Fender Frontman 10G Reviews

Main advantage:

Thanks to the addition of a convenient grab handle on the top area of ​​the amp box, you can easily move your guitar around. In addition, this piece has been made of flexible polymer, has a pleasant touch and non-slip channels for greater safety.

Main disadvantage:

Despite its quality and powerful amplification, it is not a professional piece of equipment, so eventually it may not meet the requirements of some musicians.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is an amplifier with an audio output suitable for use at home and a headphone jack, which will allow you to practice silently, with a pleasant and easy-to-use structure.

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Main Features Explained

Format and manipulation

An amplifier is a complement for guitar players, so it must be present both in the musician’s rehearsals and in his presentations. For this reason, it is important that said equipment has a format that is easy to handle, that we can move from one place to another without much effort. 

In addition, it will be convenient for you that the structure of the device is not so bulky so that, in case of transporting it, it does not occupy a significant space in the trunk of the car or back seat. Similarly, its size will influence when it is stored, so you should keep an eye on this specification during the product selection process.

Fender Frontman 10G is a team that, according to the opinions of the buyers, could be the best guitar amplifier, in regards to the fulfillment of the previous requirements. This is because the amplifier has a compact case, whose height, width and thickness dimensions correspond to 28 x 26 x 14.6 centimeters respectively.

On the other hand, we have the weight of only 3.8 kilograms that the structure of this guitar amplifier has, which, added to the handle arranged in the upper part, will allow you an ergonomic, comfortable and safe grip, for a quick manipulation of the amplifier box.

power and sound

Guitar amplifiers are very useful for amateur or professional musicians, since they allow them to amplify the sound generated by the instrument, so that each note can be perceived more clearly. 

This is quite convenient for both the audience and the musician himself, since he can control the pitch of each tune during rehearsals, for a performance in total harmony. For this reason, when purchasing equipment of this type, you should pay attention not only to the exterior of the device, but also to the output power of the sound and the number of connection jacks available.

In the case of this guitar amplifier belonging to the extensive purchase catalog of the famous Fender house, we have that it has been provided with a work force of 10 watts for sound output. This power is suitable for home use, that is, for those who rehearse in the garage or in a small studio. 

Also, you will find in the button area a pair of 5.5-millimeter connection inputs, in which you can link a microphone and, if you wish, your headphones. In this way, you will enjoy a quiet rehearsal that will not disturb other people.

manufacturing and design

Although the amplifiers have a fairly similar design, it is also true that each manufacturer uses a series of different materials for their construction. These discrepancies clearly determine the quality and durability of the structure, as well as the purchase price. 

In this sense, the important thing is not to acquire the product only because it has a low cost. Remember that you must first carefully review the specifications regarding the type of raw material. Also, avoid as much as possible creating a purchase judgment based solely on how attractive or modern the device that has caught your attention may seem.

For example, this Fender-sealed guitar amp recalls the aesthetics of vintage gear used by great performers on the musical scene. Its casing has a stylized cut line, with a rectangular format in black, which makes it look quite modern. In addition, high quality and light weight plywood has been used for its construction. 

Similarly, the sound controls for bass, volume and gain stand out, which allow easy access and control of these functions. You’ll also notice some silver-tone accents on the top-mounted button panel, front grille, and top and bottom corners. Thus, a touch of elegance is added to the design.

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