Top 10 Car Stickers of 2022

Car Sticker – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Finding the best car stickers among the millions of options available to us is almost impossible. There are all kinds of stickers on the market, in colour, in black and white, with the logos of the most famous spare parts brands, with funny messages, with shapes and also with some of the funniest characters from series and movies. To help you make a decision when choosing your car sticker, we have studied the best options and have selected some such as the pack of 10 TownStix stickers with images of a happy family or the Vinilin kit  with two flags of Spain and the personalized name.

The 10 Best Car Stickers – Opinions 2022

family car stickers

1. TownSix Pack of 10 Happy Family Car Decal Stickers

If you are looking for some family car stickers, this pack of 10 decals from TownSix could be the best car stickers of the moment for you. Each pack is made up of 10 figures of a father, a mother and children of various ages, as well as a dog and a cat, which you can rearrange and place in the order you want and with which you can show the rest of the drivers how you are. family.

The stickers are very resistant, with a very funny design, since they look like the drawing of a small child. They are white and have a silver border. Each of the stickers is placed between two pieces of plastic that are separated and that serve as a guide when sticking them where you want. Thanks to this system, they are very easy to install and, once glued, they do not fall off and will last a long time, since they are waterproof and are designed to withstand changes in the weather. 


Complete: With 10 figures, it is a very complete set that will allow you to configure the sticker to your liking and recreate your pet, since it even has two pet stickers.

Quality : These are high-quality, resistant and waterproof stickers that, once attached, will not move or lose their shine.

Size : The stickers are between 6 and 15 cm high, so they look great and can be seen from afar.


Placement : Some users have pointed out that several of the parts of the stickers, eyes and mouth, remain attached to the plastics, which makes it difficult to place them.

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personalized car stickers

2. Vinilin Sticker Vinyl Flag of Spain and name

For all those users who are looking for personalized car stickers, this kit of two vinyls from the Vinilin brand may be the best car sticker. The kit is made up of two Spanish flags, made with strokes as if they were painted, and two names. The names can be personalized, to display your name and that of your partner, for example.

The vinyl is laser cut so there are no jagged edges or folds. The material is suitable for gluing to any surface, for example sheet metal, iron, wood, glass and aluminium. For the stickers to stick perfectly, they must always be placed on a clean and dry surface. It is especially important that the space where it is glued is free of dust.


Customization : Stickers can be customized, from choosing a color and font to the text that should be displayed.

Kit : The set consists of two units of each of the stickers. That is, two flags of Spain and two names, which must be chosen before making the purchase. 


Size: Some kits have a larger size than indicated, which is 1.2 cm for the height of the flag and up to 14 cm for the length of the name, this can cause some names to be very loose, while others are difficult to read or not even enter complete.

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racing car stickers

3. We-Win Vinyl Racing Stripe 2 Pack

If you are wondering what is the best car sticker for racing lovers, these racing car stickers are what you are looking for. This decal kit is designed to be placed on the hood of the engine and although it has a fairly simple geometric design, it looks very good once placed.

The colors of these stickers are very bright and the materials, vinyl and PVC, are of high quality. They are reflective, waterproof and UV protected so they won’t degrade in the sun or water. They are very easy to apply, just remove the adhesive layer and adhere the sticker to the surface, which must be clean and must be pressed for a couple of minutes so that it is well attached.


Design: It has a very geometric linear design that is somewhat simple, but with a classic character that can turn your car into a racing car.

Size: It is a very large sticker kit, with a size of 85 x 24 cm that will cover a large part of the hood of the car.


Color : Although the sticker is black, the manufacturer itself points out that it may vary slightly from that shown in the images, this may be due to many factors such as the brightness of the monitor.

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tuning car stickers

4. Autodomy Rearview Mirror Stickers stripes design 

For all those who are wondering what car stickers to buy to decorate the rearview mirror of their car, you will love these tuning car stickers. It is a complete kit that includes 6 stripes, 3 for each mirror, since they are symmetrical. The stickers are available in various colours, both normal and fluorescent, which are brighter and more vivid, so you can choose the one that best matches your car.

