Boss RC-3 Opinions

Main advantage:

With a total of up to 99 spaces available to store loops, sounds or riffs produced with your electric guitar or bass, this model is considered the best Loop Station on the market today. In addition, a 3 meter long guitar cable is included with your purchase.

Main disadvantage:

Please note that you will be able to connect up to 2 instruments simultaneously to this Loop Station. Therefore, if you need a device with which you can use more sound sources simultaneously, you should look at another alternative.

Verdict: 9.7/10

It is a compact Loop Station that allows up to three hours of recording and that you can easily carry in a bag anywhere you go to play.

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Main Features Explained


When you make a comparison between several Loop Stations, it is important to consider an aspect as important as memory, a factor that makes this model stand out thanks to its storage space of up to 3 hours with stereo quality. You must bear in mind that the memory is what determines the number of loops or “Loops” that you can store so that you can later implement them in your performances and songs. Remember that if you want to play a complex song with several layers of sound, the ideal is to buy a Loop Station pedal that has ample storage capacity.

In addition to the memory, it is very important to look at the number of “slots” or spaces that the device makes available and the maximum duration time that it allows to store in each one, taking into account that there are models that limit the duration of the Loop within the “slot”. 

However, this is not the case with the Loop Station Boss RC-3, which gives musicians the ability to take advantage of any of its 99 slots to store “Loops” without any time limit, but not to exceed 3 hours of playing time. storage among all. You should keep in mind that the more storage space the Loop Station has, the higher the price of the product.


If we listen to the opinions of musicians who often use pedals with their instruments to enhance their performances, we will notice that the design has a great impact on the comfort we will have when playing the guitar. Due to this, Boss has developed this practical and compact Loop Station, which, in addition to being able to carry it comfortably anywhere and in a small bag, is very easy to activate with the foot so that you do not have to drop the guitar anywhere. moment. It has two mono inputs for electric guitar or bass, as well as one output for each channel, respectively, which is used to connect the pedal to a sound amplifier.

It has a robust casing with a long useful life and that withstands high loads, since it is made of a resistant metallic material in a striking red color and with the pedal section with a non-slip black material, which will resist the impact that each pedal receives. time you step on it. It presents a series of easy-to-access buttons to execute and modify the different functions. 

In addition, it includes a series of LED bulbs that indicate the recording and playback of the Loops, as well as a digital screen with which you can see at a quick glance the number of the slot that is selected.


Finally, we must highlight the practical functions that this pedal makes available to musicians. Although this aspect directly affects the price of the device, remember that the choice of a certain Loop Station depends on the utility that you are going to give it, so it does not make much sense to invest a large amount of money in a device of which you will use only a couple of functions. In this sense, before making your investment, keep in mind what functions you really need and will put to use.

This Loop Station stands out for having practical and useful functions such as automatic quantization. In addition, it has 10 drum or drum patterns that are very useful for practicing certain rhythms and performing musical exercises. On the other hand, this model incorporates a USB port that you can use to connect it to a computer to import or export any loop or “Loop” that you want to use. 

In addition, thanks to the fact that it is a professional pedal, it has a sound resolution of up to 16 bits at 44.1 kHz and supports WAV audio formats. Finally, you can connect an external sound source to this device, such as an MP3 player, for example.

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