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Motorcycle locks – Buying and Comparison Guide in 2022

Thefts are frequent when it comes to motorcycles. These have increased in recent years, since motorcycles are vehicles of easy mobility and smaller than a car. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to safety and have a prevention system, the motorcycle lock being one of them. Amid the number of options available, there are two alternatives that stand out. First of all, the AGPTEK S2G-EU is a lock that includes an anti-theft alarm, being suitable for placing on the motorcycle wheel disk, preventing it from turning. Next, Lampa 90601 is a simple padlock model that includes two sets of keys.

Opinions on the best motorcycle locks

To increase safety in two-wheeled vehicles, it is necessary to have an additional security system through motorcycle locks. There are many brands, models and designs available today, so making a decision can be a complex task. However, below we will review the characteristics of the alternatives that have been considered the best motorcycle locks on the market.

disc lock for motorcycle 


The manufacturer AGPTEK presents a model that is repeatedly mentioned by users as the best motorcycle lock on the market, for being a resistant alternative and with an adequate anti-theft security system. Due to its attributes, it is a disc lock for motorcycles, so it must be placed on the tire disc to prevent it from turning and moving. 

The construction of this padlock is made of resistant materials, with an aluminum alloy core and a seamless body of the same material. In addition, it is waterproof, tolerating cuts and corrosion. 

It is also equipped with an audible alarm, which emits an alert of 110 decibels. It is an alternative that can be used to lock motorcycles and also bicycles. Its use is simple: you just have to press the core to close. It is compatible with various brands of motorcycles and requires batteries for its operation. Includes carry bag and two keys. 

This option is one of the most promoted, so do not forget to know the details of this model considered as the best motorcycle lock of the moment. 


Design: It has a design that is available in green and its weight is about 350 grams.

Accessories: Includes the coin cell battery, a disassembly tool, a protective case and two keys.

Alarm: In addition to locking, the padlock incorporates an alarm that sounds at 110 decibels.

Construction: It has a robust core and body construction made from aluminum alloy.


Sensitivity: The alarm is only triggered when the movements are very strong, being less sensitive.

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Buddygo with Alarm

It is a motorcycle disc lock that incorporates an alarm sensitive to any vibration or shock to its structure. In this sense, it can emit a sound of 110 dB to alert you to the presence of a possible criminal.

To promote resistance, it is a model made of steel and is waterproof, so it can withstand corrosion and high temperatures. Similarly, it has a robust structure to resist blows and cuts by pressure tools.

As for security, it has 7 mm locking bolts, which provide a rigid system that can hardly be broken. It also includes 12 batteries for the alarm and 3 keys to open the padlock. Also, it is important to mention that you should not use the keys for the lock, it is only necessary to press the core when you want to close the lock quickly.

If you are looking for an accessory to guarantee the safety of your motorcycle, you should have a resistant and functional lock, like this model from the Buddygo brand.


Alarm: It has an alarm that can reach 110 dB, so you can easily hear it from a distance.

Resistance: It is made of steel and is waterproof, which favors a long useful life.

Accessories: Among its accessories it includes 1 cable, 3 opening keys and 12 batteries for the alarm.


Sensitivity: The vibration of the rain could activate the alarm, so it is advisable to place it in a covered space when it rains.

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motorcycle helmet lock 

Lamp 90601 

If after knowing some alternatives you have still not been able to answer the question about which is the best motorcycle lock on the market, then you should take a look at the characteristics of this model. 

Due to its design, this alternative is a motorcycle helmet lock, since it serves to protect the motorcycle helmet from theft, through a system that allows the user to leave it adjusted on the motorcycle. Therefore, it is a convenient option to use on bicycles, handbags, among others. 

In addition, it is made of resistant materials, with a steel core and scratch-proof plastic coating. For added security in case of loss, the lock includes a set of two keys. In this way, you can add one to the conventional keyring and leave the other at home to replace in case of any eventuality.  

Those who do not know which motorcycle lock to buy may be interested in knowing more about the properties of this Lampa model.


Design: It has a simple and conventional design, consisting of a lock core and a cable.

Versatility: It is suitable for use as a safety mechanism on motorcycles, bicycles, helmets and more.

Construction: It has a robust construction with a steel core and cable covered in rubber and plastic.

Keys: For greater protection in case of loss, the model includes a set of two keys.


Jamming: Although the locking system is efficient, it may be cumbersome to remove the lock, because the system eventually jams.

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Little World LWTKS01 

To keep your helmet safe while you leave it on your motorcycle, nothing better than using the Little World LWTKS01 motorcycle helmet lock. This model has been designed to be resistant during use, but light when handling it.

