Top 9 Portable Car DVDs of 2022

Portable Car DVD – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Although many cars already include this accessory from the factory, if you don’t have it, it doesn’t hurt to add a portable car DVD to your vehicle, with which to keep our little travelers entertained and make our trips more pleasant. Among the most outstanding models, we have the Wonie BS-WN-ES1011, equipped with two 10.5-inch screens and easy to mount and manage, thanks to its compatibility with SD card and USB port. For its part, the Apeman PV1060 model is limited to one screen, although it expands its size to 12.5 inches, maintaining good autonomy and performance.

The 9 Best Portable Car DVDs – Opinions 2022

Turning our vehicle into a home theater on wheels is as easy as installing the best portable car DVD that we can find according to our needs and preferences. These products have compact formats and a considerable capacity to read all types of files, so you will have no problem enjoying any multimedia content. So for you to know what the current market offers, nothing better than taking a look at the best portable car DVDs of 2022, which we analyze in this article.

2 screen portable car dvd

1. Wonnie 2 Portable Car DVD Player

The Wonnie BS-WN-ES1011 model, candidate to be the best portable DVD for car of the moment, is a complete product and with which we have two screens to view all kinds of content. These screens have a size of 10.5 inches and HD resolution, which reaches 1024 x 600. A format that helps to view content with adequate quality and comfort. 

This 2-screen portable DVD player for car has good connectivity, with which you can load files via SD card, via USB port or, obviously, via the included DVD reader. 

A device with a complete approach, where there is also no lack of supports to mount the screens on the back of the seats or the conventional power connector and for the cigarette lighter, which completes an autonomy of up to 5 hours, one of the highest on the market.

So that you know which portable DVD for car to buy, we give you more information regarding what this product offers you.


Screens: This equipment has two screens, to see everything more clearly and set up your small movie theater in the back.

Resolution: The HD resolution of the device makes it easy to see any content with more quality.

Connectivity: The equipment includes connectivity via USB port or SD card reader, in addition to the DVD reader.

Memory function: This function allows you to recover the playback at the point where you left it.

Autonomy: The device offers an operating autonomy of up to 5 hours, without the need for a plug.


Volume: The volume level of the product is somewhat lower than would be desirable.

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2. Pumpkin 2 Portable DVD Player Car Home 10.1

The Pumpkin 221-95ESA model, from what many users consider to be the best portable car DVD brand on the market, is everything you need to enjoy a pleasant multimedia experience in your vehicle. We are talking about a portable DVD for car with 2 screens, with a size of 10.1 inches each. They have an HD resolution, with which to see these contents more clearly. 

A quality display that is helped by the included brackets, which make it easy to attach the screens to the seat backs and orient them to your liking. This product also offers a wide compatibility of both media (normal, recordable and rewritable CDs and DVDs) and files, which avoids the need to convert files. 

As for its autonomy, it reaches five hours without a plug, the device being accompanied by both the car charger and the conventional wall charger.

Enjoy your favorite movies without leaving the back seats of your car with this complete product.


Quality: The 10.1-inch screen with HD resolution helps to see everything more clearly.

Remote control: The remote control makes it easy to control the DVD without having to move from your seat.

Autonomy: The device offers a range of 5 hours of use when not plugged in.

Programs: Compared to other models, with this product you can see two different programs on each screen.


MKV: Although the compatibility is high, there are files such as MKV that cannot be uploaded to the device.

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portable car dvd player

3. Apeman Portable Car DVD Player

The Apeman PV1060 portable car DVD player is a product equipped with a 10.5-inch screen and with a large capacity to orient it in the way that suits you best. In fact, this screen can rotate up to 270 degrees, and it can also be adjusted in tilt. 

The model also has good compatibility with both different types of CDs and DVDs and file formats, to enjoy any multimedia content comfortably. The DVD is very easy to use both because of the panel included in the DVD itself and because of the included remote control, so you don’t have to move to control the device from the front seat. 

A complete model where neither the connectors for power supply nor a battery with good capacity and autonomy are missing. A good proposal located among the cheap models on the market.

When it comes to deciding which is the best portable DVD for car, it is key to have all the necessary information, such as the one that we offer you below.


Rotation: The rotation of the screen reaches 270 degrees, to orient it as it suits you best.

Battery: Its 2,500 milliamp battery generates a range of up to 5 hours when there are no plugs nearby.

Connectivity: This device allows you to read all types of DVDs and load files from its USB port or SD card reader.

Remote control: This remote control helps to control the device remotely and without complications.


Resolution: The SD or 480P resolution offers a somewhat worse image than other similar models.

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4. Wimaha Portable DVD Player 

Reviewing among the cheapest proposals on the market, we find options such as the Wimaha HH-1 player. This model, a firm candidate to be the best value for money portable car DVD in our selection, has a 9-inch screen with a free-rotating system, so you can orient it in the way that suits you best. 

