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Electric Guitar – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2022

The electric guitar is among all the instruments, one of the most used in contemporary music, that is why every year more people consider the possibility of learning to play it, and even young children enjoy playing games where they imitate their favorite performer. But when we decide to buy a model, not all of them fulfill the purpose for which we want to use our acquisition, since while some are looking for an affordable proposal, others are looking for professionalism. That is why you have to analyze some aspects before choosing. However, if you are looking for an electric guitar for children, the YVSoo Rock, can offer you attractive features, such as its scale size and good finishes. But if it is an adult who will begin his apprenticeship, theRocktile 19331 is a very complete electric guitar kit, which even includes an amplifier, picks and bag, which allows you to start learning as soon as you receive it.

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Opinions on the best electric guitars on the market

If you find yourself looking for models for your comparison of electric guitars, here are different options that may be of interest to you, as well as accessories that can complement your guitar.

Electric guitar for children

YV Soo Rock

For the little ones in the house to begin to be interested in producing their own music, providing them with a custom-made instrument that is easy to play may be the best option. In this case, an electric guitar for children would be the most recommended and the YVSoo Rock is a model that can be well adapted to these needs.

Its design, in addition to being visually attractive, stands out for being completely inspired by a legitimate standard guitar for adults, with a professional finish. Because of this, your child or spoiled little one could feel like a musician while he uses it, providing a quality element for his simulation games.

On the other hand, among the included accessories is a comfortable headband microphone, so that you can vocally accompany your favorite songs and a data cable. It should also be noted that users rate it positively because its sound is clear and pleasant. So it can be the best electric guitar to give to a child.

If you are looking for an affordable and attractive option, be sure to know the pros and cons of this model, since it is one of the cheapest guitars. It could be what you need.


Size: As it is a guitar designed for the body proportions of children under 7 years of age, it can be comfortable to play.

Appearance: Its careful finishes and design allow it to be very similar to an electric guitar for adults, which can motivate children.

Songs: The set includes 8 songs, which may be liked by the little ones.

Accessories: By including other items such as microphone, data cable and strap, it can be qualified as a complete set.


Batteries: It is necessary to acquire separately the 3 AA batteries that you need for its use, but this type of size is very easy to obtain, so it may not be a major problem.

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electric guitar kit

Rocktile 19331

If you are interested in acquiring your first electric guitar to start your learning, you should know that having this important instrument is not enough. Other accessories classified as basic are also necessary, such as an amplifier, sound cable, etc. So you don’t have to assemble what might be considered must-haves separately, the Rocktile brand includes it in this electric guitar kit, so you can save time and effort, plus start playing as soon as you receive your shipment.

To talk about its content, we will start by mentioning that it consists of a 10W amplifier, with which you could give the appropriate volume to your performances. In addition, it includes distortion effect. While on the other hand, picks, guitar case and shoulder strap are included, which could be of great use to you. In addition, the cost is quite affordable, so you would not have to invest too much money in the project.

To determine if it is the best electric guitar of the moment, be sure to know what is most remarkable in this kit, as well as what would be considered a drawback.


Complete: Because it includes both the guitar and the amplifier and other basic accessories, it is considered a complete kit to start learning this instrument.

Power: Its 10W of power for the amplifier could be enough for both practice and small presentations.

Effects: By including a tremolo lever and tone and volume controls, you can more easily tailor the sound and give it the nuance you want.

Comfort: Its ST-style cutaway allows the high notes on the guitar to be reached comfortably to execute fingerings.


Case: The material from which the case is made could be of better quality, since some users mention that it is too thin to hold such a heavy guitar, such as electric ones.

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gibson electric guitar

Gibson Les Paul Studio 2016 T

A Gibson electric guitar is generally characterized by being made with great care and quality, so they can satisfy even demanding musicians. In this case, it offers us a version that has become one of the most popular of the company and to describe it we cannot fail to mention that it is made with a mahogany body and maple cover, which allows it to vibrate and generate an attractive sound., suitable for different styles.

As for its comfort, it has a traditional neck width, while its cutout provides ergonomics for players who are primarily right-handed. As far as its sound is concerned, it has been well valued for its clarity and is complemented by two versatile pickups, thanks to its control buttons. In addition, its alpine white color, while making it stand out, has a pleasant finish to the touch. For all this, we consider it among the best electric guitars of 2022.

