Boss RC-505 Reviews

Main advantage:

This device is one of the best Loop Stations currently on the market thanks to the fact that it has five stereo tracks with volume control and independent editing, which allows you to add sound effects to each track.

Main disadvantage:

The use of this device may seem a bit complicated and cumbersome, especially if you are not familiar with these devices. However, with practice you will be able to improve the control of this Loop Station.

Verdict: 9.8/10       

It is one of the most popular Loop Stations due to the wide variety of connection ports for both input and output, including USB, MIDI In and Out, Auxiliary, Jack and Canon.

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Main Features Explained


The number of tracks is one of the features that stands out in this Loop Station presented by the manufacturer brand Boss. When it comes to the available spaces that are used to store and record the sounds that you will use in your subsequent mixes, the more tracks the device has, the more mixing possibilities you will have. Likewise, you will be able to make more complex musical creations. This practical and complete Loop Station has up to 5 fully customizable stereo tracks with which you can edit the sounds and add effects without having to use special software or a computer.

In addition, considering how important the available tracks of a Loop Station are, this unit stands out for giving the possibility of independently controlling the volume level and effects of each track without affecting the others. Depending on the type of music you make, buying a Loop Station that has only one track may be enough for you, therefore, if you are worried about the price of the device, we recommend you take into account the use that you are going to make of it. give before making an unnecessary expense. For example, if your thing is the beat box or you are looking for a model with which you can make slightly more complex music, then you should opt for a Loop Station with multiple tracks. 


Offering a huge variety of useful features for any musician, from beginners to the most experienced, this is one of the most complete Loop Stations that you will find on the Internet and the specialized market. While some cheap and simpler models have basic functions such as recording instruments only or even the use of microphones with which you can record yourself singing, this equipment will allow you to do both obtaining professional results.

You’ll have the ability to add powerful effects to the sounds you record on each track, and you’ll be able to build all kinds of complex, layered songs, giving the impression that you have a whole orchestra behind you. The use of its extensive memory will allow you to store a large number of rhythms in each of the available tracks, which you will be able to repeat or “loop” in a totally personalized way. 

In addition, it includes a practical screen with which you will be able to know the selected function, the track number and other important characteristics. It has the best features not only for singers, but also for musicians and musical instrument players who often play their songs live.


According to the opinions of the users who own this practical model, this is one of the best Loop Stations that the current market offers thanks to the wide variety of features and characteristics that it offers. However, it is the wide variety of connections available to this particular model that makes it stand out from most Loop Stations found on the internet. Although it is not a particularly cheap piece of equipment, it is one of the best alternatives you can find today and fully recommended.

This equipment has a complete variety of inputs and outputs, which makes it an ideal Loop Station for professional musicians. You can easily connect it to a computer via a USB cable, with which you can import and export songs or tracks as you please. It also has a Musical Instrument Digital Interface or MIDI input interface, as well as an output interface, in which you can connect a wide variety of instruments and other devices. 

In addition, it has a headphone output, allowing you to listen to your songs while you create them, as well as a mono and stereo line output with a Jack connection. On the other hand, it incorporates an auxiliary input and two 6.3 mm Jack lines for any instrument such as an electric guitar or bass. Finally, its canon entry for professional microphones stands out.

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