Opinions about Fonestar AS-30RUB

Main advantage:

This sound amplifier also serves as an FM radio, therefore, you will have two devices in the same structure and in a single purchase to make every cent of your money worth.

Main disadvantage:

The connection ports could be more robust, which can be a drawback compared to other models. However, they are functional.

Verdict: 9.7/10

With a retro style, great color contrast and good sound, this device is a suitable option to have in the home and improve the audio of other devices.

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Main Features Explained


Among the best sound amplifiers is this model, valued by lovers of retro design. Although other aspects such as sound, price, connections and control buttons must be verified, the design is a feature that stands out in this product due to the combination of colors and other details.

The base structure is completely black, while all the rotary buttons, audio inputs and even the legs stand out with a shiny silver color. This contrast gives it an attractive appearance to the eye. For its part, the screen shows important information in red for better readability. This product is ideal for use in your home to liven up small gatherings or simply to listen to music whenever you want. 

In reference to its structure, this device has a weight of 1.7 kg and dimensions of 8 cm high, 25 cm wide and 19 cm deep; the size makes it easy to find a space, and its low weight allows its mobilization to be carried out without much effort, so that the party does not stop. Most of the connection ports are located on the back, while the front area is reserved for rotary volume controls and other functions. 


An important aspect to take into account when making a comparison between sound amplifiers is the use that you can give it and if it varies beyond the main objective of these products. Fortunately, in this case, the opinions of the users have remained positive in this area, since this model has different functions to adapt to the use you want to give it. A detail that is worth noting, for example, is the fact that the amplifier allows the connection of up to two microphones simultaneously to be able to sing in a duet without any problem.

As for the connections, this device is one of the most complete on the market and this is due to its versatility, since you will be able to amplify the audio of different devices using the different connection points. The device has an AUX audio input, SD card slot, USB port and, to top it off, you can pair Bluetooth-enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets. Lastly, it will also be possible to use the product as an FM radio. In addition to that, with the remote control, which is small in size, you will be able to control everything related to the product from the comfort of the sofa and with correctly identified buttons to avoid mistakes. 

sound and energy

What a sound amplifier is really looking for is to improve the audio of other lower power devices, for that reason, it is necessary to pay enough attention to this detail to ensure a good purchase. Fortunately, the Fonestar AS-30RUB model has an integral control panel to be able to adjust even the smallest details of the audio and achieve the sound you really want to hear. The rotary knobs allow a better adjustment of volume, as well as bass and treble tones, echo, etc. You can even adjust the balance between the speakers to customize the final sound.

The sound of the microphones can also be improved and these have their exclusive button to be able to adjust the volume appropriately. For its part, the rear section allows you to activate or turn off one or both speakers. Also, to maintain good audio quality, this stereo system amplifier comes with two output channels, each delivering 15W peak power, with 4 ohm impedance. On the other hand, the RMS integral power is about 30 W.

Finally, you should know that this wired amplifier works with an input voltage of 230 W and has a power consumption of 80 W. To save electricity, remember to turn it off manually.

See this product on Amazon

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