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Tires – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

Car tires are vital for good performance on the road, since if they are not the right ones they could cause serious problems. The selection of this type of product requires great attention regarding the issue of compatibility, so you must be careful and not make a hasty purchase. If it’s a set of 19-inch wheels you’re looking for, the BMW X3 F25 is a great option, as they have a 309 double-spoke design and Runflat technology, which allows you to drive even when punctures occur. Another alternative is the BBS SR010, with a diameter of 16 inches, a width of 7 inches and a trellis style that breaks the trend of more classic rims with arms or poles.

The best tires on the market

The market for articles aimed at cars dedicates a large sector to rims, so you can find models with different specifications regarding the raw material used for manufacturing, format and compatibility. In the next section, we tell you a little about the best tires on the market.

BMW rims

BMW X3 F25

The BMW X3 F25 alloy wheels have a special aerodynamic design of the brand, which offer a sportier style to the vehicle, while improving handling with better stabilization. The metal of the rims is a very light and stable aluminum alloy, with a diameter of 19 inches. 

If we talk about its design, it should be mentioned that the exterior is 309-type double spokes and, like all BMW brand wheels, they have Runflat technology. This is a very convenient quality that allows the vehicle to circulate normally and with the greatest safety, even after having suffered a puncture.

It should be noted that these rims are only suitable for the front of the car and for recommended tire sizes of 245/50 R19 99H.


Materials: The rims are made of a very resistant and light aluminum alloy, which protects them against the usual wear and tear of driving.

Design: The 309’s low, double-spoke design gives the vehicle a sporty look while offering added stability.

Runflat: They have Runflat technology, which allows you to drive normally and safely when you suffer a puncture.


Compatibility: They are rims made for BMW brand cars, so they are not suitable for other brands.

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BBS rims

boards sr010

When we look for the best brand of car tires, BBS is one of those that never misses the appointment. We have the proof in models such as the BBS SR010 rims, whose design and technology are above the market average.

These rims change the traditional cane design for a kind of lattice. A solution that generates adequate stability when driving and adds a touch of elegance to the wheels. Something that is also noticeable in the finish of the piece, made in a beautiful pearl gray color with a slight gradient.

Regarding its dimensions, the rim follows the standard 16-inch diameter with a union system of five hubs of 115 millimeters each. The rim width is 7 inches, so it is easy to mount on many vehicles and with different low profile tires.

After analyzing this tire, these would be its most outstanding characteristics.


Style: Opposite the cane rims, this model has a beautiful lattice design, very elegant.

Colour: The mixture of gray tones with the gradient of the paint gives the piece a very attractive touch.

Compatibility: Since we are talking about 16-inch wheels, these are suitable for many vehicles.

Seal: The piece is finished off with the brand’s logo, located right in the center of it.


Screws: The rim is held by five bolts, having to verify beforehand if the system is suitable for your vehicle.

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OZ rims

OZ Formula HLT

With so many models, it’s no wonder you’re wondering which tires are best. However, a recommended design is the OZ rims, which stand out among their competitors due to the high quality of the alloy used for their manufacture. In this sense, we can indicate that it is a resistant product and that it will accompany your car for a long time.

These 17-inch car wheels have a central hole with a diameter of 68 millimeters, a width of seven inches and their ET corresponds to 37 millimeters. In addition, they incorporate a total of four holes on a center of 100 millimeters, arranged for the adjustment of the bolts. In the same way, the weight of only 7.62 kilograms that the structure has makes it a fairly light tire.

Defining which tires to buy may require more time than you expected, since there are many existing models. Here are the pros and cons of 17-inch wheels.


Weight: Its weight of 7.62 kilograms is one of the lightest.

Format: The rim has a diameter – width of 17 x 7 inches, this being a suitable format.

Holes: The holes arranged for the bolts are four and are in a circle of 100 millimeters in diameter, benefiting the adjustment.

Manufacturing: Alloy was used for these rims, so you will enjoy a highly resistant structure.


Deterioration: It is possible that with daily use and exposure to the elements, the structure begins to show premature deterioration.

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Japan Racing Rims

Japan Racing JR11 Matt Black

Among the best wheels of 2022, there is also room for a Japan Racing model. Specifically, we have opted for the Japan Racing JR11 rims, specially designed for competition. Something that is perceived in every detail of its structure.

At first glance, the extremely short arms are striking, which translates into less weight and more stability when driving. An aspect that is reinforced by an improved fastening system, which better distributes the efforts in each curve or straight.

Its manufacture is the usual aluminum, so each wheel weighs 10 kilos. An adjusted amount if we consider that the wheels are 17 inches in diameter and 9 inches wide. This structure is finished off with the brand’s stamp, as well as the space for the valve, which will always be accessible on the outside of the rim.

