is a model that is worth getting to know in depth, because it represents the best brand of motorcycle gloves. Here are its pros and cons.


Ergonomics: It has an ergonomic closure that adjusts to the shape of the hand and fingers.

Design: It has a sporty design that is available in black, combined with red and white.

Construction: It has a strong construction, made with robust materials in goat and sheep skin.

Reinforcement: It has a reinforcement in the knuckle area and a non-slip grip on the palm and fingers.


Closure: Although it is equipped with velcro, over time it loses strength and fit.

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custom motorcycle gloves

Bikers Gear Australia Grstbr-l

If you are looking for leather motorcycle gloves that are suitable and have an avant-garde and masculine style, this model from the manufacturer Bikers Gear Australia could be the right alternative for you, because it is made of cowhide and is resistant and durable. 

For added protection, this option is equipped with a reinforcement on the palm as well as the knuckle and finger area. To achieve the desired fit, you can use the strap located at the wrist, with a velcro closure system.

In addition, these custom motorcycle gloves fit the hand ergonomically and provide an adequate level of protection, with a balance between rigidity and flexibility. They are available in brown, with a roasted leather effect, which makes them look worn and old. Being made of leather, its weight is light, less than 500 grams.

A successful purchase combines quality and good price. Review the attributes of this model.


Weight: The gloves have a light weight of less than 500 grams, so its use is comfortable and practical to carry.

Construction: They have a strong construction made of cowhide, so they are durable.

Design: Its design is masculine and has a brown roasted leather style, with air intake.

Adjustment: They have a velcro adjustment system that allows them to fit the hand.


Use: These gloves are indicated only for summer, due to their low thermal protection.

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Garibaldi motorcycle gloves

Garibaldi Scream

Those who want practical gloves that stand out for being versatile and useful in different seasons, cannot pass up these Garibaldi motorcycle gloves, which are one of the most recommended by the user community. This alternative has a classic design of integral protection of the hands, since it covers from the fingers to the wrist. 

They are available in black, with white and red brand details. Its construction is robust, made of strong materials, with a seamless and anti-wrinkle inner lining for greater comfort, as well as carbon on the knuckles. This Garibaldi proposal is convenient to be used both in spring and summer. 

The gloves have an adequate level of protection and ventilation channels for constant air intake, preventing the hot weather from affecting the driver’s hands. In addition, they include silicone on the palm for better support and they are cheap motorcycle gloves.

Garibaldi is a renowned brand, with models that perform well on the road. Read what your model offers.


Design: They have a mid-cut design, available in black, with white and red details.

Utility: They are practical to be used on hot days, because they have a ventilation system.

Construction: They are made of goatskin on the back and palm and include carbon protection on the knuckles.

Adjustment: They fit the wrist properly through velcro closure. 


Winter: Although they could be used in winter, they do not have a thermal lining, so they are not suitable for that season.

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Guide to buying motorcycle gloves

When driving a motorcycle, it is necessary to have protective equipment that makes journeys safer, preventing injuries or abrasions if an incident occurs. This also applies to gloves, since the hands are one of the most exposed parts. If you want to make a successful purchase, it is prudent to consider attributes that denote quality, for optimized performance. If you want all the details about the most important features in this piece, read our guide to buying the best motorcycle gloves on the market.

Shopping guide


When making a comparison of motorcycle gloves, you will notice that there are different models that adjust to different user requirements, so that design is much more than aesthetics. The style of the motorcycle gloves allows you to select the level of protection and the cuff. Although the safest are those options that completely cover the fingers, there are some that only cover half of them. 

The same happens in relation to the cane, which is the length of the glove with respect to the wrist. In this segment, you can find low-cut, medium-cut and high-cut gloves, which are those that cover a little beyond the wrist. In the same way, aesthetics cannot be missing, being possible to select between male, female, unisex, sports, racing, children’s, vintage and much more models. Another characteristic of the design that can be selected is the color, adjusted to the tastes and personality of each person.

Materials and manufacturing

When making an intelligent purchase, the materials that the manufacturer has used to make motorcycle gloves should be analyzed. In addition, this attribute will give you an estimate of how much the product costs, since, according to its quality, the price, ergonomics, and durability vary. 

In this sense, you can find various types of clothing, with reinforced finishes on the external seams, seamless and pleated on the internal lining, as well as other details. In relation to the materials, there are some alternatives made of leather with textile, while others are only made of textile. 

Similarly, it is necessary to examine the inside of the gloves, since some are equipped with a thermal lining, being suitable for winter weather. On the other hand, some gloves have an avant-garde construction, by including a heating system to regulate the temperature inside.


