Casio SA-46 Reviews

Main advantage: 

The best thing about this electronic keyboard is that it is designed to be used by both children and adults. That way, everyone will be comfortable and have the opportunity to start and improve in music.

Main disadvantage: 

To use it with electricity, it is necessary to additionally purchase the power adapter. This means that an extra expense is required to be able to enjoy the instrument to the fullest.

Verdict: 9.6/10

Those looking for something simple but of good quality will be able to find what they need in this Casio product. With a good price and a phenomenal modern design, it is easy to use by children and adults alike.

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Main Features Explained


When thinking of organs as musical instruments, most think of those large structures found in churches that accompanied religious ceremonies. However, as technology is always advancing, it is now easy to have the best organ of the moment at home and you will not need so much space.

This Casio product, at first glance, is an electronic keyboard like any other, however, it has so many tones and melodies that it adapts to different rhythms and artists. This will give you great freedom when making music, as well as the children. With just the press of a button you can choose between the sounds of a piano or those of an instrumental organ.

The new synthesizer incorporated into its structure will allow you to use 8-voice polyphony, and also make use of its 100 new tones. You can complement all this with one of the 50 accompaniment patterns included in the electronic keyboard. You can even have as a base one of the 10 included songs such as “El Anthem of Joy”, “El Cascanueces” and the famous “Estrellita”. 

The 32 keys on the keyboard give you enough space for your fingers, so you will be comfortable when playing and it will be much easier to mix or create that music you want.


At the moment when you read all the opinions that people have about this device, you will notice that the versatility and comfort in its use are the qualities most praised by the users of the product. Although the keyboard can be used by adults, this particular model is made especially for children. Not only because of its size, but because of the ease of use it provides; ideal for the initiation of a small musician.

This adaptability that the keyboard has to adjust to the requirements of young and old is a very good feature, since anyone at home will be able to use the organ quickly and intuitively.

 The versatility of the product is not only noticeable in this aspect, since it also occurs when listening to sounds. The keyboard, like most other models, comes with two built-in speakers to offer good audio, however, it also offers the possibility of connecting headphones. That way your session will be private and won’t disturb others.

In addition to all this, the small size of the keyboard and its lightness make it possible to use it when you are at home, but also to move it from one place to another so that the music is always with you.

Design and operation

Casio, to stand out among other options on the market, has made an effort to give this electronic keyboard the perfect combination of design: between traditional and modern. The contrast between the apple green of the background, the black of the frame, and the white of the keys provides an incredible look that will look great anywhere. To improve your comfort when using it, the keyboard has small rubber-covered feet to prevent slipping.

All the buttons you may need to make the mixes you want are at the top. The digits in the right corner are used to dial the numbers that will allow you to play the songs, tones and accompaniments. In addition to that, on the top panel you will find the place to turn the keyboard on and off, adjust the maximum volume and even add the sound of other instruments to make unique effects.

Made of resistant plastic, this product has a weight of 998 grams and dimensions of 47 x 22.8 x 6.9 cm. This allows it to be easy to handle, store and transport. It requires no assembly, saving you time and effort, and only requires 6 AA batteries to function properly. The power is 2 x 0.5 W, an adequate amount for proper performance.

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