The padlock cable has a total length of 180 centimeters, as well as a spring format cord system. Inside, we find a braided steel cable, which makes it difficult to cut and is very resistant. The entire piece is covered with rubber in the form of a D, so as not to scratch anything during use.

Regarding the closure, it has a three-digit combination system, which does not require a key to open. A system similar to that of the suitcase locks and that will keep the helmet in place, protected against any theft attempt.

Keep your helmet safe with comfort thanks to this complete lock from Little World, located among the cheapest at the moment.


Convenience: The braided cable is 1.8 meters long, self-coiling and very easy to assemble. In addition, it is completely covered with protective rubber.

Closure: The combination and cable-free closure system makes it easy to keep your helmet secure when you don’t need to use it.

Lightweight: The weight of the lock is about 140 grams, so it will hardly bother you when you are not using it.


Codes: It is essential that the codes are correctly placed on the padlock dials to open.

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Motorcycle lock with alarm

Urban Security UR6

If you want a security system that, in addition to protecting, also includes an early warning mechanism, then you are looking for a motorcycle lock with an alarm, so you should include this model from Urban Security on your list. 

This anti-theft alternative is designed to be placed on the motorbike’s disc, with 6mm axles, and emits a suitable warning sound of 120 decibels. In the same way, it has a resistant construction, with a metallic body and ABS lid, being its light weight. 

Also, it is waterproof and corrosion proof. On the other hand, it is equipped with sensors that prevent false alarms, as well as a long-lasting battery. In case of forgetting, it is equipped with a warning function that emits a different alert than the anti-theft one. Its operation is simple: it is only necessary to fit and the steel lock will be activated.

The analysis of the alternatives leads to a smart purchase. Learn more about this Urban Security model.


Design: It has a robust design available in yellow, which is suitable for 6 mm axles. 

Construction: Its construction is strong and durable, made with metal and ABS plastic cover.

Alarm: In addition to being a security device, it also emits an alarm for early warning.

Battery: It has a long-lasting battery that allows prolonged use of the alarm.


Sound: Although its sound is loud, it may not be heard efficiently in the bustle of the city.

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Linkax 1715

The motorcycle lock with alarm is a good alternative to traditional products. A solution with which to have additional protection to prevent theft. In this segment, we find proposals such as the Linkax 1715 padlock.

This has a traditional design, which allows it to be mounted on any motorcycle brake disc and even on other vehicles, such as scooters or bicycles. The clasp is firm and it is not possible to break it without using heavy tools and mounting a lot of noise. 

However, if any thieves try it, it will set off its 110 decibel loud alarm. This sounds for about 10 seconds in case of perceiving vibrations, turning off afterwards. Enough for the thief to flee scared by the noise he has caused. And in case you are not clear, since this lock is among the cheap models in our selection, it could well be the best price-quality motorcycle lock in its segment.

If you don’t want to lose sight of your motorcycle, nothing better than protecting it with a lock with an alarm.


Power : The 110 decibels of the siren are enough to scare away thieves and warn you of the attempted robbery.

Versatile : It is suitable for protecting all types of motorcycles compatible with its mounting system on the brake disc.

Resistant : Its high quality construction makes it ideal for outdoors, without being affected by the cold or the rain.


Sensitivity : The product has a little more sensitivity than it should, causing false alarms in noisy or busy environments.

Duration : The duration of the alarm is about 10 seconds, perhaps something short to realize it.

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Luma motorcycle lock

Luma Enduro 48 Chain

Those who want to improve security when they leave their motorcycle parked can opt for this model that stands out for having a competitive price and adequate performance for theft prevention. The Luma motorcycle lock has a basic protection system through a chain that provides a secure and anti-theft lock. 

Both the chain and the core of the model are made of strong, yet lightweight metal alloy. This property, together with a compact size, makes the alternative easy to transport and convenient to carry in any space, even if it is small. 

On the other hand, it has a conventional design, available in orange, while the chain has a black cover, with brand details also in orange. Likewise, it is equipped with a set that includes two keys, so that if one is lost, it can be replaced.

For a purchase to be efficient, the different aspects of the product must be known. Here are the pros and cons of this alternative. 


Design: Its design is practical, since it includes a locking core and a black and orange chain.

Construction: Its construction is strong and resistant, made from robust materials such as metal alloy. 

Compatibility: It is convenient as a security and anti-theft mechanism for different motorcycle models.

Keys: Includes a set of keys with two units, one being a spare.


Basic: This is a basic model, which lacks additional options, so for some it may be insufficient.

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Anti-theft motorcycle lock

Abus U Granite Extreme

Not surprisingly, this Abus alternative is considered by many users to be the best motorcycle lock. The design is in a simple yet functional and strong U-shaped style, which has been equipped by its manufacturer with a dense and robust locking core. 

