50 romantic song ideas

Being with the person you love is one of the greatest joys. To enjoy it even more, choosing romantic songs with beautiful lyrics and melodies that both of you like can crown the moment, making it unforgettable. Luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Whether you are preparing the details for your wedding or to spend an incredible evening together, music cannot be missing. It should be chosen according to the preferred style of both and take special care that it is a love song with beautiful lyrics, since some very emotional alternatives, with really exquisite harmonies, could be heartbreak.

On the other hand, it may be that you feel a bit lost when making a decision, due to the large number of current songs, the different genres and the existence of romantic songs in English that we listen to constantly and are the choice of other couples in love.. 

To make things easier, we present our list of 50 songs to enjoy as a couple. Here you can find love songs to dedicate and express your feelings, music to listen to while you are together and, especially, a long list of romantic hits in Spanish that will surprise you.

Music in English

We will begin our list with some international hits in English, which have made a place for themselves in popular taste due to the intensity of their lyrics and the beauty of their melodies. This romantic music could be excellent to set the mood at certain moments of a party, such as the delivery of the cake or while the bride and groom greet the guests.

We have not focused on any particular era, so you can find a romantic song by Elvis Presley or Ed Sheeran on the list. Similarly, the songs belong to various genres, so you can choose the one that best suits the environment you want to create.

1. Love me like you do – Ellie goulding

2. Thank you – Dido

3. You’re beautiful – James Blunt 

4. Love me tender – Elvis Presley

5. Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran

6. Fallen – Alleged parties and Randy Crawford

7. Can’t help falling in love – Elvis Presley

8. A thousand years – Christina Perri

9. How deep is your love – Bee Gees

10. Marry me-Train

11. Feel – Robbie Williams

12. My girl – The temptations 

13. I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing – Aerosmith

14. Love is all around – Wet wet wet

15. It Will Rain – Bruno Mars

16. Have you ever really love a woman – Bryan Adams 

Boleros and romantic ballads in Spanish

There are many songs in Spanish that are ideal to dedicate to wives and girlfriends, whose lyrics are the result of great inspiration. These alternatives could be a good choice when the couple does not speak English and you want them to fully understand the meaning of the message you want to convey.

They can also be used as background music for videos or, why not, to take some beautiful romantic photos during an evening. Since they will help you find enough inspiration so that love is obvious and the photos look authentic.

We will start this section in Spanish with 5 very special songs that were released several decades ago. However, they are a true hymn to love . For this reason, they continue to be chosen when looking for love song lyrics to declare the feelings you have for your loved one.

17. I love you – Jose Luis Perales

18. With you I learned – Armando Manzanero

18. With the years I have left – Gloria Estefan

20. We are boyfriends – Armando Manzanero

21. The love of my life – Camilo Sesto

Now, we will focus on alternatives that although they are not all modern songs, they are very romantic. In them, you will find a way to tell your partner that “something magical happened”, that you love them “from the first moment” or that there will never be a lack of reasons to love each other more.

22. The beach – Van Gogh’s ear

23. Completely in Love – Chayane

24. For you I will marry – Eros Ramazzotti

25. You changed my life – Rio Roma

26. I love you – Franco de Vita

27. To fall in love more – Mijares

28. If I Hadn’t Met You – Christina Aguilera and Luis Fonsi

29. Until my end – Il Divo

We continue our list with more love songs in Spanish. It is not for less, our language is rich enough to express in a thousand ways, and always beautifully, the most sincere feelings.

In the following songs. You can find phrases like “When I look at you I can only thank you”, “I want to be with you if I am born again” or, a beautiful way of illustrating how love grew until it became the most important thing.

30. May life reach me – Without a flag

31. Walking hand in hand – Rio Roma

32. Other Lives – Carlos Rivera

33. Come Into My Life – No Flag

34. You shine – León Larregui

35. I’m going to love you – Axel

36. I’m going to love you – Benny Ibarra

37. Everything changed – Camila

38. I believe in you – Reik

39. Perfect (Spanish version) – Kevin and Karla

Rock ballads to enjoy as a couple

Not all couples are the same, some prefer old songs, while others prefer to declare their love to the rhythm of electric guitars (you can find here some options to compare). For these cases, we have a special selection of 10 beautiful song lyrics that belong to rock in Spanish . Some are quite so sensual, so much so, that they could even be considered music to make love or to raise the temperature between you.

40. Your unforgettable smile – Fito Páez

41. Treat me gently – Gustavo Cerati

42. The duel – The law

43. You are – Cafe Tacuba

44. With you – Joaquin Sabina

45. Danger – Ely War

46. ​​Kumbala – Cursed Neighborhood

47. Sognare – Tiny Division

48. Tied to a feeling – Miguel Mateos

49. Let me touch your skin – Vilma Palma

50. Blind in Love – The Fabulous Cadillacs

We know that love has inspired a countless variety of wonderful lyrics. However, we believe that in this selection there are many beautiful songs to set the mood for that special moment and share it as a couple.

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