If you have been recommended to purchase a Gibson model because it is valued as the best brand of electric guitars, review the pros and cons that we provide you about this model. This way you will be more sure of acquiring the best option.


Quality: The combination of pickups, design and finishes give this instrument a clear sound, as well as a comfortable use.

Sound: The woods that have been selected for the body and other parts, give it an attractive sustain for various interpretations.

Tradition: This model in particular has been manufactured for more than 30 years, so it is among the favorites of users, due to its characteristics and cost.

Case: Users indicate that the model includes a case, so you do not have to purchase it separately to properly store your guitar.


Cost: You can probably find other more affordable models online, but the qualities of this guitar could make up for it.

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electric guitar pack

Gear4Music LA

If you are looking for a basic electric guitar pack, with which you can start your preparation as a player of this instrument, Gear4Music probably offers you one that could be qualified as the best value for money electric guitar, since it includes everything you could need., from an attractive guitar to some accessories such as cable, picks, strap and amplifier, to give volume to your melodies.

It should be noted that this guitar has a body made of paulownia wood, a material that has become more popular due to its resistance qualities, and that also provides adequate acoustics, which is the most important point in this case. On the other hand, its Stratocaster-type shape in combination with its narrower arm in the part of the headstock, provide a comfortable execution.

In terms of appearance, its red lacquer allows you to observe the natural lines of the wood, something that enhances it. While its 15W amp can be enough for both practice and performance.

Now let’s see a summary of the most representative of this model, maybe it is what you are looking for to add to your collection of instruments.


Parts: As it is a pack that includes all the basic accessories to use an electric guitar, it prevents you from having to purchase the accessories separately.

Finishes: The guitar in this set stands out for having an attractive appearance, which is due to its tone, good paint job and details.

Comfort: Due to its cutaway cut and type of wood that is not too heavy, it is a guitar that can be classified as light.

Amplifier: The model includes a 15W amplifier, which compared to other packages is slightly higher in volume, which can be attractive.


Left- handed: The model is not indicated for people with left laterality, so it is probably a disadvantage for those who need this type of design.

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fender electric guitar

Fender Squier Bullet Stratocaster

There are numerous brands on the market that have versions of this instrument, however one that for many is synonymous with clear sound and quality finishes is the one offered by this attractive model. Therefore, if you do not know which electric guitar to buy, perhaps when you know this option in detail, you will be inclined to finally acquire a Fender electric guitar.

This model in particular is characterized among many similar ones, by including 3 single coil pickups and a 5-position selector. Also, its whammy bar and other features give it a vintage look, which can be considered aesthetically appealing, which is accentuated by its vibrant white hue.

To add more comfort, it includes a neck with a C-shaped back profile. While sound-wise, its basswood body provides good acoustics for this guitar.

If you found this option interesting, let’s see a summary of its best features and if there is anything that could be improved. This way you will be more informed before buying.


Appearance: With its elegant white tone and vintage style, this guitar can stand out among others.

Comfort: Thanks to the neck design, it is easy to slide your hand to reach the notes quickly and make chords without pressing too hard.

Cost: The model offers good value for money, something that several users look for in an instrument.

Pickups: Its 3 pickups allow the sound to be efficiently transmitted to the amplifier, as well as offering more configuration options.


Accessories: No additional accessories are added to this guitar. So if you don’t have the accessories at home, you would have to buy them separately.

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electric guitar for beginners

Gototop Black and White

When we plan to get a guitar to learn, many times we do not look for a professional model, because it could have a high cost and we are not very sure if this will be an activity that fully satisfies us.

So we generally look for it to meet certain requirements such as moderate cost, good finishes and ease of use. Among the options on the market, an electric guitar for beginners that stands out is the Gototop Black White model. That it is one of the cheapest, without this meaning that it lacks quality or an attractive appearance.

Among other important features that we can mention is the fact that it is made of basswood, with a combination of rosewood and maple for the neck and frets, all of them good quality wood, which provide pleasant acoustics and resistance.

In addition, its 3 pickups will allow you to configure the sound in the best way, depending on your preferred style of music to perform.


Acoustics: Since it is made of basswood, with rosewood and maple details, it offers good sustain and attractive sound.

Comfort: Due to its ergonomic design, you could comfortably play both chords and fingerings.

Pickups: Thanks to its 3-pickup configuration, it allows you to adapt the sound with greater versatility.