It also offers extensive connectivity, with an HDMI port, SD card reader or USB port, among other options. Functions that are also complete with respect to control, where we have both a button panel in the area of ​​the base of the equipment and the built-in remote control, to control it from the front seat with ease. 

A convenience that is also present in its installation process, where neither the support for the backrest nor a release system is missing that allows the product to be easily assembled and disassembled.

If you don’t want to spend too much on your portable car DVD player, take a look at the features of this model.


Rotatable: The rotating screen can be rotated in almost any direction, depending on your preference.

Easy assembly: Due to both its support and its approach, it is easy to assemble and disassemble the DVD.

FM Radio: As an extra, the product includes the FM radio option, which adds to the extensive connectivity of the device.


Screen: The screen is 9 inches, somewhat smaller than usual.

Autonomy: The autonomy of the battery is 2 hours, also less than other similar models.

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9 inch portable car dvd

5. Pumpkin 2 Portable Car DVD Players 

The Pumpkin SP0921 model is an interesting 9-inch portable car DVD that makes it easy to turn your car into a movie theater. We are talking about a product equipped with a dual-screen system and HD resolution, so you can enjoy better quality when playing any content. 

These movies and videos can come from a DVD disc of any type, but also from other sources such as your USB port or SD card reader. The best thing is that the content compatibility is also high, so you won’t have problems playing almost any type of file. 

The device is rounded off with functions such as its multi-region character, with which it can read any DVD, or its memory function, to retrieve playback wherever you want. And how could it be less, the lot also includes the supports for the seat.

Let us know more details of this complete dual-screen DVD with wide functionality.


Double screen: Its double screen allows you to see everything more clearly, as well as reducing discomfort during use.

Resolution: The screens have HD resolution, to see everything with higher quality.

Support: The kit includes the supports to comfortably mount the DVDs on the seat backs.


Autonomy: The autonomy of the product is somewhat less than that of other models, staying in about 3 hours.

Separate use: It is not possible to use the screens separately, nor to play independent content.

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dual portable car dvd

6. Fangor Portable DVD Player with 2 Screens 

The Dual Portable Car DVD is a solution to turn any vehicle into a home theater on wheels. A task in which the Fangor Dual model includes everything necessary to proceed. 

This equipment has two 7.5-inch diagonal screens and HD resolution, enough for vehicles that are not too large. In what the vehicle does perform better is in matters such as its connectivity, where neither the USB port nor the SD card reader is missing, to load content from almost any source. 

An aspect that is also helped by the wide compatibility of formats supported by the equipment, so you don’t have to worry about the types of files to use. Regarding autonomy, the product offers up to 4 hours of use without plugs, including both the wall charger and the car charger.

We give you some more details about this product and its most outstanding features when working.


Resolution: HD resolution offers good image quality with all types of content.

Connectivity: The equipment has both a USB port and an SD card reader.

Autonomy: The device offers an autonomy of up to 4 hours in single mode and 3 hours if you use both screens.


Size: The screens are only 7.5 inches, much smaller than usual.

Broadcast : It is not possible to see two different broadcasts on each screen, but each one must offer the same image. 

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Other products

7. Bsl Beautiful Sound Line Android DVD Player 9 Inch 

Compared to traditional car DVD players, the Bsl Beautiful Sound Line BSL-9TANDX model incorporates interesting novelties. The fundamental one is its Android operating system, accompanied by WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity to access the network. 

The result is a device on which to run all kinds of applications and that also allows access to your favorite streaming platforms. An extra that adds to the micro SD card reader, its HDMI connector or, logically, the DVD player when enjoying your content. Its control is extremely simple since the product includes a touch screen, similar to that of a tablet. 

It is finished off with double connectivity for power, both with a wall plug and a cigarette lighter, as well as the necessary support to comfortably mount the device in your vehicle.

Change the way you watch your favorite content with this Android system DVD player.


Android: By including Android, it is possible to enjoy any streaming platform or online content comfortably.

Screen: The screen has Full HD resolution, so you can see everything with good quality.

Touch control: The touch screen system makes it easy to control all the functions of the device, as if it were a tablet.


USB port: It is missing that the product has a USB port, since it is only used for charging.

Space: The interior space is 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage, something scarce for current needs. 

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8. Naviskauto DVD Car Bracket 

Simplicity with quality. These are the keys to the Naviskauto ESAS1062 model, which makes it easy to bring entertainment to your vehicle. This product has a 10.1-inch diagonal screen with Full HD playback, which is not always usual. Neither is the wide file compatibility, where modern options such as MKV are not lacking. 

And as an additional novelty, the lid opens upwards, making the process of inserting and removing discs much easier. In addition, among the connection options there is also an HDMI port, to connect your mobile, computer or Kindle comfortably to the device. 

