Top 5 Car DVD Headrests of 2022

Car DVD Headrest – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Taking the movies or programs wherever we want when we go on a trip is easier thanks to car DVD headrests. Models that make it easier to incorporate these devices in the headrest areas, so that your little ones, or adults too, make their trip more entertaining. To achieve this we can rely on products like the TFY TFY 5DVD_SSS_BLK headrest. This product has two grab bars and a compact structure that makes it much easier to easily place your player and take it with you when you park. A model designed for all types of devices with different screen sizes. If you prefer something simpler, you can bet on the Zhiyi 9DVDMOUNT model. A device with a comfortable and precise assembly, offering a high-quality nylon exterior where it is much easier to place your device and keep it stable and protected during your trips.

Top 5 Car DVD Headrests – Opinions 2022

As strange as it may seem, there are still many car DVDs sold that do not include the necessary bracket to install the product in your vehicle. The good news is that there are alternatives with which to find the best car DVD headrest that you can find according to your needs. Quality products to adjust the DVD to your car without any hassle and in a stable way, such as the ones we present to you in our selection of the best car DVD headrests of 2022.

1. TFY Car Headrest Mount

Main advantage:

One of the most remarkable aspects of this product is that it has a universal design to fit both different sizes of headrests and different devices in the area of ​​portable DVD players and electronic tablets.

Main disadvantage:

Apparently one of your buyers is having trouble keeping the kit in place with this mount on sharp turns or rough roads.

Verdict: 9.7/10

The TFY DVD holder has a practical, adaptable and very resistant design that will allow you to keep the player in position to entertain your little one on those long trips.

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If you have children, you probably know that one of the challenges when going on a family trip is keeping them entertained during the trip. If you want to entertain them with their favorite movies, maybe a DVD headrest is the solution. One of the first aspects that we advise you to evaluate is its design.

If you don’t have the DVD player yet or want to invest in a product that is practical for you, the TFY model could interest you. This support is placed on the headrest of your vehicle by means of an elastic strap that is secured around it.

The support itself is made up of two rubber hooks that adhere to the elastic strap and, best of all, it has a universal design. Thanks to the shape of the hooks and the installation style on the headrest, you can use this holder for DVDs and electronic tablets of different sizes.


One of the most influential and relevant characteristics with this type of product is its manufacturing materials. Since they are designed to hold electronic devices, you want to make sure they are of good quality, sturdy, and capable of overall stability.

In this case, the TFY DVD holder stands out for having a very thick elastic fastening strip to cover a considerable space on the headrest and reduce the risk of slipping. You can also adjust this strap to fit and secure it as best as possible.

The hooks have a rubber coating, but on the inside they are made of metal, so they can handle the weight of your DVD or tablet without any problem. At the base of the hooks is a Velcro fabric that will secure your gear in position, but also allows for easy removal.


Before investing in any type of mounts for your home or car, you should be very attentive to the level of security and stability they provide. For the most part, vehicle mounts are used to mount phones, tablets, screens or DVD players, i.e. equipment with screens that could be damaged in a fall.

However, it seems that you would have nothing to worry about if you decide to purchase this model from TFY. Users are quite satisfied with the level of support and stability that this support provides.

They indicate that the hooks adhere firmly to the strap and also to the device, so you can move on the road without worry. In addition, the hooks are rubber coated so as not to affect the delicate screens of the devices and do not block the playback image.

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2. Zhiyi Car Headrest Mount for DVD Player

The Zhiyi 9DVDMOUNT model is a car DVD headrest with the capacity to accommodate 9-inch screens, although it also has another 7-inch model. A conventional format product with a main cell made of nylon, to provide a safe space in which be able to host your product without problems.

A model that also has lateral space for connectors and access to controls, as well as a wide front opening for the screen and speaker output.

A very complete model, easy to install and with a good fixation to avoid oscillations during the route. Something that is helped by the product’s adjustment system by means of straps that fix it properly to the headrest area.