Accessories: In addition to the guitar, some accessories are included that can be very useful for you to play your instrument.


Amplifier: The model does not include an amplifier, which could be a disadvantage if you do not have one available.

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Ibanez electric guitar

Ibanez IJRG200-BL

Another brand that competes due to the quality of its products is Ibáñez, who presents us with an attractive proposal made of basswood, with rosewood frets and a maple neck. A combination that is considered very appropriate to achieve interesting sound effects in this type of instrument, due to its durability and acoustic characteristics.

On the other hand, we cannot fail to mention that this Ibañez electric guitar has a modern appearance and can well meet the expectations of those looking for something flashy, due to its bright blue color. While on the other hand, it includes a tremolo lever, to give effects comfortably.

In addition, because it includes a 10W amplifier in the set, along with other accessories such as headphones, you will not need to buy them separately. Thus, if you are probably wondering which is the best electric guitar to take your first steps in learning this instrument, this model could be the answer.

Before you add this option to your comparison, we invite you to review the pros and cons of the model, so you can get to know it better.


Appearance: Thanks to the striking blue color of this guitar, you will not go unnoticed when playing in company.

Comfort: Because your arm is slim, it is very easy to move quickly, to make changes that require it.

Pickups: Its two humbucker capsules can provide a good, clear and bright sound, in addition to various configurations.

Accessories: The accessories added to this pack prevent you from having to purchase them separately and are of good quality.


Amplifier: The volume that the amplifier reaches could be enough to practice, but it would be limited for the guitar to be heard in open spaces.

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yamaha electric guitar

Yamaha ERG 121 GP II BL

If you are looking for a balanced sound and ease of use, this Yamaha electric guitar will probably give you just what you are looking for. In addition, it has an elegant design and remarkable ergonomics, which will allow you to execute both chords and fingerings smoothly and without mishaps.

On the other hand, its configuration of sound pickups that include two humbucker type and one simple, allow great versatility when giving nuances to the sound. While its agathis wood body without raising the cost of the instrument too much, it provides very acceptable acoustics and resistance to use.

In addition, we must talk about its accessories, which will allow you to get the most out of your guitar without problems. For example, its included Yamaha GA-15 amplifier, in addition to a warm and clean sound, offers distortions with enough volume. While its equalizer is easy to use and configure.

So that you are more sure that you are acquiring the electric guitar you are looking for, let’s take a look at the highlights of this option.


Appearance: The design of this guitar in black can be considered elegant and timeless. Something that may be to the liking of many users.

Versatility: Thanks to its pickup configuration, the sound combinations are varied, so you can give your interpretation the touch you expect.

Accessories: This guitar is accompanied by other good quality accessories, which could be of great help in your presentations.


Cost: You will probably find other starter packs for less cost, but the quality of this guitar and its sound, could make several users choose it over other options.

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electric guitar accessories

electric guitar amplifier

Yamaha GA15II

Without an electric guitar amplifier, exploiting all the sound possibilities that your instrument can offer is practically impossible.

Therefore, if you are looking for a good option to complement, you may be interested in knowing the qualities of this one that has been manufactured by the well-known Yamaha brand, which for many is synonymous with sound quality.

Among the highlights that we can say about it are its 15W capacity, which allows a considerable volume. While it can also be considered versatile thanks to its auxiliary input, which will allow you to accompany your performances with other playback media, such as an MP3 for example.

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electric guitar strings

D’Addario EPS510

Although when we buy a guitar, it usually comes with a set of strings, these accessories deteriorate with use, that’s why it’s a good idea to always have other electric guitar strings on hand so that you don’t have to go without playing. in case one of them breaks.

The D’Addario EPS510 offer you, among other features, great resistance to corrosion, but it should also be noted that the alloy they are made of is highly magnetic, which provides a brilliant sound, both for bass tones and for treble.

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electric guitar pickups

DiMarzio DP252BK

Effectively amplifying your guitar sound starts with choosing quality electric guitar pickups, like these that were designed for guitarist Steve Vai.

Among the characteristics that identify it is its 4-conductor wiring, in addition to ceramic magnets. This is complemented by a proprietary setting, which allows you to reproduce quite harmonious sounds.

On the other hand, due to its design and the performance it offers when picking up the sound of the guitar, it can be said that it provides the depth of a humbucker-type pickup, but with the cut of a single coil.

