Opinions about Akai APC Key 25

Main advantage:

It stands out for being a professional 25-key clip trigger synthesizer with 40 pads and 8 potentiometers that are easy to access and intuitive to use, so you can achieve excellent sound effects for audiovisual production.

Main disadvantage:

It is important that you keep in mind that this synthesizer model is made with the exterior and buttons entirely in plastic, however, it is a device that provides excellent features.

Verdict: 9.7/10

It stands out for its excellent value for money, ideal for those users with a reduced budget. In addition, it includes specialized software completely free.

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Main Features Explained

Design with keys

Although it is one of the least important aspects according to the opinions of many users, the design determines several aspects, both aesthetic and functional, that make a certain model offer a series of benefits compared to another. One of the main advantages that you will have when choosing a synthesizer with a compact design will be that you can use it anywhere thanks to the fact that you can easily take it anywhere. Also, it is advisable to look at whether the synthesizer is for professional use or for a conventional composer. This model combines a traditional APC brand clip panel with a keyboard controller.

Among the most common types of synthesizers that exist on the market, you can choose between rack synthesizers, tabletop synthesizers, modular synthesizers or keyboard synthesizers, each with a series of advantages and disadvantages. The most common are keyboard synthesizers, which are very similar to digital pianos or organs, allowing you to take advantage of them to expand your sound effects creation possibilities. 

This is one of the best synthesizers, since it has 25 mini-size keys with which you can play chords and interpret your favorite songs thanks to its octave change and sustain buttons that will allow you to achieve a much greater melodic range.

Control and interface

When we talk about the control and interface of synthesizers, we must understand that the more professional the device is, the more expensive it will be, so some of the main features that you should look at are these. To determine how professional the synthesizer you need is, it is vital to know what you will use it for. 

This model has a very intuitive interface thanks to its multi-color clips with 5 rows and 8 columns of buttons, to which you can assign various functions such as direct tracks, loops, samples and more. In addition, you have the possibility to change their color for a more direct visual location and to know if the clip is loading, playing or recording.

This synthesizer will present you with a greater range of creation possibilities also thanks to its special “shift” button which, together with the directional arrows, will allow you to modify the spectrum of the clips’ button panel. The APC Key 25 synthesizer is equipped with everything you could possibly need to achieve sound effects and compositions for professional use. It features 8 perfectly-placed, fully-assignable knobs for easy control of racks of effects or virtual instruments, and other mix parameters.


Currently, both to achieve the sound effects used in audiovisual production and in many of the songs performed by some musicians, the use of a synthesizer is completely necessary. Therefore, manufacturers, forced by the digitization of content and computer-assisted audiovisual editing, have developed equipment that can be easily connected to computers so that creators and musicians can carry out their sound effects editing jobs in specialized programs.

In this sense, the Akai APC Key 25 synthesizer has a previous mapping to achieve optimal execution at the time of live performance as well as when you are in the production phase. Thanks to the Ableton Live Lite system, you will be able to quickly and intuitively carry out any audiovisual production, allowing you to record, mix, edit and improvise any of your musical creations thanks to its high compatibility with the MIDI environment. In addition, with the SONiVOX Twist virtual instrument you will be able to perform a spectral transformation thanks to its dynamic interface that allows you to generate advanced patterns, creating sounds with professional finishes with a device that offers intuitive and very simple control.

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