It is gray in color, preserving the properties of its manufacturing materials, since it is built with a dense metal alloy structure, so its weight is high, approximately three kilos. Likewise, this anti-theft motorcycle lock has interior measurements of 11.1 cm, as well as 31 cm in length, which are convenient. 

Meanwhile, the bar is 16mm thick, but being lined in protective rubber, the thickness goes up to about 19mm. This alternative includes a set of keys made up of two units, to be replaced in case of loss. In addition, it is convenient as a security system for different motorcycle models.

If you want to buy a quality model, then it will be appropriate for you to learn more about this Abus product.


Design: It has a robust U-shaped design, which is available in gray.

Compatibility: It is an alternative that serves to increase safety in different types of motorcycles. 

Construction: It has a robust construction, with an unbreakable lock made of dense metal.

Keys: Includes a set of keys that is made up of two units, one of which is spare.


Price: It has a price that can be high. Although it is made with quality materials, its cost is much higher than that of other options.

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Guide to buying a motorcycle lock

The safety and security of two-wheelers must not be neglected. Therefore, an adequate security system must be in place. When it comes to anti-theft mechanisms, hasty purchases are not an option. The appropriate thing is to be able to know about the characteristics of these systems and thus make an efficient purchase. For this reason, we have prepared a guide to buy the best motorcycle lock on the market, with all the attributes that you should analyze before buying. 

Shopping guide


In the comparison of motorcycle locks, the design should be analyzed as a fundamental factor to make the correct choice of the model that will fit your needs. In this sense, with the variety of brands and alternatives, there are many designs available on the market. 

For this reason, they can be obtained from padlocks that block the wheel through the disk, preventing its mobility, to other simpler alternatives that include a chain and a central locking system. With the latter you can protect not only the motorcycle, but also the helmet, as well as other objects. Similarly, there are some options that are equipped with a reminder cable, with which the user will be aware that the lock is still activated. 


Before making a hasty purchase, it is necessary to have an estimate of how much a motorcycle lock costs and, for this, it is necessary to know the materials that the manufacturer included to make the product. In the case of padlocks, a general rule is that they must be resistant and robust. However, there are different constructions. So you can get some alternatives made of dense stainless steel, as well as others in aluminum, zinc or other metal alloys.

Similarly, other materials are also included to enhance the design or combine with metals for better performance. These are usually rubber and ABS plastic. On the other hand, the best alternatives are those with a strong and unbreakable core. In addition, being systems that will be installed on motorcycles and that will be outdoors, they must have resistant, waterproof and corrosion-proof constructions. In general, these models tend to be more expensive, but with adequate performance and quality, for greater durability. 

Lock and security system

In the market you can get a cheap motorcycle lock, as well as other higher cost alternatives. However, for the price to be justified, it is necessary to verify the locking and security system that it includes. The recommendation is that the locking system is secure and serves to prevent theft or at least to thwart it. 

Therefore, there are different security modes. For example, there are some padlocks with a basic locking system with a core lock. To be able to place them, it is necessary to fit and click, while, to remove, it is necessary to use a key provided by the manufacturer. Similarly, there are other alternatives that are equipped with more technological systems that are activated through a control. 

Other models include a locking system through a numerical security code, of personal domain, without which it is impossible to open the padlock, so these options do not have keys. On the other hand, for greater security, there are alternatives on the market that are equipped with GPS monitoring and control systems. 

Although these motorcycle locks do not prevent theft, they do give the user a report of the exact location of the device in real time. With this information, which is usually received by email or directly to the mobile, you can go to the authorities and recover the motorcycle.  


Although it is about motorcycle locks, there are some options that are equipped with additional attributes, which serve to increase the security of the motorcycle through early warning and sound. For this reason, some proposals can be distinguished that are equipped with alarms. So, in addition to blocking when the motion and shock sensors are activated, the alarm will start emitting a loud sound, which can vary between 110 and 120 decibels depending on the brand, as well as turning on the flashing lights. 

Depending on the model, the lock may or may not include this feature. Similarly, there are some options that allow you to use the lock with the alarm or remove it. Likewise, you can also get models that are equipped with long-lasting batteries and early warning notices. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a motorcycle lock?

It will depend on each model and type of padlock. When it comes to the conventional alternatives, it is only necessary to make an adjustment and press for the pieces of the lock to fit. Upon hearing a “click”, the locking system will be activated. In the case of models that include an alarm, you must follow the same procedure as above and then press a button on the remote so that its sensors are activated. 

Q2: Where to put a motorcycle lock?

