Music Unlimited, Amazon’s music proposal

Within the range of services that Amazon makes available to us, Amazon Music Unlimited is the company’s commitment to music fans. A proposal full of rhythm and that adjusts to your preferences, through many very interesting features.

If there is an adjective that defines Amazon, it is versatility. We are talking about a company that began selling books and today provides all kinds of services that go beyond purchases. We have the proof in its streaming platform, Amazon Prime Video, or its commitment to reading with Amazon Kindle Unlimited. But if we talk about Amazon and music, we also have a service dedicated to it: Amazon Music Unlimited. If you don’t know what it is, we tell you everything you need to know.

What’s included with Amazon Music Unlimited

If you are one of those who likes music, in Amazon Music Unlimited you will find everything you want. This proposal includes no less than 50 million songs of all kinds , among which there is no lack of all-time classics or the most current hits. An offer that also includes numerous podcasts, which began to be added to the platform in September 2020.

Best of all, it’s easy to organize these songs and enjoy your favorite artists in comfort with this Amazon Music service. For this, systems such as stations are used, which will sound familiar to you if you have used Spotify. These stations are nothing more than playlists linked to a specific artist or theme, simplifying access to your favorite music. You can also create your own playlists with your favorite songs, thus having access to your special music when you train, when you enjoy a night with friends or on any occasion.

To top off this complete proposal, Amazon Music also includes a system of algorithms, with which to receive recommendations according to our musical tastes and the songs we listen to. An interesting complement with which to discover new artists and get even more out of the service.

How to access the contents

To access the contents of Amazon Music, you only need a device connected to the network. It doesn’t matter if it’s a mobile, a tablet, your computer or even a smart speaker . On all platforms you will have an app or a specific skill to access your favorite music comfortably. In addition, it is possible to access from several computers at the same time, so that you have no problem enjoying music from wherever you want or even setting different rooms in your home at the same time.

It is also possible to download music from Amazon Music, to listen to it offline. Something that will save you data when listening to your favorite songs when you don’t have WiFi at hand or will help you enjoy them on non-connected devices. In addition, you can also directly download your favorite playlists, making it easy to take all your music with you wherever you want.

How much does Amazon Music cost?

At this point, you probably want to know how much this service costs. Currently, you can contract Amazon Music at a price of 9.99 euros per month in its individual version and 14.99 euros in the family version. The latter has up to 6 independently configurable accounts, with access for multiple devices. Those who are Prime customers have a price for individual Amazon Music of 99 euros per year, at a rate that is not available to other users. Its monthly price would be 8.32 euros, although we can also say that you pay for 10 months and enjoy a whole year of music.

Apart from the basic subscriptions, there are two more fees that we should mention. One of them is the one offered to Amazon Echo users, so they can access the service for only 3.95 euros. Obviously, you will have to have bought one of these speakers before to hire it. The other rate is open to all users and is called Amazon Music HD. Unlike conventional broadcasts, those included under this modality have a very high sound quality, reaching a depth of 16 bits and 44.1 hertz in the HD version and a depth of 24 bits and a frequency of 192 kHz in ultra mode. Its price is 14.99 euros per month.

As for the possibility of accessing Amazon Music Unlimited for free, it exists, but with limitations. And it is that Amazon has a free trial period of 30 days , which we encourage you to try. Very interesting to enjoy the service and get to know it before you start paying. You will also have a trial period for Amazon Music HD, which in this case is 90 days. By the way, canceling Amazon Music is as simple as contracting it, for which you only need to manage it from My Amazon before the next monthly or annual fee is passed to you, depending on the subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited that you have contracted.

And what about Amazon Prime customers?

Until now we have talked about an additional payment option, but the truth is that Prime users have Amazon Prime Music, included within said Prime subscription . This mode is somewhat more limited than the Unlimited version that we have discussed. Something that affects issues such as the number of songs available. Compared to the 60 million songs that Unlimited has, Prime Music includes around 2 million songs. Access to the app is also limited, as this free version of Amazon Music can only be used for 40 hours per month and playlists cannot be used.

At least Amazon Music Prime has the rest of the options that the paid version includes. Therefore, you can listen to the free Music Prime songs on any mobile or tablet, on your Echo or on any other Alexa smart speaker. You won’t have to put up with ads or song skip limitations either. And you will not have a lower audio quality than Unlimited users have, except for those of the HD version, of course.

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