Boss RC-300 Reviews

Main advantage:

This pedal with Loop Station function stands out for having three completely stereo and synchronized tracks in which you can save a wide variety of sounds that will allow you to create much more complex songs without the need for a second instrument.

Main disadvantage:

If you are starting out with this type of device and do not want to spend all the savings on a Loop Station pedal, then you should look at another simpler model, since this is one of the most expensive and complete on the market.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It has up to 99 spaces available to store the sounds produced with an instrument or microphone, allowing you to save a total of up to 3 hours, which is why it is considered one of the best Loop Stations.

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Main Features Explained

inputs and outputs

Among the most sought after Loop Stations, this model occupies one of the first positions thanks to the wide selection of inputs and outputs that it has, which allows both musicians who are starting out as well as professionals to make more complex musical mixes and compositions by connecting multiple sound sources, as well as other devices such as consoles, microphones and computers. A large number of opinions issued by multiple users about this Loop Station model place it among the best alternatives that you can have within reach in the current market.

Making a detailed analysis of each of the input and output connection ports that this Loop Station incorporates, we can highlight one of the most important and useful: the USB port. With this port you can connect the device directly to a computer and you can export and import WAV files very easily. It also has an XLR or CANNON port for microphones that require phantom power. 

On the other hand, this Loop Station pedal has a stereo input and output with a 6.3 mm L and R jack connection. Likewise, a MIDI input and output. Finally, this device has an input for headphones, which are included with your purchase.


If you’re an active musician and need the sound of a second guitar as backing, this Boss Loop Station pedal will come in handy. It features up to 3 fully stereo and synced tracks, conveniently separated for easy foot activation. With this equipment you will be able to perform complex musical mixes, as well as independently interpret songs that require other musicians and more instruments thanks to its two buttons per track, which makes it easy to record, play and stop the sound you want.

You will be able to adjust the volume of each connected instrument independently in order to give priority to certain sounds over others. In addition, you will be able to stop and restart all the tracks simultaneously by pressing a single button, which is located in the upper left part for quick and easy access. 

Likewise, you will be able to add a wide variety of professional sound effects to each track in a simple and completely independent way, which will allow you to create unique songs without the need for a musical band. It is important to consider that this aspect considerably affects the price of the equipment, therefore, the more tracks the Loop Station has, its cost can increase significantly.


Another of the most interesting advantages offered by this Loop Station is memory, a basic aspect that you must take into account whenever you are going to choose between one model or another. The memory will allow you to store a certain number of “loops”, in addition to determining the duration of each one, therefore, if you are looking for a device in which you can store a large number of loops for your songs and you need them to be long duration, the indicated thing will be that you acquire a Loop Station with a good storage memory or, even, with an expansion capacity through SD cards.

In the case of the Loop Station Boss RC-300, it is a device for professional use and with ample storage space, which will allow you to play a wide variety of complex songs independently thanks to its 99 internal memory spaces that are easy to access. select and change. 

In addition, thanks to its practical digital screen, you will be able to know at a glance which track number you have selected. With this device you will have a total of up to 3 hours of recording distributed in the selectable tracks.

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