Another model that you can know in detail to determine which car DVD headrest to buy is the one offered on this occasion by the Zhiyi brand. These are its advantages and disadvantages:


Durability: Being made of resistant nylon, it adequately supports frequent use without changing its appearance.

Dimensions: Due to the size it offers, it is possible to place different brands of DVD players with a 9 to 9.5” screen, making it compatible with various tablets or video devices.

Adjustment: Its elastic straps allow a comfortable adjustment to fit the headrests without problem.

Access: By keeping the sides of the devices free, it is possible to use the connections and ports comfortably.


Thickness: Some very thin tablets may have some mobility in this DVD headrest.

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3. Hiking universal car headrest mount

The Hiking one is a very comfortable support that adapts to most portable DVD models, both rotating and fixed. It is also suitable for tablets between 7 and 12 inches. The holster allows the player to be mounted on the back of the headrest, for hands-free viewing. 

Assembly is very simple, thanks to adjustable and elastic straps, which allow a secure and adaptable hold. It can be done very quickly and, once the mount is secured, it adapts to the curve and tilt of the headrest, so the screen is always in the best position for easy viewing.

Also, as the straps are elastic, it can be adjusted at any time, without disturbing the occupant of the seat. In addition, once mounted it will not change the inclination or position of the headrest.

On the other hand, the design of the headrest allows the user to easily access the connection ports on the sides, as well as all the control buttons of the equipment, and if the player has a remote control, the infrared reader is free. to be able to read the signs correctly.


Adaptability: Thanks to the elastic straps, the model adapts to most headrests on the market, although it is advisable to measure before making the purchase.

Weight: The Hiking Headrest Mount only weighs 292 grams, so it is light and therefore will not “pull” on the headrest and will not change its position.

Strap: The strap to adjust the DVD is elastic and has Velcro, which makes installation quick and secure.


Position: In some models of tablets and DVDs, the support straps can be in the middle of the screen, which makes it difficult to see the contents.

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4. Beonfive Adjustable Headrest Car Mount

When it comes to buying a car DVD headrest, we also find cheap models, ideal for occasional trips. In this context we find the ELGO 00370 model, which offers us a 360º adjustable design that is comfortable to use on any type of tablet, DVD, ebooks and the like.

This product allows us to achieve a good fit on the headrest without many complications, keeping the player fixed in position to facilitate a better view of the screen. Partly thanks to the metal screw system that it incorporates and that improves this fixation.

This model offers a good fixation, safe for the screen, but also helps to release the equipment when necessary, so that it is not within the reach of friends of others when you leave your car.

Perhaps some may consider ELGO as the best car DVD headrest brand. We will show you a summary of its salient features and we will analyze if there is anything in the model that can be improved.


Robust: Because it has resistant and adjustable clamps, it provides efficient use for a long time.

Secure: Its support is adapted by means of a metal screw, this allows it to be firmer than other types of adjustment.

Rotatable: Thanks to its 360º rotation function, it is possible to have an adequate vision on different devices.


Compatibility: For some devices with a screen size of 7” or less, this mount may not provide adequate support.

Screwed: It is convenient to screw firmly to adjust, but do not exceed the turns to avoid damaging the support.

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5. Ruisikiou Portable Car Seat DVD Case

The Ruisikiou CAR-RSKO-AB6 model is a good alternative to place your DVD of almost any size, with models ranging from the 10-inch car DVD headrest for larger items to more compact products of about 7 inches.

This model has been made of high-resistance nylon, both against scratches and stains, which also facilitates the installation and assembly of the product.

An assembly that is carried out by means of two hooks that connect to the upper part of the seat, leaving ample space in the front part for both the screen and the button panel of the product. This prevents you from losing audio quality while using the equipment, also having easy access to the DVD controls.

For those looking for an affordable and practical option, this may be the best car DVD headrest for 10 euros. Let’s take the opportunity to get to know him in depth.


Compatibility: It is possible to place players with screens between 7 “and 10” without problem, since it can be purchased in different sizes.

