TomTom Start 52 Opinions

Main advantage: 

This model of GPS for car has been equipped with all free preset maps of Europe, with the possibility of downloading road changes and other updates. Maps of Central and Eastern Europe are included.

Main disadvantage: 

Although it fulfills its mission by locating and guiding the user through the routes, sometimes it gives the impression of being slow in its operation.

Verdict: 9.6/10

With this device you can have access to routes and maps of Europe in order to be oriented in detail. Its use is intuitive, it incorporates a display screen and can be placed in the car with a support to improve its control. All this positions it as one of the best car GPS.

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Main Features Explained

Functions and maps

According to the opinions of the users, the TomTom Start 52 model has a high-end operation, with an adequate level of reliability for following the instructions provided to the user, with a high degree of satisfaction during the journey and with savings of driving time from the place of departure to the destination site. 

This is because it is equipped with an up-to-date system, as well as free preset maps that will last for the life of the GPS equipment. These maps include almost all the countries of Europe. Also, as new updates come out, they can be downloaded to get the latest road changes.

So with this TomTom device, navigation will be reliable, accurate and easy to follow. The Start 52 has a wide range of functions that are aimed at helping the user to reach their destination, providing all the essential data that will allow them to find the best route. With its functions it is possible to know the advance indication of lanes and facilitate the incorporation of the car at intersections, as well as complex exits, since it can highlight the indicated driving lane, according to the route that has been planned.  

Accessibility and use

Considered one of the best car GPS on the market, the TomTom Start 52 is a practical and functional device that has a simple and intuitive use mechanism. This allows the user to find destinations using the search settings or by simply touching a point on the map. 

In addition, its software is simple and new browser updates are constantly appearing, so the evolution and new features in the systems are frequent in order to improve use. Therefore, by linking the device to the computer, it is possible to access software updates free of charge for optimized and personalized performance that will make it easier to use. 

Among its functions, this device announces efficiently and in advance when there will be speed cameras, while reminding the driver to keep to the speed limit. Likewise, you can keep track of the average speed and it is possible to download the positions of the fixed radars updated for three months. In addition, with TomTom MyDrive it is possible to check traffic information, plan routes and store favorite places. 

For better use, this TomTom model incorporates a versatile mount, as well as a car charger, which facilitates and extends its operating time. For this reason, it is the indicated alternative for those who wish to reach their destination, without delays or inconveniences.


If you are interested in the benefits offered by car GPS, it would be convenient for you to consider this TomTom model as one of your options, since it is a device that has a competitive price, high-end functions, adequate reliability, precision in route orientation and a practical and portable design that makes it easy to take it from one place to another, to always stay located, arrive on time and efficiently.

The Start 52 has been endowed with state-of-the-art physical properties, which makes it a portable device and an innovation that offers interesting attributes, compared to its most direct competitors.  

The device has a compact size of 14.5 x 2.2 x 9 cm and its weight is light, since it does not exceed 250 grams. Due to its size, it can be placed on the vehicle’s console or, what is better, on a support that provides the driver with greater ease and safety to observe the data on the 5-inch touch screen, without having to distract attention from the route.

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