Opinions about Ammoon Pockamp

Main advantage:

You will be able to rehearse with your guitar for several uninterrupted hours without fear of the amplifier stopping its operation, since this equipment has been provided with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and with autonomy of up to five hours.

Main disadvantage:

This amplifier can be very useful in practice, however, due to its size, it might not be the right one for outdoor presentations, since its power does not reach such a high volume.

Verdict: 9.7/10

It is a portable amplifier, valued positively due to its versatility to be used with direct connection to the current or by means of batteries. In addition, to offer various effects for the sound. 

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Main Features Explained

battery and charging

The power supply of the amplifier is an aspect that most of the time users let go unnoticed, since they are dedicated to examining other specifications regarding the design, method of operation, among many other characteristics. 

However, knowing if the equipment works by means of alkaline batteries, lithium accumulators or directly connected to an alternate power source, will save us bad times. Let us remember that guitar amplifiers are equipment that are generally used for several consecutive hours, so we must evaluate the autonomy of the battery and the investment that acquiring the corresponding spare parts represents.

On the other hand, if it is a device with a connection, there are those who consider handling the cables a bit confusing when interpreting the instrument and handling the equipment.

To avoid any problem regarding the aspects mentioned above, the Ammoon Pockamp model is recommended, which you can use without the need for a cable connected to the current, because it has a rechargeable battery. Said energy accumulator offers a maximum autonomy that can vary from four to five hours, enough to carry out your practices or a live presentation in a not very large room. On the other hand, if it is more practical for you, you can use it connected directly to the power outlet or with 6 AA batteries. Therefore, it is a very versatile team.


When searching through the purchase catalogs referring to guitar amplification equipment, we will find a wide variety of models patented by renowned brands and even others with a slightly more recent history. Whatever the case, you should keep in mind that each device, even when it has been inspired by a classic design, may retain some aesthetic patterns that are quite faithful to its predecessors, but will always add cutting-edge technology to improve the user experience.

In this sense, we can refer to the device from the Ammoon house, which, according to user opinions, could be the best guitar amplifier. This is due to its compact and ergonomic design, in which its dimensions of 16.5 x 6.7 x 12.6 cm stand out first. Thanks to this quality, it will be possible to place it comfortably on your belt to carry it with you while you play, which gives you the opportunity to have it close to adjust any changes, as well as move around the stage without limitations.

Also, since all the controls are on the top, you can easily access them and change them whenever necessary.

sound and effects

Something that we must inevitably review in an amplifier is its sound. The first thing you should look for is that it be clear, free of noise and, if possible, that you have control over some effects. 

In this case, the guitar amplifier developed by Ammoon, without being overpriced, can satisfy your sound amplification needs despite its small size.

This is because it incorporates two speakers into its design, which allows for enough power to be heard clearly in small presentations or for practicing at home. In addition, you can apply effects such as tremolo, chorus and reverb, for greater dynamism in your performances. In the same way you can apply a Drive effect and add rhythms, so you can play with many combinations to embellish the sound of your melodies.

Another quality that users value positively in this amplifier is that, if necessary, you can connect headphones to practice silently without disturbing your neighbors. Or simply use it as an amplifier for your MP3 player.

As you can see, it is a practical and versatile amplifier that you could put many uses to.

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