Opinions about Vox AC15C1

Main advantage: 

This equipment, by incorporating a valve system as an electrical component, provides a more dynamic amplification of the sound and without dissonances. In addition, the signal is warmer, harmonic and denser, which makes it possible to differentiate the low harmonies from the high ones.

Main disadvantage: 

The case of this amplifier does not incorporate a bottom base, therefore, when placed on the floor during rehearsals or performances, its level of protection could be impaired.

Verdict: 9.6/10

With a traditional design and high power, this portable guitar amplifier stands out in the market, which will allow you to easily control and modify the sounds for an excellent performance.

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Main Features Explained

valve system

The evolution of the sound amplifier has been marked by many changes associated with the design and applied technology. In this last aspect, we can refer to the electrical components, which initially incorporated vacuum tubes or valves that were later replaced by the so-called transistors.

However, this does not mean that the first thermionic teams have been totally displaced. In fact, we can find this electrical technique in the AC15C1 amplifier, belonging to the Vox house, which for more than five decades has developed musical devices of the highest quality.

The Vox AC15C1 model is, according to the opinions of users, a device with a competitive price and capable of adding great warmth, harmony and outstanding density to the input signal without dissonance. These characteristics are due to the fact that the valve system incorporated by the manufacturer has been made up of 2 x EL84 and 3 x 12AX7 Preamp, which have a power of 15 watts. 

This is a fairly high electrical force, which means that there is a gain in the ability to reproduce sounds more dynamically. In this way, you will achieve a marked difference between the low and high harmonies, due to the compensation of the loss of tone associated precisely with the voltage level.


Although each guitar amplifier has specific specifications, it is also true that they all incorporate a series of controllers for quick start-up, adjustment of its operation and shutdown. Of course, as we mentioned before, both the distribution and number of these components will depend on the manufacturer. In addition, these controllers are usually properly identified and have a fairly ergonomic design.

If we take a look at the AC15C1 series guitar amplifiers from the British house Vox, we will find that it is a box with a classic design and a fairly complete button panel on the top. 

Among the functions offered we have, from right to left, an “off – on” button and another identified with “standby”, which allows you to pause the equipment. Next, there is a second group called “Master”, in which there is a controller for the volume level and cuts of the tunes. Next to it, the “Trémolo” mode facilitates the adjustment of the intensity and frequency of the sound, while the “Reverb” modifies the original sounds through an acoustic reflection effect. 

In addition, another group of controls named “Top Boost” is added, which allows the gain and adjustment of both the treble and the bass. Finally, there is a button to raise and lower the sound, a pair of Top Boost jacks and another Normal.

Design and format

AC15C1 is a piece of equipment belonging to the Custom Series of the popular British brand Vox, which, according to users, could be one of the best guitar amplifiers. In fact, this great positioning of the product is not surprising, since its invention is inspired by the old AC15 amplifier. This device revolutionized the musical instrument industry at the end of the 1950s, becoming the favorite amplifier of great guitarists from bands such as The Who, The Beatles, Queen, among others.

The AC15C1 amp retains the classic aesthetics of its predecessor, consisting of a compact black plywood cabinet with metal corner braces. In addition, it highlights a series of well-cared finishes in each of the cuts and joints of the casing.

In the upper part there is a linear button panel duly identified, which will allow the musician to access it quickly. Likewise, a flexible polymer grip handle is incorporated in said area, to easily grab the equipment and move it from one area to another. In addition, this action is favored due to the compact format of the structure, whose dimensions of width, depth and height correspond to 60.2 x 26.5 x 45.6 centimeters respectively, and its weight of 22 kilograms, which are quite specifications. convenient for easy handling.

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