All songs from La casa de papel

A great production takes care of all the details, which is why we cannot expect anything less from one of the most successful Spanish series of recent times. Each song has its moment and fits perfectly into the puzzle that the scene builds to make the audience connect with the plot.

With 5 seasons, La casa de papel is one of the Spanish series that has achieved the most followers around the world. The project brings together great talents and develops a plot based on the police genre, with a touch raw enough to be feasible. It started as a bet of only 9 chapters, but if you wonder how many chapters the paper house has, you should know that it already has 31, with the 4 seasons that have been released so far. 

The reason behind this success is perhaps due to the fact that it combines very interesting characters, who have been embodied in such a way by the actors that they engage the public. For example, Tokio, in La casa de papel, is one of the main characters, and not only narrates the story, but also provides a female interpretation of everything that happens. For its part, Nairobi is also another interested in the robbery in which she participates being successful. With her talent for forgery she is added to the plan. Nairobi dies in the fourth season, but we will have her back through flashbacks, so she is still among the main characters.

If we mention some male characters, we can’t skip Berlin. In La casa de papel he is the boss in command and is characterized by his self-centeredness and lack of empathy. While Denver and “The Professor” are perhaps the characters that give the series so much power.

Speaking more about music, which is what concerns us on this occasion, the soundtrack of La casa de papel has also attracted many followers, due to its extensive collection of songs, with various nuances and genres. Some seasons, such as season 4, have had a more Spanish-style approach, with a selection of songs by performers such as Las Grecas or some composition by Nino Bravo. However, it can be said that it is a soundtrack suitable for everyone, since just as songs performed by a symphony orchestra can be heard, others use the electric guitar or the trumpet as their protagonists.

On the other hand, the importance that this Manel Santisteban band has aroused has been such that it was even the subject of the Tenerife International Film Music Festival. On the other hand, Celicia Krul has confessed that she never imagined that the theme My life is going on, the intro song of La casa de papel, would become a success of such proportions.

Next, you will be able to know all the songs and melodies that make up the series so far. It should be noted that we have organized the music of La casa de papel by seasons, to make it easier for you to find the song you heard if you don’t know what it’s called.

Season 1

The first season of La casa de papel was characterized by a mixture of various Italian songs and some instrumentals, but it was definitely its most acclaimed title song. Here the list.

  • My life is going on – Cecilia Krull
  • Boom – Ofi The melody
  • Symphony No. 9 in D Minor: Ode to joy – Sestminister Choir, Philadelphia Orchestra
  • Ave Maria, D. 839 – Schubert
  • Like a Falling Star – Michael McGregor
  • Bohemian and Vadio Fado – Piedade Fernandes
  • Bella ciao – Interpreti dello spettacolo
  • Bamboo Moon – The Mutants
  • You don’t own me – Saygrace G-Eazy
  • The Entertainer Scott Joplin – Ragtime
  • I can’t stop crying – Will Grove – White
  • Bella Ciao Live – Modena City Ramblers
  • All Life – Fuel Fandango
  • Black hole ceremony – Emmanuel David Lipszyc, Sébastien Lipszyc
  • For a head – Carlos Gardel
  • Loud and Clear – Bob Bradley
  • Magnetic Hurricane – Emmanuel David Lipszyc, Klas Johan Wahl
  • Trained to Kill – Andrew Britton

Season 2

The second season of La casa de papel doesn’t experiment much with genres, but we do have several alternate versions of the main theme that are worth listening to.

  • Bella ciao – The Bear
  • My life is going on – Sartre
  • Bootleg The paper house – Ibx, Cecilia Krull
  • Bamboo Moon – The Mutants
  • My life is going on Remix – Cecilia Krull, Alok, Jetlag Music
  • My life is going on – Kevo DJ, Pancho Toddere
  • Trained to Kill – Andrew Britton, Andrew Skeet, David Goldsmith
  • La casa de Vico Bella ciao Remix – Vico

Season 3

If you have the opportunity to watch the third season of La casa de papel online, do not overlook its themes, since it is the one with the greatest wealth of genres to offer.

  • My Life Is Going On – Cecilia Krull vs. Gavin Moss
  • The Flower and the Book – The Captain’s Fanfare
  • Timebomb Zone – The prodigy
  • The prisoner – Fruko and his treasures
  • The kids are coming – Tones and I
  • Pretty kinda dirty – Goodpeople
  • Flower Duet – Léo Delibes, Mady Mesple
  • Who can it be now? – Men at work
  • You’ll never walk alone – Gerry & the pacemakers
  • Harlem Shuffle – Bob & Earl
  • Another sunny day – Belle & Sebastian
  • Guajira Guantanamo – Compay Segundo
  • Feeling good – Muse
  • Lonely boy – The Black Keys
  • Rocks – Primal Scream, George Drakoulias
  • Upswing – Anthony Ranere
  • Gnossienne: No. 1 – Erik Satie, Alexandre Tharaud
  • Be my baby – The ronettes
  • Bella ciao – Manu Pilas
  • Broken coastline – Down like silver
  • Maria my love – Pablo Abraira
  • Say doo dah – Jane Birkin
  • La poupée – Les très bien ensemble
  • The drift – Vetusta Morla

Season 4

The fourth season is the one that has been heard the most in recent months, a little because of the expectation that the long-awaited season 5 implies.

  • My Life Is Going On – Manel Santisteban and Cecilia Krull
  • I love you – Umberto Tozzi
  • I am loving you madly – ​​Felipe Campuzano López
  • Days Like This – Van Morrison
  • LibreNino – Bravo
  • Permanent gravity center – Franco Battiato
  • Green I love you green – Amparo Lagares
  • All You Need to Know – Howe GelbAntonio Romero – La Bamba
  • My Love – Doris Fisher and Allan Roberts
  • Sighs of Spain – Antonio Álvarez Alonso and Jose Antonio Álvarez
  • Fire – Stereo Bomb
  • La Palloza- The Captain’s Fanfare
  • Fisher of Men – Cesáreo Gabaráin
  • Roller-Quilt
  • Delicate – Damien Rice
  • When the tide rises – Amaral
  • Wake Up – Arcade Fire
  • Bella Ciao – Nawja Nimri

For now, we don’t know what awaits us musically speaking in the chapters to come but, beyond discovering how La casa de papel ends, we will surely have many surprises and unexpected moments. In the meantime, you can download the playlist and enjoy your favorite songs from the series.

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