Feel like a racer thanks to these high-quality, purely racing rims.


Format: The open format, with thin and resistant rods, better ventilates the inside of the rim and the brake system.

Construction: Its high-strength construction reliably withstands the most aggressive driving.

Compatibility: The rim has a design of 17 inches in diameter and a width of 9 inches, supporting a good number of equivalences and tires.


Price: It is not one of the cheapest options that we have analyzed, although its cost is not out of place within the competition segment and everything it offers.

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aluminum rims

Oxygen 14 Oxrock

Those who want to enjoy the best value for money wheels, the invitation is to place the following model of aluminum wheels among their purchase options, because it is one of the cheapest products in our selection. In addition, it has an elegant aesthetic, a light body and well-crafted finishes that show off its quality.

These rims have been provided with a resistant and durable structure, treated inside with professional black paint and duly polished outside area. In this sense, you will not have to worry about its deterioration due to corrosion or typical scratches.

Regarding the attributes of these cheap 17-inch wheels, we have that their central hole corresponds to 72 millimeters, the width of the structure is 7.5 inches, they incorporate five holes for the respective adjustment of the bolts and the ET is 42 millimeters.

These wheels have an elegant structure, resistant and with a good finish, which you should analyze for a possible purchase. In addition, they are considered one of the cheapest.


Format: These are wheels with a beneficial 17-inch format with a width of 7.5 inches.

Manufacturing: High-end polished aluminum was used for its manufacture, providing resistance.

Holes: These rims have a total of five holes, arranged for you to carry out the adjustment of the bolts.

ET: The ET of these aluminum rims corresponds to 42 millimeters, offering durability and good adaptation.


Flimsy: There are those who comment that the structure of the tires has a flimsy appearance.

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Audi rims

WMR Wheels F931 BLD 

If what you need are wheels for Audi, you have options such as the WMR Wheels F931 BLD model. A product with a diameter of 18 inches and a width of 8 inches, which makes it suitable for vehicles such as the A4 AllRoad, the A5 or the A7, among others.

This rim is made from high quality aluminum in a five-spoke design with five mounting holes as usual. Despite its high strength, the rim weighs just 7 kilos, making it extremely light. It is also correctly balanced, maintaining greater stability.

In order to make it stand out better, the rim design is finished in dark tones, as opposed to the conventional aluminum color. Plus, this finish has a beautiful gloss hue, so its look will turn heads wherever you go.

We leave you some more details of this model, so that you can evaluate if it is what suits you.


Format: Its five-spoke format gives the vehicle a touch of elegance, helping to maintain driving stability.

Weight: The tire weighs just 7 kilos, so it is ideal for not adding more load to the vehicle or to the wheel and tire assembly.

Design: The design of the piece has a beautiful finish, in a dark tone with a shiny finish.


Compatibility: As always, it is key to verify that your vehicle is compatible with this type of tire.

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Alloy wheels

Momo WRVE9083012S

The Momo WRVE9083012S alloy wheels are made from a combination of steel and aluminium, which offers great thermal dispersion, so that the useful life of the wheels is much longer, since the heat produced by the rolling of the wheel and by the brake discs does not affect the stability of the metal. It also has a rotary forming technology construction, so they are lighter and stronger.

In terms of design, it is a wide profile, with double spokes and a modern and sporty look. The alloy wheels have a Revenge-type design and have five central nuts for a complete and secure fixation of the rim on the axle. 

On the other hand, they are 18 inches in diameter and 9 inches wide, with spaces for 112 inches of screws, and are approved for urban and street circulation.


Centering rings: The centering rings that are necessary for their correct installation are included in the package of the rims.

Design: It has a very modern and sporty design, with Revenge-type alloy wheels.

Fitment: Feature 5 112-inch bolt holes, allowing for secure placement of the tires on the axle.


Weight: The tires weigh 8 kg each, which can be a problem for certain users who are looking for light tires for sporty driving.

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17-inch wheels

Japan Racing JR11 Matte

The 17-inch Japan Racing JR11 wheels are made of high-quality aluminum and steel alloy. The material of the rims is resistant and has thermal dispersion properties, so that they do not heat up excessively while driving, since they are capable of absorbing the heat of braking and dissipating it so as not to deform.

They also have a matte black finish and a very modern and attractive design, with 10 narrow spokes and the Japan Racing logo silk-screened in the center, surrounded by the holes for the lug nuts. On the other hand, they weigh 10 kilograms and have a wider design, as they are intended for racing cars that use wider tires.

Each wheel is sold separately, so in order to make a complete change, it will be necessary to buy the set of four.


Design: The racing-style design of the rim, with the ten narrow and slightly curved spokes, makes it a very striking model.

Materials: Being a competition rim, it is made of a lighter and more resistant alloy.