This will depend on the model and operation of the padlock. One of the most popular models, due to their high degree of security and protection, are disc motorcycle locks. The function of these is to prevent the rotation of one of the tires. Therefore, these types of locks are designed to be put on the disc shafts. Similarly, there are some other alternatives that are designed to be placed on the handlebar, but require a fixed element to hold on to. The same in the case of the U-shaped alternatives, locks that hold the bike to a fixed base.

Q3: Which lock is safer for a motorcycle?

A criminal could steal a motorcycle despite the lock it has. This is because these systems are usually preventive. Knowing this information, the models that tend to provide greater security are those that include an audible alert system, with flashing lights. These will not necessarily prevent theft from taking place, but will issue an early warning that will put both the owner and the guards in the area on notice. It is important that these locks have sensors, emit a loud sound and are able to recognize false alarms. Other models that stand out for having an additional feature are GPS padlocks, which offer the possibility of tracking the vehicle.

 Q4: How to put a motorcycle disc lock?

Being these padlocks of compact dimensions, their manipulation is simple. In general, these models must be fixed on the rear wheel of the motorcycle. To do this, with the lock in hand, you must approach the rear wheel and position yourself at the height of the tire. Next, you need to open the lock and insert it into the vehicle disc, right on the axle, and close the lock so that the lock is activated. For this, a little pressure should be exerted and a click should be heard. This action will prevent the bike from moving, because the wheel will not be able to turn.  

Q5: How to wear the lock on a moving motorcycle?

This should not be possible because it is a security system for the motorcycle lock. That is, the purpose of the padlock is to prevent it from moving. There have been some eventualities in which, due to forgetfulness, the user decides to start the motorcycle. According to the quality, when starting it could break. Now, if it is the padlock alarm, there are some versions that are activated while driving and prevent the vehicle from moving, starting the audible alert.

On the other hand, if what you want is to wear it deactivated, it is only necessary to place it in the motorcycle suitcase or in your handbag. Another alternative is to place it in any tube of the motorcycle; just remember to have the key with you, otherwise it will remain as an accessory on the bike until you find it.

Q6: What is a motorcycle helmet lock for?

It can be used both to secure the motorcycle and to incorporate the helmet into this security system. Thanks to this, this protection element for the cranial area and face can be left on the motorcycle, without having to carry it from one place to another. For this reason, it is a convenient alternative when you want to be on the street lightly and without burdens. Some serve to be installed under the seat and once they are locked it is impossible to remove them, unless the core is opened in an authorized way through the key. 

Q7: How to activate a motorcycle lock with alarm?

The activation of these models is simple, if the installation has been done properly and if the alarm system is in proper working order. To activate, it is only necessary to press a button on the remote control and the sensors incorporated in the padlock will begin to work automatically, until the alarm is deactivated remotely with the same control. 

Q8: How to test a motorcycle lock with alarm?

The best way to do the test is to try to handle the motorcycle without having deactivated the locking system of the padlock. In this situation, the shock and motion sensors should activate, which will sound the alert. Now, if after unauthorized manipulation the padlock remains silent, then it does not work.

» Review information from previous years

These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available

Qomolo DF8303

Este candado de disco para moto comercializado por Qomolo tiene un sistema de funcionamiento a través del bloqueo de una de las ruedas de la moto, siendo apto tanto para bicicletas como para vehículos de dos ruedas. 

Está fabricado con materiales de buena calidad y resistencia, con una estructura clásica de color negro que ha sido construida en acero inoxidable forjado, siendo resistente a las caídas y al agua. De allí que el modelo figure en las listas de los mejores candados para moto del 2022. 

Además, incluye un cable de recordatorio para retirar el dispositivo del disco y tiene un largo adecuado de 1,2 metros. De igual modo, está equipado con una alarma sonora de 110 decibelios y un sensor de choque sensible, pero que es capaz de diferenciar entre una manipulación y un viento fuerte. Por otro lado, su funcionamiento es sencillo: solo es necesario ajustar y encajar con presión.

Para comprar, es necesario considerar la experiencia del fabricante, siendo Qomolo un fuerte contendiente a convertirse en la mejor marca de candados para moto. Conoce más sobre su modelo.


Diseño: Cuenta con un diseño clásico que está disponible en color negro e incluye cable recordatorio.

Construcción: Su construcción es robusta y está hecha en acero inoxidable, resistente al agua.

Alertas: Además de bloquear, emite un sonido de alerta a 110 decibelios, con una señal previa de 3 repeticiones.

Sensores: Está equipado con sensores de movimiento y choque sensibles que distinguen falsas alarmas.


Sonido: En entornos de ruido natural, el sonido de la alarma podría pasar desapercibido.

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