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electric guitar tuner


Giving the right tone on each of the strings of your guitar is one of the most important points before each performance. To achieve this in a simple way, the RAINBEAN electric guitar tuner offers you the versatility of being used as a professional capo, at the same time that it allows you to know, through its practical LCD screen, if your instrument is still in tune correctly.

In addition to its anti-interference advantage, it will not only be useful for electric guitar, you can also use it on ukuleles or basses, and due to its lightness of only 96 g, you can take it anywhere without much problem.

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electric guitar case


Protecting your guitar from the effects of humidity, or from any unforeseen shock while transporting it, will allow it to continue to have an always attractive appearance. In addition to that it can prevent the mechanisms from being damaged.

The Fender FE610 electric guitar case could provide a good protection for your instrument, thanks to its 20mm padding, which could absorb more of an impact. While on the other hand, damage to the instrument’s lacquer is avoided due to its microfiber lining, which is a very soft material.

On the other hand, its practical and elegant design should be noted, which you can easily transport due to its handles and has internal compartments for other accessories of your guitar.

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How to choose the best electric guitars

It is normal that when we try to choose a guitar among a great variety of options we find ourselves a bit lost, especially if it is our first electric guitar, because we may have doubts regarding what is the most relevant thing that it should have in its characteristics, That is why we offer you a brief guide to buying the best electric guitar where we explain what you should pay attention to.

Shopping guide

acoustic qualities

When it comes to playing music, the first thing we can look at is the sound we can get with the instrument, its volume and brightness. That is why we will start this guide by emphasizing the acoustic qualities that could be sought in a guitar of this type.

Regarding this aspect, in the world of music there are many materials that can be chosen for the manufacture of this instrument, such as bubinga, maple or mahogany wood, which achieve a very interesting sustain effect. But there are also other wood options such as agathis or basswood, which could offer you a sound with a good balance for highs and lows, without the cost of the guitar rising too high.

So this point can determine to a large extent how much a guitar costs and the first element in which decisions must be made when making a comparison of electric guitars.

Design and ergonomics

On the other hand, we find qualities such as the design and the type of shape that the guitars have, ranging from the stratocaster, SG or thinline, which are the most traditional, to the V-shaped or star, which we can appreciate in some musicians interpreting this instrument.

Our recommendation at this point is that you find it comfortable. Consider your laterality, so that when playing, you can easily reach the highest notes of the neck without any problem. Or, that you do not have to make exaggerated movements with your hand to cover the entire fret, something that happens in people with small hands. In these cases, looking for a thin arm can be a priority.

In addition, it is likely that in addition to the shape of the guitar you are interested in its finishes and the tone of the paint or top lacquer, since the appearance of the electric guitar on certain occasions makes many feel more motivated to play, because it is attractive. In this aspect, the range of combinations between shapes and colors is probably greater than in acoustic guitars, so it is advisable to carefully analyze what would meet your expectations, in addition to qualifying it as a good and economical guitar option to acquire.

Pickup Versatility

The electric guitar is an instrument that needs specific mechanisms to be able to collect the vibrations and transmit them to another device for amplification, the main pieces in charge of achieving this are what we know as pickups and we can find them basically of two types, those of humbucker and the simple ones, although there are versions that try to be versatile and are classified as intermediate.

The difference between the two basic ones could be that the simple ones tend to have a better performance in the highs and mids, with a well-defined sound. Musicians sometimes prefer this option because of the type of attack they allow, which is fast, preferably used for pop and rock melodies with little saturation.

The humbucker, on the other hand, are pickups that in their structure have a double winding, they were created from the single or simple ones to avoid noise. They are especially characterized by achieving very powerful bass with great enhancement. As you might expect, these can be a good match for players who are interested in heavy or hard rock styles.

Accessories or sets

Another feature that might interest you is whether the guitar includes other basic items to use it. For example an amplifier, which is an essential accessory. With respect to it, it is convenient to analyze the power it has and if it allows you some distortion effects, as well as the sharpness of sound with which it could be qualified. You will generally find 10 or 15 W amplifiers for this purpose, which could be enough to carry out your practices with an appropriate volume.

It could also be considered basic to have a tuner, in this way you can verify the tone of each of the guitar strings with the necessary frequency to avoid mistakes in your interpretations.

On the other hand, you should have a cable at hand to connect the amplifier to the guitar or a cover to protect your instrument, when you have to transport it.

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