Finish: The matte black finish, with the brand’s logo in the center surrounded by the lug nuts, is very eye-catching and in keeping with Japanese racing cars.


Unit: Each tire is sold separately, so to make a complete change it is necessary to buy four products, which increases the final price.

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replica rims


These replica rims are a creation of WSP ITALY, which since its introduction to the market has been deserving of good comments. And it is that according to the experience of use of a significant number of buyers, the product stands out above its competitors, due to having an adequate level of support and resistance to wear. In addition, they are aesthetically pleasing rims, so they manage to catch the eye when installed on the car.

These are 20-inch wheels, made of high-end aluminum. The width of the structure corresponds to eight inches, the central area is 63.4 millimeters and a total of five holes are distributed in it, which is where the bolts are adjusted. We cannot fail to mention a specification of great importance such as the ET, for which the manufacturer provided a measurement of 45 millimeters.

WSP ITALY BRAY is a model of rims that will capture your attention from the first moment, since it has quite attractive characteristics.


Format: The structure of these 20-inch wheels has a width corresponding to eight inches, favoring their adaptation.

ET: As specified by the manufacturer, the ET of the rim is 45 millimeters, resulting in a convenient size.

Center: The 63.5-millimeter center area incorporates a total of five bolt holes.

Manufacturing: Due to its strength, durability and stability, the material selected for these wheels was aluminum.


Cost: The cost of the tire can be high, depending on the budget you have set. However, it is quite an investment.

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mercedes rims

AMG A2134011800

The 18-inch Mercedes by AMG wheels are suitable for the E-Class, W213, S213, C238, A238 Sedan and the T Cabriolet Coupé. They are made of premium quality aluminum alloy and steel, which allows better heat dissipation to prevent deformation and last longer, being resistant to bumps, scratches and normal driving problems. 

The design is the original AMG for Mercedes, with five wide spokes and the brand logo in the center, surrounded by the holes for the 112mm bolts for fixing.

On the other hand, they have a very elegant appearance, since they are the Himalayan gray color typical of Mercedes. The package contains the four rims for a complete change, but the cover is not included, nor the fixing screws, since they are sold separately.


Design: The rims have a very elegant design, typical of a brand like Mercedes, with five wide spokes and the logo in the center.

Materials: They are made of a high-resistance steel and aluminum alloy, which favors the circulation of heat.

Pack : This is a complete pack, which includes the four wheels, which allows the user to save money.


Compatibility: Being Mercedes wheels, they are only compatible with certain models of the brand, which can be a problem for certain users who need wheels for other brands.

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rim accessories

clean rims

Sisbrill V60 Sport

When it comes to caring for your rims, having the right rim cleaner is essential. Fortunately, thanks to the Sisbrill V60 Sport cleaner, it is easy to leave them perfect and without the need to rub.

Its formula has a neutral PH, without acids or harmful elements, so you won’t have to worry about metal deterioration.

In addition, the product creates a protective layer with each application, reducing cleaning frequency and improving rim protection.

All this in a cleaner that does not require rubbing and that can act for up to 30 minutes, removing the most resistant residues without affecting the rim.

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wheel hubs

Hasskyy 74.1-72.6 Silver

One of the essential elements when changing or mounting aluminum rims are the rim centering devices. A product that we do not always give importance to, but that is key for everything to roll as it should.

To circulate calmly, we can rely on options such as the Hasskyy 74.1-72.6 Argent centering pins. 

It is made of high quality aluminium, with high compatibility with all types of rims and with a design that adequately supports the stresses of use.

Its design is compatible with different BMW models, so if your vehicle is of this brand, you won’t have to worry about anything else.

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Guide to buying tires

The rims of our cars are pieces of great importance that cannot be neglected, being necessary to constantly check their good condition. In case you have decided to replace them due to deterioration, you should know that the market has a wide range of options. That is why we have created this guide to buy the best tires, since it will allow you to know all those quality indicators that you cannot ignore.

Shopping guide

Design and format

The design of the rims can have some variations aesthetically speaking, since some have four, five and even six adjustment holes for the bolts. This will depend on the car model. Likewise, when reviewing the different purchase catalogs, you will find models whose structure has been coated with a chrome or titanium treatment, which suggests a quite shiny appearance compared to other enameled rims with professional anti-scratch paint. Both options are attractive and resistant, but in any case, the selection of these aspects will depend exclusively on the taste of each person.

On the other hand, we have the issue of format. And it is that you must emphasize this feature, because if you select the wrong rim diameter, you will not be able to place the tire or adjust the bolts. So, before making the purchase, the recommendation is to confirm that the measurement is correct, knowing that it can be from 13 to 20 inches, with the weight varying in the same way.


