LG XBOOM OK75 Opinions

Main advantage:

The multifunctionality of this speaker represents its best advantage, since the device can be used to listen to music, sing and also to mix on the track of any song you want.

Main disadvantage:

This speaker is priced quite high and this might limit the purchase option for some people. However, the reason behind the cost is its power and versatility due to the features offered.

Verdict: 9.9/10

This device, with the LG quality seal, is one of the most complete on the market. In addition to having a very high power, it also offers the opportunity to do different activities and even fill each of your presentations with effects.

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Main Features Explained


The best karaoke speakers require good sound to truly demonstrate their quality; For that reason, when buying a model, this is one of the most important qualities to take into account. Fortunately, this LG device has a power that the brand considers “bestial” and this is one of its most important features. The 1000W of speaker power makes it easy to project music clearly so everyone can enjoy the beat. On top of that, this is complemented by the 8-inch woofer, which pumps out thunderous bass so that as well as hearing your favorite songs, you can feel the vibrations of the music.

If you don’t want the party to end, then the Wireless Party Link feature will give you the opportunity to connect two LG systems for a much more powerful and immersive sound. With this it is possible to reach up to 6000 W combined between one device and another. In addition to that, the Multi Jukebox technology allows connectivity, via Bluetooth, of up to three smartphones; With this connection you can create various playlists so that the songs are played automatically while the queue advances.


The goal of buying karaoke speakers is to be able to have fun singing along with your friends; for that reason, LG has paid attention to even the smallest details to give you a pleasant and complete experience. Feedback on this product has been positive due to its various karaoke features, starting with the inclusion of two quality microphones.

Singing requires a musical foundation, and to give you more freedom and a wider repertoire, this speaker has the facility to remove vocals from any music track so you can sing along with the melody. In fact, by making use of Dual USB technology, you can also store, record and play your own music.

Many times it can be difficult to hit the notes of the most talented artists, however, this will not prevent you from being able to sing like a professional. To facilitate the karaoke session, this device will give you the possibility to modify the pitch of the track so that it can be adjusted to your vocal range; that way, you will be able to sing more comfortably. On the other hand, if you want to laugh a bit and have more fun, you can modify your voice in 18 different ways using the different effects included in the speaker.


Although its structure of 32.8 x 92.5 x 36.1 cm and 20.7 Kg looks just like a speaker, this equipment really has the qualities to give you, for the same price, several functionalities to liven up your party. If you want to illuminate the place, for example, with multicolored and striking tones, this speaker offers red and blue lights, together with double white strips that will offer a light show that changes with the rhythm of each song. Along with its easy portability, due to the included handles, you can place the speaker to fill the room with music and light from the most strategic place.

Added to this, this speaker will not only offer you a powerful and immersive sound, but also a space to demonstrate your skills as a DJ and also practice them. In the upper part of the artifact you will find two disks with soft and quality materials; With them you can distort the tracks with effects and add loops to customize the sounds to your style. In this panel, you will be able to access all the buttons for the settings, but by linking the LG mobile app you will be able to control everything from a distance.

Finally, after the party, you can move your speaker into your living room to connect to a TV wirelessly or with an optical cable to enjoy powerful sound when watching movies. 

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