Assembly: Its adjustment is simple and is done by means of adjustable straps, for this reason it is possible to easily adapt it to different types of headrests.

Audio: Thanks to its wide open mesh front section, you will not lose the quality of the audio coming from the DVD player.


Hooks: Although the adjustment system is efficient, it is recommended that the hooks be used by adults to avoid accidents.

Adjustment: Too tight an adjustment of the straps can mark some headrests, which could be an inconvenience.

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TFY Car Headrest Mount

If you need to mount a complete large portable DVD in your car, this model can be useful. The product has a high resistance design to maintain the necessary adjustment when placing the product on the car’s headrest no matter how wide it may be.

A model that fits with the usual loops and straps in which the inner area is also established, which makes it easier to find the correct position of the product, incorporating quality straps and a very resistant format.

So you can mount the product even without the need for instructions or complications during the installation process, as it would be for the best car DVD headrest.

The durability of this support is possibly the reason why many users could qualify it as the best car DVD headrest of the moment, here we show you in summary the highlights that it can offer you and if there is anything that could be improved.


Robust: Due to its resistant and good quality elastic bands, it tolerates use without showing signs of wear for a long time.

Adjustment: Its fastening system by means of elastic straps allows it to adapt safely, without damaging the surfaces of the car, in addition, it can be easily attached to almost any headrest.

Assembly: Its installation does not require tools or understand complicated instructions to be carried out.

Fastening: Due to the fact that the player adheres to the support by means of velcro straps, it is safe and is easily placed and removed.

Lightweight: It only weighs 204 g so it is comfortable to carry and place.


Movement: According to the experience of one of the users, it is possible that he will have some mobility on rough roads, but without letting go.

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Buying Guide – What is the best car headrest DVD on the market?

Although more and more DVD players include the necessary elements to attach them to the headrest, it is true that these elements are still necessary. Especially if instead of using a DVD you want to use a tablet, thus having models adjusted to this type of product. In any case, and as usual, the tips in our guide to buying the best car DVD headrest will give you the guidance you need to get the most out of these devices.

product functionality

If we start by analyzing the characteristics of these products, the specific functionality of the product should be our starting point. Functionality is about efficiently holding your DVD, tablet, or whatever device you mount securely and steadily, so any product that isn’t capable of doing that should be outright discarded.

If we make any comparison of car DVD headrests, we will find two main types of models. On the one hand, those that include a small cage where the DVD is inserted. In these models we have a very resistant support, generally made of nylon, where the DVD or similar is inserted as if it were a conventional support, thus being properly secured without problems.

The other proposal is the models with independent support elements. These elements have broader measures, offering more versatile products when it comes to using the equipment. In this case, it is necessary to make a good adjustment of the product with more intensity to avoid damage or problems. By the way, there is not much difference in how much a model of one type or another costs.

Manufacturing materials

Just as important as the design is the material from which the car DVD headrest we are considering is made. In this case, there really isn’t much price difference between models, since most share the same materials and designs, although we can find some in terms of the two models that we have mentioned before.

In the cage support type models what we are going to find, or should have, is high quality nylon. A textile material with good resistance, which will be present both in the straps and in the body where the product is housed. This material allows easy access to the buttons and other control elements of the product, also having a design that avoids damaging the product during the trip.

As for the models based on bars or strips, nylon is also present, since it is the common material for straps and other support elements. However, if we talk about bar models, these are made of metallic material giving good support to the product. This support can also be made of plastic, which, although it is of quality, requires greater care so as not to damage it. In any case, everything is a matter of comparing, evaluating and choosing the model that you like the most.

Product assembly process

Before closing our tips, we are going to see the most important step in the entire process of using the equipment: its installation. A process in which the type of product that we are assessing and its format matter little, since ordinarily the fastening system of these systems is very similar regardless of the rest.

To achieve a stable mount, a good and cheap car DVD headrest must offer us a system with which to seat the support directly on this area, remaining firmly attached. Firmness is key, because if the piece is not firm, your device can move during the trip and, even worse, end up falling to the ground.