Among these connection options, there is no lack of video sockets or the USB port, among others. By the way, headphones are added to the usual accessories of these devices, which are sent as a gift together with the player.

If you are looking for a different device than usual, this player is a very interesting candidate.


Resolution: It is one of the few models capable of reproducing images in Full HD format.

Lid: The front lid design makes it much easier to load discs inside.

HDMI port: This port allows you to connect your mobile or any other device to the player.


Sound: The sound output has a somewhat adjusted power, although it grows if you use headphones.

Warranty: The warranty offered by the brand is 18 months, compared to the 2 years required by law. 

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9. Odys Seal 7 Portable DVD Player

The Odys Seal 7 model is a complete portable car DVD kit with two screens, easy installation and good performance. Specifically, these two screens have a 7-inch diagonal, although a kit with 9-inch screens is also offered, in case these fall short. At least, the screens have a 16:9 format that gives a better visualization of the product. 

It also improves the sound compared to other equipment, being compatible with Dolby Digital technology. In its compact size, there are no lack of details such as the USB port or the SD card reader, with which to load any content easily. 

As an extra, all mounting accessories are included, but also the remote control, which makes it easier to control the performance and operation of the device.

If you are looking for a compact two-screen device, get to know this Odys Seal model in depth.


Dual screen: The kit includes two screens, for better viewing in the rear of the car.

Sound: The sound has a high quality and performance Dolby Digital output.

Remote control: This product includes a remote control, to control its operation more comfortably.


Size: The screen size is 7 inches, which is a bit small for the current offer.

Autonomy: The battery autonomy remains in a couple of hours, also lower than that of other models.

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Portable Car DVD Accessories


portable car dvd holder 


Although it is common for all portable DVDs to come from the factory with their support, it is possible that it deteriorates or that it is not even included, so we may need a portable DVD support for car. 

In this context, the TFY 9mount01 model is a proposal designed for products with a 9-inch diagonal and rotating format, adequately supporting the weight of the equipment correctly. The front is open, to clearly see the screen and control the different options, also having open sides to give access to ports and connections. A complete and easy solution to mount on any seat.

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Shopping guide 

A long trip can become quite boring, especially for the little ones in the house. Therefore, investing in a good entertainment solution for our vehicle is not a bad idea. Currently, we have many options to equip the rear of our vehicle with screens, so taking a look at our guide to buying the best portable DVD for car is an adequate help to know what to look for when choosing a model or other.

Screen Format

To begin with, let’s see what the product offers us in terms of screen or screens. And it is that today there are many products that have not one, but two screens, making it easier to enjoy a comprehensive experience. Obviously, the fact that our future car DVD has two screens influences how much the equipment costs, although the increase in cost is no longer so notable.

Given the number of screens, the next step is to assess their size. As happens with mobile phones or tablets, we have different proposals on the market, ranging from 9-inch models at affordable prices to 12.5-inch screens in larger ones. The larger the diagonal of the screen, the more space there is to see everything clearly when playing content.

Finally, it’s time to take a look at screen resolution. Given the size that we have mentioned before, we are not going to find 4K resolution products or anything similar, but it is true that there are differences in this regard. In general, the larger the screen in size, the higher the resolution should also be, since it will signal a better image. So do not forget to verify this aspect when choosing one product or another.

Connections and compatibility

Another issue to consider when faced with a comparison of portable car DVDs is the connectivity offered by the device. This section refers to the number of ports included, as well as their nature. The greater that connectivity, the better options for use we will have, although we must also evaluate compatibility, which goes hand in hand with said connectivity.

The usual thing is that the equipment includes the DVD player where we should have the ability to use all kinds of discs, whether they are recordable, rewritable or conventional. Another common data source is the USB port, from where to load our favorite content. And if we have an integrated card reader or a port for that SD card, even better.

All these supports are very interesting, but it is also necessary to have a good compatibility of file types. In general, almost any DVD plays files in the most classic formats, such as AVI or MPG. But given that a lot of current content is in other formats, such as MKV or ACC, it doesn’t hurt to bet on a product that is capable of reading these formats. The higher the compatibility, the better.

Food and autonomy

The last important aspect when buying a DVD is the product’s power supply system and the autonomy it offers us. Starting with the power system, it is usual for the equipment to work connected through the car’s cigarette lighter, and it is also advisable to have a traditional plug to charge the battery integrated in the equipment.

This battery is already far from the autonomy of the older and cheaper models, which was barely around two hours. Nowadays, the usual thing is that any portable DVD that we find in the market offers us batteries with a capacity of use of 4 or 5 hours, at the very least. Obviously, the greater the autonomy, the longer we can enjoy its functions.

By the way, some models are capable of adjusting certain parameters such as screen brightness, which can help us save battery power during use. The same goes for computers that include power-saving features, such as automatic deactivation or shutdown in case of inactivity. All these supplements give an extra life to energy, helping us to make better use of it.

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