AKAI Professional APC KEY 25 Reviews

Main advantage:

It stands out for being a small and easy to move controller, which has a complete list of useful functions for those musicians who live in constant movement. With the possibility of connecting with computers, it includes a package of special applications for music production.

Main disadvantage:

It’s important to note that backlit pads react to light only under the included Ableton Live Lite workbench, so if you’re using other music production software, they may not light up.

Verdict: 9.9/10

Designed for music producers looking for one of the best MIDI controllers, this model features 25 keys and 40 assignable pads in a truly compact and portable size.

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Main Features Explained


Specially developed for the most conventional music composers and producers, this MIDI controller combines all the functions and utilities presented by a controller keyboard with a wide clip launch panel, through a complete variety of customizable buttons. It features up to 40 backlit pads that can be assigned sounds in real time, for a completely custom setup. This will allow you to tailor the controller to your personal music style and make your production work easier. In addition, it is a model that you can use to manipulate other virtual instrument applications, so that you can compose all kinds of songs.

Keyboards typically have between 25 and 88 keys, however, while sometimes the number of keys determines the skill level of the player, today’s controllers compensate for this with controls to make way for a laptop. With this equipment you will be able to exploit all your creativity and create complex melodies thanks to its 25 mini format keys with built-in synthesizer action. On the other hand, it equips some buttons to raise or lower the octaves and to adjust the “sustain”, with which you can expand your creative possibilities and reach a complete melodic range, as well as 8 adjustable control potentiometers and very well located for a better location and use of each.


When we refer to MIDI controllers, we are talking about musical equipment created to produce high-level musical compositions, however, most of the time you will need to connect it to a computer to take full advantage of all its features. With this in mind, AKAI makes available a professional-grade controller with USB plug and play linking with any computer to quickly create a complete music production space wherever you need it, without any tedious installation process.

Precisely designed for use with computers, this controller is pre-mapped, to offer the best results both in a live performance and at the time of production in the studio. This means that professional music production applications recognize each of the aspects, functions and buttons provided by this device, thus taking full advantage of its functionalities. After making the connection of this controller with your computer, the hardware will react perfectly with the Ableton Live interface without requiring any type of installation or previous configuration.

In addition to Ableton Lite, other software applications are included, such as Hybrid 3.0 & Sovinox Twist, a high-definition virtual synthesizer, which mixes the quality of analog with the interaction of digital. In addition, it includes the complete Toorom Artist Launch Packs premium quality sound pack and a collection of virtual musical instruments that you can integrate with your AKAI MIDI controller.


Finally, adjusting to the needs of users of this generation, for whom mobility turns out to be a very important factor to take into account, AKAI has developed a practical and compact MIDI controller that provides professional results to music producers and new performers who want a team with which they can develop their creative ideas. With dimensions of 19.4 x 31.2 x 4.3 centimeters and an approximate weight of 839 grams, you can easily carry this device in the same backpack where you carry your laptop.

The compact dimensions and light weight of this model is ideal in case you need to move around with it frequently or even if you don’t have a lot of space and want to create a professional minimalist music composition studio. In addition, its price is quite low compared to other larger models, so, according to the opinions of users who have more experience with this type of instrument, portability is a factor that offers several practical advantages.

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