20 friendship songs

Some say that friends are the family that you have, but that does not live at home, others affirm that they are the brothers that you can choose. In any case, it is worth dedicating a beautiful song to them, which makes clear the love they have for them.

Not only during Valentine’s Day is a good time to celebrate friendship. In the following list you can find topics in Spanish and English, to tell that special person, or those very important people, how much you value their company and affection.

1) Even if I can’t see you – Alex Ubago

Breaking up with a friend is not easy. But even in the distance, you can offer each other comfort and company.  

This is one of those songs to dedicate when your best friend is feeling sad and needs your support. As for the music, it has a very nostalgic base, but at the same time reassuring, something that only Alex Ubago could perfectly combine. Without a doubt, one of his best songs.

2) There is a friend in me – Toy Story Soundtrack

Letting your friends know that you love them and that you will always be there for them when they need you can be easy with this theme. It is a classic that Disney has in its great collection.

3) They are my friends – Amaral

Sharing the anecdotes of life, friends are present, whether it is to celebrate the loss of a job or to say goodbye when you have to move. Amaral sums up in this happy song that “above all things, they are my friends”. We recommend having it among your friendship songs to sing in chorus at your next meeting. 

4) Nobody like you – Van Gogh’s ear

If you’re looking for cute song lyrics, check out this track, which is about sisters becoming best friends . Amaia Montero, inspired by her special relationship with Idoia Montero, has composed this beautiful pop song. 

5) Count on me – Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars describes friendship very well in the lyrics of this song. This is one of those songs about friendship that cannot be missing from your repertoire.

6) The things you live – Laura Pausini

There are many friendship songs with beautiful music, like this one, inspired by the Italian Laura Pausini. It offers many phrases for special friends.

7) Anytime you need a friend – Mariah Carey

If you are looking for more beautiful phrases for a special friend, you can use this beautiful theme, performed with the amazing voice of Mariah Carey. 

8) I’ll be there for you – The Rembrandts

In a selection of songs for friends, the one by the group “The Rembrandts” cannot be missing, which an entire generation heard more than once when enjoying the fun episodes of the “Friends” series.

9) With a little help from my friends – The Beatles

The Beatles is also present in our list with this classic, which we invite you to know in detail, because its lyrics well deserve recognition.

10) Friends Forever – Sarah Brightman and José Carreras

The lyrics of friends forever will live in the memory of all those who experienced the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992. For this reason, we make a special place for them in this compilation. Also, it is a friendship song with beautiful phrases.

11) Just as you are – The Song of the Fool

Friends make us strong, they drive us. But you also have to accept them as they are . This El canto del loco conveys to us in its profound lyrics, worthy of being considered one of the best songs of friends. 

12) Umbrella – Rihanna and Jay Z

With a good dedication for a friend, we have sung this pop song more than once because of its easy-to-memorize chorus.

13) There is a friend in me – Toy Story

If we want fun songs with a deep meaning, then we have to mention the lyrics of “There is a friend in me”. Or, its version for Latin America. “I am your faithful friend”. In either of the two alternatives, you will find beautiful phrases to express gratitude and loyalty to those people who accompany you in life. 

14) You are my best friend – Queen

If you have a friend who likes electric guitar and rock, a classic like this will be great for him. John Deacon wrote it for his wife and tells her that she is his best friend.

15) How beautiful it is to love – Manuel Carrasco

Friendship is unconditional and, because of its lyrics, this song may well become an anthem.

16) I love my friends – Steve Aoki & Icona Pop 

If you want to dedicate a modern and fun song to your friends, suitable for dancing to an electronic pop tune, this is a good option. 

Now, we will dedicate some songs to those strange friendships , that maybe you want them to become something more or, well, you don’t want to lose them due to unrequited feelings.

17) I would like – Reik

If you need a song for a special friend, who has begun to inspire feelings of love, you can dedicate “I would like” to her. It expresses how difficult it is to see the loved one suffering for someone else.

18) My friend – Alejandro Sanz

With the same theme as Reik’s song, Alejandro Sanz composes an intense and dramatic version. The musical arrangements are excellent and the poetry that Sanz skillfully uses makes it a romantic classic.

19) Best Friends – Morat

“I hope you don’t fall in love”, says Morat’s “best friends” song in the lyrics. It is a curious topic, full of metaphors, that perhaps only the authors can interpret. However, it applies when the friendship is in danger of acquiring nuances that are no longer very clear.

20) Friends – Ed Sheeran

For fans of the talented singer-songwriter, this might just be the most beautiful song in the world. However, it tells us a complicated relationship. We invite you to meet her.

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