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Acoustic Guitar – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2022

The brilliant sound of the guitar and the many musical genres that have made it its main protagonist, make this instrument very popular. But not every guitar has the features that musicians are looking for, as some are designed with very specific purposes, while others seek to be more versatile. For example, the Fender CD-60SCE is an acoustic guitar with an integrated preamp and tuner, as well as a remarkable sound due to its solid top. But if you are looking for something versatile and good sounding, the Yamaha F370 from the Folk series can provide a balanced and pleasant sound in different musical styles.

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Opinions on the best acoustic guitars on the market

Since there is a wide range of guitars on the market, it is sometimes difficult to choose the ones that could be better, to place them in a comparison. That is why we present our selection, in which we have considered several points such as the good rating they have obtained and their value for money. You will probably find in this list one that is of interest to you.

Fender Acoustic Guitar

Fender CD-60SCE

To talk about this Fender acoustic guitar, we will start by saying that it is an improved model from the CD60, but with the particularity of having a solid spruce wood top, which gives it better resonance. It also includes laminated mahogany back and sides, which interestingly complement its structure.

As for its appearance, it offers cutaway styling and vintage-style tuners, as well as a very striking gloss black finish, which could earn it the qualification of the best acoustic guitar. On the other hand, this model includes the advantage of being electro-acoustic, so that you can easily highlight its sound in an ensemble with other instruments.

As for the strings, it includes a Dura tone set, from the same Fender brand, and as for its preamplifier, it has been reduced in size and now incorporates a tuner.

Fender for its quality standards is for many the best brand of acoustic guitars. Let us again analyze your model in detail.


Solid top: By including this quality, it can provide a more resonant sound.

Appearance: Its black cut and finish with vintage characteristics can look good.

Tuner: With this handy built-in feature, you can have your instrument in tune at all times.

Strings: Due to its set of Dura tone strings with bronze wound, it offers a sound that can be considered bright and pleasant.


Cost: It may not be the most affordable acoustic guitar, but it has many qualities that make it attractive.

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Yamaha acoustic guitar

Yamaha F370

If what you are looking for is a guitar to learn or enjoy, you could know the proposal of this brand, since it offers a well-balanced instrument in terms of acoustic aspects, due to the fact that it is made with a spruce soundboard, which allows it to have very attractive bright hues. While the back is made of nato wood, so it can provide a good resonance without raising the cost too much. In addition, it is a light guitar, which provides comfort when you decide to take it with you to practice.

For greater comfort in changing strings, this Yamaha acoustic guitar incorporates a button mechanism, which facilitates the task, being efficient to withstand tension well and can be considered as a decorative part of the guitar.

Speaking a little more about its appearance, you can choose this model in various shades, such as natural, black or tobacco. So, due to all its qualities, we could well include it among the best acoustic guitars of 2022.

If you want to know a little more about the model, to decide if it is the best acoustic guitar of the moment for you, we present a list of pros and cons.


Materials: Due to its combination of woods such as spruce and rosewood, it offers lightness and adequate resistance.

Sound: It is a model that can provide a pleasant sound, both in treble and bass.

Versatile: Its sound can be useful for playing different styles, from rock to blues.

Appearance: Thanks to the fact that the brand offers this model with finishes of different tones, you might like one of them.


Nato wood: Some experts may think that nato wood does not offer the finishes that other woods can have, but its acoustic qualities make it a good option at an adequate cost.

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black acoustic guitar

TS Music Fidelity 5332

If you like dark tone instruments because of their elegance, this black acoustic guitar is probably a good choice for you. Its cream colored ABS trim creates an interesting contrast with the rest of the instrument. In addition, the shape of its soundboard will allow you to access the frets closest to the mouth without discomfort.

As far as its sound is concerned, it includes an active 4-band EQ and because it is made with a basswood back and sides, with a rosewood fingerboard, it can be described as a guitar with a warm undertone. In addition, we cannot fail to mention that it could be the best price-quality acoustic guitar, because it adds to its set a tuner with LCD screen, strap, picks, bag and a change of strings, so you will not lack anything to start play as soon as you receive it.

Be sure to analyze the most notable features and possible drawbacks of this model, which is one of the cheapest acoustic guitars.


Set: Because it is a set that includes everything you need to play this guitar, you do not need to purchase other items separately.

Comfort: Its cutaway style can offer greater ease of access for high-pitched fingering.

Appearance: Thanks to its glossy black finishes with an ABS frame, it can look good.

Cost: Due to its adjusted cost, you will not have to spend too much money to get a guitar.


