Opinions about Blackstar Fly3

Main advantage:

This equipment offers two power supply modes for its start-up. In this way, you can use six alkaline batteries for wireless use, as well as plug the power cord into a power source.

Main disadvantage:

Due to the fact that it is a portable equipment, the incorporation of a handle in the structure is missing, which allows a quick and safe fastening when transporting it.

Verdict: 9.9/10

With this equipment you will not only be able to amplify the tunes made with your guitar, but also the music stored on your smartphone, due to its sound input and output ports.

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Main Features Explained

Power supply

The power supply offered by the amplifier box that we are going to acquire is an important aspect that we cannot fail to corroborate, since part of the proper functioning offered by the equipment will depend on it. In fact, we can find guitar amplifiers that require the incorporation of batteries to start them up, as well as other models that are powered directly from an AC outlet. Both options are good, but you must take into consideration the issue of the investment caused by the batteries and the level of electrical consumption when plugging in the device, as the case may be. The important thing is that the feeding method suits your needs of use.

Fly3 is an amplifier patented by the well-known brand Blackstar, which will surely capture your attention, because it incorporates the two power supply options mentioned above, making it very practical.

In this sense, you will have a compartment on the back of the structure, designed for the placement of a total of six AA alkaline batteries of 1.5 watts each. In the same way, you will find a female connector on the equipment so that you can connect it with an alternating current cable with its respective adapter. Thus, you can connect it to the nearest power source without major inconvenience.

means of connection

There are many features that must be evaluated prior to purchasing a guitar amplifier, so that you can purchase a quality product. For example, the means of connection incorporated into the equipment are usually of great interest, since thanks to them you can improve your experience of amplifying the sound emitted.

In this sense, we can refer to the inputs and outputs for the connection of the guitar, headphones, speakers, MP3-type devices and even a port for linking your mobile phone. Of course, everything will depend on the model you have purchased, since not all manufacturers use the same characteristics for their equipment. In fact, this variation significantly influences the price of the product.

In the specific case of the Blackstar Fly3 guitar amplifier, you will have, first of all, a five-millimeter-diameter jack, which is compatible with a large number of guitars. Likewise, it integrates a DC – IN female connector, which is an input for the monitor.

On the other hand, there is the connection port for the headphones, which is quite convenient if you do not want your guitar tunes to be heard in the rehearsal room. In addition, this same connector is suitable for linking your smartphone and amplifying the sound of your musical repertoire.

portable design

According to the opinions of those who have purchased a guitar amplifier, the design of the equipment is often of great importance. Of course, reference is not only made to the aesthetic part, but also to the format and ergonomics offered. Let us remember that it will be a piece of equipment that must be constantly manipulated at the time of rehearsal, so it is necessary that its size is not very bulky and that its weight is light. In this way, you will not have problems transporting it and even storing it, since, if it meets these requirements, it will not take up much space in the closet or rehearsal room.

One product that has achieved great status due to its modern yet simple design is Blackstar’s Fly3, considered by experts to be one of the best guitar amps around. Its casing has height, depth, width dimensions that correspond to 10.9 x 14.2 x 19.3 centimeters and are quite compact measurements. 

In addition, its weight is only one kilogram, which favors its quick handling without you having to make a great effort when picking up the structure. In fact, due to these specifications given by the manufacturer, the device has been classified as a portable type amplifier box. This means that you can take it with you wherever you want.

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