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Peace is a dream that, although it seems unattainable, many hope it will come true. For that reason, there are many songs that have been written to exalt peace, love and tranquility. Regardless of the origin of the group or singer, wanting peace is a feeling that unites countries and crosses borders.


Music is a universal language, therefore, it has often been used to convey various messages for peace. In this context, it is not uncommon to realize that many artists have created songs of peace, trying to do their bit to make this dream come true. Some of them are so famous that they are considered authentic hymns and are usually incorporated into activities for the day of peace in schools and here you can meet them.

1. Imagine – John Lennon

This is probably John Lennon’s best-known song as a solo artist, and it is also considered one of the best songs in the world.

In the lyrics, Lennon expresses what it would be like to live in a utopia of harmony if we could only imagine it. The combination of a simple but attractive harmony, with a sincere interpretation, allows many to use it as words for the day of peace. In fact, its fame is such that it is possible to get Imagine sung in Spanish, and surely in other languages ​​as well.

2. We are the world – USA for Africa

Released in the year 1985, this song written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie was created in order to raise enough money to donate it to Ethiopia, a nation that was suffering from a great famine. Therefore, this is not a simple song of peace, it is a work written to bring tranquility and relief to people who were really going through a bad time, which makes it that much more special.

3. Zombie-The Cranberries

“The Problems” or “The Troubles”, as it is known in Ireland, was an armed conflict that lasted more than 20 years and that confronted the unionists and the republicans of Northern Ireland.

Due to all this, The Cranberries composed Zombie, a song with words of war and peace that serves as a protest, but its background is the request for an end to violence in Ireland.

4. Heal the world – Michael Jackson

“Imagine” is an icon among peace songs that urges us to imagine a better world, however “Heal the world” is a song that encourages us to create peace for the world ourselves. 

Music for peace does not always have to be about utopias and this is demonstrated by “Heal the world”, since its lyrics inspire us to be part of the change.

Fortunately when searching for “Michael Jackson famous songs” , this work is one of the first, so surely the younger generations will be able to hear this message as well.

5. Another useless song for peace – Extremoduro

For many, the best Extremoduro song, this great success has a more somber lyrics than the others. This is because, despite the background being an overwhelming desire for peace, the song follows a person who appears to be resigned to society, yet still wishes to find peace of mind and make a change in the world.

6. Thanks to you – Vasquez Sounds

The Telethon is a televised event that is broadcast in several Latin American countries and whose objective is to raise the most money for children with different conditions. Therefore, they always seek to have songs that convey joy.

“Thanks to you” is a song made to thank all the participants for making a better world.

7. What’s up? – Juanes

Did you know that there is a peace song by Juanes? Well yes. With this song, the Colombian makes us think about love, violence and lack of empathy. However, it is a moving and rhythmic song so that the message manages to stay in the mind of whoever listens to it.

8. Where Is The Love? – The Black Eyed Peas

Beyond being a work with words that have to do with peace, this is a song that asks why there is so much lack of love. This famous group used its platform to provide a message of reflection , motivating us to treat each other with more love and understanding.

9. Peace and love – Gisela

There are animated songs in Spanish that have a great message, like the song Paz y Amor.

The day of peace in Spain is usually accompanied by this song, so searches for “Paz y amor Gisela” usually occur by those who want to learn it in order to sing it.

10. Pride-U2

Another Irish band to perform a song about peace and love was U2, who used Bono’s great voice to deliver a hopeful message about a happy future.

11. Mirall de Pau – PeTaCa

To understand this beautiful song about peace you don’t need to know Catalan, because the peaceful melody and the harmonious voices that carry the message convey everything that needs to be understood.

12. The song of the soldadet – Manel

Another great Catalan work is this song by Manel, which combines pop rhythm with folk . Despite having a fairly soft melody, its lyrics tell a story that shows the horrors of war. It is worth keeping in mind and singing it, so that its message is not forgotten.

13. Why Not Be Friends – G Men

This Spanish rock band gives us a simple message “why not be friends if it’s so simple”. Why can’t we just be brothers in this society and move forward together? A letter that even accompanied by an electric guitar and a moving rhythm makes us reflect.

14. Moving – Macaque

Do you already have your self-powered speakers at hand? We hope so, because it’s time to listen to this song of peace and dance to it like Javier Bardem, Juanes, Juan Luis Guerra and other great artists did.

15. Resist and scream – Txarango

“Another world is possible”, this is how this song begins that, from beginning to end, offers hope for a more empathetic and wiser society.

16. Welcome to paradise – Obrint Pas

Can you imagine what paradise is like? Well, for Obrint Pas, it is a place full of peace and tranquility. A world that we could enjoy here if only we were more aware. 

With these songs you will be ready to transmit a message of peace that has a melody, a good rhythm and verses that make anyone think of a better world.

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