Casio CDP130 Reviews

Main advantage: 

It has been equipped with several USB ports, so that it can be connected to a computer to diversify its use and take advantage of the sound effects that have been integrated into its functions.

Main disadvantage: 

This model does not include a music stand to place the scores and the manufacturer has not incorporated a cover to protect and improve its portability.

Verdict: 9.6/10

It is a black digital piano made up of 88 weighted keys, with relatively portable features, a speaker system and digital effects that diversify its use, making it one of the best of its kind. 

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Main Features Explained

Usage and accessibility 

Digital pianos are the convenient option to learn to play and make compositions with versatile sounds, which is why many musicians are encouraged to acquire them. Due to their popularity and high demand, there are many manufacturers that incorporate them into the market. One of them is Casio, which among its alternatives has the CDP130 model, an easy-to-use piano that can be played to combine melodious and pleasant notes, making it the right alternative for both beginners and experts. 

This digital piano is made up of a total of 88 keys (similar to those of a grand piano) of just over 7 weighted octaves, so harder and, according to the strength of the touch, the sound of the note will have greater or lesser volume, to then return to its usual position thanks to the counterweight system. 

In order to use the Casio CDP130 efficiently, it needs to be connected to a mains power source, using the included AC adapter. In addition, for greater versatility in its use, this model has a USB port that allows it to be connected to the computer, either as a player or as a Midi recorder.

features and sound 

According to user opinions, the Casio CDP130 model has a performance that allows you to enjoy making music with its keys, because it is equipped with functions that improve its use and enhance its performance for greater versatility in musical compositions, which leads to be a complete and practical instrument for both students and professionals, since both will be able to take advantage of its specifications and sound quality.

This Casio alternative includes a metronome within its features, so that the user can efficiently control the times and rhythms. In addition, it includes 10 AHL tones, with a button to access the digital and reverb effects, so when you press this button, the sound will be like that reflected in a concert hall. 

On the other hand, it includes an internal and external speaker system, as well as 48-voice polyphony and five demo songs that improve sound quality, with a low level of distortion. Other features include dual sound source, tuning control, and standard jack pedals, which allow varied use to enjoy music with sound quality and enhance compositions. 


Like most digital piano models, this Casio alternative is available in black, giving it a sleek and sophisticated look. In addition, many people agree that its design denotes quality, because it resembles a traditional acoustic piano. These attributes, together with its attractive price, lead this model to be considered one of the best digital pianos on the market.

On the other hand, his weight is almost 10 kilos. It also has a large size of 132.2 x 28.6 x 12.9 cm and takes up space, so you need a large place to install it comfortably, safely and to touch it without inconvenience. 

Its plastic structure incorporates connection via USB port and output for headphones with a 6.35 mm Jack port. Therefore, the user can enjoy the melodies alone, without having to bother during their practices. Similarly, it has an audio signal that provides the possibility of adding an amplifier. Another feature of its design is that the volume can be controlled via a rotary dial.

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