Sustain: Probably some guitars offer a higher resonance than this, but the rest of its qualities and its cost, could compensate for the inconvenience.

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acoustic guitar for beginners

Aklot Folk 6 

This acoustic guitar for beginners has been made with high quality materials, its top is made of spruce and both the back and the sides contain mahogany, a resistant wood that also offers good sound. 

Also, this instrument is characterized by having a Cutaway body, which makes it easier to play on the highest frets, from 13 onwards. We also mentioned that it is a 41-inch guitar, so its body is wide, so it emits an adequate volume with respect to musical notes, being useful for playing outdoors with friends or family. 

On the other hand, we inform you that this instrument comes with various accessories, bag, tuner, picks, strings, guitar capo, string winder and cleaning cloth. Thanks to them, you will not have to make extra expenses to start playing guitar at the music school. It also comes with stainless steel pegs, which will allow you to maintain stable tuning.

If you are looking for an acoustic Folk guitar, perhaps this model could be the one for you; We invite you to know its pros and cons.


Body: It has a body with a Cutaway design, which will allow you to easily access the highest notes of the fretboard. 

Sound: It has a balanced sound with good bass and treble, so you can play songs from various musical genres.

Materials: This guitar has been made with resistant and durable materials such as mahogany and spruce wood.  


Dimensions: Its size is a bit big for children under 9 years old, so take this into account before making the purchase. 

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epiphone acoustic guitar

Epiphone DR-100

If you want to know which is the best acoustic guitar with good value for money, in the DR 100 model we can observe several interesting features, starting with its neck, which is not too wide, which offers comfort to those who have short fingers and find it difficult to surround it. for some chords.

In addition, those who have had the opportunity to try an Epiphone acoustic guitar are probably of the opinion that this model should be among your options, since it is a brand that has extensive experience in the manufacture of this type of instrument and It has good quality standards.

As for its sound, this model uses spruce wood for its composition, thus offering good acoustic qualities and a classic brand resonance box that isolates sound well to amplify it.

We cannot fail to notice its appearance, that it has good quality finishes and that you can choose from 3 different shades, to adapt this model to your preferences.

If this model has seemed attractive to you, you may want to review in detail the most outstanding features in our following list.


Sound: Due to its wide resonance box and manufacturing materials, it is a guitar that can provide a pleasant and balanced sound.

Appearance: Its quality finishes and the classic design of the guitar can be rated positively.

Comfort: Because of its slightly thin diameter arm, it can be comfortable.

Pegs: Its premium mechanism for this section offers stable and easy tuning.


Accessories: The model does not include other accessories, but its sound quality and other qualities could make this go into the background.

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taylor acoustic guitar

Taylor 410CE

For those who have in mind to invest in a guitar with notable characteristics, probably one of the most attractive options is a Taylor acoustic guitar, not only for its appearance of soft Venetian cutaway curves, but also for being a brand that chooses fine materials for its construction. manufacturing and that can help create very interesting acoustic nuances, suitable even for concert guitars.

In its 410CE model, the brand has decided to use Ovangkol wood for the sides and body, while at the front we see a Sitka spruce top, both woods being fine-grained and with highly valued acoustic qualities, they can allow the performer to have a good tonal balance in both low and high sounds. But in addition, it includes an Expression System 2 preamp, which can help to more faithfully transmit the sound that can be achieved with this guitar.

Let’s take a closer look at what could be the most important thing about this attractive acoustic guitar model.


Wood: Because it is made of fine woods with great resonance qualities, its sound can be well qualified.

Appearance: The finishes and the design of its harmonic box make it an attractive guitar.

Comfort: Due to the ergonomics it offers, it can be very comfortable to play.

Preamplifier: Since it has an Expression System 2 preamplifier, it is possible to have a better projection of the sound in amplifiers.


Cost: It is possible to find models at more affordable costs, but due to their qualities they could even meet the expectations of expert musicians, that is why we recommend it.

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Ibanez acoustic guitar

Ibanez V50NJP-NT

A brand that has achieved good acceptance in the guitar market is Ibáñez, and this time it offers us a model that includes everything you could need to get started in the study of this instrument, since in its set you will have a case, tuner and other basic accessories. So you don’t have to go after them separately.

In addition, without raising its cost too much, you can enjoy the acoustic qualities that spruce and agathis wood, which are good options to make a guitar with a powerful and pleasant sound, combined with a wide design to create interesting effects in different styles. musicals.