Autodomy brand stickers are made in Spain and are of very high quality, with waterproof, long-lasting vinyl and PVC with UV protection, so they will not be affected by the sun. Instructions for proper placement are included in each package. 

The sizes of the stripes are 20 x 2.2 cm, 20 x 1.8 cm and 20 x 1.5 cm. 


Installation: The stickers are very easy to apply, since each package has very precise instructions that will help users to apply them without having to worry about the formation of bubbles.

Colors : The stickers can be chosen in a wide variety of colors, so that they match perfectly with the color of the body of your car or its decoration.


Reflective: The stickers are not reflective, so they do not light up at night due to light reflection.

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car vinyl stickers

5. CrisPhy Kit 10 vinyl stickers flag of Spain + name

For all those users who are looking for vinyl car stickers, in this kit of 10 customizable stickers with the flag of Spain, they will possibly find one of the best value for money car stickers. This kit is made of vinyl and PVC, so they are resistant to sun and rain. Screen printing and cutting are long-lasting, so your edges will not be easily damaged or lifted, always being well defined.

These stickers can be adhered to sheet metal, iron, wood, glass or aluminum, which means that you can not only stick them on your car, but also distribute them as you see fit. 

The length of the stickers will be proportional to the length of the name you choose, for example a text of 5 letters will be much less than one of 20. The length will also depend on the font chosen for the text. 


Personalization : The customizable stickers have many possibilities, since you can choose to put your name or that of another person, to give them to whoever you want.

Quality : The quality of the stickers is very high as they are waterproof and UV protected.


Length: The length varies depending on the font and the letters of the name chosen by the user.

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rally car stickers

6. Ecoshirt Stickers WRC Rally DR1009 

These rally car stickers will be the perfect gift for WRC lovers. The stickers are laser cut and of high quality, so that each letter is perfectly clean and with totally regular edges. The stickers include a carrier to be able to place them wherever you want, in the simplest way possible.

These car stickers are made of vinyl and are one of the cheapest options you can buy. They are available in several colors, so you can choose the ones that best suit the color or decoration of your car. The size of each of the stickers is 20 x 8 cm and they do not have a background. They can be placed on sheet metal, glass or any metal surface, as long as it has been cleaned beforehand.


Style: The stickers are designed with the logo of the World Rally Championship, the main rally competition in the world, so they will be a perfect gift for lovers of this car competition.

Die -cut: The laser die-cut is of a very high quality, so the letters are perfectly defined and easily release from the carrier.


Design : Some users may believe that the design of the sticker has a blue background, however, it is sold without a background. The sticker only consists of the die-cut letters.

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 baby car stickers

7. Haberdashery Online Customizable baby on board sticker

The best thing about these baby car stickers is that they are customizable, so you can choose from more than 30 different designs, so you can show other drivers who is in the car with you. The designs feature baby boys or girls, little siblings, pirate kids, princes and princesses, pets, and superheroes like Superman or Batman.

These could be the best car stickers of 2022 for dads or newlyweds, thanks to all the customization options we’ve mentioned. All the designs are very bright and colorful, with fun cartoon-like strokes. The decal is made from premium quality vinyl and is 6″ x 5.5″ in size so will look good from the outside and go on very easily as long as the surface is clean. It is perfect for outdoors, as it withstands water and sun without deteriorating.


Design and customization : It is a very colorful sticker, with very nice designs and a great variety of customization options, which allows users to choose their sticker and make it unique.

Size : It is a large sticker, with a size of 15 x 13.7 cm. The size, along with its colors, allows other drivers to see it from afar.


Placement: The placement is not very intuitive, since the sticker itself is not made of vinyl, but includes a transparent vinyl that is placed on the original design so that it is placed.

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funny car stickers

8. LovelyLifeAST Peeking Monster Sticker

With these funny car stickers you can show other drivers your good sense of humor. It is possible to choose between different designs, all of them in black and with very funny designs.

LovelyLifeAST could be the best brand of car stickers, as it offers some very funny designs that you can use for your car, for the wall of your house and also to decorate the furniture in your house.

