The five aspects you should know when selling your car

Since it is not something we do frequently, selling our vehicle is a process that is surrounded by questions. Therefore, it is convenient to be clear about the most important aspects of the process, both to obtain the maximum for our old car and to avoid possible legal problems.

In a context like the current one, more and more people are turning to the used car market to buy their new vehicle or to get rid of the one they already have. And although it is true that the most common option is to deliver it to the dealer, there are interesting alternatives such as We buy your car from Flexicar, especially in a context in which the dealer option is not always the most profitable.

All of these issues lead to a considerable number of questions regarding the process of selling our vehicle. With this brief guide we will solve the most common questions in this regard, so that everything is much easier for you.

Where can I sell my car?

As we have already mentioned, the most common option when buying a new car is to give it to the dealer, who usually gives us a discount. However, the valuation is sometimes so low that we lose money. For this reason, other options should be considered. Among them, we have the used vehicle dealers, who will offer you a valuation of the car and will take care of carrying out the necessary procedures if we accept the price.

This method has a more current approach today thanks to the Internet, where it is very easy to sell our vehicle. To do this, simply resort to the Flexicar service that we have already mentioned. You just have to access their website and provide the data of our vehicle to receive a first appraisal. If we are interested, it is enough to make an appointment for your on-site valuation and close the sale on the spot. That easy.

The third option is direct sale to another user. It is true that it is the way in which we can get more money, but it also requires a lot of work: posting ads on the network, serving potential buyers, showing the car, managing the documents, etc. If you finally choose this route, evaluate if it is worth all this work for the extra you are going to get.

How much is my car worth?

The million dollar question and the one that is almost impossible to give a precise answer. When it comes to selling our car, it is obvious that we want to get the most for it. But if the price is very exaggerated or is out of the market, we will never be able to sell it. 

Since each car is a world, it is difficult to give an overall assessment. On the net, we can find the Ganvam tables, which tell us what the market value or theoretical value of a car is according to its characteristics or age. The problem is that these tables are not publicly accessible, but there are companies that allow access to the valuation after paying a small fee. Another option is to resort to an appraisal service like the one we have indicated before or to any other. If we ultimately don’t use the service to sell the car, at least we’ll have a good estimate of its value.

Finally, it is advisable to take a look at the market in search of vehicles similar to ours. It is true that some of the prices that appear in these ads will not be in line with the real value, but they will serve as a reference, to see more or less where the valuation of our utility fits.

What should I do to the vehicle before selling it?

A priori, the better the appearance of your vehicle, the more attractive it will be to buyers and the greater the value you can get from it. This rule is useful for almost all cases, except for dealers. These usually value the vehicles by Ganvam tables and little else, except in the event that the car has a high resale price.

However, in other cases, it may be interesting to repair those small defects that do not cost much to solve and that can increase the price of the vehicle or improve the chances of selling it. Here the amount to spend depends on the price of the vehicle and what that repair means in its future value. So, if for a few euros, you can make it look much more attractive, it is always a good idea to leave your old car in the best possible condition, for sale purposes.

What documentation do I need?

If you think that once you have found a buyer and have closed the deal, this process is over, you are wrong. There is still all the necessary document management to complete the sale. The good news is that the protagonist of this entire process is the buyer, so most of the procedures fall on him. But you will also have to do some things.

One of them is to use a contract of sale. This must include the characteristics of the vehicle, the identification of the parties, the amount of the operation and the date and time in which it is carried out. You can also include here all the clauses that you consider necessary in this regard. If you are not clear about how the contract should be, you have several models on the net.

The other procedure that you must do is notify the DGT of the change in ownership of the vehicle once the operation has been completed. Together with the corresponding rates, you must provide the payment of the property transfer tax, at the buyer’s expense, as well as the rest of the vehicle’s documents, such as the technical sheet, ITV card, copy of the contract and copy of the DNIs of the interveners.

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