Hercules Universal DJ Opinions

Main advantage:

This controller stands out for its versatility, allowing the user to integrate all their devices into the mixes in a new way, whether it is a computer, tablet or mobile, thanks to its wireless connectivity via Bluetooth. In addition, it has a rotary effects control system.

Main disadvantage:

It is important to note that not all tablets are compatible with this DJ table, as the app may not appear in the PlayStore. However, you will be able to connect it with many other devices.

Verdict: 9.7/10

If you are looking for a model suitable for beginners and advanced users, this is your controller. It has pressure-sensitive jog wheels with a diameter of 11 cm, and 8 pads for your mixes.

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Main Features Explained 


One of the most notable aspects of this DJ table, in addition to having a fairly competitive price, is its wide versatility of use thanks to the connections it allows to have with other devices. This is one of the DJ tables that has Bluetooth connectivity to link your devices wirelessly, allowing you to make amazing mixes from a computer, tablet or even your mobile phone. This gives guests and audiences at your concerts the possibility of interacting directly with you, choosing which song they want to listen to through the DJUCED Master application, something that, according to the opinions of users who have this device, is a success.

On the other hand, you can connect this DJ controller to any computer, either Windows or Mac, through a USB connection located on the back of the device to achieve perfect integration with the DJUCED 40 software. Likewise, it is widely compatible with MIDI connection and DJing software. It also has an auxiliary input to take advantage of any external sound source, as well as an RCA and 3.5 mm jack mix output. Located on the front, there is a Jack output to connect a pair of headphones and you can listen to your songs perfectly.


Another of the outstanding aspects of this device is the well-distributed selection of controls, buttons, pads and jog wheels, which gives the performer ergonomic and intuitive freedom of use. This makes it easy for inexperienced users to quickly and easily learn how to use this DJ table like a pro. It has a well indicated layout of each controller and button thanks to its color backlight technology, which favors to get full attention on what is being manipulated in any of its two completely independent Decks, even under low lighting conditions.

This controller is among the best DJ tables, since it has 8 pads for each Deck, which adds up to 16 easily accessible and fully customizable pads to which you can assign “Hot Cues”, “Samples” and “Loops”, as well as a complete selection of special effects, to achieve all kinds of professional mixes. In addition, its two capacitive 11 cm diameter scratch decks or “jog wheels” with pressure detection technology stand out, made with a resistant metal surface that is very pleasant to the touch, with which you can perform multiple actions such as, for example, speeding up or slowing down the tracks.

Portability and design

The last aspect that we highlight about this DJ table closes the article indicating that it is a perfect model to take anywhere where it is needed thanks to its portability. Its dimensions are 47.5 x 26.7 x 7.4 centimeters and it weighs 499 grams, making it a compact and very light device that allows you to use and install it very easily anywhere you are, such as your home, the studio, the stage or wherever the party is.

Draw the attention of all your guests with this controller that has a new and modern design, with backlight and high quality manufacturing. Its decks have a brushed or scratched finish that provides a nice texture, and its center panel, which is reserved for the mixer controllers, sports a matte textured finish. The whole device has a very elegant and modern black color that contrasts with the completely silver metallic surface jog wheels, which stand out to the eye.

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