Just as important as design and construction is ventilation, so if you’ve gotten your hands on a cheap model of motorcycle gloves, it would be wise to look at whether this price tag is accompanied by a piece of adequate performance and convenient ventilation. This will guarantee the entry of air inside the gloves and allow proper perspiration, so that the hands remain fresh. 

In this sense, there are some alternatives that are equipped with a microfiber textile lining, with holes for ventilation. On the other hand, other proposals incorporate small-sized channels for air intake, for which they are suitable pieces for both winter and summer.

Size and fit

Before making a hasty purchase, it is necessary to select the size of the gloves, according to the dimensions of the hand. The vast majority of models are available in sizes ranging from S to XL. However, each brand has its own size chart that covers different measurements.

Another feature that should be analyzed is the closing system. One of the most practical and fastest modalities is the adjustment through a velcro closure at the wrist. This system must be strong and allow pressure to be exerted so that the gloves are snug and comfortable.

Utility and grip

Manufacturers make from gloves for daily use in the city, to others that have been equipped with greater features, designed for travel. Similarly, within the brand alternatives, some are designed for summer, with greater ventilation, while others are for winter, so they have a thermal lining and a waterproof exterior, among other attributes. 

On the other hand, whatever the use, the most recommended is that the selected model has a good handlebar grip system, with non-slip properties and silicone incorporation. Similarly, some options include carbon protection for the knuckles and special material for the fingers, which allow the use of touch equipment, without having to remove the gloves.  

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use motorcycle gloves?

To use motorcycle gloves, it is recommended to have clean and dry hands. Then you need to take the gloves, open them and shake them so that the hand can enter them. Next, you must insert your hand into the hole of the gloves, taking care that each finger corresponds to the area specified for it. After you have completed the process on one hand, you will need to move on to the other. Finally, make the necessary adjustments so that there are no folds and close comfortably with the Velcro.

Q2: How to wash motorcycle gloves?

The maintenance and cleaning will depend on the manufacturing material of the gloves. In the case of genuine leather models, they require hydration so that they look good and protect adequately. Cleaning requires a damp cloth with warm water, as well as a neutral detergent, which should be removed with cold water. In addition, it is prudent to moisturize with a specific cream for leather, so that it does not lose its properties. In the case of models made of textile, they can be machine washed. However, due to the velcro, it is recommended that they be previously inserted into a pillowcase and then the washing cycle is done. 

Q3: How to remove bad smell from motorcycle gloves?

It is normal for motorcycle gloves, after a while, to begin to have a bad smell due to the sweat of the hands. To remove the bad smell, it is recommended to wash them periodically inside. To do this, you must clean the interior with a cloth and warm water, as well as neutral detergent or a specific product for interiors, which could be the same as that used for the padding of the helmet. Later, when they are dry, you can add a little talcum powder to prevent bad odors. 

Q4: How to soften motorcycle gloves?

In general, motorcycle gloves made of leather can be a bit stiff at first. However, this will only be during the first few uses, since later the material will give way until they fit properly in the hand. To soften gloves, the main recommendation is constant use. Another recommendation is to moisten a cloth with alcohol and pass it over the surface. Also, leather gloves can be rubbed with conditioner on a regular basis to break them down.

Q5: How to enlarge small motorcycle gloves?

There are a few ways to make gloves fit your hands better. One of them is taking some newspaper, tear it into strips and make small balls that you must then moisten and then insert into the gloves until they are full. Next, the gloves should be put in the refrigerator for 12 hours and when they are removed they will be a little larger. However, the recommendation is that you buy the right size, since any method to enlarge could be ineffective or insufficient.

Q6: How to measure the hand to choose the motorcycle gloves?

You will require the help of a tape measure and you will need to place your hand with your fingers together. Then, you must measure the palm of the hand from the widest area, to the other side, that is, at the height of the knuckles and make the circumference, leaving out the thumb. You can do this measurement twice to avoid errors. Then, take the measurement and consult the size guide of the preferred brand and model.

Q7: How do heated motorcycle gloves work?

These models work by emitting heat inside the glove by adjusting the temperature at various levels that can be controlled by means of an integrated remote. The heat it supplies usually lasts for a period of 30 minutes and, in order to generate it, the gloves incorporate a rechargeable battery; so it is necessary to have the gloves charged for them to work properly.

Q8: How to fix motorcycle gloves?

This will depend on the damage that has occurred. In the case of holes in the palm, there are those who recommend the use of resin that, although it hardens when it solidifies, provides flexibility to the area. Other people add leather patches to the affected area. However, the advice of the experts is that, for safety, they are replaced as soon as possible with a new pair.

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