On the other hand, the appearance of this Ibáñez acoustic guitar can be described as attractive and vintage, as it has quality finishes and a paint that allows you to appreciate the natural lines of the wood, giving it a classic style. Likewise, its box is not too high, so you can play comfortably.

If you have not yet decided which acoustic guitar to buy, be sure to analyze the Ibáñez brand model, it may be what you are looking for.


Finishes: Because it has a good quality in terms of paint, edges and mechanisms, it has an adequate appearance.

Sound: Being made of wood that can create nice nuances in the sound, it can be attractive.

Ergonomics: Its box design that does not have a too high curve, can be comfortable when playing.

Color: Its translucent finish allows you to observe the wood, so it has a classic and natural appearance.


Accessories: Probably some accessories could be better quality, but they serve their purpose, so they are suitable for beginners.

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acoustic guitar accessories

acoustic guitar strings

Ernie Ball P02004

An essential accessory that you should not miss if you play frequently are acoustic guitar strings, since they are items that can wear out over time. In this case, the Ernie Ball brand presents us with a model of strings made with two corrosion-resistant materials that are copper and zinc, which can make them have a convenient durability.

While on the other hand, because they are classified as light, they reach a pleasant volume, combining sharpness and good nuances. All this without marking your fingers too much, something that provides comfort for beginners.

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acoustic guitar amplifier

Eagletone Barrow 10W

If what you are looking for is that the sound of your guitar is not lost among other instruments of the band, it is best to have an amplifier for acoustic guitar at hand and the Eagletone brand presents us with this 10W model with a 3-band equalizer, with the that you could not only practice at home at a suitable volume, but also make small presentations, since it can generate up to 68 dB of sound.

Plus, it adds the convenience of a CD or Mp3 and headphone input, making it versatile to use even with electric guitars.

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acoustic guitar tuner

Elagon 17-AMT-560T

Guitars can inevitably lose the correct tone on some occasions, but you can easily solve this with an acoustic guitar tuner, like the one Elagon presents us with, which in addition to being versatile for various instruments, has the quality of offering a range of tones from 430 Hz to 450 Hz, which can be convenient if you are looking for a specific tuning.

In addition, it has tuning and clip options to hold comfortably. On the other hand, it includes the useful metronome function, with 9 built-in beat patterns and a range of beats per minute from 30 to 260.

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acoustic guitar case


If you need an acoustic guitar case to easily carry it everywhere without damaging it, we would like to introduce you to this option which, in addition to fully covering your instrument, has other advantages, such as the possibility of storing other accessories in its practical and spacious outer bag with closure. In addition, you can choose the mode to transport it, either by placing it on the back through its straps or through its handles.

On the other hand, it offers good quality finishes and a versatile black color. Without forgetting to mention that you can hang your guitar inside the same case, as it includes a support especially for this purpose.

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acoustic guitar strap

Rayzm GS-2.4

If you want to add a fun touch to your instrument and play in comfort, you can purchase this handy acoustic guitar strap. Among the most notable features that it offers, we can mention its skull decorations, which you can choose in colors or monochrome.

But in addition, you can adjust it to your body proportions by adapting from 97 to 155 cm, so that the guitar is firmly attached and at the most convenient height. On the other hand, it is a resistant strap, made of polyester with reinforced seams and a width of 5 cm, so it does not mark and supports the weight of even basses or electric guitars without any problem.

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How to choose the best acoustic guitars

Due to the popularity of guitars on the market, we can find endless options to buy and at very varied prices, but before analyzing how much an instrument costs, it is worth considering other characteristics. To achieve a better investment of your money, we present our guide to buying the best acoustic guitar.

Shopping guide


To proceed to select the models that best suit your needs, you should first ask yourself a simple question, what is the main purpose of the guitar? By analyzing this, you can begin to discover the characteristics that it could have.

For example, if it is your first guitar and you have never played an instrument before, but you are also not sure how much time and effort you are going to dedicate to learning to play it because you just want to experiment, it is best to look for a quality option, but make it as affordable as possible. In this way, you will not have to invest a large amount of money in a project that does not have a well-established goal.

On the contrary, when you have planned for a certain period of time to play melodies with an intermediate or advanced level of difficulty, and you have a personal musical purpose such as being part of a band or dedicating yourself to music in a committed way; then it will be better to look for a guitar that can offer you enough features to stay with you for several years, due to its quality and the nice sound you can get from it.

Materials and acoustic qualities

The range of materials used for guitars is very varied, as are the techniques that lead to their manufacture, which can be partly mechanical or, on the contrary, involve dedicated craftsmanship from start to finish.

