Alesis Q49 Reviews

Main advantage:

If you are interested in learning to play a MIDI controller, this model is one of the best alternatives you can choose. It features a selection of 49 velocity-sensitive keys. In addition, it is an ideal model to connect to computers via a traditional USB or MIDI connection.

Main disadvantage:

It is a basic MIDI controller model and recommended for beginners, since it does not include certain types of controls, pads and options. Therefore, if you are looking for a model for professional use, we recommend choosing another model.

Verdict: 9.7/10

In short, this MIDI controller is a good alternative with which you’ll be able to modify some aspects of the sound in real time thanks to its modulation and pitch wheels.

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Main Features Explained


Highlights of this MIDI controller include built-in features and included production software. In most cases, music production with a MIDI controller requires the use of computer programs that allow you to create all kinds of mixes and songs in the company of a computer and that, on some occasions, are included with the product, although they can raise its price considerably. In this sense, this equipment includes a powerful software package for music production, with which you can exploit your creative level from the first moment you use this instrument. 

With the purchase of the Alesis Q49 a copy of Live Lite from Ableton and Xpand!2 from the developer brand AIR Music Tech are included, musical programs with which you will be able to interpret, record and perform musical sequences instantly. In addition to incorporating the Melodics application, which allows you, during a certain time of use, to join the more than 60 lessons given by approximately 100,000 professional musicians, with which you can improve your skills and musical experience. This application will teach you how to efficiently play MIDI controllers and keyboards, as well as electronic drums, as if you were a professional. To enjoy Melodics, all you need to do is register the driver and download it for free.


This equipment has several technical aspects and outstanding qualities, which place it as the best MIDI controller of the moment, according to the opinions of many experienced users of this type of instrument. Among the most important technical aspects is the number and type of keys it incorporates. With the Alesis Q49 you can take control of your productions, since it is a MIDI keyboard controller with 49 velocity-sensitive keys that offer wide creative possibilities and musical expression.

On the other hand, the size of the keys is very important, so that the user feels comfortable when touching them. Because each person has a configuration in terms of the shape and size of their hands and fingers, manufacturers make two generic sizes of keys available: “normal” or “full”, as well as “mini” or “compact”. While the former are more similar to piano keys, the latter are ideal for children, as they are considerably smaller. As for this specific controller model, its “full” size keys are suitable for users looking for an experience very similar to that of standard acoustic pianos.


If we are interested in acquiring a new MIDI controller, the point of the connections is a vital aspect that we must take into account when choosing one. Let’s remember that MIDI controllers are usually connected to computers to form a digital audio workstation or DAW, with which you can make your compositions, mixes and musical recordings with the help of some music production software. Alesis Q49, is controller uses a fast connection through a MIDI-USB interface, which you can use to connect to your computer with Windows or iOS operating system without complications. In addition, this equipment complies with the music industry standard, since it also has a traditional MIDI output that you can use to install on consoles or other musical peripherals in recording studios.


Finally, the selection of controls and buttons available on this rig is wide and complete for the creative expression of any entry-level and intermediate user, as it has backlit octave shift buttons that let you quickly know which one is active or inactive. In addition, it includes real-time assignable pitch and modulation wheels and an input slider with which you can enable the controller as the central unit with which you can directly manipulate virtual musical instruments.

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