Casio CTK-1500 Reviews

Main advantage:

It is a model that has been built to be light and portable, since its weight does not exceed 4 kilograms, which makes it easy to carry it from one place to another and install it efficiently without taking up much space.

Main disadvantage: 

This Casio digital piano model does not include an adapter or wall power cord, so they must be purchased separately or batteries must be purchased, which is a high periodic cost.

Verdict: 9.4/10

It is an instrument made up of 61 keys, with a range of five octaves, as well as adequate sensitivity when playing them. Its design is elegant and its price is affordable, making it a digital piano that is positioned among the best and most sought after for young people. 

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Main Features Explained

Construction and portability 

Digital pianos are simple instruments, but, according to their characteristics, they can be heavy, which is not the case with the Casio CTK-1500 model, since it has been built with resistant materials such as plastic, although it has also been designed so as not to be too heavy, without reducing the quality and durability of the piano.

The model is available in an elegant black color. Its appearance is sophisticated and classic. In its structure the black color is united, in contrast with white keys and other black ones. In addition, it has a control console that can be easily seen, as well as several access buttons that allow the user to navigate through the functions of modes and voices to mix in the compositions. 

It has been designed with the purpose of being portable, since its weight does not exceed 4 kilograms and its measurements are 94 x 30 x 9 cm, which allows it to be carried comfortably anywhere or to have it in different rooms of the home, that its dimensions do not take up much space and being slim, it can be placed between two decorative pieces of furniture or under the bed, to be stored discreetly. The use of a cover is only recommended to protect your parts from dust.

Versatility and keys 

One of the most important aspects in digital pianos are the keys. In the case of this Casio model, which has a competitive price, it is made up of a total of 61 keys. This property makes it an ideal instrument to accompany, edit and synthesize music, which diversifies its functionality. Each of these keys emits a sound that, when combined in an appropriate way, creates a pleasant melody. 

One of the best advantages of the CTK-1500 is that these keys have similar properties, in terms of size, to those of acoustic piano models. In addition, they have an adequate response when pressed, so they are convenient to harmonize. This is because its manufacturer has struck a balance of touch sensitivity, so the sounds will be intentional. 

On the other hand, this model is practical to be used by beginners or amateurs, as well as by anyone who is joining the world of music. Within its properties, the Casio CTK-1500 piano has a training system and it is possible to activate or deactivate the area of ​​the right or left hand, to practice piano lessons.

functions and sounds

The best digital pianos are those that are equipped with different functions that allow the user to enjoy various alternatives for the creation of musical content and, although this Casio model is not equipped with a USB port, it does have a number of sounds and tracks inside. its useful functions. 

According to user feedback, the model is equipped with more than 100 songs that have been carefully selected to make the compositions more melodic. In total, it has 120 sound colors, 70 of them for rhythm and the remaining 50 patterns for dance music, as well as 32 polyphonies. It incorporates effects, practice modes, and an LCD technology display, as well as other sound-enhancing features for integrating tracks and adding effect specifications for versatile backing.

It has an electrical power of 2 watts for the amplifier and a voltage of 9.5 volts. It could be connected to the wall power adapter for operation. However, this is not included and must be purchased separately. Also, if you do not want to use it with a wall adapter, it could be used with disposable or rechargeable batteries, which allows the user to use it anywhere, even if there is no electricity available.   

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