The manufacturing materials are always going to star in any comparison of tires that we carry out, since the useful life that the product is capable of offering will directly depend on this aspect.

In general, manufacturers adopt aluminum as the raw material par excellence for the manufacture of wheels. This is because it is a metal with great attributes, among which its resistance, adequate level of support and stability stand out. Similarly, you will find others made of steel that are a little more robust.

In addition, when thinking about purchasing a tire, it is important to verify that the structure has anti-corrosion protection. Remember that the rims are exposed daily to dust and humidity, so it is worth making sure that the enameling has been done with professional paint, preferably anti-scratch. If so, you will be able to extend the good condition of the product for much longer.


It will be useless for the part we are acquiring to be good and cheap if it is not compatible with the space where it will be installed. This applies to any product, being the specific case in this opportunity of car tires.

When selecting a tire, we must take into consideration many quality indicators, but the issue of compatibility is one of the most relevant. Remember that when purchasing a tire it is important to have at hand some information about the car, such as its model and year of manufacture, since comparing this information with that provided in the purchase catalogs will allow you to obtain the exact tire model..

In addition, it is important that you previously verify the user manual corresponding to your car, in order to know the requirements established by the manufacturer, regarding the brands of tires with which it has affinity.


Accessories are elements that manufacturers sometimes incorporate into their products, in order to drastically improve the experience of use and/or assembly, being a specification that can influence how much said item costs.

However, it is important that you take into consideration that although the cost may rise a little compared to other models, it is also true that in the long run you will end up saving money. Remember that the fact of acquiring the accessories separately will always represent an extra investment of both money and time.

Car rims are a good example of this, as when reviewing the different shopping lists you will find a wide variety of designs that have been supplied with sets of bolts and spacers. Likewise, professional paint spray, so that you can carry out some retouching on the structure, polishes, cleaning liquids, with the purpose of eliminating accumulated grease or dirt, centering rings, among others.

The recommendation is to think about the practicality that it can represent to have some annexes at hand when installing the tire, so you should not think twice if the model that caught your attention incorporates them.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to clean aluminum rims?

Everything will depend on whether it is dirt or corrosion. So, in the first case, you will need to have a special liquid cleaner for aluminum on hand. There are many products of this type on the market, but the important thing is that they contain a neutral PH. In this way, you will remove the ingrained dirt without causing any deterioration. Once you select and acquire it, you will only have to spread it on the tire, wait a few minutes for it to act and then remove it with water. Next, you must dry, apply a polishing spray or cream and polish with a mop.

A second option is to sand the rim manually or with the help of a sander, starting with P240 sandpaper, which is coarse enough to remove surface imperfections. This process is complemented with a second pass, but this time with a P320 sandpaper, which is suitable for polishing. At the end, you have to remove the residue and rub a protective cream that seals the porosity, while adding shine.

Q2: How do I know what tires I can put on my car?

To find out which model and brand your car is compatible with, you will have to dust off its instruction manual and read the section on rims and tires. With this information, you can start your product selection with confidence.

Q3: How to repair rubbed aluminum rims?

It is important that you take into consideration that for the repair of scratches or cracks to be a real success, you will need to verify that their depth is not greater than two millimeters. In this sense, the solution is to bind or abrade the area evenly with a special tool. Once the process is finished, you must place insulating tape before mounting the tire.

Q4: What is the ET of the rims?

The displacement that is exerted from the center of the tire structure until it reaches its specific support area is known as the ET of a tire. You may have heard it referred to as Offset and some people even refer to it as “offset”. Whatever the case, you should take this specification into consideration when purchasing the tires for your car, since it is an aspect that, if not selected correctly, could lead to some unfavorable consequences with respect to the operation of the bearings. In fact, it is as important as the hub or the axle.

Q5: When to change the tires?

The change of the tires is carried out when its structure begins to be very deteriorated, so it is important to always be attentive and carry out a periodic review. Make sure the rims don’t stick out and that the tire fits properly without causing insulation. Remember that the ideal is to place the replacement, before warning signs begin to appear, which will end up reducing the performance of the bearings or deteriorating other parts that work together with the tire.

Q6: Where to throw the tires?

Because the rims are made of aluminum, steel or some type of alloy, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer to find a collection center, where these types of materials can be melted down and reused.

Q7: How to paint rims?

To carry out the painting process, you must first review the rim’s instruction manual, since in this way you will know the manufacturer’s recommendations about the care you should take according to the type of metal. Also, remember to purchase a spray with professional pigment, which allows you to provide anti-corrosion and even anti-scratch protection to the structure.

Before starting, you will need to thoroughly clean the structure, with the help of a special liquid that allows you to remove accumulated dirt and grease. Thus, you will make the most of the coverage provided by the enamel. Finally, grab the spray bottle and start p

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