Opinions about Alesis Recital Pro

Main advantage: 

This piano is composed of 88 hammer-action type keys, which have adjustable tactile sound response (according to strength), to adapt to the desired musical style.

Main disadvantage: 

The speakers of this model may be inappropriate for some people, since they do not sound at a high volume, so this quality can be improved.

Verdict: 9.7/10

It is a digital piano with varied functions that provide versatility when creating music. It has 88 keys, 12 voices, headphone output, and 20-watt speaker sound, making it a top-of-the-line educational and interactive option. 

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Main Features Explained

Connectivity and portability

One of the most important characteristics of digital pianos is their portability, since this will allow them to be carried from one place to another in a timely manner, whether for recitals, practices or presentations. In this sense, the Alesis Recital Pro model weighs more than 12 kilos, but once installed in the place where the musical pieces will be played, the weight will not be a problem. 

Also, for added versatility in portability, this alternative can be used by connecting to a direct wall power source or used with disposable batteries. Either way, its performance will be top-of-the-range, and this possibility makes it flexible to use in open-air places, such as in parks or in the countryside, it is only necessary to add six cell batteries for power supply.

Although this piano has a high price, when compared to other alternatives, its functions and connectivity allow it to expand its use and go a step further in the creation of musical content. The Alesis Recital Pro can be linked to your computer via USB – Midi ports, allowing you to stream and experiment with programs downloaded to your computer; it is only necessary to make the connections and the interpretation capabilities will be increased. 

Features and Versatility

The opinions of the users about the Alesis Recital Pro digital piano indicate that its performance is efficient and functional, to be used anywhere, but also to satisfy the needs of composition because it has a simple configuration. This model can be used for private practice, as it incorporates a ¼-inch stereo output into its structure, so notes and melodies can be prevented from being heard by others. In addition, it has a pedal input and can even be connected to recorders, mixers and even amplifiers, through the same ¼-inch output in order to diversify its use. 

Due to its characteristics, this piano is one of the most recommended on the market, both for the learning of young people interested in the world of music, and for professionals who already understand more about melodies, keys and compositions. For this reason, the instrument can be an educational style option, because among its functions it has several modes such as division, standard, layer, recording, lesson, among others, with a polyphony that exceeds 125 notes. In addition, it includes several effects to improve the perception of the sound in modulation, chorus or reverberation. 

On the other hand, by opting for this Pro alternative, the user will be able to learn to play efficiently, because it includes a three-month subscription to Skoove Premium, a platform that offers the possibility of interactive lessons for this instrument online. 

design and sound

This model has been recognized by many users as the best digital piano of the moment, because it has a practical and portable black design with dimensions of 14 x 35.1 x 131.1 cm, which is capable of emitting harmonious sounds with great sound quality. The alternative is made up of 88 large hammer-action keys, similar to those found on grand pianos. Each of these keys has adjustable tactile response, so that the musician can select the sensitivity or strength according to his style. 

In addition, the Alesis Recital Pro piano incorporates speakers with a capacity of 20 watts, which provide a sound with depth. It also includes 12 realistic, curated voices that can be layered together for different sound results. Within these sounds you can get options for electric piano, acoustic piano, organ, acoustic bass, double bass, synthesizer, strings, among others. Its sound options give a quality touch, since with this piano you can access custom effect modes for authentic reproduction.

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