Behringer Xenyx 802 Reviews

Main advantage:

This is a professional analog mixer ideal for beginners and advanced DJs alike thanks to its low noise and interference and compact yet robust design. It has an electrical power of 13 watts and has 2 independent microphone preamplifiers.

Main disadvantage:

Note that this model does not have a switch that allows you to turn it on or off, so you will need to plug and unplug the cord from the wall socket to use or stop using it.

Verdict: 9.6/10

Get a warm and very harmonious sound with this device thanks to its 3-band equalizer. In addition, this mixer has 8 RCA input channels and two inputs with XLR connection.

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Main Features Explained 

Preamplifiers and equalizers

The opinions of the majority of users who use this mixer agree that it is one of the best models today, since it gives you a high level of control over the signal from the microphones and instruments that you connect through its lines. This is thanks to its 2 powerful XENYX mic preamps, which allow you to match sound quality, transparency and headroom, as well as dynamic range easily comparable to higher-end or higher-priced models..

Likewise, this DJ table allows you to modify the amplitudes of the frequencies of the connected audio at will, so that you get a balanced, harmonic and very warm sound. This is achieved through the use of its British 3-band equalizer system, considered “neoclassical” for providing a finish on the sound similar to that of the consoles used in the 70s, the best equalizers ever produced. With this mixer you can increase or decrease the frequencies or hertz, as well as the amplitude or decibels until you get the sound you are looking for.

input and output channels

Something very important to consider in DJ tables is the number of channels and connectors they have, since it is what will define how many instruments or microphones you can use. This is one of the most outstanding aspects of this analog mixer, since the Behringer trademark has developed equipment that allows you to connect a wide variety of devices thanks to its 8 input channels with the possibility of assigning effects to each one individually. individual. It has 2 high-quality XLR inputs and the possibility of assigning others to connect a music player, either CD or tape, for maximum sound fidelity.

This model has a post-fader send to achieve high-quality effects for each channel independently and a stereo auxiliary return, also to be used to assign effects or as an independent stereo sound input. On the other hand, it has outputs for analog recorder, headphones or console. In addition to the XLR inputs, it has 6.3 mm “jack” type inputs and outputs.

Design and manufacturing

Considered one of the best DJ tables today, another of the technical and practical aspects that should be highlighted about this model is its compact design and high-quality manufacturing. These are very important characteristics that cannot go unnoticed, in the first place, because if it is a very large and heavy mixer, it would be very difficult to move it to any other place where it is needed and, if it is made with simple materials, it will not provide the expected sound quality.

In the case of the Behringer Xenyx 802 DJ table, this is not a problem, since its size of approximately 22 x 18.9 x 4.7 and weight of only 1.61 kg will allow you to carry it comfortably in your bag at any time. anywhere the party is, giving you the ability to easily set it up at home, studio or business. Likewise, this mixer is made with components of the highest quality, while it is made of resistant and robust materials, giving this device a long useful life. Its internal system allows it to work with an electrical power of up to 13 watts, so it will generate a sound quality similar to that of the most complete models for professional use.

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