The assembly is usually done by means of adjustable straps, whether they are models with metal bars or if they use a nylon cage. These straps are fastened directly and through the included straps they allow you to achieve the necessary adjustment. In general, you shouldn’t need more than five minutes to get the equipment properly mounted in your vehicle, as well as a couple of minutes to remove it when necessary.

How to use a car dvd headrest

When you go on a trip in your car in the company of your family, you can make the journey of the little ones and other companions much more pleasant and entertaining when you have a DVD headrest for cars, since all your companions can enjoy their favorite movies during the trip without the inconvenience of the devices moving or falling, since they are very well attached to the headrests.

easy to install

An outstanding feature of car DVD headrests is that they are very easy to install. So when you install your product, it will not take more than a few minutes to do it, because you only have to firmly seat it directly to the corresponding area through the straps that the headrest incorporates to make an easy installation.


It does not matter what model of car DVD headrest you have for your car, because the functions they provide are the same: to hold your DVD, your Tablet or any other device you want to install in an efficient, safe and stable way.


In the current market you can have two models of car DVD headrests. One that is like a kind of small cage, so that you only have to insert the DVD without any problem and the other a little larger, with independent support to insert DVD, Tablet among other devices, which unlike the other model you will have to adjust more precisely to avoid any damage to the device when the car is running.

Get familiar with your car DVD headrest

One of the advantages of using this DVD headrest is that you do not have to leave your Tablet or DVD in the car, but you can release the equipment whenever you want, so it is convenient to familiarize yourself with the equipment to place and release the Tablet or the DVD when required, whether you park the car in an unreliable place or your regular passengers get home, to the office or to their place of study.


Strength and durability are aspects to consider when installing the DVD headrest; The first aspect tells us about the security it offers to the equipment and the second aspect about its useful life.

These headrests are generally strong enough to provide security for products placed on them; however, the resistance of the headrests will be defined by the quality of the materials with which it is manufactured. The most common materials in its manufacture are nylon, plastic and metal.   

Take advantage of your design

If you are one of those who keep your car impeccable and hesitate to place an accessory for fear of spoiling its appearance, then you will have no problem using and enjoying the benefits of the DVD headrest, as it has elegant, discreet designs in neutral colors, which combine with any type of upholstery and give a modern touch to any car.

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Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

TFY Soporte para Reposacabezas para reproductor de DVD portátil

El modelo TFY 7MOUNT04UP es uno de los más polivalentes del mercado, ya que además de tener unas características que bien podrían merecer ser el mejor reposacabezas DVD para coche del momento, es tan polivalente que incluso puede usarse con tu tablet, en función de lo que necesites.

Un modelo sencillo de utilizar, que podemos desprender por completo del asiento para una buena fijación, pero que al tiempo incorpora un sistema que permite liberar el producto cuando aparques el coche.

El producto incorpora un soporte basado en un cierre de velcro de alta resistencia y unos ganchos de soporte que amplían por tanto las posibilidades de uso y el buen trato al producto que estés colocando.

Esta opción cuenta con una buena calidad, además se encuentra entre los reposacabezas DVD más baratos. Te invitamos a revisar los pros y contras del modelo TFY 7MOUNT04UP para que puedas determinar si cubre tus necesidades.


Versatilidad: Por su diseño es posible colocar distintos reproductores DVD o incluso tabletas en este modelo, por lo que es muy práctico.

Acabados: Gracias a que está fabricado en piel de imitación y nylon es durable y resistente a manchas.

Accesos laterales: Debido a que ofrece aberturas laterales se tiene un buen acceso a las conexiones y puertos para mayor comodidad.

Montaje: Su instalación es muy sencilla y se adapta con facilidad a distintos tipos de reposacabezas.


Longitud de la cinta elástica: Algunos modelos de coche pueden tener reposacabezas muy amplios, en estos casos el velcro puede quedar muy ajustado.

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