They have a reflective effect and are of high quality. Manufactured using a unique process, these vinyls adhere perfectly to most surfaces and will not loosen, fade, discolor from sunlight or water, or damage paint, so which can be removed at any time without affecting the bodywork. They are very easy to install, since they have a transfer film that facilitates installation.


Design : All the designs are very funny, they are very liked by children and also by adults. 

Quality : The material of the stickers is vinyl and PVC, with a transparent film for placement. They are thus waterproof and sunproof.


Placement: Some models are not easy to place, since they come disassembled on the transfer film, so the parts must be glued separately, which can be complicated.

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car rim stickers

9. Finest-Folia rim edge stickers

If what you are looking for are car wheel stickers, these from Finest-Folia are one of the best options. These are high quality stickers, made with highly resistant vinyl and PVC. They are compatible with rims between 15 and 19 inches, which allows you to choose the ones that best suit the diameter of your wheels.

The material of the stickers is very resistant, capable of withstanding the usual heat of running the car, as well as washing, either with high-pressure cleaners or in car washes. It is also able to withstand inclement weather, and is UV resistant, so its color will last longer than cheaper products.

They are very easy to fit, as they are divided into quarter-circle segments, so they fit perfectly. They are very flexible and are easily removed.


Compatibility: They are compatible with a wide variety of car rims. By diameter, they can be used on wheels between 15 to 19 inches, from Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, BMW, Aprilia, Triumph and other motorcycle brands.

Design : The design of the stickers is geometric and simple, but very elegant, so it will match perfectly with the decoration of your car or motorcycle.


Wear: As these are stickers for the rims, it is common for them to wear out quickly, due to the wheel rubbing against sidewalks and other elements. This means that you will have to change them periodically.

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car glass stickers

10. Autodomy Stickers lifting gasoline needle

Autodomy’s funny car window stickers are ideal for users who want their cars to reflect their sense of humour. In this case, the design shows a doll trying to lift the needle of the fuel gauge. It is made of vinyl and PVC, since it is designed to stick on some of the car windows and not on the bodywork. It is possible to choose between white, black, white and red or black and red.

The Autodomy brand manufactures its stickers in its factories in Spain, so you can be sure of the quality of its materials. Cutting is done using a highly calibrated laser die, so each drawing has well-defined edges, with no broken corners. The size of the sticker is 10 x 7 cm and each package includes very complete assembly instructions that will allow you to obtain the best result.


Design : The designs of the Autodomy stickers are very colorful and fun, so you can show the rest of the drivers your sense of humor.

Quality: These stickers are made of premium quality PVC and vinyl, they are resistant and do not degrade by sunlight or rain.


Size: Once applied, the stickers are not too big, so on large cars, such as SUVs, they do not look too big.

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Shopping guide

To continue with our comparison of car stickers, we are going to review some of the main factors that you should look at when buying one. In the next section you will learn what differentiates a good sticker from a bad one, as well as everything you should take into account before choosing the most suitable one for your car.


When we talk about quality, we refer not only to its materials, but to the entire manufacturing process, as well as the durability of the stickers. 

In this sense, when choosing a car sticker you should make sure that they have a good die-cut. The best stickers are made with laser guidance systems, which allow the edges to be completely regular and well defined, so when the sticker is removed from the guide, it will not break or deform. Any good, inexpensive sticker will be laser die-cut, a factor that will be detailed in the product description.

On the other hand, when choosing a sticker you should also make sure that it has protection against UV rays and that it is also waterproof. This point will be especially important if your car “sleeps” outdoors, as sun, rain, and the elements will degrade the sticker to make it look very bad. For example, a sticker that does not have UV protection will fade over time, until the design is unrecognizable, and will “dry out” and crack, eventually coming loose or breaking.

In the same way, higher quality stickers will have a better glue, which will not leave a trace when removed and will last longer.


Car stickers are usually made of plastic materials. The most common is that they are made of some mixture of vinyl and PVC. The highest quality ones will contain a good amount of PVC, which makes them waterproof and elastic, so that users can easily stick them on any surface, whether metallic or not.

