Fender Squier Bullet Stratocaster Reviews

Main advantage:

This guitar has three single-coil Strat pickups and a five-way selector, to get the sound you want, depending on the genre of music you’re playing.

Main disadvantage:  

It is missing that it brings a tremolo lever, which is important when applying effects to musical notes when you are playing an electric guitar solo.

Verdict: 9.8/10

Thanks to its low price you can start in the world of electric guitars with this model. In other words, if you are a beginner, do not hesitate to review the characteristics of this beautiful instrument, it may be the one you are looking for.

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Main Features Explained


Before reviewing the opinions of people who have already used this guitar, it is important to know its qualities and the wood is one of the most important. For example, this model has a basswood body, a material that is not very heavy and at the same time quite robust, so if you buy this product, you will be enjoying a light and durable guitar, to hang it on your shoulders for several hours. hours of practices or concerts.

In addition to this, the body of this instrument has a special polyurethane finish, which is a paint with plastic properties, so that it protects the wood from moisture, moths and other external agents. In addition, this paint offers a shine that gives a touch of elegance to the instrument.

Also, we mention that the fingerboard of the instrument is made of rosewood, a brown wood with reddish streaks capable of withstanding humidity, fungi and certain unforeseen blows. The latter is because it is a fairly robust wood, however, we recommend that you take great care of this instrument from possible falls and scratches, to prolong its useful life.

On the other hand, the neck of the guitar is made of maple, a wood that withstands sudden climatic changes very well, preventing the instrument from losing the proper curvature for its correct tuning. 


The Bullet Stratocaster design is a good choice for beginning or student guitarists, as its slim profile and C-shaped neck provide playing comfort. In this way, it could be the best electric guitar for people with small hands, whether they are children or adults. Access to the 13th, 15th, 17th and higher frets is easier with the design of this guitar. By this we mean that the fingers will reach the high notes better when making guitar riffs and solos.

Also, access to the tone and volume rotary knobs is very easy, as they are located on the front of the body, near the guitar’s pickups.

On the other hand, having a Stratocaster design, this guitar also has a plastic pickguard. This accessory is on the front and serves to protect the body of the instrument from bumps or scratches while you play. In addition to this, the pickguard protects the internal electrical system, for example, cables and potentiometers.

In addition, at the ends of the body it has two metal buttons to attach a strap and play standing up more comfortably. This feature is very important when playing music practices with your band.

Electric system

This product has 3 single pickups, which pick up string sounds very well and amplify the signal. If it weren’t for the pickups, the electric guitar wouldn’t sound, even when connected to amplifiers. That is, these are the most important parts of the electrical system. 

After receiving the sounds of each string, it sends them out the 1/4” size output jack. The audio cable is connected to this hole, which in turn is inserted into an electric guitar amplifier, which does not come with the purchase of this product, but you can easily find it on the Internet.    

In addition to this, it should be noted that, thanks to this electrical system, you will be able to connect the guitar to professional mixers for live sound. In addition, the instrument has a 5-position selector. You can adjust this as you wish, depending on the sound you require at the time.

On the other hand, we mention the compatibility with effects processors, digital and analog pedalboards that this guitar offers. By this we mean the external electronic devices that are indispensable for playing any electric guitar. It is thanks to this that this Fender model will be able to sound with delay, distortion, reverb and other sound effects.    

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