But if we start by talking about the woods that can be used, we find that basswood or basswood in English offers a balanced sound in both bass and treble due to its density and acoustic qualities. In addition, it has the advantage of being a wood that can generally be relatively affordable. On the other hand, mahogany is also highly preferred by guitar makers for providing warm nuances in sound and attractive finishes.

In case you are looking for a high-end guitar, spruce is one of the best options, due to the sonic nuance it can offer when used on the soundboard. But if you’re looking for a nice sweet tone, a cedar wood guitar might be a good choice.

Speaking a little more about manufacturing techniques, if you want good acoustic qualities, such as achieving effects like sustain or a balance between tones, it is worth checking if the guitar has a laminated or solid top. Solid tops have a better resonance, because it is a more compact and thick piece compared to laminated ones, which can be 2 or 3 thin layers. This prevents sound from escaping and bouncing around inside.


When making a comparison of acoustic guitars, we cannot ignore the budget issue, this is because you can find very affordable models, but also others that are very attractive but with costs that exceed what is estimated to be invested. The best thing is to start by knowing how much money you could allocate to the purchase of your instrument and from there start looking for options that combine qualities of materials, sound and comfort, according to what you are looking for. The safest thing is that you will find a good and cheap guitar model.


Although the acoustic guitar could use few accessories considered basic, the truth is that many of them make us more comfortable playing or help you keep your guitar in good condition. For example, you can’t always play while sitting down, so a strap can be a very practical complementary accessory. Also, it can be very convenient to protect it with a case from the weather, dust and bumps.

Another accessory that might interest you is a plectrum, which will help you give more volume to the attack of the strings in certain styles, but there are also tuners and capos. So if you need them for your classes or practices and they are already included in the purchase of your guitar, you will avoid having to look for them separately. In addition, they may be added to the set for a more attractive cost.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Can you play an acoustic guitar with electric strings?

If for any reason you find yourself in the need to place this type of combination of strings on your acoustic guitar, nothing will happen that could damage your instrument. However, you have to consider that electric guitar strings are generally thinner, and therefore they achieve a lower volume, which will make the sound of your instrument diminish.

Q2: What strings to buy for acoustic guitar?

For this type of guitar, those that are metallic are preferred, with different manufacturing and wound techniques. For example, there are nickel, which are very resistant to corrosion or also in bronze or combinations of both materials. Compared to nylon strings, these types of strings have a slightly sharper tone and a vibration that gives them a greater shine. The characteristics of resistance and quality in both cases will be those that provide greater stability in tuning and more pleasant nuances in the chords.

Q3: How to tune acoustic guitar without a tuner?

You can do it with a tone generator. With a single tone corresponding to one of the strings, you could tune the rest of them, since there are equivalences between each string. For example, by tuning the 6th string to its corresponding sound in E, you will be able to tune the 5th string, since when you press the 6th string at fret 5, the sound obtained must match that of the open 5th string. If not, you’ll need to turn the peg clockwise to make it higher or counterclockwise to make it low until both strings sound the same.

Q4: What acoustic guitar to buy to start with?

Probably the difference between a guitar to learn and a professional one lies mainly in the materials it is made of and some details that allow it to offer a more balanced sound. The problem is that it can be high in cost. However, there are options of high quality materials that without making your investment of money too large and can offer a guitar with a good sound and comfort, so you can discover if this is the instrument that best helps you express yourself.

Q5: How to equalize an acoustic guitar?

This will largely depend on the instruments that accompany the guitar, for example, if you have an arrangement that includes basses, the bass sounds of the guitar will probably not be as important in the song, so they should be cleaned up, as they could be considered like noise. Later, other techniques can be applied to find other peaks that stand out too much in the melody, especially if it is a recording.

Q6: How to change the strings on an acoustic guitar?

It is best to do it one by one, to prevent the lack of tension in the arm from affecting the structure of the guitar. Also, be careful not to scratch the strings, as this can decrease their resistance. In the event that your model has buttons to place the strings, you must have your own accessory at hand to remove them, thus avoiding damaging them. It is convenient that you cut off the excess string before inserting it into the peg, at a rate of some 4 cm above the measurement.

Q7: Is the acoustic guitar the same as the electric one?

It may be that we consider the basic techniques to be very similar, but on an electric guitar, you also have to have knowledge regarding equalization, control the combinations offered by your pickups and regulate the tone and volume, in order to achieve a sound according to your needs. In addition, it must be considered that the electric guitar by itself does not have much resonance if it is not connected to an amplifier, unlike the acoustic, which reaches a greater volume due to its box.

Q8: Which is easier to learn, acou

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