The glues used are also important. A low-quality sticker will soon lose its adhesion and leave a residue of glue on the car’s paint, which can cause damage to the bodywork, especially if it is necessary to resort to corrosive or aggressive products to remove these residues. On the other hand, the best quality stickers contain very strong glues, but not at all aggressive, that manage to stay in place and that, in addition, allow a simple and fast removal.


We continue with this guide to buy the best car sticker talking about mounting. This, although it may not seem like it, is an important purchase factor, since a sticker that is difficult to place will be a real headache and, in the end, you may have to get rid of it without having placed it.

The best stickers contain complete instructions on how to apply them, as well as assembly guides or transparent vinyl that facilitate their assembly. Some stickers are divided into parts, which also makes them easy to apply. These characteristics should not affect how much the sticker costs, but they are important to make it look as good as possible.

As always, the stickers must be placed on a completely clean surface free of dust and particles, so it is convenient to clean the space on which they are going to be placed with a little alcohol, so that the sticker grips better.


Size is another important buying factor. Make sure that the chosen sticker is the correct size, especially if you plan to put it on the window. A sticker that is too large can cover and hinder the view through the rear window, which could end up causing an accident. 

In the same way, a sticker that is too small can be inconspicuous. In this sense, you should pay close attention to the size indicated by the manufacturer and, before selecting one, you should measure the space in which you have planned to place it. This way you will ensure that the sticker fits well and that it is not obtrusive or too small.


Some stickers are made up of several pieces. Some of them have the same design and allow you, for example, to stick one on each door. Others, on the other hand, offer a selection of designs that allow you to set up a scene to your liking, being able to choose between several members of a family.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use the car stickers?

The most important thing when sticking a sticker on the car is to clean the area where you plan to place the sticker. For this, you should not use soaps or cleaners that leave greasy residues. To do this, it is best to do it with a cotton ball and some alcohol. It is also very important to dry the area well before applying the sticker, to do this use a microfiber cloth and, before finishing, examine the area well to make sure there are no traces of dust, water, soap or fibers from the cloth.

Read the mounting instructions on the sticker, then using the transfer paper, position the sticker where you want it to be, starting from one edge. Using a scraper or, alternatively, a credit card, remove the transfer paper with one hand and with the other, run the scraper over the sticker so that it sticks firmly. 

If there are wrinkles or bubbles left, you should use the card or scraper to push the wrinkles to the edge of the stickers, and you can remove the bubbles with a needle, make a small hole and use the scraper to remove the air. To finish, for a roller or the scraper for the whole surface of the sticker so that it is perfectly placed.

Q2: How to remove the car stickers?

The stickers can be removed manually, although in this way it is common for residues to remain or for the body paint to be damaged. Oil and other corrosive materials such as gasoline can also be used to loosen the glue, in this case again there is a danger of damaging the paint.

One way to remove stickers without damaging the paint is to use a hair dryer, as most plastic polymers react to heat. It is also possible to use a cold spray or a little baby oil, allowing the glue to soften before removing the sticker.

Q3: How to remove the glue from car stickers?

Many times, when removing a sticker, traces of the glue remain attached to the bodywork. You have to be very careful when removing these remains, because if you use a spatula, a screwdriver or aggressive chemicals you can end up damaging the paint on the bodywork. 

It is best to remove these remains with a little alcohol, a microfiber cloth and a lot of patience. You can bathe the alcohol with edible or baby oil, softening it and making it easier to remove the remains.

Q4: How to make car stickers?

The first thing is to choose a design. You can choose from the millions on the Internet or make one yourself, using programs like Photoshop, Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator. Once you have finished and prepared the file with the design and the correct measurements, you must choose the material. In the market, there are self-adhesive vinyls on which you can apply the design.

The chosen vinyls must have all the necessary protections against water and UV rays to last as long as possible. 

Q5: Why are bubbles left when applying a car sticker?

Many times, when applying the sticker on the surface, air or small specks of dust can remain under the vinyl, which causes annoying bubbles.

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