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Main advantage:

This product includes a highly sensitive alarm, so that, in the event of any attempt to disarm the padlock, a siren is activated with a power of no less than 120 decibels.

Main disadvantage:

The product works with batteries whose cost is not exactly cheap, according to some opinions. In addition, they last approximately one year, so you will have to spend money on batteries with a certain frequency.

Verdict: 9.8/10

An interesting evolution of the conventional motorcycle anti-theft lock, which now includes a backup light and a high-power siren, for greater security. As well as being close to being the best motorcycle alarm of the moment.

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Main Features Explained

Main body

At first glance, this product is not very different from other motorcycle alarms that we can find on the market. Visually, it has a main closure area, with a large bolt, as well as the body on which the structure is supported, making it easy to place the product on any motorcycle, since it has a distance between holes of 6 millimeters. By the way, the same model is also sold with a 10-millimeter axle, for larger motorcycles or with larger or thicker discs.

A material whose high resistance is already a guarantee of peace of mind, in order to adequately keep the product in service and free from threats, both from possible thieves and from the effects of the weather.

This body is finished off with a sturdy and eye-catching cover. This cover has a double function. For one thing, it makes the lock conspicuous and visible to potential thieves, which can deter them from trying to steal the bike. On the other hand, its resistance prevents any intrusion attempt. Although if this occurs, the alarm will go off, as we will tell you below.

Integrated alarm system

In order to protect your motorcycle in a much safer way, this model has an alarm system integrated into the body of the lock itself. An alternative to conventional alarms, at a much cheaper price and without the need to install anything on the motorcycle, beyond putting the padlock.

This alarm is activated by means of a movement sensor, so that in case of noticing that the padlock moves or is hit with a certain force, the alarm is triggered. A system that prevents the alarm from going off accidentally due to wind, rain or any other reason.

This alarm has a power of 120 decibels, so it is not exactly something that you will not hear, unless you have the motorcycle far away. Enough to put any thief trying to get hold of your bike to flight. By the way, as an extra, the alarm includes a second warning tone, for when you leave the padlock on but you haven’t remembered to activate the system and close the padlock. Perfect for when we are in a hurry and we forget.

Other features

Since we are talking about an external alarm, it must have all the resistance and durability so that the product does not deteriorate with use. Something that is perceived in details such as the metal body that we have mentioned, which safely supports any intrusion. This material has the additional advantage of having anti-corrosion properties, so bad weather is not a problem, even in coastal areas.

To help you see everything more clearly when closing the padlock, it also includes an LED light, which gives you extra lighting where it is lacking. We can also place it in padlock mode with alarm or only padlock, depending on what interests us at all times.

We are talking about a padlock with an alarm with a versatile installation, so that it is not only a product suitable for motorcycles, but it can even be mounted on scooters or electric bicycles, as long as the characteristics of the disc or the rims allow it to be mounted.

Regarding the power supply, it is carried out by means of a lithium battery, which is located inside the product. This battery lasts approximately one year, although once it begins to run out, the product itself will let you know, so you don’t run out of power unexpectedly. However, the padlock is still practicable, through the corresponding key, losing only the alarm function.

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